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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

11 September 1987. Thought for the Week: "If we choose to be no more than clods of clay, then we shall be used as clods of clay for braver set to tread upon."
Marie Corelli


Basic issues are tending to be obscured in the explosive developments in North Queensland as similar types of battle lines are being drawn to those of the Franklin River debate. In today's economic climate desperate people who fear that the loss of jobs means despair for their families, are easily persuaded that all conservationists are their "enemies".

We make no claim to being experts on the management of forests, but we have long studied what has happened to the conservation movement in Australia, which has been taken over by political strategists who have long-term objectives. We have over many years stressed that debt financial policies have made it increasingly difficult for producers to practice genuine conservation. "Built-in obsolescence" in secondary industries is just as anti-conservation as the farmers who, in the words of Pastor Grieger in his striking Paper at this year's Queensland League Seminar, are forced by financial policies "To flog the soil rather than flog the banks."

The recent concern about chemical pesticides appearing in meat and other foods highlights again the problem of primary producers striving by every means possible to increase production in an attempt to remain solvent. The end result of the Franklin River dispute was an historic High Court decision, which in essence said that Federal governments could thumb their noses at the Federal Constitution by signing international conventions. Theoretically, the Federal government can progressively surrender large parts of Australia by placing them under the World Heritage Commission. In one sense, though, outraged North Queenslanders who 'roughed up' Fabian Hawke's Minister for the Environment, Senator Richardson, were not only defending a threat to themselves, but also a threat to the threatened surrender of another part of Australia to internationalism.

There is not the slightest doubt that natural resources can be developed while at the same time practising sound conservation policies. Forests can be managed not only without destroying forests, but with benefit to the forests. Soil fertility can be increased with sound farming practices. North Queenslanders are actually fighting on two fronts, and while to them the economic front is the most urgent at present, the most important front is the constitutional. There is, unfortunately, little evidence that the financial pressures on all Australian producers, including those in and associated with the timber industry, are going to be eased in the immediate future. Even under present financial policies, it is essential that control of North Queensland's forests remain under the control of Queenslanders. Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen is correct when he says that a state of war exists, war having been declared by the Hawke Fabians. If Prime Minister Hawke and his Ministers insist on going into the war zone they have created, they should not be surprised if some North Queenslanders regard them as representing the enemy, and treat them accordingly.

(Recommended reading: "A Conspiracy Called Conservation", by Doug Jensen. $17 posted. "New Times" issue carrying Pastor Greiger's Queensland Seminar Paper. $1 posted.)


If the secular humanists manipulating public opinion are to be believed, the very future of what is left of civilisation depends upon making readily available to everyone and everybody, including children, a plentiful supply of condoms. The argument is that the condom is almost the front line of defence in preventing the spread of the deadly AIDS virus. We regret having to raise what many regard as a delicate matter, but the truth is that even regarded as a birth control measure condoms are far from 100 percent reliable. There is an even greater tendency for condoms to burst when used in anal sex.

It is easy to make a figure of fun of Queensland Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen because he and a majority of his Cabinet reject the view of the progressive Catholic, Mr. Mike Ahern, that condoms should be made available at Queensland Universities through vending machines. As Sir Joh correctly points out, it is completely untrue that the majority of Australians are at risk from AIDS. The overwhelming majorities are NOT at risk because they are not homosexuals or drug addicts.

The secular humanists and misled allies, some of whom call themselves Christians, are managing to carry forward their general assault on traditional values by claiming that, for example, sexual activity is so prevalent among University students that it is only commonsense to have readily available on campus an adequate supply of condoms. This approach has the effect of encouraging promiscuity and the whole subject of sex. There is what might be termed a type of condom culture.

Every realist and student of history knows that the sex drive is deeply implanted in the nature of man, primarily for the purpose of maintaining life, and that a feature of the development of Civilisation has been the channeling of that drive through marriage and moral values. Christianity provided a special emphasis on how sex should be subordinated to higher values. We are neither prudes nor moralists, and are well aware that many have always fallen far short of what were once regarded as Christian standards. But those standards were always there as something to be strived towards. Reducing sex to the animal level with the plea, "every young person now does it", is a further surrender to the forces of Evil.


Reflecting the growing rural dissatisfaction with the performance of existing primary producers organisations, a NSW based Union of Australian Farmers has come into existence. Members of the UAF group, which is based at Dubbo, N S .W., recently met with Victorian farmers and community leaders at Bendigo. The Wimmera Mail Times of August 31st reports that the meeting called for federal and state inquiries into farm costs and finance. Mr. Peter Ryan, who was in the news during the big farmer protest rallies, told the meeting that the Australian farm "had become untenable because of costs and was quickly moving to a system of corporate ownership and welfare. Mr. Ryan said that other farmers' organisations had failed to protect the family farm and "had failed to come to grips with fundamentals." The new organisations will not serve the rural community any better than existing organisations unless they are prepared to come to grips with the problems associated with debt finance, including high interest charges. We trust that it is not yet one more diversionary move, of which there have been a number over the years.

The rhetoric of Prime Ministers Hawke and Lange have had no effect whatever on the reality of the situation in Fiji, where the regime established as a result of the coup on May 14th remains firmly in control, with the Governor General, Ratu Sir Penala Ganilay, still linked with the Crown, the key figure. Now the Federal Government, quite sensibly, is considering the resumption of some defence links with Fiji. Senior defence officials are keen to resume RAAF maritime surveillance flights and a project to build four patrol boats for the Fiji defence force. Defence officials favour an early resumption of the flights and the patrol boat project because of their importance to regional security. Defence Minister Beazley has cautiously suggested that there is a possibility of general aid programmes also being restored "as part of the Government's broader response to developments in Fiji." When the new constitution of Fiji is finalised and a new government elected in accordance with that constitution, Mr. Hawke and his fellow ideologues will be faced with the dilemma of what to do about recognising a government which will be charged with having been elected on a racist" basis. The Hawke Government appears to have no difficulty in recognising the "racist" Malaysian government, elected under a Constitution, which was designed to ensure that the indigenous Malays retained firm control politically in their own country.

Many readers may have seen a recent "4 Corners" (A.B.C.) programme on the "Vanunu" trial in Israel. Mordecai Vanunu was a technician at the top secret Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona, but who was ideologically anti-nuclear. He took photographs, which were apparently leaked in Sydney to A.S.I.O. He converted to Christianity there, also. This is a sore point in Israel. There is no doubt in our minds that there are cells in all Western Intelligence Services, and probably in some Communist security services, as well. Mossad was on the job straight away, and the upshot was that Vanunu was lured to Rome by a female agent; kidnapped, and incarcerated in Israel. The latest news is that Vanunu's trial is "off" for a month on a technicality. Israel is "prickly" because Mossad flouted Italian law with its kidnapping of Vanunu from Rome. Whilst re-reading Alfred Lilienthal's The Zionist Connection very recently we note that Dr. Lilienthal made reference to "Israel's Nuclear reactor at Dimona." There is no better-informed expert on the Middle East cauldron than Dr. Alfred Lilienthal. Yes, his great book (later edition) is available from Heritage Bookshops at $30.00 posted, and worth every cent of it.


All Southern Queensland and Northern N.S.W. supporters are requested to make every effort either to attend or to publicise a special Anti-I.D. Card rally in Toowoomba on Wednesday, September 16th, 8.00 pm at the Harristown High School Hall. Speaker Mr. Jeremy Lee. This rally is a part of a massive League of Rights anti-I.D. card national campaign. The rally will be video and audio taped. Tapes available as advertised in the League of Rights brochure on the I.D. Card.


This letter from the Rev. E.F. Andrews was published in the Geelong Advertiser (Sept. 8th):
"Last Monday, the Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, had the effrontery to claim that his re-election gave him and his party the mandate to force the Australian I.D. Card upon this nation. "As the Card barely rated a mention in the pre-election speeches, it is sheer assumption that his party was given the mandate to call for a joint sitting of both Houses to re-introduce the twice rejected legislation for the Card's implementation. "Surely it is in poor taste to decry the voices of opposition as a 'motley conglomerate' when, in fact, it suggests that all stratas of the community are represented in the opposition - and an insult to the intelligence of the average citizen for Ms Susan Ryan to say that it, the Card, is only an identification card, when, it fact, it takes a massive volume of words to explain how the use of the Card will affect the normal liberties now enjoyed.
"If it is so important for the well being of the nation in the future, why can't the nation be asked through a referendum as to their choice in this vital matter? The growing interest in the principles of the Swiss 'Initiative' and 'Referenda' is a strong indication of the nation's desire for true democracy and a curtailment of 'party' politics which is denying the electors a true voice in the government of the land. May true wisdom prevail and the government give to people they represent the opportunity of designing their future destiny as a nation. (Rev.) E.F. Andrews, Myers St., East Geelong, Vic., 3219.
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