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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

13 May 1987. Thought for the Week: "If Departments can legislate beyond the reach of Parliament, and if, as they do constantly, they elude the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts, substituting for it the jurisdiction of their own departmental tribunals, is it not clear that the 'rule of law' and 'the sovereignty of Parliament' have both become polite, and increasingly meaningless fictions?"
Professor G.W. Keeton, Professor English Law, later Judge, in The Passing of Parliament. (1952)


Zionist leaders like Mr. Isi Leibler helping to foster the very "anti-Semitism" they claim to fear, with their enthusiastic support of an Israeli Court's decision that Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk was guilty of mass killings at a German concentration camp in Poland during the Second World War. One of the major features of the Demjanjuk case was the provision by the Soviet Union, of a document purporting to prove that Demjanjuk was a person known as "Ivan The Terrible" who had acted as a guard at the Treblinka concentration camp. The document was provided through the notorious international financier, Armand Hammer, who knew Lenin personally and who has consistently supported the Soviet Union ever since the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917.

The distinguished British historian, Nicolai Tolstoy, has outlined his disturbing experiences as he attempted to give evidence in the Demjanjuk trial (see April issue The New Times, $2.00 posted). Tolstoy is scathing in his description of the conduct of what was in fact a show trial. In view of the threatened "Nazi war criminal" trials in Australia, with the prospect of "evidence" being provided from the Soviet Union and other Communist countries, it is disturbing to note, as pointed out by Tolstoy, was that the key document in the Demjanjuk case was provided by the Procurator General of the Soviet Union, R.A.Rudenko, the same man who had been a leading prosecutor during Stalin's famous show trials.

It is now conceded even in the Soviet Union that much of the "evidences and the "confessions", were completely fraudulent. Tolstoy pointed out while in Australia recently that virtually all the experts were agreed that the documents provided by the Soviet were fakes. One of these was the British documents expert, Dr. Julius Grant, who helped to uncover the hoax about the Hitler Diaries. As for those witnesses who claimed to have been in Treblinka, the majority was unable to identify Demjanjuk as "lvan the Terrible", while those who did claim to identify him gave contradictory evidence. It is a well-known fact that two witnesses, giving evidence concerning a reasonably recent disaster, will most likely give different versions. The suggestion that anyone can provide reliable evidence concerning recognition after a lapse of over 40 years is absurd and would be treated with the greatest caution in any Court throughout the English speaking world. A man would not be hanged on such hazy recollections.

Such matters do not bother the Zionist terrorists, who arrogantly claim the right to try people for alleged crimes committed before the Israeli State was established by the murderous activities of terrorists like the present Prime Minister, Shamir. Crimes against the dispossessed Palestinians continue even while the simple, Christian John Demjanjuk is condemned to death. The Demjanjuk case, coming at a time when there is a stepping up of calls for "Nazi war crime" trials throughout the whole English-speaking world, has sent shock waves throughout ethnic groups everywhere.

Visiting "Nazi hunter", Mr. Neal Sher, the Jewish Director of the US Office of Special Investigations in the US Justice Department, told a Melbourne audience on April 13th that he was pleased with what was being done in Australia to bring "war criminals" to "justice". Mr. Sher revealed the true Pharisaical spirit with his boast that he found his task "extraordinarily satisfying and rewarding". Christians find that type of comment revolting. The Zionist hate mongers are overplaying their hand everywhere, and there is going to be an inevitable backlash. The tragedy is that many rank and file Jews, treated as expendable by the Zionist terrorists, are going to feel a backlash for which they have not been directly responsible.


The following Senators supported Queensland National Party Senator Ron Boswell in his carefully prepared attack on the League of Rights on April 27th: John Stone Queensland, Peter Baume NSW, Senator Lewis Victoria, and Senator Tambling Northern Territory. The two most vicious attacks were made by Senators Baume, a strong Zionist supporter, and Senator Lewis. All speakers stressed that the public image of the League camouflaged its "hidden agenda". As the League has now been operating in Australia for over 40 years, commonsense would suggest that it is high time that the League disclosed its "hidden agenda". What is the sense of such a "neo-Nazi" agenda unless some steps are taken to implement it? But the good Senators were not interested in common sense, but in the dirty art of attempted smearing. Again we recommend the book which no League critic, including Mr. Phillip Adams, has ever dared to try to answer - The Truth About The Australian League of Rights $7 posted from all League bookshops.

The Soviet proposal for a fishing agreement must be seen as but a part of the Soviet's long-term strategy to increase its influence in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Soviet diplomatic, trade and other offensives invariably coincide with the US Presidential elections, when the Americans are temporarily distracted from global affairs. Whoever is elected in November, and the odds heavily favour Trilateralist George Bush, the new Presidency will not be operating until early next year. In 1948 when Harry Truman and Tom Dewey were battling it out for the Presidency, the Soviet took over Czechoslovakia. During the 1956 battle between Ike Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson, the Soviets brutally crushed the Hungarian uprising. In 1980 during the Kennedy-Nixon contest the Soviets shot down Gary Powers' U2 plane and cancelled the Paris Summit. While Nixon fought off the Humphrey challenge in 1982, the Soviets marched into Czechoslavakia. In 1975-76 the Presidential contest was between Ford and Jimmy Carter. The Soviet took the opportunity to use its client Cuban troops in a dramatic invasion of Angola. The 1979 invasion of Afghanistan took place late in December 1979, coinciding with the Reagan election. This is no time for any fishing agreements with the Soviet, whose strategists have already decided on how they are going to attempt to exploit the new American Presidency.

The Rockhampton (Qld.) Morning Bulletin (April 6th) reports that Ripley's ("Believe It or Not") Book of Chance (1982) reveals that 60% of murders in the U.S.A. in 1978 were committed with guns, and knives accounted for a further 23%. That takes 83%: we presume that blunt instrument, poisonings, etc. accounted for the remaining percentage. But wait for this! In Britain, where carrying a gun has been banned, the number of criminals now using firearms is five times what it was 10 years ago.

The Australian (May 9) carried the report that a blazing row is raging between London and Jerusalem because Mossad has planted an "agent provocateur" in Britain to stir up faction fighting among the various Arab groups living there. Arms and explosives have been unearthed, also. Mossad is no respecter of any national sovereignties; meaning that Israel couldn't give a dime for any other nation's sovereignty. The usual Israeli philosophy of the "one way street". Yes, C.H. Douglas made that remark; and he also observed at the time of the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 that such would be proven by history to be a Jewish blunder. It would focus world attention on Zionist objectives!


While the introduction of the Electors' Veto would be a major step in the right direction, the League of Rights believes that at least two major features of the Swiss Constitutional system should be introduced; The Initiative Referendum and the Electors' Veto. The introduction of the Veto of itself would not enable electors to challenge some of the more iniquitous legislation already being imposed. The League is monitoring the developing situation and trusts that the many different emerging groups can evolve a common strategy. The League strongly supports the concept of a massive national preliminary to increased electoral action before elections. We will continue to report on the developing situation.
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