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20 May 1988. Thought for the Week: "The evil that men do lives after them"
Shakespeare in Julius Caesar


By Eric Butler
Kim Philby, the British double agent, who died last week in Moscow, should be regarded, not only as one of the most incredible espionage agents in modern history, but as a symptom of a disease, which in varying forms, has been sapping the vitality of Western societies for most of this century. While the type of espionage activities engaged in by the espionage agent of both the West and the East are still an important aspect of the struggle for the world, the conspiracy against the West has developed to the stage where policies which once have been generally denounced as treacherous, are not only accepted, but are lauded as progressive and, of course, "inevitable." Sir John Barrington (1561 - 1621) aptly described the current situation with his famous lines: "Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? "For, if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Treason is now presented as being the norm.

Consider the plight of the United Kingdom, which has progressively surrendered its sovereignty, and the freedom of the British people, not in the face of a threat by a superior military force, but by the seduction of a skillfully promoted ideal - internationalism. The distinguished Jewish writer and philosopher, Dr. Oscar Levy, said, "The ideal is the enemy of the real."
Well-known poet T.S. Elliot urged that his fellows free themselves "from their bondage of liberalism." Modern liberalism has played a major role in making the advance of all forms of totalitarianism, particularly Communism, possible. Linked philosophically with the absurdities of rationalism and a worship of the modern god, known as Science, it has acted like a solvent weakening the traditional Christian values which stress the necessity for the individual to strive to be loyal to God, family, and to one's nation and its institutions.

Liberalism rejects the concept of Absolutes, while the very doctrine of toleration it preaches so often turns out in practice to be the worst form of intolerance. Tolerance of homosexuality, for example, has led to a militant minority taking on the attributes of a cult, with opponents likely to find themselves described as "bigoted reactionaries." Similar epithets are hurled against those who describe Communism and other forms of forced collectivism as intrinsically evil.

Like so many of his fellows who became Communists, Philby grew up in a world whose traditional values, already weakened by Liberalism, had been badly shattered by the horrors of the First World War. This was followed by perhaps an even worse disaster in the Great Depression of the 'thirties. Except for those who had been introduced to C.H. Douglas, and who understood that the world wide disaster was the result of a deliberate financial policy, large numbers of people became devotees of the religion of Communism, the Soviet Union being presented as a type of Mecca at a time when it appeared that not only the West's value system, but its basic institutions had failed.

The biggest army of traitors in history was recruited, primarily in Universities. Members of that army were in key government positions throughout the West when the Second World War started. They saw the war as a means of expanding Soviet influence. Communism is part of an international conspiracy, but there are different aspects of that conspiracy, as witnessed by the Fabian Socialist contribution to the Communist advance. It was not the threat of the Red Army which brought about the break up of the most beneficial Empire the world has known - that of the British, but the internal subversion of Great Britain by the Fabian Socialists and their many liberal allies, who were successful in creating such a deep guilt complex in basically decent people that they felt, for example, they were making some atonement for past evils by prematurely withdrawing from Africa.

The signal for retreat was given by the late Harold Macmillan in his infamous 1960 "Winds of Chance" speech in South Africa. Macmillan, openly associated with Fabian activities before the Second World War, was, as documented by British historian Count Tolstoy responsible for sending tens of thousands of refugees from the Soviet back to their deaths at the end of the Second World War. It was Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who told the House of Commons that Kim Philby was not a Soviet agent. It was the same Macmillan who, as chairman of the Macmillan publishing company, said that David Irving's book on Winston Churchill would be published only over his dead body. In essence, Western politicians like Harold Macmillan have been as guilty of treachery as Kim Philby.

Communist leaders everywhere hailed the British "retreat from colonialism" as a major victory for International Communist strategy. It was as a result of the defection of a Soviet cipher clerk in the Canadian Soviet Embassy at the end of the Second World War, and the subsequent Canadian Royal Commission on Soviet Espionage, that the West was first shocked into a realisation that Soviet promoted treachery had penetrated to the very heart of Western Governments. But as example after example of treachery was revealed it was the liberals everywhere who tried to deny the treachery.

As Whittaker Chambers, the man who exposed top ranking Soviet agent Alger Hiss, wrote in his classic, Witness: "Every move against the Communists was felt by the liberals as a move against themselves. If only for the health of their public health record, the liberals, to protect their power, must seek as long as possible to conceal from themselves and everybody else the fact that the Government has been Communist penetrated."

The Canadian report, which disappeared soon after being published, contains a brilliant evaluation of "The Development of Ideological Motivation", which is compulsory reading for all students of the type of subversive techniques, which produced traitors like Kim Philby. The majority of the Canadian traitors had been well educated, one of the most important, Dr. Raymond Boyer, being one of the wealthiest men in Canada.

One of the most significant comments in the Canadian Report said that ".... a sense of internationalism seems in many cases to play a definite role in one stage of the (motivation) courses ... the Canadian sympathiser is first encouraged to develop a sense of loyalty, not directly to a foreign state, but to what he conceives to be an international ideal." Professor Boyer said he had, in spite of his oath of loyalty, made vital information available to fellow traitor, MP Rose, believing this would further "international scientific collaboration."

Eroding national pride, breaking down traditional loyalties, fragmenting homogeneous societies by multiculturalism, and subordinating domestic policies to international agreements and conventions, are all part of a total programme of treachery and should be described as such. The treachery of the Philbys should not be overlooked, it should not be allowed to divert attention away from the greater treachery of those who have financed the Communist Empire and who through the New International Economic Order and other strategies are seeking to create a World State which, of its nature, would be an international tyranny resembling Orwell's 1984.

(Recommended reading: The Real Communist Menace, a commentary on the Canadian Royal Commission Report on Espionage. By Eric D. Butler $2 posted. Secret Communist Agents Who Have Changed the Course of History, by Patrick Walsh. $2 posted. The Unholy Alliance, by Patrick Walsh, in which this famous former under-cover agent with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police documents the nexus between Political Zionism and Communism. $5 posted. Order from all League bookshops).


In view of the national and international situation, the coming visit to Australia by Mr. Patrick Walsh, one of the Free World's most outstanding authorities on all aspects of subversion, is most opportune. Patrick Walsh's lifetime of experience has taken him to all parts of the world. During an early visit to Australia, he astonished even many anti-Communists by predicting that eventually Australia would be confronted by a Marxist promoted Aboriginal land claims movement. He was almost a lone voice when in 1968 he tried to warn Canadians about the long pro-Marxist record of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Events proved him right. Patrick Walsh is currently Research Director for The Canadian League of Rights. He will be the guest of honour at the Annual New Times Dinner, to be held in Melbourne, on Friday, September 30th. It is anticipated that Patrick Walsh will be in Australia for approximately four weeks, starting in September. In order that a comprehensive tour can be planned, all supporters interested in having a meeting in their centre, should contact National Director, Eric D. Butler, at Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, immediately.


Mr. Paul Kelly, writing in The Weekend Australian, May l4th-l5th, claims, "The Hawke Government's referendums are modest, simple and lack ulterior motives."
The deliberately misleading wording of the four Referendum proposals, and their "modesty", are a classic example of the Fabian strategy of gradualism. Probably the most dangerous is that which seeks to bring Local Government further under the influence of the Commonwealth government. Exploiting the problems of Local Government has been a long-term Fabian tactic, developed cleverly by Fabian Socialist Gough Whitlam in his 1972 election campaign. Short sighted and ill-informed Municipal Councillors grasped eagerly at the Fabian bait. All four proposals must be defeated.

The state of Canada may be judged by the second court case concerning German born Ernest Zundel, who last week was found guilty of "spreading false News" because he circulated a publication which disputed the generally accepted view that six million Jews were deliberately exterminated, mainly by gassing, on the orders of the German government. The very idea of matters of history being debated in courts is preposterous. At the start of the trial, the Judge pronounced to the jury that they should regard the Holocaust story as an indisputable fact. We have heard of no evidence suggesting that the judge is an authority on the Second World War. Even David Irving's critics do not dispute that the British historian is an authority on Hitler's Germany. Irving told the Zundel trial that he knew of no reliable evidence supporting the claim that there was a deliberate policy for the mass extermination of Jews. Zundel, who could be sent to prison for two years, is appealing the Toronto s verdict. Patrick Walsh will be, of course, reporting on what is really happening in Canada. There is a lesson for Australia.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159