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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

4 September 1987. Thought for the Week: " ... there are at least two policies which can be applied to the situation. One of these is being publicised by every means that modern methods can suggest. It is the policy of the omnipotent World State. And the second is hardly mentioned and still more infrequently understood. It is the policy of the Free Individual. Not a day passes without some action being taken to make the individual more impotent and to transfer his individual initiative his personal power - to the mass, the Trade Union, the co-operative Movement, Co-operation between High Finance and the 'Labour' Party to monopolise and cartelise distribution, the Producing Cartels, the various infringements on real property, and most deadly perhaps of all, the combination of calculated inflation, taxation and 'coupon' restrictions, are all steps to Russian serfdom."
C.H. Douglas in The Situation and the Outlook (1946)


We have been predicting for some time that the ID Card issue could trigger the start of a massive national revolt against the Big Brother policies which all Australian governments have been advancing. The emergence of the nonpartisan Privacy Foundation, to which we have been invited to provide information, is striking evidence of how people wearing different political labels can co-operate on one single issue, demonstrating the necessity for introducing the Swiss system of an Electors' Veto. Even many who term themselves radical Socialists become alarmed when they discover that the threatened reality of living under the all Powerful. State is different from their rosy dreams of a Socialism where all men are brothers, with everyone enjoying freedom.

George Orwell was originally an idealistic Socialist, until he saw what Soviet Socialism really meant. The ID Card proposal is straight out of Orwell's chilling novel, 1984. Malcolm Muggeridge grew up in a Fabian Socialist family, and when he went to Moscow in the thirties as correspondent for the liberal Manchester Guardian, his fellow Socialists keenly anticipated glowing reports concerning the great "Socialist experiment". But they were horrified as Muggeridge, an honest reporter, told of the grim realities he was witnessing, including the mass famine resulting from Stalin's forced collectivisation of agriculture.

We warned of the far-reaching implications of the ID Card when it was first proposed. But comparatively few heeded at the time. An in depth study was provided by a Victorian actionist at the 1986 National Action Seminar of the League. Initially members of the present Federal Opposition were either lukewarm in their opposition to the ID Card, with some supporting it. Farmers were told by National Party Members that they would pay less taxation if the ID Card were introduced. Some of those same Members are now loud in their denunciation of the ID Card!

Opposition leader, John Howard, and his senior colleagues ignored the ID Card during the recent Federal Elections, which could have been an election winner, but have suddenly discovered that they might regain a little credibility by attempting to jump on the bandwagon of growing opposition to the ID Card. Studiously ignored by Mr. Hawke during the Federal elections, and with no opposition from Mr. John Howard, the Prime Minister was confident that having won the elections, he could now claim a mandate for the introduction of the ID Card and move forward with the minimum of fuss. But once again the politicians have misread the electorate. And as with the Bill of Rights, the pioneering work of the League suddenly has started to produce reactions.

Radio and other media commentators have suddenly discovered the hidden dangers of the ID Card. It is no secret that some of these have been influenced by League of Rights tapes, particularly by Mr. Jeremy Lee's powerful exposure of the total plot to destroy Australia, of which the ID Card is but one feature. While the League will continue to co-operate wherever possible with the growing number of groups opposing the ID Card, it will conduct its own special campaign as part of its total anti-totalitarian strategy. We therefore urge all supporters to make the fullest possible use of the brochure on the ID Card issue, and the associated audio and videotapes.

We believe that the correct tactics are to press for a referendum, this developing the concept of an Electors' Veto. The ID Card issue is one of those unrehearsed developments that can prove to be a springboard off which a major counter offensive against the totalitarians can be launched. Coming developments will support our contention that Prime Minister Bob Hawke scored only a Pyrrhic victory on July 11th.


Our congratulations to those dedicated freedom lovers who continue to oppose the policy of fluoridating public water supplies. The latest issue of The Australian Fluoridation News, July-August is packed with valuable information concerning the fluoridation battle. Of special interest is the review of a book by Dr. Hans Moolenburgh, the medical doctor who directed the successful fight against fluoridation in Holland. Quotes from the book indicate that Dr. Moolenburgh not only opposed fluoridation of public water supplies on medical grounds, but on the much more fundamental question of individual freedom. Dr. Moolenburgh states towards the end of his book, "A democracy is, in essence a way of life which wants to protect the most elementary rights of every person, and one of those is the right to take care of one's own body. Precisely at the moment the state makes you swallow a medicine, without asking your permission, and without the possibility of an alternative, democracy has ceased to be, and you live in a totalitarian state. The totalitarian regime is ruled by a small non-elected group that has absolute power over the life of the population."

George Orwell would have approved of that robust statement. Dr. Moolenburgh states that "... The battle against fluoridation of the water supplies gives a deep insight into the problems of our times." The basic problem of today's troubled world is philosophical. Those fighting compulsory mass medication on philosophical grounds are making a vital contribution to the total battle against the threat of the totalitarian State. They should be encouraged and supported. Those wishing to contact The Australian Fluoridation News can write to Box C9, P.O., Clarence Street, Sydney, 2000.


The son of John Demjanjuk, the U.S. immigrant of Ukrainian background being tried in an Israeli court as an alleged death camp guard, says that he fears that his Father will be extradited to the Soviet Union if cleared in Israel of the charge of being "Ivan the Terrible". In view of the outrageous manner in which Demjanjuk was stripped of his American citizenship in 1981, those responsible would not want the victim of Soviet-Zionist collaboration back in the U.S.A. Demjanjuk's ultimate fate depends upon whether the Israeli court accepts as authentic documentation provided by the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union has a long record of producing phony documents in its campaign against people who escaped the clutches of the Soviet at the end of the Second World War, and managed to migrate to Western countries.

A handwriting expert from the U.S.A., Edna Robertson, has told the Israeli court that the signature on the document allegedly issued to Demjanjuk when he was prepared for camp duties at a camp at Trawniki, was not that of Demjanjuk. But this evidence has been treated with hostility by the Israeli judges, with presiding Judge Dov Levin accusing Robertson of committing "a grave error" in her conclusions about the card. Defence lawyer Gill complained about the attitude of the judges, pointing out that Robertson "did not come in as an ink and paper specialist - she isn't a chemist - but a forensic document examiner". A feature of the conduct of the Demjanjuk trial has been the hissing from the public gallery when witnesses for the defence have been giving their evidence. It is predicted that the trial will continue for another two or three months, when the judges will then retire to deliberate.

What is essentially a show trial will therefore continue on for some months. Demjanjuk Junior has criticised the Israeli judges for being unfair and for making it increasingly difficult for the defence. In expressing his fear that even if his father survived the Israeli charges, he would then be extradited to Russia, Demjanjuk Junior said, "We have three governments against us - the United States, the Soviet Union and Israel - and we're just one family."

In making this statement, Demjanjuk said something much more significant than perhaps he realises: that all three governments are controlled by the same forces. It would appear now that only a miracle can save the life of John Demjanjuk. He is a pawn in a much bigger power game. Those who want to study the wider international ramifications of the worldwide "Nazi-hunting" campaign are directed to a full-scale survey, prepared by Ukrainian investigators, in the August issue of The Intelligence Survey. ($1 posted from Box 1052J, G .P .O., Melbourne).


All Southern Queensland and Northern N.S.W. supporters are requested to make every effort either to attend or to publicise a special Anti-I.D. Card rally in Toowoomba on Wednesday, September 16th, 8 p.m., at the Harristown High School Hall. Speaker: Mr. Jeremy Lee. This rally is a part of a massive League of Rights anti- I.D. card national campaign. The rally will be video and audio taped. Tapes available as advertised in the League of Rights brochure on the I.D. card.


This letter was featured in heavy type, and in a box, when it was published in The Sun (Melbourne) August 25th. The correspondent is Mrs. Jennifer McCallum (Frankston, Vic.):
"On the 'Makaratta Treaty' Mrs. Margaret Carnegie (Aug. 14th) either does not understand what it is all about, or she is quite happy to see part of this nation divided and under the control of the United Nations. "The loonley left and the Communists in Australia want the Makaratta Treaty to divide this nation. "The objective of independent nationhood for Aboriginals is not designed for the welfare of the Aboriginal people, whose best future depends on the development of this continent by all Australians, and not by one inward looking ethnic group. "Without a doubt, an independent Aboriginal nation by itself would recede into poverty and backwardness. "The concept of a separate 'nation' means exactly what it implies - the right to invite in foreign troops such as Robert Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe. "If the Makaratta Treaty were ever signed it would mean the minority of Aboriginals would have control of parts of Australia with separate airways, sea lanes, roads, etc. It would indeed be the beginning of the end of a free Australia. "Is this what Mrs. Carnegie wants? A black nation within a white nation is what Makaratta means."


"Killers on the loose: instant support of the socialist plan to disarm the citizenry. However, research says that the killer will always get his gun, or knife or bomb. If tighter gun laws actually prevented illegal use then the mass indiscriminate killer would revert to the bomb, the knife, or to poison. But of course these are not citizen defence weapons and don't matter. "It is not the gun (or the car) that kills, it is the person using them.... the frustrated, confused product of a social environment and education system that destroys all reality and all morality. Ever hear the media call for an investigation of current social ideology?


placed the following information, as an advertisement, in their regional newspaper:
"After watching the "4 Corners" 'debate' on the I.D. Card, it is no wonder the average person is confused. "It is vital that the facts be exposed, as they are quite different to what the politicians are telling us. "In the debate, it was amazing that no one had a copy of the l30 page Australia Card Bill. "What the Bill says is what becomes law, not what the politicians would have us believe. "Political promises and assurances mean absolutely nothing and should be treated with extreme caution.
"In the Bill there are 25 offences that carry a fine of $20,000 - plus 27 other offences with fines from $500 to $10,000. If the proposed law is so good for us, why the heavy coercion? "The worst is yet to come. "The Bill can be changed at any time in two ways. "Clause 189. It can be extended by regulation, requiring only a very flimsy excuse to justify a change. "Clause 90 is a beauty. "It gives a handful of politicians the power to alter the Bill, simply by signing a United Nations Covenant (without reference to Parliament). "It also makes it legally possible for the Australia Card data banks to be connected into overseas computers, again, simply by signing an international agreement.
"But that's not all. "Clause 90(a) completely blows the right of privacy, and makes it a very poor second to 'the general desirability of a free flow of information and business to achieve their objectives in an efficient way'.
"Clause 119(c) says the Authority may cancel your Card if 'the person is no longer eligible for the issue of a card'. "In any case, the Authority is not bound to issue you a card, and they can take as long as they like if they do decide to issue one, and you cannot take them to court.
"Phone your politicians and demand a free copy of the Bill and see for yourself what a frightening piece of legislation it is. "If you want to be under total surveillance for the rest of your life, do nothing: but please don't say 'but nobody told me"'.
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