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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

22 January 1987. Thought for the Week: "Mr. Petrov, the Soviet diplomatist in Australia, related how his Minister changed his name for him and the first he knew of it was from his passport - a classic case of contempt for the individual even when a member of the hierarchy, in a totalitarian State. All this has nothing to do with the character of individual bureaucrats; .... it is as a corporation that any Civil Service, with every increase in authority and numbers, develops by an inner law the character of an independent self-directed army with its own policies and an attitude of resentment and distrust to the outside layman. In the democratic countries, as Parliaments become assemblies of fulltime professionals and the Party machines acquire complete control, the departments will only have to deal with their particular ministers who are becoming helpless agents of the 'competent channels' and overwhelmed by the complexity and the volume of affairs and the routine of the conveyer belt of files."
Sir David Kelly in The Hungry Sheep


As pointed out by authoritative American commentators, the Irangate affair so seriously undermined any authority which President Reagan may have had, that all Reagan could do was to finish his term subservient to those international forces which operate above what can now be seen as a phony "Capitalist versus Communist" conflict. The Reagan surrender last year to Gorbachev was a manifestation of the Reagan retreat, with the Soviet dictator being rated highly popular with the American people. Few have bothered to try to tell the American people that the "reforming" Gorbachev is a hard line Marxist who has never deviated from his faith in Marxism-Leninism.

Gorbachev has continued to insist that Lenin remains the guiding star for the Soviet. Lenin understood the nature of real power in the world, that of International Finance. As documented in Gary Allen's None Dare Call It Conspiracy ($5 posted) and Dr. Antony Sutton's Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution ($11.50 posted) International Finance brought the Bolsheviks to power. When Lenin found himself in trouble economically, as is Gorbachev, he resorted to a dialectical step backwards, with his New Economic Policy. This was endorsed by a major international backer, the young Dr. Armand Hamer still a major figure in the financing of the Soviet Union.

Hailed by both Moscow and Peking as the spiritual author of the New International Economic Order, Lenin pointed out that the World State could not be established without first establishing an international economy. Although both the Soviet Union and Communist China have been sustained by loans from International Finance, the Marxists are now inviting the West to participate directly in joint economic ventures. The latest evidence of this development is provided by a report in The Australian of January 1st; "Foreign businessmen will soon he able to buy or make bids for selected State run enterprises in Fuzhou, capital of south eastern Fujian province, the New China News agency (NCNS) says. This is the first time foreign firms have been permitted to 'make corporate inroads' into China's State-run enterprises, the official agency reported."

Should VicePresident George Bush win the Conservative Nomination and become the successor to Reagan, the Tri-Lateralists will have achieved another victory in their programme for the establishment of the World State via the New International Economic Order. Not that the election of a Democrat President would make much difference to the merging of the Soviet and the USA. The only possible effective revolt in the USA is at the grass roots, through Congress.


The concerted campaign by the media to create a collective guilt complex among the Australian people grows in intensity. But if present day Australians, many of whom are immigrants, are to be held guilty in some way for what happened, or allegedly happened, 200 years ago, what about the plight of the convicts? There are differences of opinion concerning what type of people the convicts were. One writer has described the convicts as "rogues, cutthroats and murderers", but it is probably true that about 80% were transported because of some form of petty theft. Economic and social conditions were bad in the Britain of the day. Unlike those agitators of, at best, part Aboriginal background, aided and abetted by sections of the media, there are large numbers of present day Australians who are openly proud of their convict ancestors. They take the commonsense view that they cannot be held responsible for what their ancestors did, or didn't do.


There is nothing more frightening than to see a whole nation manipulated to the point where a pseudo-moralising attitude sweeps away commonsense. This happened to the Americans where they were caught up in an emotional campaign, which insisted that problems associated with alcohol demanded national prohibition. The worst fears of saner voices were realised: Not only were problems associated with alcohol not solved, but "bootlegging" and crime flourished as never before in American history. Premier John Cain of Victoria has always been the epitome of the do-gooder, itching to impose controls on people - "for their own good", of course. It can be predicted now that Draconian anti-gun laws will not have the slightest effect on the incidence of violent crime. Criminals will continue to obtain weapons, on the black market. But large numbers of honest, responsible Australians, who have legitimate reasons for owning guns, for sporting, hunting or similar purposes are threatened with the confiscation of what, after all, is private property, and no promise of compensation. Violent crime is the effect, not the cause, of a sick society. Violence of all kinds, including the mass murdering of the unborn, is going to expand until there is a return to the basic Christian ethic. No lead can be expected from the John Cains and his fellow Fabians.

The legislation before Federal Parliament, to amend the War Crimes Act to allow for the prosecution of "war criminals" in Australian Courts, is an example of Zionist and Communist collaboration. To his credit Mr. Bob Greenwood QC. head of the Government's special investigation unit compiling evidence for the possible prosecution of war criminals living in Australia (not, please note any possible war criminals who served the Soviet Union) has complained about the naming of two alleged war criminals by a semi-official newspaper in Communist Jugoslavia. But then the Federal Labor Member who calls himself Kent these days, revealed his contempt for Common Law rights when he used parliamentary privilege to charge in parliament on November 26th that certain individuals, whom he named, had taken part in war crimes, including murdering, raping and pillaging. We have not read of any criticism of "Kent" by the Prime Minister or the Attorney General.

Unreported by the Australian mass media are the disturbing revelations by the distinguished historian, Nicolai Tolstoy concerning his treatment when he gave evidence in the Israeli trial of American citizen of Ukrainian background, John Demjanjuk. Presumably today's British people should also develop some type of a guilt complex about some of their ancestors who, according to Sydney born John Pilger, via a BBC television programme, financed partly by the ABC, were not only brutal towards the convicts, but also treated the Aboriginals in a most cruel fashion. Pilger is the man responsible for the story of how Australia's early pioneers used to bury Aborigine children up to their necks and then have competitions kicking their heads off. Germain Greer has added to the anti-Australian dirge by claiming that Aborigines are living under worse conditions than the poorest of the Ethiopian people. It is a national disgrace that the ABC, which promoted the story that there are Nazi war criminals living in Australia, is being used to pour out a non-stop flood of poison about Australia's history. The truth is that the first two hundred years of Australian history is a reflection of some outstanding achievements by a resourceful people. Political and constitutional developments have provided the individual with more protection than in most parts of the world. The nation has never had a civil war, nor has a government been overthrown by a military coup. There are sections of Australian society, including some Aborigines, who are disadvantaged. But this is the result of policies of debt finance and centralisation. The media subversives do not mention this.
(Those interested in understanding how the "land rights" and other issues have been manipulated should read the following books: Red Over Black, bestseller by former senior Communist, Geoff McDonald, $8 posted. Land Rights, Birth Rights, by expert Peter English, $18 posted. Healing a Divided Nation, by Aborigine Pastor Rev. Cedric Jacobs, OBE, $7 posted.)

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