Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

27 November 1987. Thought for the Week: "If the Parties had been what they pretended to be, the Labor Party representative of the lower income groups, and the Conservative Party representative of the middle income groups, the choice would have been more reasonable. But Labor, if it had done away with poverty and insecurity, as it professed to do, would have done away with the need to represent poverty and insecurity; it would have done away with its chief power of appeal to the people, and in doing so would automatically have filled the ranks of the Conservatives. And if the Conservatives, being in power, had protected the people, especially owners of property, against the raids of the tax collectors and against other monopolies, they thus would have secured the people in their new won freedom and made them free of both parties. But, in practice, nothing like this had happened."
James Guthrie, in Our Sham Democracy


Mr. Eric Butler sent this report from Canada at the conclusion of his short tour of Western Canada
"Canada is a Western nation whose sovereignty is increasingly threatened by an immigration policy which is fragmenting the fabric of the Canadian social structure, and finance economic policies whose ultimate objective is to absorb Canada into a North American Common Market. "Veteran news commentator, Roy Farrar, and a former Conservative member of the Albertan Provincial Government, says in a recent column that, 'The most explosive issue in Canadian politics still floats like a mine beneath the surface waiting to be struck ... the name of the submerged destroyer is immigration, and politicians cannot claim that they have not been warned. Signals were crystal clear after the landings of the spurious Tamil and Sikh 'refugees'.

"Farrar quotes a number of distinguished Canadians: men like a former Supreme Court judge, J.W. Cline; who is calling for immigration quotas to preserve the existing cultural dominance of European stock and who are clearly voicing the views of the overwhelming majority of the Canadian people.

"The free-trade agreement between the Mulroney Government and the Reagan administration is producing the same type of heated debate as the immigration issue. Prior to becoming leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in 1983, Mr. Brian Maloney said, 'Free trade affects Canadian sovereignty, and we will have none of it "Australian Treasurer, Paul Keating, once said that the introduction of foreign banks in Australia would threaten Australia's sovereignty. Politicians in office progressively submit to the pressure of internationalism. "Welcoming a free trade agreement between Ottowa and Washington, Mr. William Randolph Hearst, Jnr., Editor-in-Chief of the Hearst Newspaper Syndicate, which has always supported internationalism, has frankly admitted that, "The momentous move towards uniting the two countries economically is very gratifying to me. For more than a decade my Pop urged in his newspapers that Canada become part of the US.'

"President Reagan says that, 'The US-Canada free trade agreement is a New Economic Constitution for North America.' "As the British people have found, Economic Common Markets lead to political centralisation and progressive loss of national sovereignty. It is only necessary to look at the individuals and organisations backing the Canadian-USA free trade agreement to realise that it is part of the total strategy of creating a World State, the first step being the New International Economic Order. Fortunately, there are encouraging signs that the Canadian people are beginning to realise that their future as an independent nation is at stake. Resistance to the Mulroney programme is growing."
(Mr. Eric Butler is now back in Australia.)


"Volatile world financial markets are unlikely to be reassured by the 11th-hour deficit reduction packaging announced on Friday by President Reagan and Congressional leaders." - The Sun, (Melbourne) November 23rd.

It is not at all surprising that the American Administration has been dragging its feet concerning an early reduction of its Budget Deficit. Why? Contracting the American economy means higher taxation; a reduction in Government services (Health, Welfare, Education, etc. etc.) and higher unemployment. Furthermore, in an election year 1988. The orthodox American economists around the White house know that, under the rules, the Deficit must be reduced, and the main reason for this is to instill confidence into prospective buyers, national and international, of American institutions.

No confidence in the American economy, no purchase of American securities! Recession and/or depression to follow. Well, that's the theory; however, not all the financial gurus agree. We have heard Professor John K. Galbraith, the world's leading Keynesian economist, interviewed from the USA (on ABC radio). J.K. Galbraith was at least honest: he said that no one knows what is going to happen, internationally, on the economic front. Kenneth Davidson of The Age (Melbourne) says the same. It is very safe to ignore the comments of all politicians, whose remarks on the economic scene would be tightly tailored to potential votes at the next election. It is very safe (again) to ignore the huffing and puffing of "learned" economist, who are, really, little more than witch doctors.

One economist draws attention to the "Japanese factor" in the Economic Chess Game. If large Western property values should start to wobble, then the Japanese could "bring home their legions": those billions of dollars invested internationally. Chaos? Yes, indeed. One American economist says that the American Administration is "only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic". And we know what happened to the Titanic. We stand by our earlier comments; viz., no 1929-style Crash, but a tight squeeze to force us into a period of commercial and industrial rationalisation and re-structure" as a necessary prelude to the New International Economic Order and World Government".


"Australia and New Zealand yesterday pledged to form even closer business and trade links. - The Sun, (Melbourne) November 23rd.

From the comments of the National editor (first item) sent from Canada, the USA-Canada "Common Market" is under way. Even though early days, we would be foolhardy not to understand that. Similarly, we would be pretty dense not to understand that all the ridiculous cavorting of the Fabian Socialist Brothers, Hawke and David Lange are the curtain raiser to the Australia-New Zealand Common Market.

The Sun (Melbourne) Nov. 23rd reports: "The Closer Economic Relations Agreement, which governs free trade between the two countries, will be extended to cover new areas such as banking, communications and transport". Plain enough. The Fabian lads seem to be in a hurry: no doubt they have both received a prod from some shadowy One-World gurus buried deeply in various internationalist organisations like the Club of Rome, the United Nations, International Socialist organisations, etc. etc. Behind even these One-World bodies would hover the International Money boys: the International Monetary Fund; the World Bank, etc. They all live together very comfortably.

We note that David Lange said, that the two leaders were not planning a strict economic or political union - which means to us, that even if they aren't, the far shrewder lads behind the scenes ARE. A hard and fast rule of the Fabians is, "we deny with our lips what we do with our hands." Brothers Hawke and Lange won't be around, of course, to see the finality of their marionette performances (at least, not in a position of any power) - others will have taken over to dance the One-World Waltz; unless the rank and file of the people can stop them. The politicians won't do so.


What about poor Pat Cash! He needs a tennis victory in South Africa to bolster his ratings on the World Tennis scene. He just wants to play tennis; anywhere. Perhaps some actionist could remind Fabian Brother Hawke that Pat Cash defeated, along the way in South Africa, a tennis player from Fabian, Zionist, Hawke's beloved ISRAEL. So Tel Aviv has no objection to its sportsmen playing in South Africa. As a matter of fact, relations between South Africa and Israel have always been close; and are still close. Even to the extent of sharing in nuclear power! That Big Bang that exploded off the coast of South Africa a few years back was most probably a joint South Africa-Israel nuclear bomb. We note that an American is playing in the South African tennis tournaments, also. Anyone for sanctions?!

We have always believed, as believers in the Christian ethic, that the end does NOT justify the means: that two wrongs do NOT make a right. Maybe we are old fashioned, not having caught up with modern "theology" e.g. "liberation theology". We read that the Uniting Church has sent a congratulatory telegram to Mr. Bill Hayden, our Foreign Minister, for his statement that, "in certain circumstances murder could be justified in South Africa." Among those "pleased" by Mr. Hayden's comments is that old and well-known name to us. Yes, the Rev. Dick Wooton, along with the anti-apartheid movement. Praise is also given to Mr. Richard Woolcott, the Australian representative at the United Nations: he made similar comments. These comments won't have any real political effect: they will further divide the Church.


This letter published in The Sun (Melbourne) over the name of "R. Leith" of East Warburton, Vic.:
"The hypocrisy of the so-called democratic governments of the West, including our own, does not really surprise me. "Mr. Hawke will welcome and fawn over members of the Russian and Chinese Governments, and their sportsmen and women, entertainers and others are welcomed with open arms. "At the same time embargoes and boycotts are placed on South Africa. While I abhor South Africa's apartheid policy it is, after all, an internal problem. "This cannot be said of the mass murder of the Tibetan people, the genocide of the Afghanistan nation, and the oppression of the satellite countries of the USSR. "Perhaps if South Africa meant as much to us in trade dollars, our esteemed leaders might turn a blind eye to its policies, or perhaps a communistic form of government there may have the same result."
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159