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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

18 March 1987. Thought for the Week: "What has become quite clear in the post war years is that the world is indeed in the grip of a conspiracy of which the Financial Power, of 'no geographical nationality', is the nerve centre, operating through Fabian Socialism and Marx-Leninist Communism. 'The Money Power does not, and never did wish to improve the money system - its consequences in war, sabotage, and social friction are exactly what is desired. This, I think, exactly defines the task which society must face and solve, or perish. First, to attack and defeat the Money Power then the re-organisation of the money system.'
( C.H. Douglas: Programme for the Third World War)" - Dr. Bryan Monahan in An Introduction to Social Credit


Sir Robert Sparkes of the Queensland National Party, who in the past has demonstrated his subservience to the Political Zionist power machine in Australia, has launched a new and massive assault on the League of Rights. The essence of the Sparkes allegations appeared in a report in The Herald, Melbourne, of Friday, March 11th:
the League was engaged in a new attempt to "infiltrate" the National Party while its "extremist" ideas were now finding favour with some of the Evangelical Christians. Sir Robert says he is calling for comprehensive reports from National Party Members and supporters throughout Queensland.

The Herald report was a condensed version of a front-page story in The Courier Mail, Brisbane, on the morning of March 11th. Queensland State Director, Chas Pinwill, was invited to appear on the Queensland ABC 7.30 Report that evening and given the minimum of time to answer a loaded question about "racism". The anti-League campaign was featured again in The Courier Mail of Saturday, March 12th, while there was front-page story in The Sunday Mail of March 13th. The Sunday Mail story continued the attempt to link the League with the incredible allegations of Mr. Peter Sawyer, whose predictions continue to be disproved by events or lack of them.

In two carefully worded statements, the League has made its position clear concerning Peter Sawyer, and any attempts to link the League with Peter Sawyer are an example of the depths to which the anti-League smearers are prepared to descend. Mr. Chas Pinwill has issued a long and detailed answer to the latest League smear, making public for the first time information concerning Sir Robert Sparkes, and his past attempts to exploit the League, which will have wide repercussions. As we go to press it is not known how much, if any, of the Chas Pinwill statement the Queensland media will carry. But it will not matter much what the media does, because the complete Chas Pinwill statement will be issued as a printed brochure for wide distribution throughout Queensland and the rest of Australia. This brochure will prove to be one of the most successful pieces of recruiting literature ever issued by the League in Queensland.

The League is also taking the initiative by having the League Objectives inserted as a prominent advertisement in The Courier Mail under the auspices of The Conservative Bookshop, 461 Ann Street, Brisbane. This advertisement is expensive, but will yield big dividends. All Queensland readers are requested to consider making a special donation towards the cost of this advertisement, estimated at $1,000. The growing impact of the League's ideas is producing something akin to panic in certain circles, and there are many other aspects of the current emerging anti-league campaign which we will not be publicising at this time. But this campaign has been long prepared and we regret to say that many well meaning people have already become victims of it. The official attitude of the League concerning any of the matters raised in the anti-League campaign will be issued only through League journals or through League officials. We will continue to report on the situation as it unfolds.


Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, the distinguished American Jewish expert on the Middle East, warned in his first major work, What Price Israel, that American Jewry must realise, fast and unequivocally, that the survival of Israel is solely Israelis responsibility. American Jews who want to share in that responsibility will have to do so in Israel; that is, become Israeli Jews. They cannot live with one foot in the United States and one foot in Israel. It cannot be repeated often enough that there is, for an American Zionist, no honourable way other than to have the courage of his conviction and invest himself as well as his capital in Israel.

"American Jews who want to remain just that - Americans of the Jewish faith will then at last be able to normalise their lives. An end will be put to all those 'drives' which disguise a fanatical nationalism, tied to a foreign State, as philanthropy. For American Jews, to live normally will mean to free themselves of the spell of 'unity' - the fallacious contention that Jews are less divided on secular issues than Baptists or Presbyterians, and that their sincerity depends on the maintenance of this fiction. It will mean, above all, that American Jews will live in inner peace with their countrymen."

The underlying philosophy of the fanatical Zionists, of which Former terrorist, Prime Minister Shamir of Israel, is an example, is that the rank and file of the Jews must not be left in peace, but must be constantly kept in a state of tension so that they can be used for a Messianic programme few of them really understand. They are as much victims of the mythology of Zionism as are millions of misguided Christians. The great majority of American Jews have no intention of living in the "promised land" of Israel. Even those Jews permitted to leave the Soviet Union as a result of the Zionist Soviet arrangement (which does not extend to Russian Christians) do not enthuse about Israel and large numbers either refuse to go there, or leave Israel as soon as possible.

The biggest problem facing the international leaders of the Zionist movement is how to sustain, the Israeli population in the face of a much faster growing Arab population. Some of Israel's more farsighted leaders are warning of the impossible situation now developing with the territories occupied following the 1967 war and are urging that there must be a withdrawal from the occupied territories. The massive peace protest by 100,000 Israelis last weekend, flying banners with the slogans "Occupation corrupts" and "Yes to the principle of peace in exchange for territory", reflects the growing realisation by large numbers of Israelis that they have no stable future unless the Palestinian issue is constructively resolved. But Shamir has rejected even the inadequate policy put forward by American Secretary of State Shultz.

Shamir's opponent, Israeli Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, said something of the greatest significance when he charged that Shamir's party was "seized by a demon" and that "They're afraid that peace will come." Unpublicised in all the current controversy is that long-term Zionist strategy envisages the consolidation of the present occupied territories into a Greater Israel, with a programme of Jewish settlements. The more fanatical Zionists are openly saying that all Arabs must eventually be forced out of Greater Israel. Peres is correct when he says that Shamir fears peace.

The continued maintenance of crisis conditions, with the Palestinians also rejecting the Shultz plan because it makes no provision for direct representation in any peace conference, is essential for Zionist strategy. Shamir even talks of going to war, a development which would be welcomed by top Zionist strategists, who demonstrated during the invasion of Lebanon that they believe they can defy an outraged international condemnation. The stage is being set for what could explode the Middle East time bomb in a much bigger explosion than those of the past. It could ignite the whole of the Moslem world into some type of Holy War.

As usual, Soviet strategists seek to take advantage of a situation, which further threatens the Western world. Zionist Israel's main asset in the USA has, until now, been the pro- Zionist influence of the Jimmy Swaggart and his colleagues. It has been said that God works in strange and mysterious ways, and it may prove that the exposure of the moral degeneracy of the Swaggarts will result in an American resistance against a Middle East policy, which has threatened the future of the Western world. One thing is certain: There is no hope of stability of the Middle East until the Palestinian issue is resolved with justice.


While the planned surrender of a big area of Northern Queensland, to the World Heritage Commission, has been receiving some publicity, relatively little mention has been made of what is proposed for big areas in the Northern Territory. The United Nations Educational and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is so blatantly Marxist dominated that the United States withdrew from it. UNESCO approves World Heritage listings and has approved the listing of two big Northern Territory National Parks: the Uluru National Park, containing Ayers Rock and Mount Olga, and stage two of the Kakadu National Park. A report in The Age, Melbourne, of December 10th, 1987, quotes the World Heritage Commission, meeting in Paris, as expressing the hope that "a larger area of central Australia might eventually be considered for listing." Unless the planned surrender programme is halted, eventually vast areas of Australia could be placed under international control.

In a brilliant article in The Weekend Australian, March 12th-l3th, Professor Geoffrey Blainey warns that ghettos are rapidly developing under Australia's 'multicultural' programme. Professor Blainey criticises the Liberal multicultural policy as follows: "The Liberals' multicultural policy drifts even further into a haven of daydreams and doubletalk by pretending that as Australians we each share national goals, values and if all Australians really shared national goals, values and beliefs, and if the Liberals actually knew what those goals and beliefs were, they should have romped home in the last federal election." Our fear is that the Liberals will win the next federal elections by default - Bob Hawke is continuing to lose touch - and continue with the multicultural madness.

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