Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

6 March 1987. Thought for the Week: "Australia was not a multiracial country at the end of the 1939-45 war. After the war a plot was hatched to make it a multiracial country without the knowledge of the public and without approval by a properly constituted Referendum on such an important issue as this. Secrecy was to be the keynote of the plot and in addition oft reported mis-statements of fact, namely that Australia had been from the first a multiracial country. To cause further deception, the word multiculturalism was used, instead of multiracialism."
Dr. J.C.A. Dique, in Immigration: The Quiet Invasion


"It is a turning point in Australia's political history - perhaps the most fantastic bid for power in our annals. Sir Joh's victory at the weekend is the harbinger of a year of exacting political division during which our political norms are going to be rendered absurd." - Paul Kelly, in The Australian, March 2nd.

With the recent Morgan poll showing the "Joh factor" steaming ahead full blast, the hitherto deeply entrenched party politicians (and particularly some "leaders" such as John Howard, and Ian Sinclair) -are being shaken as the terrier shakes a rat. Even if the poll showed a strong trend (it shows much more than that), the prediction of Paul Kelly (above) would be validated.

As all supporters know, the League intelligence network is second to none. We are so far in front of the media political journos with respect to grassroots currents and opinions of political intentions that they are not even in sight. All our evidence indicates that the Coalition is finished; the "old" party alliances fragmenting. Yes, there are concerns, which many people, swept away by the euphoria of seeing stale, outdated, worthless political parties disintegrating, don't want to acknowledge. It's early days yet.

O.K. the Coalition is finished, the changes in alliances haven't taken proper form yet: all the opportunists who are rushing to clamber aboard the Johgernaut have to be repelled. All the old political hacks, who are attracted to a magnetic pole of power, like a pin, have to sing the cheerio song. Get rid of them. Then there's such a trivial detail as an election, to come. Early days, early days!

What about the Federal "Labor" Party? Despite the cockiness of Mr. Hawke, it would appear that the cloud of political oblivion ("about the size of a man's hand!") is on the horizon. Senator Walsh, who has a penchant for self-castigation, hints, that the economy will further decline. (we guarantee it, Senator... O.T.) and that it is difficult for any political party to retain government in a declining economy. Is he telling us something? The good Senator has instructed us all to tighten our belts: our expectations of future living standards are no longer feasible. In plain English, that means that our standard of living will continue to fall as our salaries and wages (purchasing power) are eroded by high taxation and inflation.

And what of "The General"? That Socialist Brother, Paul Keating? Well we read that despite the 1986 Budget being "as tight as a drum" (Brother Keating's, words) - he told the Economic Planning Advisory Council only recently that economic growth would be lower, and inflation higher than predicted in his Budget. But we must always have pie-in-the sky: 1987-88 would be more encouraging; just you wait and see. Paul, we are not holding our breath that you will be there, in1987-88. Messrs. John Howard and Ian Sinclair are comporting themselves badly as they commence their death throes. They have now descended to nasty personal attacks on Sir Joh. John Howard, on weekend television, acted and looked like a "vindictive little man" as he strove to project an air of confidence and control on the small screen. He deserves the political wilderness. Ian Sinclair had the gall to face the T.V. cameras and assure viewers that the Coalition was "rock solid", when the very reverse was the case: and he knew it. Ugh! What mugs do they think we are?

We do not believe that Sir Joh is on some sort of ego trip; a mad rush for power, and all the rest of it. What rubbish. We don't believe a word of it. We have warned for years that there is no hope whatsoever for Australia in the hitherto traditional party structures. ALL parties were taking us to the abyss; the Socialists a little more quickly; that's all. It is astonishing that one man has the qualities of leadership (whether he succeeds or not) to break up these politically exhausted groupings, and show us another direction. How nasty and ridiculous the other "little men" of the old Coalition look in comparison. How pompously sterile appear the bitter Socialists, whose ideology is a proven failure, but who are so blinded by their "religion" that they cannot see any reality, and insist on reading complex currents into basically simple issues.

The high priests of Politics and Economics don't like issues to be simple: they are High Priests; they have THE SECRETS that lesser mortals could never even begin to understand. They have a vested interest in complexities. On with obfuscation! We shall rejoin the Johgernaut as it proceeds.


"It is so divided that there now seen to be at least three Liberal Parties". - Katharine West, in The Weekend Australian, Feb.28 March 1st.

People who take an interest in visual art know that a "triptych" is a painting consisting of three panels. Many famous artists of the Renaissance period of history produced fine pieces in this manner. One piece of the triptych is run by John Howard, supported by N.SW "heavies" (not nearly as heavy as they recently were!) Jim Carlton and John Valder. Mr. Andrew Peacock heads another sector, with the Ian MacPhees, Fred Chaneys, etc. Then again there is the New Right brigade. (John Elliott, Andrew Hay, etc.) Where will they all stand in relation to the Johgernaut? Will rats desert the sinking ship? We hear this morning that Senator Janine Haines has voiced the opinion/suggestion that many of the "disillusioned" (we'd say "marooned") Liberal politicians could join with the Australian Democrats to form a new political alliance. Who knows! We expect that outcast politicians would do practically anything to save their political hides. Anyway, we don't give the Aussie Democrats much hope of survival in the Canberra operating theatre.


"It takes three tough sheriff's officers, three police, and a bank-manager to throw an Australian farmer, his wife and four young children out of their farm and family home and into the road". - The Weekend Australian, Feb. 28th - March 1st.

Readers should get hold of a copy of the above newspaper, and turn to page three. Just take a look at it, if you have the stomach, for a disgusting sight! A fine young Australian family, well respected in the district being tossed off their farm by the "heavies". We don't really blame these officers: under the "system" they must do as they are instructed. We hope, for the sake of their consciences, that they took no pleasure in their deeds that day. What's it all about? Rural debt: rural debt: rural debt. This will happen to many more farmers. Fine young Australians. Marvellous!

On another page of the above newspaper we read (Des Keegan's item) that 750,000 (yes, seven hundred & fifty thousand!) Asians & Pacific Islanders are to be settled in Australia by the "Labor" Party EACH YEAR. Incredible? Read it yourself: page 27. We hope he's very wrong. So. What masters is the HawkKeating Government serving? Fine young Australians being thrown off their farm/3/4 million Asians and Islanders to be introduced into Australia each year. The HawkKeating Government is not serving the interests of the Australian people. We are forced, again, to put the question. What are the policies of a new conservative political grouping in Australia, which will reverse the debt, factor that is causing Australians to be thrown off their farms? If this debt factor (lower taxation, reduction of inflation, much lower interest rates, etc.) is not reversed, then the chaos in Australian politics will be even worse than it is now. The Johgernaut will have only one chance. Only one.


In conforming to our policy of assisting all organisations, which are going in the same direction as ourselves, we are pleased to aid in the distribution of the new, excellent issue of the publication, Wake Up Australia, published by the Council for a Free Australia. The Council, as do we, supports Sir Joh in what he is attempting to bring off viz, a return to traditional values in Australia, along with policies, which will reduce the overall burden of debt. It sees difficulties ahead, as, again, do we. This issue of Wake-Up Australia is now circulating in its tens of thousands, particularly in rural areas of Australia, and is having the expected effect. We now have supplies, and the prices are; $70.00 for 1000/ $12.00 for 100/ $8.00 for 50/ $3.50 for 10. Post free. Supporters also have valuable ammunition in the League's "Let the Australian People Speak" brochures.


As far as we know, the Plant Variety Rights legislation is now law. In last week's issue of On Target we observed that Mr. John Kerin, the Federal Minister for Agriculture, was originally opposed to the legislation. What caused him to change his mind? He may not have changed his mind at all. Many Ministers in the Cabinet Room fight against some legislation or other, but once "consensus" has been reached, its "party solidarity" from then on. The Minister, or any other politician in that party; even the most humble backbencher, must give an appearance to the public of "unswerving support" for the policy he privately does not believe in. Dirty game, politics. John Kerin was caused to change his mind (if he really did!) because P.V.R. means (as has happened elsewhere where it obtains) capture of the seed industry by the multinationals, as has happened in Europe. This is in line with Socialist policy of larger and larger industrial combines before eventual socialisation by governments. It is much easier for a government to socialise 10 large industrial combines than ten thousand small ones. John Kerin, the Australian, was against the move in by the multinationals, but John Kerin, the Fabian Socialist, fell into line with Fabian Socialist policy. That's what happened.


From The Herald (Melbourne) March 2nd;
'The Federated Clerks' Union is opposed to the introduction of a national identity card. "We are concerned that the Minister for Health, Dr. Blewett, is again seeking to re-introduce this legislation into Parliament. "This union made a submission in 1986 to the Joint Senate Select Committee on this card and opposed its concept. "Let there be no doubt in the minds of Australians. The I .D. Card is being introduced as a means of checking, monitoring and accessing the lives of Australians. "The Government has declared its objectives for Australia Card as control of taxation, detection of illegal immigrants, detection of incorrect payments of Government benefits, to fight organised crime. Its undeclared intentions or real objectives have not been publicly stated. However, they are contained in the two Government documents (The Australia Card Programme, August, 1985, and the Interdepartmental Report, N.I.S., August 1985). The Card will be used to monitor cash transactions, purchases of gold, silver, or precious stones; transfer of shares, purchase of real estate, transfer of declared luxury items; application for a building permit." signed; H.J. Darroch, Federated Clerks' Union of Australia (Victorian Branch, Melb.)


From The New Times, December, 1954.
"Had Churchill been content to leave Germany and Russia to fight out their differences on the far off steepes; had he not been impelled by unaccountable, pathological urges to plot and intrigue to plunge his country into a war from which she had nothing to gain and everything to lose - as indeed she had already lost almost everything there would today be no European problem to offer any vestige of excuse, however implausible, for the present damnable betrayal. The 'sunlit uplands' to which we have been brought are of his contriving. He is the chief architect of our ruin. "Divested of his pomp and circumstance, what is Winston Churchill but a liberal free trader who merely poses as a conservative leader, a professed upholder of the empire who dissipates it as freely as did his Socialist predecessors; an internationalist who has hoaxed the British nations into accepting him as a great national figure, an incompetent blunderer with a genius for presenting himself in the role of a giant? Bitter words? They are not bitter enough. It is astonishing that our supposedly adult people should suffer, let alone worship, a cynic whose only real stock in trade is a capacity to mumble fine phrases. It is impossible to exaggerate the mischief accomplished by Winston Spencer Churchill. Had he never been born we would not now be politically, economically and militarily a C3 nation with, only the slenderest chance of survival as a proud and sovereign people." A.K.Chesterton, In Candour, October 8th, 1985.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159