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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

23 October 1987. Thought for the Week: "There are only two ways of trying to explain contemporary history. One is that history is the product of blind chance, or of forces entirely outside our control. This has been called 'the idiot theory of history' and is promoted most zealously by the mass media of the Liberal Establishment all over the world. The other view is, that while it is true accident or chance always have some contribution to make to the end result, much of what has been happening in the world, and continues to happen, can only be explained as the product of ingenious long-range planning."
Ivor Benson, in This Worldwide Conspiracy, (1972)


"The deadlock in Fiji is more serious than any political problem we have had to face in Australia. If we faced a similar problem we might not be more skilled than Fiji and certainly not as calm in addressing it." - Professor Geoffrey Blainey, in The Weekend Australian, Oct. 17-18.

We daresay most Australians regret to witness the monarchy of Fiji (the Queen was Queen of Fiji) withdrawing from the Commonwealth. Our earlier statements in these pages concerning the stabilising role of the Governor General still stand. Without this stabilising influence, it is probable, we believe, that racial violence would have broken out most seriously in these Islands. Fortunately, it (the violence) was well constrained. Even Prime Minister Hawke praised the role of Fiji's ex-Governor-General.

As Professor Blainey lays down, the conflict in Fiji is racial; anyone who is not blinded by crazy political ideology knows that. But we mustn't SAY that - it's naughty. As we all know in this new "enlightened" age of "World Opinion", "United Nations" (the Tamils and Singnalese: Ireland: Spain with Catalans, Castilians and Basques, etc., etc., all so "united") - everyone loves one another/no "nations" are any longer "underdeveloped (that's naughty too) - primitive "nations" are "developing". The Professor also points out that people like us, living in a democracy (but under attack!) see such democracy as "normal" and have little understanding of the various forces; cohesive forces, holding democracy together. He correctly insists that democracy depends on the great majority of citizens "sharing the same values and the same core culture". That is why our democracy in Australia is being weakened. This couldn't have happened 40 years ago: our "value forces" have been attenuated via non-British immigration: the rot is in all British countries. It is more than just stupid - it is Satanic.


"Home owners are now competing for funds from the same sources and at the same interest rates as the Alan Bonds and Holmes A Courts ... "But the difference is that Holmes A Court and Bond's borrowings are subsidised through the tax system..." - Mr. Terry Burke (Housing Expert) in Regional Progress, Oct. 14th

Regional Progress from which we quote in these pages from time to time is an excellent chain of suburban Melbourne newspapers. We have had many enquiries concerning "advantages" which the multi-millionaires are drawing from our finance economic system, to the disadvantage of less favoured individuals. But before the explanation, we quote Mr. Terry Burke again ...
"Before deregulation, housing had a special status in the Australian industry sector, and there was adequate finance for home loans with low interest rates. Since deregulation, the average home owner's repayments have jumped by $73.00 a week." Do you remember the arguments of finance-industry spokesman (including we believe, Fabian Brother Keating) - to the effect that deregulation of the finance industry would inevitably lead to more competition in the industry, this in turn leading to generally LOWER INTEREST RATES! Tell us another one. The multi-millionaires pay interest on their multi-million dollar overseas loans, BUT that interest is rebatable in Australia for taxation purposes. No, we don't have facts and figures. We know this is true: furthermore we heard Senator Janine Haines admit this on weekend radio (Main Nicholson's splendid shows on both Saturday and Sunday evenings ABC Radio). Again, we are not so sure that Elliot, Bond, Holmes A Court, et al., do not receive a direct interest advantage from their overseas Wholesale Bankers. We can't prove it; we have no hard figures. A few of our close supporters in the finance industry claim that the "lads" do not pay their 17½% interest rate from Chase Manhattan, or Citicorp, or whatever. Lower than that.

Can it be claimed than that the ordinary taxpayer is subsidising our millionaire entrepreneurs? Yes, yes, yes. The bloke down the road with the engineering shop with 30 staff gets no tax advantage on financial borrowings. He pays the full scale. He is slugged for six, seven, and eight. And he pays his 17½% or whatever, with the bank manager breathing down his neck, regularly. The tax advantage given to the millionaires is a policy. The purpose is to foster monopoly, and to squeeze out smaller industry. C.H. Douglas once remarked that Finance is inherently centralising. This has been called "fattening the goose"; but for the eventual kill, when bloody political revolution dethrones monopoly Capitalism, Fabian Socialism will then have done its "transition" job.


Time To Update
Summary of the Reports of the Advisory Committees to the Constitutional Commission: We had something to say on the work of the "Commission" in our On Target issue of October 9th. Now we have received our copy of the "Summary" from the Constitutional Commission. There are a few more comments we should make.

The Commission asks - "Will the Constitution Be Updated?" (it will not be changed unless the people decide it needs updating.) But the title of the Report is headed as above ... "Time To Update". There isn't the slightest doubt that the Constitutional Commission is basically a Fabian Socialist "brainwash" job. But it's not all bad.

On Limits on Powers, the Commissioners raise the spectre of the Bill of Rights, thus - "A Bill of Rights listing 'inalienable' rights, though found in many countries and strongly favoured by many in Australia, does not readily fit within the Australian constitutional tradition. The Australian approach has been to limit the power of Governments rather than to proclaim the rights of citizens in abstract terms. The Committee recommends the latter approach, not the former". Yes, this is something; but what the Committee said about "the Australian approach" is the British approach. The British Bill of Rights of some 300 years ago limited the power of government. But we mustn't mention that rude word, "British": it is naughty.

There is much on electoral voting, the Right to Vote, "One vote, one value", etc. ... Dreadful, dreadful, the 'Constitution doesn't guarantee Australians the "right" to vote, BUT nothing about the right NOT TO VOTE either. This was brought about by an Act of Parliament in 1921, and voting can be changed back to a voluntary basis without any amendment to the Constitution. Senator Janine Haines seemed to us to be "unenthused" with compulsory voting. Quite right: the compulsory vote forces an irresponsible vote.

A "plus" for the Commission - The Commission believed there should be provision in the Constitution for voter-initiated referendums for constitutional change".

Yes, we would like to see the Australian Constitution tightened right up so that the External Affairs Power could not be abused to allow a politically centralising Federal government to legislate on freedom restricting United Nations Conventions. Such examples as the Racial Discrimination Act, and the Sex Discrimination Act spring to mind. Most of the "Equal Opportunity" regulations are "discrimination in reverse", and are phony. A man still can't receive the age pension until he is 65 (unless an ex-serviceman) - the woman receives it at 60. Good on her, but why has a mere man to wait the extra 5 years? To save the Government money! That's why. But, of course, we are all equal, customers. (Some are "more equal" than others!)

Now the Big Itch. "Distribution of Powers (Those Powers!). No reference is made in the Constitution to Local Government. It was obviously not intended to be referred to. Local Government is a matter between it and State Government. It should not be the concern of the Commonwealth at all. The Commission wants State and Federal powers to become "blurred" -certainly less defined. (Preparatory to eventual abolition of State powers: indeed of STATES?)

External Affairs Powers? A bit of a sop to the States is the recommendation of establishment of a "Treaties Council" to "improve procedures" between Commonwealth and States, BUT "the Committee recommends that the existing power of the Federal Parliament to enact legislation for the implementation of treaties should not be changed No Sir!

What about the Governor General's "Reserve Powers" (as "The Dismissal" by Sir John Kerr in November 1975)? As you would expect: "The Committee recommends a statement of practices which would say how the reserve powers should be used. The majority of the Committee recommends that exercise of the Governor General's 'Reserve Powers' should be reviewable by the courts." This is a slippery way of stripping the Crown (in the person of the Governor General) of his proper authority. The Governor General to be answerable to the courts, for his decisions!

Governor General as Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces? As expected: "The Committee recommends that the Constitution should expressly provide that the Governor General's powers as Commander-in-Chief are purely ceremonial".


The following letter published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 15th, over the name of "John Bennett", who is President of the Australian Civil Liberties Union:
"I was present in Fiji during the recent coup and saw, at first hand, the racial tensions of yet another failed multiracial society. "I agree with Colonel Rabuka (Herald, Oct. 2) that Australians would react strongly 'if in the next 20 years Vietnamese were allowed in such numbers that they outnumbered the Australian population and controlled the Government'. "Asian countries such as China and Japan, which will not allow whites to become citizens, preserve their racial homogeneity by immigration policies based, not on notions of racial superiority, but on preference for their own kind. "Australia is still 85% Anglo-Saxon-Celtic/Northern European, and 94% European, and we should follow the example of Asian countries and attempt to preserve a relatively homogeneous population by returning to a predominantly European immigration policy - a policy supported by most Australians."


This letter published in The Weekend Australian Oct. 17-18, over the name of "Professor J.D. Frodsham", Shelley, WA.:
"I recently came across a paper by a Swedish scholar, Dr. Stefan Dagler, on the topic: Is the Free Society Able to Survive? Threats to the Liberal Institutions of Sweden. "The paper deals with what its author called 'slow and hideous changes' to the infrastructure of Swedish society, as well as to the educational system, the legal system and the bureaucracy. The paper lists the following socio-pathological symptoms:
1. High taxation to make the citizen dependent on society.
2. An increasing amount of direct government propaganda.
3. Growing domination of associations (e.g. trade unions) which patronise the individual.
4. The socialisation of large areas of healthcare with profoundly deleterious effects on the community.
5. A general loss of professionalism resulting in the political infiltration of universities and schools and a consequent decline in the standards of education.
6. Manipulation of language. The use of concepts such as 'democracy' and 'equality' to create a climate of anti-intellectualism and anti- professionalism; in the resulting cult of incompetence, informed opinions are deemed to be of equal value to verified knowledge.
7. A calculated appeal to envy.
8. Detailed control of the individual by an ever-growing number of laws and by the establishment of enforced computer records on each individual.
9. A change in the content of the laws to favour deviant, minority groups.
10. Deliberate weakening of the democratic independence of control agencies.
11. A diminishing of the distinction between civil servants and elected politicians.

"It is disquieting to realise that all of the phenomena listed above are as evident in contemporary Australia as in Sweden. Freedom is fast becoming obsolete."


This letter published in The Australian (Oct. 14th) over the name of "Dr. Nguyen Van Hung" of Glen Iris (Melbourne suburb):
"Please permit me to have a few words, as a Vietnamese, on the Welcome Home Parade. "We are truly grateful to those who fought for freedom and democracy in Vietnam, especially to those who paid the supreme sacrifice. "On the other hand, we will also never forget those who undermined that struggle, who were responsible for the public indifference shown to soldiers returning from Vietnam, who directly helped the communists to establish one of the most war mongering and totalitarian regimes on earth today in our country. "Many of these hypocrites, I suspect, did so out of political expediency. And again out of the political expediency, some stood on the dais to receive the salute of those brave veterans. Hypocrites, you should hang your heads in shame!"
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