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Edmund Burke
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15 January 1988. Thought for the Week: "It was in the nature of reality that eventually the European colonial powers should turn their attention to the vast island continent which became known as Australia. Aborigines can be grateful that Australia was colonised by the British, who not only brought Christianity, but a System of law and government, which had evolved, under Christian influence. English Common law grew out of the concept that every individual counts and is of value in the eyes of God. As a Christian I am thankful that European colonisation did bring with it the liberating influence of Christianity. Christianity has freed those Aborigines who have embraced it from the many superstitions, which oppressed them in the past. Christians of European background tend to forget that their forebears of the distant past also lived under the shadow of superstition until the coming of the Christian missionaries.
Rev. Cedric Jacobs, OBE, in Healing A Divided Nation


When Fabian Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced last year that the Bi-Centennial year would be an appropriate time for the overwhelming majority of Australians, those of European descent, to make some type of "compact" with a very small minority of their fellow Australians, those of Aboriginal descent, in order to make some type of restitution for what happened, or allegedly happened, up to 200 years ago, he gave the signal for an assortment of subversives and radicals, some of them called academics, to seek to exploit the Bi-Centennial year, not to bring all Australians together to produce a better future, but to create bitter divisions throughout the nation as part of a programme of cutting Australia off from the traditional links and values.

Not surprisingly, the lead given by Mr. Hawke has been noted by one of his Ministers, Mr. Gerry Hand of Aboriginal Affairs, who has announced with the approval of the Prime Minister, that he intends to boycott all public functions associated with the Bi-Centennial Celebrations. Mr. Hand makes the absurd claim that Australians of Aboriginal background has nothing to celebrate because the British colonised Australia.

Parents concerned about their children's lack of understanding of their national history, may have noticed that Australia's national teachers' union has instructed its 175,000 members to boycott all school Bi-Centennial programmes that do not address "the Aboriginal perspective." Legal backing is promised to any teacher facing disciplinary action for not participating in a school Bi-Centennial activity. Those responsible for Australia's educational system are responsible for approximately 50 percent, of Australian electors being completely ignorant about their own Federal Constitution.
It is revealing to notice that there have been few, if any, full blood Aborigines at any of the anti- Bi-Centennial celebrations so widely publicised on television. The majority has been white. Genuine Aboriginal leaders like the Rev. Cedric Jacobs rarely get a mention in the media. Aboriginal Alderman Bob Little from Alice Springs should be invited to speak to the whole of Australia on national television.

Bob Little, a successful businessman, told a meeting in Melbourne late last year, that talks of any kind of a treaty between Aboriginals and Australia's white population was a political gimmick to ease the consciences of trendies, in Mont Albert, South Yarra, Parkville and Toorak." Mr. Little charges that his fellow Aborigines were being "manipulated", were little more than "political cannon fodder". It was ridiculous to talk about a treaty with the Aboriginal "people", there being at least eight distinctly different Aboriginal "peoples" in the Alice Springs area alone. Mr. Little agrees with Cedric Jacob's about the necessity to abolish the expensive Aboriginal Affairs Department. Instead of looking back to the injustices which many people suffered in the past, Bob Little and others call for a constructive programme for the future. But constructive programmes are rejected by the subversives.

It is instructive to recall how in April 1982, the newly elected National Aboriginal Conference was addressed by no less a person than Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. A master of Fabianism, Whitlam outlined to his listeners how they should learn to use Australia's international agreements as a means of having their complaints debated at the UN and elsewhere. In more robust times, Gough Whitlam would have been charged with encouraging subversive activities designed to undermine the sovereignty of Australia.

While there are many "useful idiots " involved in current protests concerning "land rights", there are masterminds working to advance a strategy which hopefully created the "incidents" necessary for justifying international intervention in Australia's domestic affairs. Australians concerned about what they think is happening in South Africa, would be well advised to turn their critical attention to what is happening inside their own country.


During the Second World War, those parts of Europe occupied by the Germans produced an underground movement, which was encouraged by Britain and her allies to resort to every form of sabotage against the Germans. The killing of Germans was lauded as a patriotic achievement helping to draw out the hated invader. But when desperate Palestinians, who lost their native home when the Zionist State of Israel was created, resort to violence against the occupying Israelis, they are generally charged with being terrorists. Such is the power of propaganda.

During the 1967 "Six Day" war, deliberately precipitated by Soviet strategists, Israel further expanded its territories, taking over the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Defying every form of international protest, and ignoring the rights of a mass of Palestinian refugees, Israel has pushed forward with a steady programme of colonisation. Current violent protests among the Palestinians were inevitable. Oppressive military action by the Israelis merely helps to stir the whole Muslim world, generally against the Western nations, which are seen as puppets of the international Zionist machine.

The Reagan Administration has gone through the motions of protesting to the Israelis about their harsh methods in dealing with rock throwing young Palestinians, but these protests have been greeted with contempt. Former terrorist leader, Israeli Prime Minister Shamir, even refused to meet Mr. Marrack Goulding, the United Nations under secretary responsible for the Middle East.

No understanding of the far-reaching implications of the deepening Middle East crisis is possible without a picture of the historical background. During the First World War Britain and her allies found themselves in such a desperate military situation by 1916 that unless the U.S.A. could be brought into the war, a peace settlement with Germany was inevitable. Zionist leaders exploited the situation by offering international support to Britain in exchange for a promise to establish a "National Home" for the Jews in Palestine at the conclusion of hostilities. In an attempt to appease the Arabs, who had previously been promised their independence from Turkish rule if they assisted the British, the infamous Balfour Agreement specifically stated that the promised National Home was not to interfere with the natural rights of the Palestinian people.

Some of the strongest critics of the Zionist project were Western Jews, who feared that the best long-term interests of the Jewish people were threatened by Zionism. One of these critics was the first Australian born Governor General, Sir Isaac Isaacs, whose memory has been blackened by vitriolic Zionist smearing. Britain found it increasingly difficult to police its League of Nations Mandate over Palestine, with the Palestinians becoming more militant in their opposition to a growing Zionist invasion. At the beginning of the British mandate, only a very small percentage of the Palestinian population were Jews who, together with the Christian minority, had lived in harmony with the Moslem majority for years.

In an attempt to curb Arab fears, the Chamberlain government adopted the recommendation of the 1939 White Paper that Zionist immigration into Palestine be curbed. There was an immediate international Zionist campaign against the British government. During and after the Second World War, the Soviet Union backed the Zionist policy of moving an increasing number of illegal Jewish migrants into Palestine. Growing terrorist tactics against the British, and pressure from the U.S.A., eventually forced the British to inform the UN that it was giving up the Palestine Mandate. In one of the most immoral acts in modern history, the UN decided that Palestine should be partitioned without the Palestinians being consulted. Dr. H. V. Evatt, Australian Attorney General, and a Fabian presided over the UN General Assembly, which, following the use of international financial pressure to several reluctant nations, just managed to produce the required two-thirds majority.

The Soviet Union strongly supported Zionist policy and later supplied vital military assistance to the Zionists, who not only seized power as the British pulled out, but who used frightful, terror tactics to drive the Palestinians out of the areas allocated to the Zionists. Moscow immediately recognised the newly proclaimed State of Israel, and has continued to exploit the massive refugee problem it has helped to create.

It is too late to reverse history, but it is not too late to provide the dispossessed Palestinians with a national home. Zionists and those misguided Christians who support them, must accept the major responsibility for what is happening in the Middle East. Where is Western Christian concern for their fellow Palestinian Christians?

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159