Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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25 March 1987. Thought for the Week: Making all the allowances for the defects in it, which are only too obvious, the Anglo-Saxon character probably remains the greatest bulwark against tyranny that exists in the world today. That is a thesis on which a large number of books have been written, and it does not seem necessary to expand it further. But if it be granted, it will be agreed that any attempt, whether conscious or unconscious, to establish an effective hegemony over the whole of the world today would be likely to concentrate on such methods as would paralyse the Anglo-Saxon."
C.H. Douglas in Social Credit. (1924)


The major and most important developments in the N.S.W. State election was the massive vote for the Independents and the support by the NSW State Liberal Party for the Swiss system of the Initiative, Referendum and Recall. With our close contact with the Australian " roots" we were saying long before it became so obvious that it could not be denied, that there was a growing disillusionment with the major political parties among the Australian electors. This disillusionment has been strongest among traditional Labor voters, who correctly perceive the Labor party of the Bob Hawkes, openly parading with the representatives of International Finance. The traditional Labor voter is much more conservative on issues like immigration and multiculturalism than the trendy liberals.

As we go to press it appears that there could be up to seven Independents in the new NSW Parliament. The big Independent vote approximately totalled that of the National Party vote, and was responsible for Labor losing two Labor strongholds - in Swansea, on the mid-north coast, and Newcastle. The Mayor of Lake Macquarie, Mr. Ivan Welsh, has won Swansea with a massive swing of 26 percent against Labor, while a swing of nearly 22 percent has resulted in a retired real estate agent, Mr. George Keegan, winning Newcastle. Sitting Independent Members all increased their majorities, mainly, but not entirely at the expense of Labor. There is no real enthusiasm for Liberal Parties anywhere. In spite of the Rev. Fred Niles silly pro-Zionist attacks on the League of Rights, it is a political improvement to have Niles and his group, now totaling three, holding the balance of power in the NSW Legislative Council.

Federal Liberal leader John Howard is, naturally, basking in the glow of the nationwide anti-Labor vote last Saturday. Australian politics have certainly reached a new watershed, but not the one the Liberals have in mind. The watershed is the growing independent, non-aligned vote, which is being attracted to Independents of the calibre of those in NSW, some of them coming out of Municipal Government, and the growth of the concept of the Electors Veto. With the NSW Liberal Party adopting the concept, this will pave the way, ultimately, for successful campaigning to force all Liberal parties to adopt the concept.

The long hard campaigning by League of Rights actionists over the years, on the Electors' Veto and other basic issues, is starting to bear tangible fruit. The next step is, of course, to ensure that the Independents in the new NSW parliament insist that the Greiner government takes action at the earliest possible moment to introduce the Swiss system. We warn that tremendous pressure will be applied to prevent its introduction.


Victorian Premier John Cain said he wanted the Kew by-election treated as a referendum on his gun control legislation. Well, Mr. Cain got his answer. The Australian Democrats campaigning on local issues, such as the widely opposed power line from Brunswick to Richmond, astonished most political observers by gaining nearly 20 percent of the primary votes. Only the week before the elections, Police Minister Crabb was "floating" the idea that the Cain Government might stage an early election on gun controls. But this is now extremely unlikely. Premier Cain has said that "I am disappointed there was no positive vote for us on the gun issue," but went on to say that the Government would do more to explain and promote its policies.

In an attempt to influence the Kew by-election, Police Minister Crabb spent the Victorian taxpayers' money on an advertising campaign to "explain" the proposed gun control legislation. The most significant information in the advertisements was that over 50 percent of murders in Victoria last year were committed with weapons other than guns. Irrespective of how many laws are passed, including, perhaps, "knife control", will not prevent violence while the basic causes of an increasingly violent society are not removed. As was demonstrated in NSW, where the gun control issue was realistically assessed by many electors, including traditional Labor voters, as a threat to the individual's rights, the Key by-election demonstrated that the Labor Party is deluding itself if it believes that gun control is an election winner. Too many people have a feeling that "gun control" is part of a totalitarian programme of "people control".

The Victorian Liberals, led by Mr. Jeff Kennett, can take little comfort from the Kew by-election, where the Liberal vote fell by nearly 6 percent. Mr. Kennett' s erratic attitude on the gun control issue, only eventually stiffening as a result of widespread public opinion, and criticism from community leaders like RSL President Bruce Ruxton, has not helped. It is far from certain that the Victorian Liberals, under Kennett, can win the next Victorian elections. There may be some substance to the rumour that Andrew Peacock may decide to leave Federal politics, where his leadership future now looks extremely bleak, to lead the Victorian Liberals.


As is to be expected, the liberal Melbourne morning paper; The Age strongly supports the Cain Government's gun control legislation. But in its editorial of March 11th, it raises the question of "whether the Legislative Council has, or ought to have, the power to amputate vital provisions of statute law by disallowing regulations required to implement them." The Age sees it as an "abuse of the parliamentary system, and which should be curbed in the interests of responsible government.

Communist Vietnam has been promised a major new loan by France of $US65 million. This is described as a bridging loan to clear Vietnam's outstanding debt with the International Monetary Fund. A report from Hanoi says that Western diplomats believe settlement of the IMF debt is the key to a new flow of Western financial aid and investment for Vietnam's crippled economy. The IMF banned new loans to Vietnam several years ago after it had defaulted on IMF loans. A government official is reported as saying that Vietnam has agreed to rigorous "economic reforms", including the slashing of subsidies, in order to obtain fresh IMF loans following French assistance. Communist nations also have to bow to the dictates of International Finance.

As we have consistently warned, there is no prospect of peace in the Middle East until justice is provided for the dispossessed Palestinians. It should not be forgotten that Israeli Prime Minister Shamir was the leader of the terrorist Stern Gang and that he was associated with the complete destruction of the Arab village, Deir Yassin, where civilians, women and children were slaughtered and their bodies thrown down a well. Shamir is dedicated to holding all occupied Arab territories. Following his Washington visit, it would not surprise us if Shamir went to Moscow in an attempt to blackmail the West.

The League or Rights is familiar with the problems associated with an upset in what is generally known as "The balance of nature". Ecological problems are basically the result of unnatural financial and economic policies. While much of what many self-styled conservationists say is exaggerated, there is also much truth in their warnings. But, the solution? Groups associated with the United Nations insist that the only solution is on a global scale. "Globalisation" is the "in" idea now for solving all man's problems. The inevitable result is increasing bureaucratic controls on an international scale. Only misled idealists, or power craving internationalists, really believe that, for example, an international bureaucracy could look after North Queensland's forests and environment better than the local Queensland State government.

Queensland State Director, Chas Pinwill, took all the points last week in the media battle with Queensland National Chairman Sir Robert Sparkes. The Courier Mail of March 17th carried the report that National Party Senator Boswell admitted that he had asked the League for help in an election campaign. One report only, in The Sun, Brisbane, has Sir Robert Sparkes saying that he had never heard of Chas Pinwill. That is rather strange, coming from a man who claims to know all about the League. Chas Pinwill has been Queensland State Director for 10 years.

The February (1988) issue of our Intelligence Survey carried an article on Mick Young's Zionist connections; originally published in The Australian-Jewish News (Feb. 12th) it was written by Sam Lipski. Young has been an influential linkman between Melbourne's Zionist community and the A.L.P. It was therefore predictable that the gentleman, approached by Mr. Hawke, successfully, to utilise the "talents" of Mick Young (with a fat remuneration, no doubt) was Mr. Richard Pratt, leading Melbourne Zionist businessman. Another gentleman approached by Mr. Hawke, on behalf of Mick Young, was Mr. Frank Lowy, another prominent Zionist. No dice, this time.


President Jim Carter's Foreign Policy Adviser "Ziggy" Brzezinski, has been lecturing in Australia, notably the I.P.A. Foreign Affairs Conference. Supporters would do well to know a little more about Ziggy Brzezinski. Paul Scott, a nationally known syndicated columnist in the U.S.A., wrote on July 7, 1976:
"Most intriguing political connection of former Governor Jimmy Carter is his relationship with international banker David Rockefeller one of the most influential men in the world.... Carter was picked several years ago to serve on the Trilateral Commission, which was organised by Rockefeller to study problems of common interest to the U.S., Western Europe, and Japan. The first director of the Commission was Zbgniew Brzezinski, a longtime associate of the Rockefeller family and now Carter's number one foreign policy adviser…friends of Brzezinski describe him as close to David Rockefeller as is the present Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger to David's brother, Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller."

Brzezinski wrote a book, viz. Between Two Ages in 1970, in which he makes clear his One World, international socialist concept of the world to come. On page 72, we read: "Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief.'
"On page 83: Marxism, disseminated on the popular level in the form of Communism, represented a major advance in man's ability to conceptualise his relationship with the world.'
"And on page 123, Marxism supplied the best available insight into contemporary reality.'
"On page 260, 'Deliberate management of the American future .... with the ... planner as the key social legislator and manipulator.'

This is Communist/Socialist stuff; the people must be led (according to Marxist theory). None of this ridiculous nonsense about politicians being representatives of the people to carry out the WILL of their electors, The Marxists and Fabians are contemptuous of the will of the people (as is the case, here in Australia.) Brothers Hawke, Keating, Hayden, Gareth Evans, Dawkins, etc., etc. are utterly certain, in their own minds, that THEY KNOW what policies are in the best interests of Australians, and Australians are going to have these, whether they want them or not. The Fabian Socialist theory is the reality; the resistance of the people is unreality, to be swept aside.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159