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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

20 February 1987. Thought for the Week: "The enemies of our culture have been planning and working for many years (long before 1936) for the destruction of our culture and people. They have not been particularly secretive about this (it is merely not widely publicised). It is well documented that they aim to subdue us by gaining control of the education systems and institutions of our countries. They truthfully say that if they can condition the minds of the youth of a nation for just one generation, then that nation will belong to them...If, in the cause of this endeavour, children are led to destroy body and mind with drugs; to kill themselves in motor accidents; to commit suicide - if their bodies are wrecked - if their minds become warped by fantasies and delusions so as to make them incapable of appreciating the human reality, then that is not failure - that is success."
Alan Gourley, in Assault on Childhood (1986)


"Trade figures next week will bring small comfort two years after the dollar collapsed in 1985. Huge foreign debt shows how politicians trivialise and ignore impending crises." - Des Keegan, in The Australian, February 14th.

The point, which Des Keegan makes, is that the politicians of the major political parties are more concerned with their survival in the current power struggle than with the more urgent realities of Australia's "debt bomb", along with high inflation and civic decay. Civic decay; meaning increasing crime, street violence; domestic violence; abuse of children, etc.; is no longer a "sleeper" political issue - it has arrived!

Today's news bring awareness of low morale in the police forces, speeding forced resignations, and early retirements: recruiting appears not to be replacing this unfortunate "wastage". The police forces are dispirited by the State's over lenient sentencing (in Victoria) regime, perpetrators of horrific crimes may soon no longer be sentenced to "life" imprisonment. The "bleeding hearts" and outright political subversives are ever up in arms against punishment for violent crime; yet all but ignore the plight of the victims - if such are alive that is. The Soviet Union, beloved of many of above, keep their official executioners busy!

Australia has an internal debt bomb also. The plastic cards are dragging more and more ordinary Australians into the debt morass: it is increasing significantly with the passing of the years. This, of course, is related to the violence (above), particularly domestic violence. Many rows between husband and wife are over money: violence and divorce often follow. The children suffer the most! Deprived of stable homes and the love of both parents: children need both parents, and the love of them both. Cruelty often follows from stepparents and de facto relationships. Blood is thicker than water.

What will any new political alignment in Australia do about the external and internal debt bombs? Mr. and Mrs. Australia want sensible, workable, policies. Vague rhetoric won't suffice. We are all aware of the attacks bearing down on the family. We all know that Social Security is being abused. We all know Education is in a mess; with Mickey Mouse subjects and Humanism and even some outright subversion being rammed into the little minds of our children. We know all this.

Don't take it out on the teachers; most of them don't like it anymore than you do. Take the axe to where the policies, teaching policies, are being decided. The Fraser Government had its chance to at least right a few wrongs. It didn't do so. It gave us retrospective legislation; the Human Rights Commission, the incipient legislation as the base for Affirmative Action in Commerce and Industry, the World Heritage listings upon which Tasmania was prevented from having its Franklin Dam. These were centralist political initiatives, and an attack on State rights, by so-called non-Socialist government. No wonder Sir Joh talks of "15 years of the Whitlam Government" meaning that the Fraser Government took over from where the Whitlam Government left off.

We assert, with confidence, unfortunately, that unless the debt bomb is defused, and with this, lower interest rates, lower taxation; then all the well meaning talk in the world to lament our decaying society will prove useless. Social evils can and do flow from the evil(s) of debt. When poverty comes in the door, love flies out the window", our great grandparents used to say. It is still true: it always will be.

We agree that the Hawk/Keating Government should go, as it is exacerbating the fragmentation of the Australian society with its onslaught of Fabian Socialist policies; more and more bureaucracy to be funded by more and more taxation, at the expense of farmers, small businessmen, the ordinary Australian family. But that's only a first step. After that there must be concrete policies to root out the rot. We have not yet been fired with enthusiasm for any so-called anti-Socialist groupings - Coalition, New Right, Sir Joh factor, etc. But perhaps a start is being made - perhaps.


We hear quite a deal on radio with respect to the Phillipines, but do not read all that much in the print media of Australia. However, we shall tell you, the supporter, what is going on in the Phillipines; the classic Communist struggle for capture of the Government of that unfortunate country. It does not seem to be disputed that the Marcos regime was a military dictatorship; and like all dictatorships, corrupt to an extent. There is no doubt that Marcos had, and still has for that matter, a strong following in his country. Strong leadership always attracts much support, even if that leadership is not incorruptible.

We strongly suspect that Communist agents and forces within the Phillipines were under instructions to assist Mrs. Corizon Aquino in the elections, which brought her to the presidency of her country. That was step number one - the destruction of Fernando Marcos. There have been attempts to bring Marcos back to the Phillipines, as Mrs. Aquino is not satisfying the top Army brass in her stance against the Communist's. Perhaps she owes them (The Communists!) a favour. Probably, Marcos would have staged a successful comeback had it not been for the opposition of the United States. Marcos was prevented from returning to Manilla from his present base in Hawaii, the 50th American State.

Corizon Aquino has tried to do some type of deal with the Communists, but she has found out now that you have to keep feeding them; they don't go away. There was that 60-day truce, but that's all over now. What' s next? O.K.! More and more pressure on the Central Government in Manilla via military guerilla warfare, with arms pouring in from Vietnam, and with captured American weapons from the days of American support for Marcos. Really, America is letting the Communist claw control of the Phillipines away from Manilla.

Why? Maybe the U.S.A. hasn't recovered from Vietnam, with that (self inflicted really) defeat. Vietnam was a political defeat. Vietnam was lost on the streets of Washington, Chicago, and Sydney, and Melbourne etc. The Vietnam War could have been decisively won, so the top generals claim, any time from as little as six weeks, to six months at the most. The will was gone. Allowing America's sons to shed their blood in a no win war; a war not intended to be won; was a moral crime for which those responsible have yet to pay. It is slowly coming out. Slowly. What about Australia's sons who gave their lives? For what?

The Communists in the Phillipines are there, and growing stronger to "pressure" Manilla. Failing a revolutionary Government, which we can't envisage in the short term, then the pressure will be stepped up until Manilla allows Communist representatives in the Government. Two or three at first (in the key portfolios) then more, until the Government collapses under the weight of revolution. There will be more murders; more "disappearances", more blood in the streets. Then the big clean up, just like South Vietnam; then Communist "peace". But not for Australia!


We now have more information concerning Ernst Zundel's trial appeal in Toronto, Canada. The Globe and Mail of January 24th reported that the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that Ernst Zundel..... must have a new trial on charges of publishing false news about the Holocaust. The court said that the jury at Mr. Zundel's trial were seriously misled about the law, and that Mr. Zundel had a right to introduce slides, models and books to show he honestly believed in the truth of his publications... The guilty verdict in the 1985 trial has been overturned because of three major errors by the trial judge, namely that he failed to allow the defence to delve into the impartiality of prospective jurors; he refused to allow the defence to introduce important evidence; and that in his final appeal to the jury, the presiding Judge had seriously misled it about the law. Zundel says he wants a new trial because he has important evidence to present. He clearly sees that a new trial would provide him with another forum from which to criticise the Holocaust myth. This is the last thing the Zionists would want. Canadians are waiting to see what the Ontario Attorney General will do.

The late Sir Raphael Cilento warned in his last public address, Australia's Racial Heritage ($1.25 posted) that large numbers of Asian immigrants could pose health risks. With the AIDS plague literally sweeping Central Africa, proposals to allow black Africans into Australia must be rejected on health grounds alone. If World Health Organisation estimates are correct, 30 million Africans are already carrying the disease. Zaire is one of the African States worst affected. During the 1970s several thousand educated blacks from Haiti worked in Zaire, bringing the disease back to Haiti. Haitian refugees have helped to bring AIDS into the United States. The U.S. Centre for Disease Control reported last year that in Haiti 36 percent of the AIDS victims are black women. White homosexuals are just about the only segment of the European population in the U.S.A. contracting the disease.


Japan appears to be suffering from "The troubles of prosperity". This phrase was actually stated by Sir Robert Menzies in the earlier years of his Prime Ministership: although one of his speechwriters probably dreamed it up, if the truth is known. Now Japan's steel industry is in deep trouble; the giant steel combines are reducing staff by 20% - 30%. The reason? They can't sell their steel. The reason? The highly valued yen, principally, and hot competition from Taiwan and South Korea. Example? Australia who can't afford a new Japanese (or any) car? Even a small to medium Japanese car sets the purchaser back something like $15,000. Small wonder that new car sales are the lowest for umpteen years. If "General" Keating's policies persist, the new car sales will be even lower.


The Festival of Light has prepared a Resource Paper on the I.D.Card, headed:
STATE CONTROL BY STEALTH - THE AUSTRALIA I.D.CARD from which we shall quote (below). These are available from "The Festival of Light", 8 Twin St., ADELAIDE, S.A., 5000. We recommend this Resource Paper:

"Professor Geoffrey Walker, Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, points out in an article published by the Centre for Independent Studies: 'If, as the Government intends, the identification number is in due course to become one's bank account number, then the number will appear on all personal cheques. This will make it an easy matter to link a name with a number and thereby impersonate the holder. 'American social security cards and work permits are freely on sale just across the Mexican boarder in Tijuana. One can expect that as soon as the first Australia Cards appear, factories will be gearing up to manufacture them, especially in neighbouring countries, where they can be sold to intending illegal immigrants. So far from putting an end to a pattern of lawbreaking, the identity numbering system will open new vistas for crime and official corruption.' "Major U.S. studies have specifically rejected the introduction of national identity card systems because of the extent to which they could benefit, rather than combat, organised crime.

"Tax Evasion Professor Walker also says: 'Overseas experience gives no ground for believing that identity numbers and I.D.Cards will significantly reduce tax evasion, much less than they will cause the bulk of taxpayers to be blessed with 'a reduction in their overall tax burden'. The United States has a vigorous untaxed 'alternative' economy, despite the (non compulsory) social security card. Sweden's comprehensive numbering and identification system has likewise not retarded the alternative economy, which in that country operates to a significant extent through a system of barter. According to recent figures, the Swedish Government loses 20% of current revenue (up to U.S.$5.5 Billion) through tax evasion."

"Information Is Power: "Professor Walker says further: 'One of the fundamental contrasts between free democratic societies and totalitarian systems is that the totalitarian government relies on secrecy for the regime, but high surveillance and disclosure for all other groups, whereas in the civic culture of liberal democracy the position is approximately the reverse. 'Democratic society sets great store by openness as a means of controlling government, and on privacy for the group, the family and the individual as an environment in which the individual can relax, experiment and develop his or her creative potential. The secret ballot, of course, is a protection for privacy in the cultivation of political opinions. 'The reason for this contrast in the place of privacy between democratic and totalitarian states lies in the simple fact that information is power. Breaking into a person's intimate secrets gives the ability to manipulate or dominate that person. Penetrating his 'ultimate secrets' - those hopes, fears and dreams that are beyond sharing with anyone else - leaves him exposed to ridicule and shame and places him completely under the control of those who know his secrets. "The unrestricted ability to place a person under surveillance gives the observer great power to manipulate and control the subject, and even to humiliate, ruin and destroy him, without any lawful sanction and without any intervention of judicial or other impartial proceedings.'

Conclusion: (we have quoted only in part from this Resource Paper) "For a strong, free society, the family unit needs to be strong and free from excessive intervention from the State.

The I.D.Card proposal is a shift in the opposite direction. It is part of a change that has been slowly occurring in Australia for some time; not only away from strong families towards state control, but also away from common law towards civil law. It is ironic that, in those countries whose philosophy rests on Marx (who predicted that in a true communist-country the power of the state would wither away), the state has done no such thing; it has grown stronger and stronger and more oppressive: and many such countries have a nicely worded Bill of Rights!

Another irony is that the government pushing hard (and rightly) for abolition of apartheid in South Africa (of which I.D.Cards and homelands for blacks are strong components) is at the same time legislating for I.D.Cards and for homelands for Aboriginals in Australia! "The I.D.Card, then, should not be seen in isolation, but as part of the delicate balance between state power and human liberty which is the stuff of history.
The precedents for some of our liberties are to be found in Magna Charta (1215), the English Bill of Rights (1639), and the Habeas Corpus Act (1679). But most of them derive from a long chain of decisions made in courts of law, and recognised as being first by the great mass of the common people... It is this common recognition of justice, which gives state power its legitimacy.
In a common law country the people make up their own minds what justice is: in a civil law country, the state tells them.

When our rulers start to formulate our rights in a written form, we are moving towards a condition in which everything that is not commanded is forbidden. I.D.Cards, potentially, are a strong tool by which a government could both command and forbid. They should be firmly rejected!

The Hon. Michael Hodgman, Q.C Federal Member for Denison (Tas.) included the following item in a personal letter to a Melbourne supporter:
'Desmond Tutu departs, and soon we will be visited by Comrade O.R.Tambo, President African National Congress. I refer to him as Comrade O.R. Tambo, because that is precisely the manner in which he was described by Alfred Nzo Secretary General of the A.N.C., in his speech of fraternal greetings to the South African Communist Party's 65th anniversary celebrations late last year.
"Secretary General Nzo proclaimed that the A.N.C. 'shall not at any time be persuaded to forego its alliance with the South African Communist Party'. In his Presidential Message, Comrade Oliver Tambo described the alliance between the ANC and the South African Communist Party as not merely a paper of alliance - but an alliance, which was 'a living organism'.
"If any further proof is required I need only refer to the announcement by Comrade Oliver Tambo, following his last visit to Moscow, that he had asked the Soviet 'Union for arms and other aid'. Isn't it about time that Mr. Hawke permitted Australians to hear the other side of the story from South Africa?"

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