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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

18 December 1987. Thought for the Week: "God never works through collectives. He starts and finishes with the individual. He cannot do otherwise without destroying uniqueness, the essential element in individuality, and God cannot do that. Therefore individuality and uniqueness are indestructible. It is also the reason why the humanist, the secular institution, the socialist state, can never triumph. Ours is the victory the Apostle Paul spoke of in the 5th Chapter to the Galatians which he wrote from Rome where he was being murdered by the State, as it murders so many who refuse to bow the knee to Caesar. Such death does not destroy liberty. Therefore the words of Paul are as true today as then: 'Stand fast therein the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage'."
Edward Rock in Christian Alternative Newsletter


The desperate plight of the world has resulted in increasing calls for a "spiritual revival". The famous Russian exile Solzhenitsyn has said that the survival of what remains of Western Civilisation depends upon a return to worshipping God instead of Man. But no realistic spiritual revival can take place which does not start from the view that, in the words of C.H. Douglas, the rules of the Universe transcend human thinking, cannot be changed, and man will only achieve the highest degree of harmony and satisfaction when he discovers what those rules are, and then proceeds to obey them.

No spiritual regeneration can take place unless it is based upon the truth that spirit is creative initiative, and this requires genuine freedom in which to develop. "In Whose service is perfect freedom" means that true freedom requires the acceptance of God the Creator; that there are absolutes which man ignores at his peril. Only planners, who distrust freedom, claim to know what the end of man should be. They have their blueprints, not only for fitting the individual into domestic Utopias, but for making him a member of the World State. If, as Christ said, freedom is the true purpose of Man, then every manifestation of a growing collectivism is evidence of the ascendancy of the anti-Christ in human affairs. Every policy of centralised power robs the individual of his most Divine attribute, creative initiative. Christ taught that the Kingdom of God is within every individual.

The Christian revelation came as a shattering challenge to the famous protagonists of collectivism, the Pharisees. Every individual was of value in the eyes of God, irrespective of background. Even the prostitutes were of value. The logical extension of this teaching was that the group and institutions exist to serve the individual. "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath" Christ told the Pharisees, who reacted by crying, 'Crucify him!" But if the individuals are not going to have their lives regulated by a mass of regulations and decrees, then how are relations between individuals going to be governed? Christ swept away the mass of Pharisaic regulations and replaced them with the simple new law that men should love their neighbours as themselves. The Law of Love is not a piece of sickly sentimentalism, but partakes of Absolute Truth; when applied it works.

The mere statement of the Law of Love does not of itself state how it should be applied to specific situations. Shakespeare reflected the true Christian view when he advised that the individual who was true to himself could not be false to others. Attempting to create multiracial societies inevitably results in disharmony and rejects the Christian Law of Love. Many Asians have expressed their contempt for Australians who have lost proper pride in their own people. The regeneration of a Christian civilisation, the physical base for which has been available since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, now being extended by the Technological Revolution, requires that sufficient Christians emulate the example of Christ, Who challenged the collectivists and abstractionists of his day.

Collectivism, the attempt to create the mass man, irrespective of what form it takes, is of the very Devil and a deadly threat to the inner spirit, the soul, the Kingdom of God within each and every individual. A process of regeneration requires a more widespread understanding that man is experiencing, painfully, the collapse of what was a partial Christian order. That order was the incarnation of those values associated with the Truths enunciated by Christ. Because Christianity stressed that a man's worth was his worth in the eyes of God, it elevated the individual above the group, placing value on every individual. Art, customs and manners ("manners maketh the man") all tended to reflect this view.

"Practical Christianity" does not mean an aggressive and unbridled individualism as advocated by many of what is termed the New Right, but a dignified individuality, a respect for others because of one's own self-respect. Voluntary cooperation is a reflection of the Law of Love. The Christian regeneration of society is not going to start with mass rallies and mass movements, but with spirit conscious individuals starting first with themselves, and then in cooperation with like minded people to create and advance programmes in every field which will resist every policy which threatens the individual. There is no more appropriate time for every individual to make a start, or to increase one's efforts, towards resisting the Devil Incarnate and witnessing for Christ than during the coming Christian period.

We wish all our readers and their families a Holy and Happy Christmas.


It is estimated that between 40 to 50,000 human embryos are killed legally every year that over 3,000 Australians are killed annually with cars, while large numbers are killed annually with knives or bashed to death with some blunt instrument. But all of this killing does not make the headlines, as does the killing of nine people by an unbalanced young man using a gun. Understandably the Melbourne Queen Street tragedy has produced an emotional response with the demand for tighter gun laws - even the confiscation of all guns. But it is not guns, knives and cars, which are killing people; it is people. Most of these, including the Queen Street killer, are disturbed people, the products of a sick society whose value system has been undermined for years. The famous psychologist, Jung, has pointed out that when people are disoriented as a result of being alienated from the natural laws of life by being herded into masses, the individual tends to become unstable and suggestible. Jung speaks of the "beasts or demons who lie dormant in every person", increasingly released as the individual is driven down the scale of existence as he becomes part of a mob. Mobs result in insanity. Unless the basic causes of growing disorder are dealt with, even if all guns were confiscated (this impractical) we fear that the killing of innocent people will continue. A start towards sanity could be made by ending the violence being increasingly shown on television. Parents should make every effort to police what their children are being taught at school, taking particular interest in the type of books they are being asked to read.

More wisdom from Professor Geoffrey Blainey: "We are increasingly becoming a nation of tribes, many of which demand that the Government act on their behalf in matters which are not in Australia's long-term interests. A nation so divided, so short-sighted, has no sure future." (The Weekend Australian, December 12-13th). While it is true that much of the multicultural madness is the result of starry-eyed idealism and is fostered by those who have made a business out of multiculturalism, at the taxpayer's expense, there is a long-term strategy operating, designed to destroy traditional Australia.

While the new look Ronald Reagan was basking in the glow of his agreement with Soviet leader Gorbachev, Soviet troops in Afghanistan were engaged in the largest battle yet fought in Afghanistan. The Soviet strategists continue to back subversive activities around the world. No one should be surprised. "Reformer" Gorbachev has made it clear that he is a dedicated Marxist-Leninist. Gorbachev's much publicised "reforms" are designed to strengthen the base for advancing the Marxist-Leninist vision of the World State.

Generally overlooked in Mr. Paul Keating's last Budget was provision of a $20.5 million interest free loan to the Australian National Railways to overhaul and upgrade the Islington workshops. This demonstrates that interest free loans can be made available. Interest free loans would help keep thousands of desperate farmers on their properties.


This letter published in The Advertiser (Adelaide) Dec. 1, over the name of "Sir Walter Crocker" (Adelaide).
"An Adelaide newspaper this morning (27/11) announced the name and Adelaide address of a former Yugoslav citizen as one of the 70-odd persons notified to the Australian Government by Jewish authorities at the instance of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre as war criminals. "A few months earlier the same newspaper had a piece on another resident of long standing, together with his photograph, with the same vague but menacing allegation from the same source. "Both men were aged, the alleged crimes took place nearly half a century ago, the accused were in humble circumstances, they had lived inoffensively here for decades and relatives and friends were much distressed.
"The Federal Parliament is due to debate the War Crimes Amendment Bill which, contrary to Mr. Bowen's impudent claim to the contrary, creates offences retrospectively. "Having seen how near the Government got to saddling Australia with a set up of so-called human rights, we cannot be surprised at the flouting of common law principles, but citizens can and should resist this current proposal launched as the result of a Jewish pressure group. "I, as a fourth generation Australian, and one who has passed his life in international affairs, appeal to fellow Australians to resist this mischievous Bill. "It opens the door to grave divisiveness in the Australian community, at a time, too, when much lip service is being given to multiculturalism. "And I appeal to the Jewish community, a valued part of our nation, to withdraw its support for the Bill. A measure of this kind risks stirring up anti-Semitism as well as doing injustice to individuals."


From The Age (Melbourne) Nov. 18th we take "A.G. Wade's" thought-provoking letter:
"Your editorial (The Age, Nov. 13) asserts: 'With 16 million people, mostly living in a few densely populated cities on the eastern seaboard, Australia is a peculiarity in the overcrowded Asian region.' It then goes on to argue that we need to considerably increase our intake of immigrants, presumably to ensure we become as overcrowded as our neighbours. "The truth is that Australia is the driest continent on earth. Two thirds of its area is desert and much of the rest is marginal. Most of the usable land is already being fully utilised for agricultural or grazing purposes. "The idea that we have vast, empty acreages available for the surplus millions of the world is arrant nonsense. "If the program proposed in your editorial were to be adopted, the population of this country would double in the next 40 years. Where would these people be housed? Clearly, the majority would follow the pattern of all previous waves of settlement by taking up residence in our five mainland capitals. "Setting aside the problems of water supply, which are already so serious in Perth and Adelaide as to make it unlikely that either city will be able to support a population of more than a million, the prospect of the urban sprawl of Melbourne and Sydney being multiplied by two is quite horrible. "We should be seriously considering the abolition of the immigration program rather than its extension."
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