Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

16 October 1987. Thought for the Week: "If there is not merely sentimental or egotistical identification with the backward peoples, but a genuine desire for their betterment and a true respect for our common humanity, then the right thing to do is to start off by encouraging them to have cultural, not political, aspirations. In the history of civilisation, cultural development comes long before there is much political development. It cannot be the other way round. We have tied our international order into knots and imperiled what civilisation we have through trying to be cleverer than evolution."
Mrs. D. Watts, in The Dangerous Myth of Racial Equality.


"The (Queensland) parliamentary National Party will convene to decide whether to allow Sir John to remain as Premier until his announced retirement date of August 8 next year, or force a spill to dump him immediately as party leader." - The Australian, October 12.

There is something quite sad in witnessing the fine old warrior meeting his defeat (or threatened defeat) because of errors of judgment. Sir Joh's basic error was to allow himself to be inveigled into the "Joh for Canberra" campaign. Time and time again, in these pages, we insisted that Sir Joh was walking into a trap in accepting advice that he "go Federal". His power base has always been Queensland. He is a Queensland phenomenon. Queenslanders are truly "different" to their fellow Australians in other States.

Various reasons for this have been advanced, one being that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic component of Queenslanders is higher than in other States. This notion was advanced by a "LABOR" leader, not by a right-wing racist! However, Sir Joh did accept fallacious advice for which he is now paying the penalty. Other issues, such as the Fitzgerald police inquiry, police action against certain areas of vice, etc., have caused some forceful ripples, but Sir Joh could have survived these, we do believe. He could not survive the loss of face, and credibility, as a result of his failure to "go Federal".

Whatever the result of the next meeting of the Queensland parliamentary National Party, Sir Joh appears finished. Mr. Michael Ahern seems to be the "heir apparent", and he is a different kettle of fish to Sir Joh. He is the admirable family man, but with sufficient "liberal" views to make him acceptable to what are believed to be "enlightened" voters. This is for the immediate future, and he may not have the smooth ride in the Premiership that he may expect. He is keen to be seen, if not pro-greenie, then certainly not anti-greenie. The greenies have votes, as John Howard has found to his cost. Almost all politicians are greenies now.


"The Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, has delivered a blunt personal warning to the United States Secretary of State, Mr. Shultz, against America putting pressure on Japan to buy American coal and beef on uncompetitive terms. - The Age (Melbourne), October 12

Round and round we go. All nations, dependent on trade, strive for a "favourable balance", wherever possible. An imbalance leads to inevitable debt (Australia and the USA have large external debts) and internal debt, as the central bank of a debtor nation expands the internal deficit in order to maintain internal employment levels, but usually at the cost of a higher inflation rate. But ALL trading nations cannot have a trading surplus: it's impossible. One nation's trading surplus is another nation's trading deficit. So round and round we go.

American coal winners and beef producers have their own struggles to exist and prosper as have their Australian counterparts. These American producers have votes, and their votes will go to the politicians with ears attuned to those same votes; not to politicians who will allow the Japanese to buy foreign produce because of various economic mechanisms such as arbitrarily imposed tariffs. The solution? There is no solution under conventional finance economics. We recall the prophetic words of C.H. Douglas: "No solution to our ills is possible which does not transgress the tenets of orthodox finance."


"A Federal Opposition frontbencher is urging the Liberal Party to consider campaigning for an end to compulsory voting in Australia." - The Australian, October 12.

Compulsory voting was introduced in Australia in 1921 as a result of a poor turnout by electors; something like 50%, maybe a point or two more. The essentially "immature" response was to make voting compulsory, not make it more attractive. To our knowledge, Belgium is the only other Western country with compulsory voting. We could not expect the Fabian socialists to abolish compulsory voting because the Fabian approach in all things is essentially immature. People have to be "made" to do this or that, in the common or overall interest, of course. All races must, must, love one another in spite of the fact of nature that, "birds of a feather, flock together". People, like the creatures of nature, prefer their own kind. That's the way God made it, brothers and sisters. All attempts to overturn this rule of nature will fail, and the more determined the efforts of the foolish socialists (urged on by subversives) to do so, then the worse will be the inevitable social friction. The different races are able to deal with one another satisfactorily, but under specific conditions that we shall not pursue here.
Returning to compulsory voting: The compulsory vote forces the irresponsible vote.


From the Geelong Advertiser (Oct. 7th) which quotes the views on the Cash Transaction Reports Bill. We normally reserve letters and articles for the On Target Bulletin - this one is of first importance, so we reproduce it here:
"Capital Building Society's Chairman, Mr. Barry Solomon, has labelled the Government's proposed cash transaction legislation a de facto Australia Card. "Mr. Solomon said the system would allow the Government to store a massive information bank on customers of financial institutions. "The proposed legislation would require financial institutions to report all cash transactions of $10,000 or over. "'We see this proposal as a direct copy of legislation in the United States, where there is by no means agreement on its effectiveness in the fight against crime', Mr. Solomon said in Capital's annual report. "He said that the proposal was a provision of the Federal Government's Cash Transaction Reports Bill, which stemmed from the Costigan Royal Commission. "He said Capital supported the Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies in lobbying against the legislation. "The cost to building societies of this requirement has been estimated at $3.00 a customer account - a very heavy charge which would have to be borne by the societies' account-holders with no clear benefit."


From New Zealand On Target (Sep. 14) we take this item by D.M. McKenna:
"Few people know about the UNESCO handbooks called Toward World Understanding. These books lay out the ways and means legislators and educators can mould children into thinking that 'big brother', the State, knows what's best for them, rather than Mum and Dad. "Mr. Russell Marshall, the (N.Z.) Minister of Education in the first Labour-Lange Government, was the man most responsible for the sex programme in schools, is a Member of Parliamentarians for Global Action (formerly Parliamentarians for World Order), whose stated aim is exactly the same as that promoted by UNESCO in their books. PGA want a World Government as does UNESCO.

This ideal has been around for many years and the main obstacle in its way is the family, the most stabilising unit in our society. If that unit is broken up, a generation of children will have been influenced and moulded into accepting the 'big brother knows best' concept. "In 1896 Friedrich Engels, the wealthy paymaster of Karl Marx, wrote in his book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution, that: 'The breakthrough of the Socialist revolution demands the destruction of the family, the destruction of the middle class, and the elimination of the Christian denominations through a general sexualisation.'

"Sixty years ago the Communist psychologist, Wilhelm Reich, said: 'The quickest way to the Socialist revolution is through sexual revolution'. "The co-editor of the West German Hessian sex education programme, H.J. Gassner, has cited the goals of sex education as follows: 'We need sexual stimulation in the schools to be able to execute the social restructure of society and to totally eliminate obedience to authority and the love of children for their parents.'

"People like Engels, Reich, and Gassner, knew that sex could be used as a potent weapon against a stable society. The dream-weavers, do-gooders, and social planners are knowingly or unknowingly putting into practice schemes that will hasten the destruction of the family, and ultimately our society. Parents wake up and demand a halt.
"Thanks to Mr. Marshall and his colleagues, many of them also members of PGA, concerned New Zealanders are facing a dangerous threat which was conceived by groups only concerned with destroying traditional society."


This letter published in The Australian (October 12th) over the name of a (Mrs.) M.J. Behal, of Pymble, NSW:
"I wish to express my thanks to you and your newspaper for the open mindedness of your letters page which brings daily confirmation of the breadth of view and wit of our nation. The fact that your newspaper provides this unbiased forum for opinion prompts me to direct this letter to you. "During this past weekend I was among the thousands who honoured our Vietnam veterans. While standing in the cool, dark dawn in Martin Place it was impossible not to be impacted by the significance of the Dawn Service to our veterans as they stood in silence and remembered. "It was therefore with shock that I heard the announcement that our Prime Minister had sent a representative to lay a wreath on his behalf. I wonder at the priorities of the leader of this country who sees fit to be present at the grand finals of the football, but does not see fit to personally honour the men who sacrificed their lives under the flag of this country. "Had the Dawn Service been fully recorded for prime time television perhaps Mr. Hawke's requirement for high profile public performance would have been satisfied. "He seemed quite capable of publicly paying homage when he took the salute at the Sydney Town Hall later in the morning, but of course that was being televised!"


This letter also published in The Australian (October 12th) over the name of a "John Lamond", of South Yarra, Vic.
"I note with continuing interest the growing comments in the letters page on Switzerland and its democratic systems. "It is a beautiful country and truly democratic. "I have visited the place quite a few times and never cease to be amazed at how 6.5 million people in a country with snow and cows' udders as the only national resources can be so successful! "Low inflation, low taxes, low crime rate, low interest rates, high productivity, high standard of living, favourable labour relations. How do they do it? "The answer is partly in the snow. They don't allow the government to 'snow' them by using the old mandate argument to do whatever they wish when elected. "Governments there are continually answerable to the people on all important issues. Tax rates, immigration laws, laws on criminal matters, ecological questions, etc. cannot be merely acted upon using the 'mandate' before going direct to the people via the regular referendum. "Perhaps you should send Greg Sheridan and Des Keegan over to give us all the full story. "They could take along Gary Punch just for balance. When he gets back home he could explain to his ACTU cronies just how it all works and why they should have dropped in on Switzerland for a role model instead of that high-taxing welfare state, Sweden."
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