Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

6 November 1987. Thought for the Week: "Not many matters are a ground for certainty nowadays, but on two of them it is possible to be fairly dogmatic. There will be no sensible improvement in world society until there is a radical decentralisation of money power; and there will be no decentralisation of money power by any centralised Government, no matter what it may call itself."
C.H. Douglas (1945)


"Australia was heading towards a recession next year with high unemployment and a downturn in economic growth, leading economists said yesterday." The Financial Australian (Oct. 31-Nov. 1)

Whilst the Hawke Fabian Socialist Government's spokesmen are more or less downplaying the stock market crashes, most non-government economists are forecasting gloom. As we have stated earlier, the Hawke Government is in its "duck-mode"; calmly seeming to glide over the surface of tumultuous economic events, whilst paddling furiously beneath the surface (of events). We have read that Paul Keating is taking daily briefings from Treasury "experts". This doesn't fill us with any confidence. It is obvious, for starters, that anyone with any commonsense is now going to stop spending on unnecessary items such as luxury goods (stereos, sophisticated electronic equipment, new cars, travel and holidays). We would expect that retail sales this Christmas will be well down: that doesn't ensure that they will be down but that's what we expect.

Ord Minnett's economist sees high inflation, high unemployment, and economic distress throughout the community. Yes, we expect higher interest rates to attract overseas capital (under the system), and if money is thought of as a commodity (as it is by standard "economics")- then this becomes part of costs, then prices, which must increase. Yes, we shall see higher inflation.

Senator John Stone sees a severe recession ahead, with our credit rating further dented: wage increases must be "out"; Government spending must be cut. A mini ("horror") Budget, we think. There is the suggestion that Brother Keating is delaying this until after the N.S.W. State election; to keep "Labor" in office in that State. This is probably right.

The lead article in the New Times (September, 1987, $1.00 posted) viz. "Another 1929 Is Not Inevitable", reinforces much of our lead item on the "Crashes" in the immediate past issue of On Target (Oct. 30th)…During the four decades since the end of the Second World War, a major depression has been averted by a policy of continuous economic expansion financed by debt. The lessons of 1929 have been observed by the debt merchants and there appears to be little doubt that they wish to avoid a repeat of 1929, realising that this could quickly produce a major revolt against the credit monopolists.

What is being witnessed everywhere is a type of slow squeeze, conditioning people to accept the 'inevitability' of the restructuring of industries and societies as a preliminary to fitting them into the New International Economic Order. Consider the destruction of the traditional family farm, and family businesses, over recent decades. The strategy of the debt merchants and their various lackeys appears to be one of boiling the frog alive by trying to ensure that the temperature of the water is not raised too quickly, resulting in an attempted jump to safety.

Worse than l929
"The current situation is worse than the Great Depression years, when traditional values were at least the norm. There was not the social disintegration of today. The greatest threat today is not another major depression, which could soon result in dramatic developments, but the continuing social breakdown as the individual is threatened by the many forms of collectivisation.
There was a famous Fabian inspired statement that only in war, or under the threat of war, would the British people submit to large-scale planning. It would appear that the spate of predictions about another 1929 are designed to condition people to believe that this threat can only be averted, or minimised, by people surrendering more of their sovereignties" (end of quote).

This "The New Times" article was written well before the Stock Market Crashes of October '87. We observed in our "Crashes" item in On Target (Oct. 30th) that... "We don't believe that the last week's crashes just happened: they happened for a reason"... It is almost certain, we do believe, that the "Crashes" and the drive for further centralisation of government in the West are of a piece. A re-reading of our "Thought for the Week" by C.H. Douglas will help to broaden one's picture of current political and economic events.


"Australians convicted of war crimes could be imprisoned for life under a Bill introduced in Federal Parliament yesterday". - The Sun (Melbourne) October 29th.

We have not seen reference to this Bill in any other of the print media: we knew that this would be the likely result of a recent Government "inquiry" into suspected "war criminals" in Australia. These "war criminals", of course, are Europeans (now naturalised Australians) who Simon Wiesenthal and his cronies have "tracked down". We cannot elaborate on this issue at any length really, until we have studied the legislation. But the obvious point is that our Commonwealth Fabian Socialist Government is legislating on matters that are not intrinsically concerned with Australia. All this happened 40 or more years ago, in other corners of the globe. We know that the Zionist propaganda machines (and they are powerful efficient, machines-let's give them that!) will churn out the line that everyone of every race must be concerned about the Holocaust, etc., etc. - but the fact remains that most people want to put these events, (which are disputed by some historians, anyway) behind them. And so it goes on, and on, and on, and on. Will it ever finish?

Another point at issue is retrospective legislation. We know that that monumental disaster, Malcolm Fraser, spoke in favour of retrospective legislation, with respect to other matters; however, we consider retrospective legislation to be of the devil. There are other matters, which will emerge, as the Bill becomes widely known, as it will be. Make no mistake about that. We can say that the Australian Civil Liberties Union is already well alerted and "ready to go". We have doubts about the "Victorian Council for Civil Liberties": it will be interesting to observe this body's attitude to the Bill. So will be the attitude of many politicians: many will be lukewarm about the Bill but will not dare to voice public protest. Some will hate themselves. Still this and other issues will torture politicians from now onwards, and quite unexpected developments will be bound to emerge. We shall keep supporters informed as relevant events transpire.


Robert Mugabe has selected, for example, Ian Smith, to fill a seat in Zimbabwe's restructured Parliament: eight former Rhodesian Front members have been selected by Mugabe. Here's a rub! Remember Judith Todd, who toured the world denouncing the Ian Smith Government? She has been dumped. All of Mr. Nkomo's candidates were rejected (Z.A.P.U.) Why? We can't be sure. Perhaps Robert Mugabe trusts the people who fought him in the past rather than those who betrayed their own kith and kin. If so; rather shrewd, we think.


For too long the A.I.D.S. "debate": has been hampered, even suppressed, as a result of quite fallacious social climates against "discrimination" - these usually brought about by "Mickey Mouse" legislation based on United Nations Declarations or conventions. What most of this so-called "enlightened" legislation (being of the Devil:) gives legal protection to sin. (in this case) In The Weekend Australian (Oct. 31 - Nov. 1) Norman Podhoretz, Editor of (U.S.) "Commentary", states:
"Slowly, slowly, and against resistance every inch of the way, the truth about AIDS is beginning to emerge. Soon it will become impossible to go on denying that, in so far as AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, it really is the 'gay plague' it was at first taken to be." We have read that the disease was first named "G.A.I.D.S." ("Gay" autoimmune deficiency syndrome).

Truth is the great disciplinarian: when more and more deaths from AIDS sheet home the blame to homosexuals, the fallacious ideologies will slowly slip away, and especially when those deaths are people we knew, even dear ones. It is happening. Podhoretz observes that of the Haitians who contracted AIDS, few, if any did so via heterosexual activity. Africa? We hear a lot about AIDS and Africa. The heterosexual rates of transmission there, we hear so much about from the "Gay Community", are associated with sanitary and other factors of a non-sexual nature. Podhoretz asserts that it is not sex in general that exposes people to AIDS; it is homosexual activity in particular. God will not be mocked: if people are foolish enough to believe that by calling sin another name they can absolve themselves from the consequences, then the penalties are theirs.


This is a type cassette, the master of which was especially sent out from America by the National Director to our Tape Librarian, for rapid copying for the benefit of supporters. Yes and the speaker is none other than Michael Hoffman, the political and media star who almost made it to the International Seminar in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Please order from "M.E.A. Tape Library, Box 118, NUMURKAH, Vic. 3636. Price; $4.00 posted. Ask the Tape Librarian for his latest tape catalogue.


(From New Zealand On Target Bulletin, October 12th, 1987):
"Once, the New Zealand Labour Party sought to represent the working people of New Zealand - no more. The Party of Kirk, Savage, and Fraser has been hi-jacked by an unholy alliance of the Business Round-Table Corporate Socialists, and the pro-Soviet Hard Left. Could you trust a Government:
* Whose Leader, David Lange, was refused an American visa in the 1970's because he worked for a legal firm representing S.U.P. (Socialist Unity Party) Trade Unions.
* Whose Minister of Education (Russell Marshall), proud of his close association with HART Leader, Trevor Richards (Richard's wife, Bryony, was named by the S.I.S. in 1981 as a member of the Workers' Communist League), who supports the terrorist African National Congress and pro-Soviet propaganda Peace Studies in schools.
* Whose possible future Minister of Defence, Helen Clark, had this said about her in Parliament: 'The M.P. for Mount Albert has said in the House that she would rather have Russian ships in the Pacific than American ones', and 'she has made frequent trips to Russia, has a credit card for Aeroflot' - Michael Cox, Hansard (N.Z.) p. 7625, 1987.
* That would appoint Rob Campbell (named in Parliament as a secret member of the Socialist Unity Party), and now closely associated with the Round Table, to Deputy Head of the Bank of New Zealand while still claiming to be a Socialist.
* That would appoint top S.U.P. man and regular Soviet visitor, Ken Douglas, to the Board of the Reserve Bank.
* That would appoint Ripeka Evans - self-confessed Marxist, revolutionary and racist - as a 'cultural adviser' to T.V.N.Z.'s Julian Mounter. She is quoted as saying: 'Hell, all we have are 3 million whites. If 12 (Fidel Castro's followers) can take on America then 400,000 Maoris can take on 3 million whites. That's the vision I learned in Cuba.' - "Broadsheet", October, 1982.

1. The S.U.P. and Workers Communist League have 'considerable control in seven out of eight of the largest trades councils in New Zealand' -- Tony Neary, N.Z. Herald (11.5.87). These groups wrecked the 1981 Springbok tour to our country -- what could they do to our economy?
2. The Soviets have over 40 Embassy personnel in Wellington - we have 7 in Moscow. .60% (of Soviet Embassy staff), are spies. "Ombudsman's Report on S.I.S., 1976.
3. Much of your children's 'Peace Studies' material comes from organisations with the K.G.B. front, the World Peace Council …..


This letter from BRUCE RUXTON was published in The Weekend Australian (Oct. 31 - Nov. 1):
"I hope your readers realise that in a writer of the calibre of Des Keegan, they are getting things as they really are. "It seems that people have taken exception to his 'market gardeners who run the drug trade' remark. Why? The events in Griffith over the years surely point to an organised ring of criminals who grow, import, process and market the killer drugs. The names of those involved don't seem to have an Anglo-Saxon ring about them. "For some years now the R.S.L. has been concerned about the lack of control in Australia's immigration laws. We have seen the country become an absolute mish-mash of racial groups, some fighting among themselves, others fighting with everyone.
"Those people who denigrate Des Keegan might like to tell me the name of a single Australian city where it's safe to walk down a street on a dark night.
"People have a right to say what they like in this country, without fear of being castigated by the lunatics on the fringe of everything that denigrates our traditions. "Recently, Ron Casey got it, from all people the N.S.W. Trades Council, a group closely affiliated with the A.L.P., the Party who coined the 'White Australia' tag and who for years practised a form of racism, which in these days would be enough to land someone in court.
"In closing, let me say that here in Victoria we are being subjected yet again to another tearing down of a tradition. The Nurses Federation, under the guidance of Irene Bolger - now she's a beauty if ever there was one - have removed the word 'royal' from their title. "I hope Des Keegan keeps up the good work and you deserve congratulations for having the foresight to employ him."


This letter also published in The Australian (above) over the name of 'Joh Glavos" of Brisbane, Qld.:
"As a migrant, and a minority grouper, I commend Des Keegan for giving Australians the genuine opportunity to expose the pathological racism of the Peter Baumes and Irene Mosses whose irrational hatred of our Celtic-Saxon culture so offends them that they can't wait to submerge us in a polyglot mish-mash of United Nations - inspired multiculturalism, which they obviously seek to achieve without even a referendum, or a 'with your permission'. "I'm happy with Australia's culture and traditions, and my advice to migrants who come to Australia to destroy this culture through the Grassby-style pseudo-multiculturalism is to go back home and stop working overtime to ruin the generally good name of most migrant groups. Thank you, Des."
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159