Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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6 May 1987. Thought for the Week: "A policy was adopted that anybody declaring himself 'an Aboriginal', no matter how flimsy the claim or how minute the degree of Aborigine blood, was the legal equivalent of a full-blood and this delivered the true Aborigines into the hands of those who were never tribally recognised: those of Afghan, Indian, white and mixed bloods. Often these were people who vigorously denied any aboriginality prior to the appearance of the Federal gravy train, but who became professional and vociferous 'Aboriginals' once the money was there."
Hon. Charles Porter, in the Foreword to Land Rights Birth Rights, (1985) - by Peter B. English


Not even a blindly loyal National Party supporter would describe Queensland Senator Ron Boswell as one of the party's deepest thinkers. Some describe the good Senator as a little "thick". He has said himself that he was perhaps a little "naive" in that not so many years back he was sympathetic towards the League. But that was before he had discovered the League's "hidden agenda", which he dealt with in a major smear attack against the League in the Senate on Wednesday of last week.

In what one press report described as an "extraordinary" affair, Senator Boswell was joined by Senator Lewis, Victoria, and Senator Baume. N.S.W. Senator Stone gave the impression of being a reluctant contributor to what was a new orchestrated attack on the League. In Channel 9's TV interview Senator Boswell clearly indicated that he was not even familiar with the material he was reading, a point made by Mr. Eric Butler, who was interviewed at the same time. Senator Boswell said he was not prepared to debate Mr. Butler.

The material presented was a re-hash of the same tired old claims emanating from the Zionist-Communist propaganda machine. Re-echoing the smear, Senator Boswell apparently forgot, that the man he now serves, Sir Robert Sparkes, had distanced the National Party from this smear 17 years ago. On August 28th, 1971, the then Mr. R. L. Sparkes, moved a resolution at the State May 6th, Management Committee of the Queensland Country Party dissociating the party from the pro-Nazi allegation against the League. This is documented, along with other history, which Senator Boswell chooses to ignore in The Truth About The Australian League of Rights, by Eric D. Butler. (Price $7 posted from all League bookshops).

The fact that Sir Robert Sparkes can repeat the pro-Nazi smear when, after a thorough investigation back in 1971, he had said there was no truth in it, is a striking demonstration of the corrupting influence of party politics. In his recent attacks on the League, Sir Robert warned that the League was "infiltrating" the National Party, but Senator Boswell said last week, in answer to a question that he did not know of one National Party member who was a League supporter. We suggest that Sir Robert and Senator Boswell get their act together a little better and at least agree to what nonsense they propose to publicise.

There is not the slightest doubt that the latest outburst of anti-League hysteria stems from the role the League of Rights has played in stimulating a grassroots movement of support for the concept of a constitutional change which will enable the electors to have a direct veto over unpopular legislation. We have predicted ever since the anti-ID Card campaign, that Australia was on the eve of a growing protest movement against the modern party system. There is new evidence every day that the concept of electors directly participating in the parliament system, is starting to sweep the nation.

Senator Boswell does reveal that he and his masters are concerned about the League's growing influence across the nation. Yes, Senator, the literature is pouring out, League audio and videotapes are being heard and seen by thousands, and League speakers sweep across the nation. The good Senator says he is warning Australians that they must now start to take the League seriously. He and his backers may become even more concerned when they discover that a growing number of responsible Australians are taking the League seriously and rejecting the totalitarian programmes being advanced by all political parties.


"Victorian National Party members have called for restrictions on non-European immigration". - The Sun (Melbourne) May 2nd.

The Victorian National Party State Conference was held in the fine, mid-Victorian City of Bendigo last Saturday (April 30th). This resolution of immigration is a firm indication that hostility to the Asianisation of Australia is building up: the backlash is on the way. The Bendigo State National Party Conference supported the resolution -"expressing grave concern at the current ill-defined and unbalanced immigration policies", which caused increase in racial tension in the community". Better still, this resolution urged the Nationals to adopt immigration policies that encouraged more migrants from "traditional sources" and which reflected Australia's 'European heritage'.

Mr. Al. Grassby, former Minister for Immigration; former Commissioner for Community Relations, would be outraged if he were not so busy with legal proceedings against him which accuse him of perverting the course of justice. Perhaps Mr. Mick Young, former "labor" spokesman on Immigration is too busy collecting his $3,000 weekly from Qantas to be over concerned now about National Party resolutions.

We agree with the Leader of the Victorian National Party, Mr. Peter Ross-Edwards, who stated that recent Labor reversals in N.S.W. and at various by-elections did not guarantee a defeat for the Victorian Cain Labor Government at the next Victorian State elections. It most certainly does not. Mr. John Cain's great electoral asset: almost his "secret weapon" is the lamentably ineffective Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party, Mr. Jeff Kennett. Indeed, we are not alone in doubting if the Victorian Liberals can with Kennett, who is opposed to the Electors' Veto.
A smart move; the Victorian Nationals have recruited Mr. Ted Drane, State President of the Sporting Shooters' Association, as a candidate for a seat in the Victorian Upper House; where we are sure he'll be an asset. Also, Mr. John Foster, President of the Field and Game Association, has been recruited to stand in a seat for the Lower House. Thus, the Victorian Nationals will keep the "gun debate" on the boil.

The Cain Fabians/Communists came a real gutzer on the gun issue. The Victorian Nationals cannot win government, and the trendy Victorian Liberals don't particularly care for the rather rugged Victorian Nationals on local Victorian issues. Let us be grateful for what we have. All (particularly) Victorian actionists should congratulate Mr. Peter Ross-Edwards, and his colleagues on their stand on Immigration, and on the selection of Ted Drane and John Foster as National Party candidates.


The HawkKeating Junta will try to introduce its new tax file numbering system as soon as possible. The rather outspoken Trevor Boucher is all for it of course: it will link Social Security, Health, the Federal Police, and the National Crime Authority. The same type of "1984" stuff is still "on" Proof of purchase, no new bank account, no social security. Trevor Boucher, the "complete" bureaucrat (bully for Big Brother! to hell with the "numbered ones") says that the tax file numbering system will be as effective and all embracing as the Government wants to go. We would say, as "far as the Fabian Socialists dare go."


The Destruction of Dresden: "In one of the most devastating raids on Germany, almost 2,000 Allied bombers dropped 3,000 tons of bombs, including 650,000 incendiaries, on the centre of Dresden. The result was a fire storm that virtually erased the city and killed 135,000 people ... David Irving shows clearly that the damage done and the deaths inflicted were out of all proportion to the military value of the target." Price: $17 posted.

Hess: The Missing Years: ".... In previously ignored American and British archives David Irving found secret records kept by British medical officers during Rudolf Hess's internment. He has also been able to obtain files from the Swiss Government containing letters written by Hess during his imprisonment and suppressed by the British, including letters to King George VI. From these, and other private sources, Irving has solved a riddle which has perplexed historians for more than half a century - the last great riddle of the Third Reich". Price: $45.00 posted. Both books from League bookshops.


This is the title given the letter from John Bennett, President, Australian Civil Liberties Union, published in News Weekly (Melb.), April 27th;
"The increasing concentration of control of the electronic and print media in Australia, reflected in the purchase by Christopher Skase of two additional television stations, is a threat to freedom of speech, freedom to disseminate ideas, and freedom to obtain information. "Mr. Skase, who now has an Australia wide network, together with Alan Bond and Frank Lowry, effectively controls television in our capital cities, seems to be confident that the Government will do nothing to prevent control of the media falling into fewer and fewer hands.
"The level of concentration of control of the print media is without precedence in the Western world, and is seldom criticised by journalists worried about their long term job prospects, or by politicians worried about the Power of the media to influence election results.
"'Freedom of the electronic and print media in Australia is often only the freedom of wealthy media owners and small cliques of editors to mould public opinion, exclude views they dislike and refuse to give people under attack the right of reply.

Public Interest
"Unless laws are introduced by the government to impose and enforce limits to media ownership, the public interest requiring a greater diversity of media ownership, will not be protected. "There are many threats to freedom of speech in Australia, such as self- censorship on the part of journalists, politicians, and public figures, a fear of peer group pressure, restrictive libel laws, the law of contempt of court, and a well-founded belief that phone tapping is widespread; but the greatest threat to freedom of speech and freedom to obtain information is concentration of media ownership and control."

The World Conservation Bank

A George Hunt, of Boulder, Colorado, was one of the official hosts at the Fourth World Wilderness Congress, Denver/Estes Park, Colorado, September 11-18, 1987. A press release from him stated (in part):
"As an official host to the Fourth World Wilderness Congress.... I was in a unique position to discover the presence and nature of dangerous 'resolutions and action items'. We will be powerless to halt our outflow of wealth if these resolutions pass at the World Bank/IMP meeting at the end of this month. Complex financial enablements for loan and currency manipulations are included within this innocent-sounding REPORT OF THE WORLD COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT. Again, the I.M.F./World Bank will vote on these resolutions at the end of this month.

"A bank of immense proportions will be created. It is called "The World Conservation Bank (W.C.B.) The WCB will have trillions of dollars in capitalisation, will have the power to create money, create loans and engage in a relatively unknown financial concept called 'countertrade'. The bank will be capitalised by a Trust called the 'Global Inventory of Wilderness Assets'. This asset comprises 30% of the earth's surface and will be probably evaluated at many trillions of dollars, against which loans and currencies will be created, issued and swapped by the WCB. "Another entry is the creation of a 300,000 person 'Conservation Corps: This, and very much more is contained in Enterprise (October, 1987). This issue of Enterprise is headed... "World Heritage and the International Banks".


Victorian State Parliament (questions Without Notice, Legislative Assembly, March 22nd; "Mr. Hann (Rodney)
"Is the Minister Assisting the Minister for Education aware that an administrative officer with the 'Social Biology Resources Centre', which is associated with the University of Melbourne, Mr. Garry Jaynes, is an active member of the 'Gazette Collective', which has been openly promoting pedophilia? Is the Minister also aware that the administrative officer, Mr. Jaynes, has been the coordinating officer responsible for a 'child abuse course run by the Social Biology Resources Centre'?

Mr. Cathie: Minister Assisting the Minister for Education) "I am not aware of the circumstances ... I shall institute inquiries into those matters.

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