Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

29 April 1987. Thought for the Week: "In 1917 the (tax exempt) foundations formed an organisation known as the Council on Foreign Relations, or C.F.R. Its headquarters are in Harold Pratt House, 58 East 6th Street, New York. Allegedly a 'think tank', this organisation has, in fact, complete control of American politics. No American president or secretary of state for the last forty years has not come through the C.F.R.; Democrat or Republican, he is simply a puppet dancing to the strings pulled behind him."
Dr. Michael J. Hurry, in Who Hold the Balance? (1983)


"The Liberals have suggested a constitutional amendment that would require Parliament to submit to referendum any legislative proposal supported by a petition signed by at least 5 percent of the electorate (about 460,000 voters). Such pandering to single issue populism, which has led to some disastrous results in American states, need not and should not be pursued in Australia." - The Age (Melbourne), April 25th

True to form, The Age - often referred to in the political world as "The Spencer Street Soviet" the Age's "home" is in Spencer Street, Melbourne), is attacking the Electors' Veto concept. Most supporters will be aware that The Age must be sold in order to liquidate some mighty Fairfax debts, and we, ourselves, shall not be shedding any tears. The Age has been sniping at The League of Rights, off and on, for some forty years. The Age is on the down run; the League of Rights grows in strength by the year: our support at the grassroots of the wide electorate has never been stronger.

We would like to have precise details of these "disastrous results in American states", brought about by the application of the Electors' Veto. We do know of one crooked state governor who was impeached as a result of it; and we know of significant reduction in taxation in another American state, for the same reason. We are sure that Professor Walker head of the Law Department at the University of Queensland, and the Australian authority on the Swiss System of Electors' Veto, would enthusiastically welcome these details, also. As a matter of fact, in his Synopsis of The People's Law, he lists seven of the "normal" objections to the Swiss System. 'No. 3 runs: "A tyranny of the majority would be established"; and we presume that this is what The Age refers to as "pandering to single issue populism".

Professor Walker writes: "The same arguments against direct legislation are brought out each time another country or state considers its introduction, as if the continuing positive results in other countries proved nothing; it is back to square one every time. In fact, not a single one of these (seven) arguments has ever been proved correct by experience. Everytime direct legislation has been introduced, the people have proved themselves perfectly capable of voting on issues and have become fervent supporters of the system . . . Direct legislation is not a substitute for parliamentary legislation, merely a desirable adjunct to it. Even in Switzerland, which uses the initiative and referendum more than any other country, the great bulk of enacted law emerges from the parliaments rather than the initiative process…"

This attack by The Age Editorial (25/4) comes at the close of the latter, after rather lengthy comment on the coming Federal Referendums later this year:
Fixed Term Parliaments: Yes, says The Age. NO says the League of Rights. Politicians must be kept on their toes ALL the time, and the threat of ejection from office should be ever present.

Four-Year Parliaments with a Minimum Fixed Term of Three Years: Yes, says the Constitutional Commission. NO says the League of Rights. Politicians should not be allowed the luxury of any fixed terms, nor should they be granted a fixed term to get up to mischief.

Simultaneous Elections For Both Houses; Malcolm Fraser tried to palm this one off on to Australians: he was furious when it was rejected at referendum. The Government in the Lower House is able to "blackmail" an opposing Senate by forcing all senators to election if they don't pass that Pet Bill from the Lower House (Representatives). Nothing doing. No way. Australian voters who are regarded with contempt by many politicians and especially by the Fabians - saw through the Simultaneous Elections con-job. They must think we came down in the last shower.

Four Year and Six Year Terms for the Senate.: The lesser term always favoured by the League of Rights, if practicable. Preferably the elections for both Houses should be separate, where possible. It is better for the Senate elections to be free of general election hysteria, and also the importance of the role of the Senate emphasised. Despite the abuse of the External Affairs Power to undermine and erode the protection afforded in the past to Australians, the Fabians still have a way to go. It is a race now; the Fabians have to tear our Australian Constitution to pieces before loyal Australians can regiment support for the Electors' Veto concept that can save us! The Age is reacting predictably.

This morning's copy of The Australian brings the news that the Ahern Government (Queensland) is considering introducing the Electors' Veto. Mr. John Howard and his Shadow Attorney General (Mr. Peter Reith) are favourably disposed. The N.S.W. Greiner Government has indicated it will introduce the Electors' Veto at least for Local Government. The Australian Democrats and (surprisingly!) the Constitutional Commission support the Electors' Veto. Wouldn't you know?! Mr. Jeff Kennett, the Leader of the Victorian Opposition, opposes the Electors' Veto. He says - "Referenda are simply (sic) too costly, and Governments are elected to govern." The League of Rights is not alone in its opinion that the Victorian Liberals can't win government with Jeff Kennett. Dour, wowserish, John Cain (Premier of Victoria) regards liberal Leader Jeff Kennett as his greatest electoral asset. He's right, you know.

(Read - "1988: Bi-Centenary Celebration or Constitution Crisis", by the Rev. Howard Carter of Logos Foundation. Price: $4.00 posted. Read - "Synopsis of the People's Law", by Professor Geoffrey Walker. Price: $1.50 posted. Both books from League bookshops.


Backbenchers in marginal seats are panicky. Some have started attending fundamental church services in an effort to show those growing numbers of ultraconservative voters that they have not gone the way of the devil and condom machines." The Age (Melbourne) April 25th.

Those "growing numbers of ultra conservative" are most probably the growing numbers of supporters of the Australian League of Rights. If the "panicky ones" don't want their snouts riped out of the 'goodie box' they have to do more than attend a few fundamentalist church meetings. Their hypocrisy won't deceive League of Rights supporters They'll have to endorse, then keep, promises to support pro Australian policies, such as the Swiss Electors' Veto; the rout of Canberra interference in States rights (World Heritage Listings!) the scattering of those Canberra Fabians, etc., etc. It's no use working for a Queensland State Bank until the Fabians are denied the use of the External Affairs Power to over ride such legislation and it would be used, alright. The arrogant little Senator Richardson must be taught a lesson he'll never forget. Roosters today: feather dusters tomorrow!

Sir Joh is not to be dumped. Of course not. They aren't game. His support is too strong. The Groom and Barambah by-election results taught Messrs. Sparkes and Ahern that Sir Joh is not to be touched. Can the present leadership save the Nationals? It doesn't look like it. Our present tip is for a coalition government of Liberals and Nationals at the next Queensland State elections.


Mr. Hawke' s new found concern for middle income earners follows the devastating erosion of Labor's vote in the N.S.W. poll and recent Federal by-elections." - The Sun Herald (Sydney), April 24th.

Most supporters do not have to be advised that the average family is a little worse off, year by year. The Australian Taxpayers' Association has figures to show that, over the past 4 years, the cost of living has risen 35%, Government expenditure by 38%, and taxation by 65%. Right; we are being squeezed. Brother Keating states that Australians cannot maintain a living standard on someone else's debt. They do it at the expense of the Australian taxpayers. It's the hoary old guff, over and over and over again. Tighten that belt: work harder: increase our exports, made extra competitive on world markets by increased productivity. Be good boys and girls for Brother Keating. He knows best.

But most, if not all Western nations are trying to do all of this! The Japanese appear to be the most successful at it, but they have been running into trouble because of the "strength" of their Yen: other nations can't afford to buy Japanese production. ALL nations can't have a "favourable balance of trade", simultaneously; it's impossible. Some must crawl onto the top of the heap, at the expense of those on the bottom. We think that the HawkKeating Junta is desperate to pull the economic rabbit out of the electoral hat. Good times are coming, folks! They are just around the corner. But we have been around the corner so many times that we now must be going around in circles.

Future historians and economists with a knowledge and understanding of true history and true economics - will shake their heads in disbelief as they study the antics, and the accepted falsehoods of the historians and the economists and politicians of the Twentieth Century.


This letter from Dr. P.R.N. Sutton was published in The Age (Melbourne), April 18th. Dr. Sutton, a dental scientist has published many works, which question the efficacy of fluoride in the prevention of dental decay:
"Dr. J.A. Streeton (31/3) is to be commended for drawing attention to the fact that many people in Melbourne are demonstrably ill as a result of breathing our polluted air - and probably far more are less obviously affected. He says that no measurements are made of the levels of particles and of volatile organic compounds in the morning and early afternoon when their levels 'must be very significant.' "However, there is another serious omission by the Environment Protection Authority: it has stated recently that it does not routinely measure the fluoride content of Melbourne's air.

"A Canadian Government report in 1979 stated that 'the concentration of fluorides in the environment had increased threefold in recent years, and the fluorides are now the third most important atmospheric pollutant. They were considered to be the major factor in an air pollution disaster in Belgium, which caused the death of many people. "Fluorides in the atmosphere not only make people and animals ill but they damage vegetation as well. For instance they have affected the Hunter Valley wine industry by reducing the sugar production of grapes. "A study by the C.S.IR.O. in 1979 showed that when the wind is easterly and stable it forms a giant vortex over Port Phillip Bay, so that people living around the Bay are affected by the pollution originating in Melbourne and even in the La Trobe Valley. The E.P.A. continues to issue soothing bulletins, which state that there is 'clean air' in Melbourne and suburbs. These reports are deceptive for how can it make an accurate assessment of air pollution if it refuses to monitor the third most important (and commercially sensitive) air pollutant - fluoride? "Such statements lull the reader into accepting the present unsatisfactory situation, and disguise the fact that our Government is doing very little to combat the insidious menace of air pollution and to protect us every time, we, of necessity, continue to breathe the sometimes highly polluted air of Melbourne."

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