Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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20 November 1987. Thought for the Week: "These madmen with their political Utopias have lost everything except their reason: inside their system of reason all is consistency; but their whole system is out of consistency with reality."
G. K. Chesterton


Eric Butler reports from the USA where he has been lecturing under the auspices of the Anglo-European Fellowship
"During a short visit to Canada before coming to the USA, I had the opportunity of assessing the mass of media comment concerning the 'free trade' controversy - most of which, as usual, has dealt with effects, not causes. Genuine free trade among nations is impossible if all nations, operating under the same system of debt finance, are striving to export more than they import - to achieve a 'favourable balance of trade'.

Those operating the international debt systems are promoting a 'free trade' policy as part of the programme for establishing the New International Economic Order, with the progressive elimination of the economic independence of all nations. Vital sectors of the American economy, such as the steel industry, have in recent years suffered badly as a result of a flood of imports from Asia, where financial costs of production are lower, this partly the result of the liberal credit terms of the International Bankers who have financed the establishment of the technologically advanced steel industries of South Korea and China. Desperate American producers, both primary and secondary, are calling for greater protectionism, while the Reagan administration, still described in the media as conservative, calls for greater 'free trade'.

A manifestation of Washington's dedication to internationalism is the strong support for the US-USSR Trade & Economic Council, which seeks to promote closer economic links between the Soviet and the USA. One of the most significant features of the 'free trade' debate is the agreement between the Reagan conservatives and the Marxists. "Workers' World", a self-proclaimed Communist journal, has produced a special four-page supplement on the evils of protectionism and the virtues of free trade. When Lenin said that the World Communist State could not be created without first creating an integrated global economy, he was echoing Karl Marx, who said that free trade 'breaks down national boundaries and advances the cause of Socialism'. The Marxists, the International Bankers, and the Multi-nationals are now openly supporting the programme to create the World State under the pleasant sounding 'free trade' strategy.

Progressive centralisation of power, with growing economic monopolies, is not a natural development, but the result of financial manipulation by those who exercise power through that Black Magic known as debt-finance. The Free World was warned about the programme of monopoly over half a century ago by the author of Social Credit, C. H. Douglas; specifically in his 1934 Melbourne Town Hall address, viz. "The Monopolistic Idea" ($1.50 posted). Douglas gave warnings from his own practical experience as an engineer having grasped that the natural law governing economic activities was being perverted to serve a power philosophy. American small and medium sized producers, along with desperate family farmers, are in the front line of the battle to prevent the USA from being destroyed as an independent nation."


"If you listen to Mr. Grassby or various politicians who still hold their seats, you take away the emphatic impression that people who come from the British Isles are now far outnumbered in this multicultural nation and that therefore the nation's institutions should mirror this new fact of social life." - Professor Geoffrey Blainey, in The Weekend Australian (Nov. 14-15)

Al Grassby, former Minister for immigration in the Whitlam Government (1972-75); former Commissioner for Community Relations ("jobs for the boys"!); and now charged with perverting the course of justice with respect to the Donald McKay drug investigations, recently appeared on the Melbourne TV screens with the object, no doubt, of discrediting Mr. Ron Casey, of Sydney commercial radio, and who has been calling a spade a spade, with respect to multiculturalism. The difference this time was that Ron Casey was well informed on the issue and more than held his ground with Al Grassby's unending bluff and bluster ("umpteen religions, umpteen languages, umpteen races", all a marvelous thing for Australia, etc, etc, etc.).

Supporters with long memories may recall that Mr. Enoch Powell, of Britain, who has been warning for 25 years, in Britain, that multiculturalism is a disaster, did especially come to Australia some ten years ago, to videotape a "debate" on multiculturalism with Al Grassby.

Why? Actionists may be prompted to ask a few questions in television circles. So far from being the true picture of affairs, Professor Blainey states that " Indeed, I wonder whether there is any other, modern nation which has been so mischievously misled about its ancestry." Professor Blainey draws attention to the researches of Dr. Charles Price, of the Australian National University, which show a quite different ethnic picture of modern Australia; viz, we are still, ethnically, an Anglo-Celt people; the British Isles have provided 75.4% of our ancestry. This makes nonsense of the talk of the "British Minority" in modern Australia. "Europe is less than one quarter as important as the British Isles in our make up. Together, however, they are dominant, providing 94% of our national ancestry." There has been, and still is, the desire of officialdom to stifle and muzzle public debate on ethnic and Heritage issues. A referendum is laughingly derided (a referendum any government knows would reject multiculturalism and Asian immigration). A Conspiracy? Yes, of course it's a conspiracy against dominant Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Australia.


"The Chairman of a leading stock broking firm said yesterday the Federal Government urged stock exchanges to apply their rules leniently to minimise the impact of the market crash." - The Sun, (Melbourne), November 16th.

The report has it that Lionel Bowen, Deputy Prime Minister, let it be known that the Government wants the Crash "talked down". Furthermore, the Reserve Bank wants it "talked down" too. All over the Western World the Central Banks are pumping out the cash: there will be no "l929" again. That technique is not "on" in 1987; the severe squeeze will be "on" - to squeeze Western Commerce and Industry into "restructure", "rationalisation", towards the New International Economic Order: "World Control" of this and that commodity. But there will be, for sure, a "re-assessment" of credit allocations (overdraft facilities, if you like), which we expect to be tougher than previously.

Maurice Newman, Chairman of Bain & Co., share brokers, let the cat out of the bag on weekend TV: "(the Reserve Bank) has left to the commercial banks the credit assessment of the parties that may be indebted to the banks". BUT, the Reserve Bank controls its own "credit assessment" of the commercial banks. In plainer words, the lending capacity of the commercial banks, by Reserve Bank controls over the liquidity base of those banks, via Statutory Reserve Deposits ("SRDs"), and we believe now by more sophisticated techniques.

Sir Peter Abeles, Chief Executive of TNT, Ansett, etc. etc., on weekend TV stated that the October '87 Crash was a crisis of confidence, not intrinsically an economic crash. This is right to an extent, too; but Sir Peter Abeles has a vested interest in the "restructure" and "rationalisation" that we have mentioned above. Sir Peter's operations are now global. He's one of the front-runners towards the New International Economic Order. Mr. Holmes Court, and others like him, will survive and survive well. They are the "big boys" left in the ring when the game of marbles is finishing. They have picked up, or will pick up (for keeps) the marbles of all the other "smaller fry" that have lost theirs in "the game". As Des Keegan has said, there will be oodles of whizz-kids and yuppies, formerly on their $80,000 yearly, and driving that Porsche - who will soon be driving taxis and waving the Porsche goodbye.


"Small business was the key to breaking away from Australia's heavy dependence on wheat, coal, and other traditional commodity exports, Prime Minister Bob Hawke said on the weekend." - The Sun, (Melbourne), November 16th.

We had to rub our eyes after we read this one. Hawke, the small business hero, whose policies, stemming from Fabian Socialism, are those of punitive taxation (capital gains, payroll, company, fringe benefits, Work Care, etc, etc, etc.) Fabian Socialist policy is to promote centralisation of finance, commerce, and industry. Example: taxation rebates allowable on interest rates for the multi-nationals! None such for small businesses. Furthermore, as Finance is inherently centralising; more so with the elapse of time; more and more small businesses will disappear. What is meant by "inherently centralising"? It means, "fattening the goose": bank credit made more available for the "better risks in commerce and industry, i.e. the bigger boys. The little fellows can go to the wall and take a job. This is government policy, otherwise it would be changed. So "Hawke the Small Business Hero" seems a shaky image to us.


This material was prepared by the Research & Reference Service of the Queensland Public Library. We supply this for the benefit of all.
"There is no doubt that the question of external affairs and treaty making powers was the subject of intense debate during the conventions which resulted in the framing of the Constitution. In England, the power to enter into treaties is a Royal prerogative. The role of Parliament is merely to implement treaties entered into by the crown by passing legislation making their terms binding in domestic law. It was not considered appropriate that the new Australian Federal Parliament be given powers to enter into treaties. "However, the prerogative powers of the Crown were reserved to the Governor General as representative of the Monarch in Australia. These powers have never been enumerated, but the power to negotiate and ratify treaties has always been regarded as a Royal prerogative. The exercise of the power by the Governor General in Council from time to time in the years since Federation has not been questioned as illegal or beyond power ..."


This letter published in "Access Age" (The Age Melbourne Nov 11th) over the name of "Brian Hurley" of Clarinda, Vic.
"Bob Hawke gratuitously advised Ronald Reagan (The Age, 10/11) on what he should do to solve the world's financial problems, ignoring the fact that Australia's overseas debt is over 40% of GDP whereas America's is 13.5%. He then told Australians to 'continue their patterns of behaviour'. She'll be right mate!


This letter published in The Age (Melbourne Nov. 13th) over the name of "Nigel Jackson" of Belgrave (Melbourne suburb).
"Is it too late to appeal to the leaders of the Jewish community to think again on the question of war crimes trials of alleged Nazis in Australia. "The president of the New South Wales Court of Appeal, Mr. Justice Michael Kirby, has performed a service to the nation by querying (The Age, 19/11) the capacity of such trials to deliver justice. "At the present time I fear that innocent fellow citizens, quite probably Christian anti-communists, are likely, in their declining years, to be hauled before courts dependent on retrospective legislation and sentenced to life imprisonment on the basis of Soviet disinformation. "Not one of the four figures quoted as disagreeing with Justice Kirby addressed (in the given quotations) the very serious issues of justice that he has raised. "There are, plenty of precedents in Jewish sacred tradition for the granting of mercy, the protection of the innocent and the securing of true justice. "Emotions aroused by the appalling horror of the Nazi treatment of subject peoples during World War II must not be allowed to cloud the judgment of the Australian nation to the detriment of a British system of law which defends the rights of all Australian citizens, Jews included, from potential tyrannies of the future."
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