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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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8 April 1987. Thought for the Week: "...there are many groups today, who have come to what they feel is Truth. This they are attempting to present to the world but publicity is blocked at every point. In the nature of things, this is bound to be ... By their suppression you should know their truths; from which all would benefit if they were associated. The light of this associated and greater truth should provide an even greater power proportionately to further the reign of His Kingdom on earth. Ultimately, this lies in the hands of each one of us, who make up the body social. We are His agents. With understanding and a live faith we need to turn it into a church militant. This needs positive action, not merely spotlighting social parasites, or even the disease conditions which give them birth, but by building in accordance with the Word, publicising the benefits due to cooperation one with another in accordance with the Kingdom of God."
Ralph Duck in Thine is the Kingdom


There is no doubt that if an immediate Federal election were held, the Hawke Government would be defeated. But in the absence of some unforeseen event, the Hawke Government does not need to go to the polls for at least another 20 months. And much can happen in that time. The perceptive Professor Geoffrey Blainey commented last weekend that it could not be taken for granted that the Liberals would win the next Federal elections. Early last year all the public opinion polls indicated that the Hawke Governments electoral position was hopeless. And yet within a short period the Labor Government called an early election, which it won reasonably comfortably. One of the key factors in the Hawke victory was the widespread lack of confidence that a Howard government would be much better than Labor. That is still the case today.

A close analysis of voting patterns in the recent series of by-elections, and the NSW elections, indicates that the Electors are voting AGAINST Labor rather than FOR the Liberals and Nationals. It is difficult to point to one basic issue on which there is any substantial difference between Labor and the Opposition parties. Any arguments about financial policies, including taxation, immigration, World Heritage listings, or the "restructuring" of Australian industries, both primary and secondary, to fit them into the New International Economic Order, are about minor aspects, not substance.

The current controversy inside the Opposition concerning taxation, a controversy that helped Hawke win the last Federal elections, highlights the bankruptcy of the Opposition parties. Liberal leader, John Howard, the man who claims that Paul Keating took over his policy of bringing foreign banks into Australia, has a long record of attempting "to broaden the tax base". Labor has, from its point of view, been highly successful in doing just that. The fringe benefits tax, capital gains tax and the assets test, have yielded big dollars to the Federal taxing master with the minimum of political fallout. John Howard and his colleagues have no answer to this, except a few proposed cosmetic changes.

Recent electoral disasters have not forced the Fabian strategists to change direction, but to consider a change in tactics. Already Prime Minister Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating are talking a new language. We observed following the last Federal elections, that the Labor strategists cynically took the hard core Labor electorates for granted, ignored the rural vote, which they knew was strongly anti-Labor, and the hard core Opposition electorates, while concentrating upon the ''swinging'' electorates now made up of a middle class directly and indirectly dependent upon governments for their income.

Writing in The Australian of April 4th Federal Labor Vice-President Stephen Loosley confirms our analysis in an article entitled, "Adopting a long-term view". Loosley states that at last week's top strategy meeting Prime Minister Hawke made it clear that he intends to lead Labor to a fourth term of government at the next Federal elections. Statements by Treasurer Keating indicate that he now supports Hawke for a fourth challenge. Loosley writes, "The romantic notions of the l940s of perpetual working class support for the ALP are gone. The ALP has new elements in its constituency. It must win back the disaffected while retaining those people who have developed a political affinity for the ALP in the post Whitlam period." Listed among the "new elements" supporting the Fabians are the many representatives of Big Business, men like Sir Peter Abeles, who have not only done well under the Hawke Administration, but who look forward to even better things to come if the Fabians can continue in office.

One Federal Labor strategist was quoted as having said before the NSW State Elections that a Labor defeat in NSW might assist the long-term prospects for the Federal Labor government, the argument being that there was sufficient time for a new Liberal government in NSW to demonstrate that its policies were disastrous before the next Federal election. Presumably the man responsible for this Machiavellian comment did not anticipate such a massive anti-Labor backlash! But it is certain that one of the major factors in what happens at the next Federal elections will depend upon how the new government of NSW performs. Much will also depend upon the contribution of the Independents in the NSW State parliament, both in the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council.

The biggest contribution the NSW State government could make towards moving Australia off the disaster course on which it is travelling, would be to introduce the Swiss principle of The Electors' Veto at the earliest opportunity. Such a move would shake the Fabians rigid, forcing them to show clearly that at heart they are totalitarians.


The multimillionaire known as Robert Maxwell, currently in the news because of his stated intent to buy The Age, Melbourne, makes no secret of his desire to build his company, Maxwell Communications Corporation, into one of the world's biggest media empires. Maxwell was born in Czechoslovakia of Jewish parents and was originally named Jan Ludwih Hoch. Maxwell is a declared Socialist and says that if he buys The Age he would "certainly" support the Hawke government. Maxwell has had talks with Treasurer Paul Keating, who has been supporting Maxwell against strong opposition inside the Labor party.

While a lot of crocodile tears are being shed concerning the Maxwell threat to the "independence" of The Age, the absorption of the morning Melbourne Age into the Maxwell Empire would be yet another development of the Australian media in the wrong direction. With the exception of Michael Barnard's weekly column, The Age provides its readers with a steady diet of liberalism of the worst type. The pro-Zionist policy of The Age would certainly continue under Maxwell ownership.

Maxwell's interests include general printing, contract printing of newspapers, publishing and property and investment management. He has interests in Britain, USA, Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, Canada, Africa, South America and Australia where he owns the Australian National University press. His Pergamon Press, MCC is the biggest printer in Europe, the second in the USA, and the fourth largest in the world. Maxwell says, "You cannot be in the global communications business without Australia." He is the classic example of the nexus between the two pillars of Monopoly: Big Business and Big Government.


"Globalisation" continues. A Swiss report states that for the first time since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, a Soviet government is issuing a 100 million Swiss franc, 10-year bond, in order to borrow on a Western market. The report states that this "is a further sign of Moscow's economic liberalism." Banking sources are quoted, as saying that this issue could be the first of a series by the Soviet. The manager of a West German Bank with strong trade ties with the Eastern bloc nations, Bank Fuer Kredit and Ussenhandel Ag. says that the Gorbachev economic and political reforms are likely to help the image of the Soviet borrower. But, he said, he expected institutions would be the main investors, not the man in the street. Exactly. No sensible person would want to interest in Soviet bonds. But financial institutions are well aware of the "globalisation" programme via the New International Economic Order.
Needless to say, as the "globalisation" programme develops, there are moves to internationalise the tax system. Australian taxpayers might ultimately finish up in the tax files of other countries - including, eventually, perhaps in the Soviet itself!

The rot inside the Christian Church continues to spread. The governing body of the United Church of Canada is recommending that the church allow sexually active homosexuals to become ministers. The Uniting Church is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada. In a 125-page report, "Towards A Christian Understanding Of Sexual Orientation", the General Council says "There are a variety of sexual orientations as a gift from God." It is not surprising that Christians are leaving the mainstream Churches in droves. The widespread cult of sodomy was one of the features of the disintegration of the Greek and Roman Civilisations.

Father Gino Piovesana, the Italian Rector of The Jewish Oriental Institute in Rome, a study centre for the Eastern Churches, warns about "Glasnost" and freedom for the Christian Faith; "Towards the end of 1986 Gorbachev warned party bosses in no uncertain terms that they should not baptise their children. That has been his only religious statement. It is premature to hail a new religious policy under Gorbachev." A close study of career reveals him as a dedicated Marxist-Leninist, a man who understands the importance of dialectics.


(March 1988: by Ron Gostick):
Any War-Crime Trials For Reds?
"The Globe & Mail (Feb. 26), reported from Moscow that its just been discovered from official records that when Stalin died there were some 12 million (people) in gulags (concentration camps), and that during the Stalin purges of the '30s, '40s, and '50s as many as 20 million may have perished. It's recently been discovered in Moscow, too, that millions of Ukrainians, probably as many as 7 million, died in the Kremlin-engineered famine of the early '30s. Altogether, it adds up to a Red tyranny of unprecedented brutality and mass murder. "But are any Western political leaders, or the Western media, beating the drums and demanding charges or trials for such hideous war crimes? "The silence is deafening. After all, only Germans should be punished for 'war crimes'. After all, they lost the war!

Attack on Waldheim Hypocritical
For years there has been a relentless international attack upon Austrian President Kurt Waldheim, spearheaded by the World Jewish Congress and the Western news media. His crime: complicity in, or failure to oppose, German policy re ethnic groups during World War II. "The Toronto Sun's foreign affairs writer, Eric Margolis, in his Feb. 25th column says: 'Waldheim, as a 20year-old lieutenant, knew of war crimes being committed against Yugoslav and Greek civilians but did nothing. Just what he ought to have done has not been made clear by the historians who judged him - none of whom seem themselves to have been shot for disobeying orders during the war.
A Canadian of wide international experience, who knows central European affairs intimately, recently expressed himself to me on this question in these words: 'Isn't it preposterous that a young lieutenant of 45 years ago, with no power of command, who during wartime activities may have had some knowledge of certain happenings in the Balkans, is branded a war criminal worldwide, while in front of all our eyes the accusers fire live ammunition at people who have been robbed of their country and are being deprived of their nationhood.' "For those who place the laws of God above the statutes of man, there indeed may be occasions when they feel justified, even duty bound, in disobeying man made 'laws' or commands, "However, it does seem rather ironic that nearly all those who are being labeled 'war criminals' today are under attack because they did not disobey the orders of their superiors over 40 years ago. Yet, at this very minute, Israel and other collaborating states themselves arrest and punish those of their citizens who disobey civil authority, refuse to conceal defence secrets, and so on. In other words, they practise today the very behaviour they denounce as 'criminal' when practised nearly half a century ago by those with whom we were at war. "Either our leaders have gone mad, or they're little more than the puppets controlled by a power operating behind or above governments."

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