Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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27 May 1987. Thought for the Week: "Knowledge can be of two kinds: Knowledge of the world outside ourselves, the macrocosm, the knowledge of the kingdom within, the microcosm, both of them boundless. The better we know ourselves, the easier it will be to know the world; alternatively, the better we know the world, so much easier it will be to know ourselves and our deepest and most enduring needs. It is not more and more knowledge that we need for the purpose of strengthening our position as individuals, but only knowledge of a kind that holds together and makes sense. We need a coherent interpretation of the history of the age in which we live and an insight into what it is we must have if we are to be physically well and in good spirits."
Ivor Benson in This Age of Conflict


Immigration Minister Clive Holding sees nothing wrong with homosexuals bringing their "gay lovers" into Australia as spouses under the Department of Immigration's family re-union scheme. The government has confirmed that 149 homosexuals have been given resident status as if they were wives or husbands, and that a further 110 are likely to be granted entry. A press report states that the Immigration Department regards AIDS testing as unnecessary because the homosexuals involved "are not promiscuous, and are involved in "lasting relationships".

How do Mr. Holding's officials know this? And what contribution are these people going to make to Australian society? They will add to the strength of the militant homosexual lobby, which exercises enormous influence compared with its relatively small numbers. Mr. Holding might care to explain why his Immigration Department can bring in homosexuals under the family reunion scheme when marriage between homosexuals is illegal in Australia.

At a time when the traditional family, the very foundation of a stable nation, is under increasing pressures of all kinds, it is a subversive policy to permit homosexual "wives" or "husbands" to come into Australia under a family re-union scheme. Worse still, these people are being permitted to enter when large numbers of highly desirable migrants are being prevented from coming to Australia. The sooner the Australian people can have a real say about the nation's immigration policy, via a referendum, the sooner they will be able to reverse the nation's slide into a type of cesspool.


Regional Progress, the excellent chain of Melbourne suburban newspapers, ran a front-page article Regional Progress, May 18th), titled, "Aboriginal Message in Schools 'Political"'.
The local (Victorian) State Member of Parliament, Mr. Geoff Leigh, brought this to light; viz, a message from the Teachers' Federation of Victoria and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association was read out in three of the five high schools (presumably in his electorate) in conjunction with the presentation of bicentennial medallions, on May 9th. The comms, within the Teachers' Federation of Victoria, and the comms within the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association have got together to issue a statement, "because it was important that people were aware of how Victoria's Aboriginal people felt". The latter is not listed in Melbourne telephone directory and there are no prizes for guessing that it is a Communist front.

The "statement" was titled, "White Australia Has a Black History", and reads in part: "We, Victoria's Aborigines, cannot celebrate the European invasion. This caused the death of many of our people and destroyed much of our traditional cultures. "The history of this country did not begin 200 years ago. Our country was a rich and beautiful place when the Europeans arrived because Aboriginal people were living in harmony with the environment and their ancestral traditions. "We hope that during the bicentennial anniversary non-Aboriginal people will take time to reflect upon our recent history and come to acknowledge the need to compensate us for the dispossession of our land and the impact it had on our way of life. "We understand that non-Aboriginal people today are not responsible for what has happened in the past."

There was more; but what's given is enough. Mr. Geoff Leigh observed, "While I have great respect for the true, full-blooded Aborigines, I have none for the leftwing stirrers who were using the issue of land rights for political purposes".

(Recommended reading: "Healing a Divided Nation", by the -Rev, Cedric Jacobs, M.B.E., Aboriginal Pastor ($6 posted.) "Land Rights, Birth Rights", by Peter English $17 posted. Order from all League bookshops).


One of the most inspiring aspects of the opening of the new parliament house at Canberra, was the large attendance of Christians who took part in a Christian National Gathering. It is estimated that 50,000 attended. No, you did not see this event featured in the news. Congratulations to the organisers of this event, which featured prayers for the future of the country. It had been originally feared that there would be no prayers for the opening of the new parliament. In fact there were prayers. The tremendous turn out demonstrated that in spite of the secular humanists Australia is still basically a Christian country.

Not surprisingly, the Teachers' Federation in NSW, strongly object to Premier Greiner's direction that there be a flag raising ceremony at State Schools on Monday mornings. The NSW Teachers' Federation has been dominated by the Marxists and other secular Humanists for years. But we suggest that Premier Greiner should not only insist on flying the flag, but on children being adequately instructed on its history and symbolism. There might be a problem in finding enough teachers capable of doing this.

As governments devise more ways to tax the people more heavily, there is a natural reaction with people striving in every possible way to minimise their contributions to government. The result is more tax officials with more powers, and an updated tax file numbering system. The government knows that this will be most unpopular, reminding people of the hated I.D. card. So they propose to spend more millions - provided, of course, by the downtrodden taxpayer, in an attempt to "sell" the latest technique of extracting money from the people. If Taxation is necessary to run a nation, then it would be collected in one most efficient and simple manner. But there is a major objection: Such a policy would reveal in stark terms just how much TOTAL taxation people are paying. There would be a major anti-tax revolt. Eventually Big Brother can only be defeated by changing a debt financial system, which creates the situation then used to justify still higher taxation. The Money Trick ($6 posted) explains simply how legitimate government activities could be financed with LESS TAXATION.

Without comment: "About 10 Bishops are members of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.... more than 11 clergymen, possibly including a bishop, will die of AIDS within the next 5 years". - Dr. Patrick Dixon, University College, London, in The Truth About AIDS.


"Anton Hermann" of East Brighton (Melb. suburb) has his letter published in The Age (May 9th);
"It was surprising that your editorial (25/4) gave such short shrift to the Liberal Party's proposal for voter initiated referendums. "The proposal would entrust the Australian electorate with direct law making powers, subject to certain requirements. Your editorial's interpretation of the plan as 'pandering to single issue populism' was an unsophisticated reaction, unbecoming of The Age. "The issue of voter initiative raises the fundamental question of whether 'the sovereign will of the people' is a notion which is to be taken seriously in modern day democracies. Among others, Switzerland and 23 American states have answered 'yes', and perhaps now is the time for Australia to open its mind to the topic. "The operation of 'direct' democracy is designed to complement, rather than replace, our existing 'representative' system. The flaws of the latter system, such as the undue influence of powerful vested interests, would be addressed by the adoption of direct voter initiative. "In addition, voter initiative has the potential to replace the chronic apathy in the Australian electorate with a vibrant ethic of participation. "Before The Age is inclined to pass final judgment on the Liberal Party's proposal, perhaps it would be prepared to give the issue some substantial consideration.
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