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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

9 October 1987. Thought for the Week: "In 1929 the central bankers initiated a general contraction of credit - what is now known as a 'credit squeeze'; but at the same time, when it was not officially admitted that the volume of money depended on the policy of the banks (the trading banks, of course, being dependent on the policy of the central bank), the consequences of the credit contraction - the Great Depression - were variously attributed by obliging 'economists' to falls in prices, sunspots, and other remote causes. The Great Depression, however, was an act of high policy, designed to provide suitable psychological preparation for a major change in the economic system which would preserve and consolidate the power of those in international control of the financial system."
Dr. B.W. Monahan, in Finance and Communism (1966)


"The recommendations made public on Friday by the Constitutional Commission would, if put into effect, reduce the role of the Senate to insignificance and fundamentally transform Australia's system of government." - The Australian, October 5th

First of all, we are anything but impressed with many of the so-called experts" sitting on the various Committees of the Constitutional Commission. Men like Gough Whitlam, Sir Rupert Hamer, ex-Senator John Wheeldon, David Solomon, and others don't fill us with confidence. Some are Fabian Socialists, and the ultimate ideal of Fabian Socialism is World Government with all its accoutrements, such as a world police force.

Government can only obtain powers at the expense of the individual: the stronger the government, then the weaker the individual, in the sense of having less power; less personal sovereignty. World Government could not possibly be anything else but a World Tyranny . Paul Kelly in The Australian (October 3-4) writes that both Gough Whitlam and Sir Rupert Hamer see the Constitutional Commission recommendations as a "total package". Politicians are used to getting policies through the parliaments as a total package, but this is not in the interests of the individual, who wants the maximum possible freedom; the maximum personal sovereignty, even if he/she does not know what the words "personal sovereignty" mean.

True freedom for the individual is the right to select, or reject, one thing at a time. Policy packages, dished out by politicians, can have a series of totalitarian policies which reduce the personal sovereignty of the individual, dressed up to make it seem acceptable. The totalitarians, ever contemptuous of The Mob (meaning ''us'') are confident their Constitutional "package" can be "sold" to us.

A big weakness of the totalitarians is that they believe their own propaganda because they are themselves victims of a fallacious ideology, viz. Fabian Socialism. What we can expect from the Fabian Socialists is an attack on the "decentralisation" of political power in Australia. Four-year parliamentary terms for Canberra can be "talked up" to sound quite acceptable, but nations which have four and five year terms of parliamentary office are no better governed. Britain has five-year terms for the House of Commons, the United States has four-year terms, and they are no better governed. Powerful lobbies struggle for control of the American Congress and Senate.

The right of the Senate to refuse Supply.
The Australian constitution laid down provisions for such a state of political affairs as developed in 1975. Sir John Kerr imposed correct action: viz, he dismissed the Whitlam Government; installed a Fraser "caretaker" Government, and advised the earliest possible general election, thus referring the 1975 issues to the correct source of political power, THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE.

The proposal to block the Senate's power to refuse a Bill after a six months period, and then impose a mandatory Joint Sitting of both Houses, to ram a Bill through, is another attack on the power of the Senate, the States' House. It is also an attack on States' Rights, and an attack upon the decentralisation of political power. The proposals are what we expected, and they are obnoxious!

(read, "World Government Is Anti-Christian", by John Mitchell, and "Christianity and World Government", by the Rev. Henry Swabey, $2.00 posted from League bookshops)

FROM CANADIAN 'ON TARGET' (September 21st)

Canada Is Being Invaded
Anyone familiar with Toronto or Vancouver today, and their mounting social problems, can see the results of the disastrous open-door 'multi-racial' policy, along with the lax policy concerning 'refugees' which we will deal with shortly. Unless we immediately return to our traditional immigration policy, Canada as part of the European stream of history, with its Christian heritage, will be a thing of the past.

Invaded By 'Refugees'
Last year we saw the weakness and ineptitude of the politicians when a boatload of Tamil 'refugees' invaded Newfoundland. As a result of an outcry from Canadians it was promised that corrective measures would be instituted. But the Mulroney outfit had just not got to it - too busy lecturing South Africa and ladling out our tax-dollars to Third World Marxist dictators... "Then on July 11th of this year another boatload of East Indians floated to a Nova Scotia beach. There were 174 Sikhs in all, claiming 'refugee' status, then there were rumours that more were on the way. The transport ship, which dropped them off, silently slipped away into the fog. This time the R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police ... O.T.) and other security forces made arrests on land, traced the ship, directed it into port and placed crewmembers under arrest. "Now we learn just how lax the application of our laws relating to immigration are.

The Toronto Star, July 19th, reported: 'HALIFAX - Key players jailed in the plot to smuggle East Indian refugees into Canada have escaped paying more than $10,000 in fines because of a sentencing error, The Star has learned. The captain of the refugee ship, Rolf Nygren, and Jasvir Singh will each have served a 90-day default sentence for not paying their $5,000 fines when they walk out of a Halifax County Correctional Centre, sources here say. A third man, Castor Lasalle, will escape paying half his $2,500 fine for the same reason… "This means that the weak penalties imposed under the Canada Immigration Act have been weakened further, lawyers close to the case say... "A hundred years from now, I don't expect people will care all that much whether we legalized marijuanha or not. But the decisions about who you let into Canada will decide the kind of country we have 100 years from now." - Richard Tait, Chairman of the Canadian Immigration and Population Study, 1974.


The battle concerning logging in the rain forest of North Queensland is basically a battle concerning the future of Australia as a sovereign nation. The surrender strategy of the Hawke government includes the progressive handing over of parts of Australia to the U.N. organization known as the World Heritage Commission. Because of his expertise in the field of heritage legislation - it is some years now, since Chas Pinwill wrote "The Heritage Hoax" - he was invited to visit North Queensland to offer advice and assistance to an embattled area. Chas Pinwill is the Queensland State Director, and he sends this report:

The World Heritage Properties Conservation Act of 1983, an Act based upon powers stolen from the States through "external affairs powers", is again being used to expand the "Commonwealth Territories" of Australia. This time it is a 300-mile long, 930,000-hectare (2,325,000 acre) strip of North Queensland stretching from Cooktown to Townsville. This is definitely not the Daintree area. That is but a small dot in the area for World Heritage listing. Calling the area "Daintree", which implies a small area, is but part of the enormous deception, which accompanies this Heritage listing. Some facts are urgently needed, because rainforest conservation in North Queensland is unequalled in Australia and has few equals worldwide.

FACT 1. Of the original N.Q. rainforest at first settlement, over 70% stands intact. (857,000 ha of 1,200,000 ha.) This is despite the clearing of the Atherton Tablelands decades ago, which is the ONLY source of clean milk for the whole of North Queensland and the whole of the Northern Territory. (The largest milk run in the world.)

FACT 2. Of present standing rainforest (857,000 ha.), there is an area of 650,000 ha (75.9%) which is held by the Crown in virgin condition either as National Parks or Reserves which is specifically designated NOT AVAILABLE FOR LOGGING. 5.4% is on private land. Only 18.7k is State land available for logging.

FACT 3. Only 6 to 10 trees of the 15,000 tree stems per hectare are harvested in each 40-year period. The majority of these 6 to 10 trees taken are either dead or dying. Only trees marked by forestry officers may be harvested.

FACT 4. No species of flora or fauna has ever been shown to be at risk from logging.

FACT 5. One cyclone in early 1985 did more damage in one day to the rainforest canopy than has ever been done in the history of sustainable timber harvesting.

These facts do not leave any doubt as to the Federal Government's motives. They are not conservation motivated. They are primarily intent upon extracting every last shred of increasing power available through the constitutional loophole of external affairs legislation.
In a series of five large public meetings in North Queensland, and daily consultations with affected industry and community leaders, I continually stressed the need to understand the only possible long-term solution; the regaining of control over the Constitution by the Australian people. Without this, Mr. Hawke might withdraw the listing, but could return with unassailable powers at any politically opportune moment.

Never the less, short term, hard hitting campaign objectives will have to be attained with intelligent campaigning or the livelihood of thousands of North Queenslanders will be irreversibly lost. The Federal Government is desperately afraid of a true understanding of this issue reaching into Australia's urban areas before the trap is sprung. Senator Richardson tried to disorganise the campaign against him by going to press in the "Australian" and elsewhere with accusations of racism, etc. etc. He missed the boat. My job was done, and I departed days before his tirade against the League of Rights made it into the press.

Unless claims are made for compensation by the 22nd of October, they will not be considered. Only directly affected industry such as the timber industry will be offered compensation. The full cost of just compensation would run into billions. Pensioners living in communities, which collapse, removing services and dropping capital values of their homes and local timber businesses would be affected. All North Queensland children who will grow up in an area, which will have to bring in practically all timber supplies from many 100s of miles away, will suffer economic loss through the rest of their lives. They are not intended to be compensated.

Mr. Paul Keating may balance his budget, but this will only be possible by ignoring the just compensation of around 2.billion (timber industry estimates) in a budget, which has only allocated an additional $15 million for conservation in Australia with most of this specified to go elsewhere. The coalition of Panthiests (nature worshipers) and socialists will have to be broken. Responsible Christians with an understanding of stewardship will have to do this. There is no one else. Every political party in Australia has a track record of supporting the Heritage Legislation, which has been used to over rule the explicit wording of our Australian Constitution.

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