Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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3 June 1987. Thought for the Week: "It is the author's belief that the solution to the 'problem' of inflation is thoroughly understood and deliberately rejected in higher financial circles and that, indeed, inflation is a deliberate mechanism of political intent - that is to say, that the social problems created by inflation and exploited by subversion are those which seem to require ever increasing powers of government, and that this is the intent behind continued inflation. In this connection it is important to recognise that governments come and governments go; but the power of government increases with the successive enactment of laws. Laws enacted because of inflation do not operate on inflation; they operate on the individuals of the community, and in general constitute a progressive curtailment of freedom... "
DR. B.W. Monahan, In Freedom & Inflation


"The Hawke Government is deeply rooted in the internationalism of the 1980s. It accepts the rapid integration of capital and product markets in this decade, and is trying to produce a more competitive nation by exposing Australia to the pressure of overseas forces." - The Weekend Australian, May 28-29

Internationalisation is the name of the game. The News (Adelaide) (26/5) quoted Paul Keating on his "statement" ... "Generally a higher level of national prosperity ... importantly into the 21st century ... that's the most important point. "What it does is to free up the economy and internationalise it further for the balance of this century." What evidence? For a start International Finance is full of praise for Paul Keating and the Hawke Government. We viewed Mr. Hawke, gloating, on T .V., over the adulatory approval of the Managing. Director of the International Monetary Fund. Those people, who know anything about the power of international finance, well know it does not operate in the interests of little people; It operates in the interests of the Big Boys; the World's movers and shakers.

Paul Kelly, of The Australian, comments that Keating's record, pre 1982, was that of a regulator, in classic Australian "Labor" tradition; monetary policies - critics might call, "isolationist" for the general economic protection of Australia. We well recall that Paul Keating was an arch-regulator at the time of the Hawke Government's election to office in March, 1983. He condemned deregulation of the banking industry in Australia in the strongest terms. A mere few weeks later, after he had been taken up into the High Mountain of international finance in Washington and New York, he came back home the arch-Deregulator. He was the Bankers' Boy. What had happened? He had, learned quickly: nationalism was OUT/internationalism was IN.

Clyde Cameron has "complained" that Keating is not a socialist. He may not have been in the past, but if he isn't one now he deserves several Logies and Oscar awards. He's performing the tasks of the Fabian Socialist; orientated towards internationalism. Behind all the mass of technical taxation detail and fine print, which we don't intend to mull over, there does emerge a pattern: that of an intended buoyant corporate sector; a disciplined trade-union movement (Simon Crean is well "on side"); a rural sector becoming centralised and, yes, internationalised with the growing invasion of "world money"; and a quiet, submissive people. This is what, we repeat, is intended.

Will Paul Keating pull the rabbit out of the hat and go on to grab the keys of The Lodge from Mr. Hawke? Well, there are too many things that can go wrong. Mr. Keating is relying, for one important thing, on inflation staying down; even falling further. If it doesn't, he'll have trouble with the trade unions. What of the U.S. dollar? The Federal Reserve has had the monetary and fiscal brakes loose over the lead up to the Presidential elections, but the new Administration will, we expect, slam them on after the "honeymoon" period is over; pressure on the Australian dollar, with associated adverse consequences. There is really nothing for low and middle-income earners, apart from the promise of some tax relief, some time.

These are some of the factors, which could upset Mr. Keating's Grand Design. We wonder if he realises the extent of his gamble? In short - Big Business, Big Government (swimming in oceans of tax funds); an obedient, submissive trade union movement; a placid population - all ready for merger into the New International Economic Order, and headed towards World Government. Will it happen?


"Nor should we be impressed with the Constitutional Commission's argument that elections are dear and that therefore we could well have fewer of them ... Most Australians, however, would much sooner pay regularly for this precious and democratic right than adopt the cost cutting formula of China and Romania and that host of nations where the government knows best." - Professor Geoffrey Blainey, in The Weekend Australian, May 28-29

Professor Blainey (above) is referring to the 4-year term referendum for the House of Representatives. The League of Rights will be issuing a special Referendums Brochure for general distribution later in the year. (well before the Referendums) We wish to comment, as so-called experts seem to be missing the central point altogether.

If the existence and place of Local Government is "enshrined" (recognised) in the Australian Constitution, then this establishes a relationship between the Commonwealth and Local Government. We can't say any more than that, as this relationship has never existed hitherto. BUT a future sitting of the High Court could rule on this relationship between the Commonwealth and Local Government, and particularly, if a Convention of the United Nations were to be brought forth calling for direct funding from a central government to the people, or calling for the abolition of intermediary governments (State governments) - something like that. The High Court could rule that the Australian States should cede powers to the Commonwealth (a little at a time, of course; don't frighten the donkeys). It couldn't happen? Don't bet on it.

What about Gough Whitlam in those "three glorious years" of Whitlam rule? (Professor Manning Clark said that: we saw him say it!) The Whitlam Government, headed by the (then) Minister for Local Government (Mr. Tom Uren, an old Lefty War Horse) tried to pull off mergers of Local Governments, using as bait, direct funding from Canberra. It was a smart move, but it didn't come off. The Whitlam Fabians "targeted" two Local Governments, Albury (N.S.W.) and Wodonga (Vic.) - both Councils separated by a strip of water, the Murray River. It was to be a pattern for other mergers, directly funded from Canberra (an erosion of State authority and integrity). The cynics at the time called this proposed merger - Whitlamabad. It's just a bad memory now, but it was a high-flyer deal at the time.

They (the Fabians) are ready to come again (gradualness). A new Local Government Bill before the Victorian Parliament (controlled by the "Socialist Left", a euphemism for "Communist") introduces Regional Corporations and the transfer of Municipal functions to Regional Corporations. This Bill could introduce a transfer of human services from the State to Regional Corporations; and we believe this is what is intended. Incidentally, property owners in Victoria could do much worse than attend the July Meeting (July 4th, first Monday) of the Melbourne Conservative Speakers' Club when Cr. Cedric Turner will explain all this in detail. You won't like what Cr. Turner will tell you. He will tell you that in a handful of years from now many people will not be able to afford to live in their own homes because of zooming Local Government imposts (unless its stopped). This will all be brought about to "let Local Government off the hook". A friendly, benign, Big Brother, up there in Canberra, will splash the dollars Local Government's way: at a price (eventual abolition of State governments). This is the "Local Government" prospect before us.


Mr. Hugh Morgan, Western Mining corporation chief executive, has called for English speaking Christians to be given immigration priority. He condemned "Grassbyian" nonsense of a polylingual "social porridge", and emphasises that any immigration policy, which failed to maximize the speedy intermarriage of newcomers within a generation, should be abandoned. Christianity could be a common bond for successful inter-racial marriages. "It is from Christianity that we obtain our widely held view that it is wrong to discriminate against people on grounds of race."

The Federal Council of the Liberal Party has supported the concept of voluntary voting in Federal elections, which it wants to be voluntary. Mr. Olsen, Leader of the State Opposition in South Australia, said compulsory voting, law in Australia since 1911, infringed individual liberty, burdened some (elderly, sick, etc) voters, was expensive, and induced a high informal vote. Only two nations in the West have compulsory voting in elections: Belgium and Australia. Mr. Bannon S.A. State Premier (Labor) said A.L.P. policy was for compulsory voting. We know that, and it is what we expect from the Socialists, who insist that people cannot possibly know what is best for them, and must be so instructed by Big Brother.

Commonwealth Education Minister, John Dawkins, is pushing (surprise, surprise) for a National Education Scheme. All the kids will have to react as one, from identical "education" (indoctrination) tailored to Australia's "changing and complex social and economic needs." Socialist Left Victorian Education Minister, Mrs. Hogg, thinks this is all wonderful. Mr. Littleproud, the Queensland Minister for Education, thinks the scheme would lead to an infringement of States' rights. So do we.


This letter, published in The Age (Melbourne) May 24th, is from Bruce Ruxton, Victorian State President of the Returned Services League:

"If reports are true that the Fitzgerald inquiry into Australia's immigration needs will recommend that we take a further 150,000 people in the business and skilled areas, then someone hasn't done enough homework. "We will need to know, and know quickly, where those people are coming from. "Will they be Vietnamese or Laotian drug runners setting up their sleazy empires in this country? "Will they be disgruntled black Africans whose cultural roots have absolutely no relevance with our own? "Or will they be Anglo-Saxons or Europeans from backgrounds that will fit them in perfectly with the majority of people in this country?
"There's an enormous groundswell of public opinion which is against any more racial mix in Australia's cities and suburbs where interracial gang warfare has reached alarming proportions and which is causing alarm to ordinary, law abiding, Australians. "In Sydney and Melbourne we have ghettos and warring Asians who seem to be out of control.
'The Hawke Government must listen to public opinion and hold a referendum to see what Australians feel about this whole vexed question. The Fitzgerald inquiry started with preconceived ideas. It should be suspended forthwith while the public is allowed to give its opinion."

From the "Toowoomba Chronicle": This letter in "The Chronicle", May 16th; 'Mr. Goss' future is as bleak, as empty, and as black as those May Day streets. "Yet the march symbolised, dramatised and encapsulated what has happened to the once great party the A.L.P. was. "The empty streets symbolised electoral support running out for the A.L.P. in Queensland and Australia. "The noisy black demonstrators illustrated the involvement of the A.L.P. in breast beating causes that cost the workers of this country millions of their tax money. "It is diverted to stainless steel splashboards in hotel toilets, alien flags that are an affront to this nation, and delegations to distant lands by whites purporting to be blacks, because there's a quid in it. "Certainly they have a right to protest ... but not with other people's tax money, given so freely by the Hawke Government.

"Most reasonable Australians ask, 'What is the definition of an Aborigine?' "The writer has met one from Monrovia, Liberia, who jumped ship in Sydney; another from Ceylon engaged in business, yet heavily involved in obtaining 'rights" to which he is not entitled. "All 'Australia' is simply galloping furiously away from a party that has betrayed the people who actually do the work, pay the taxes, create employment and build prosperity. "The A.L.P. is the party of the blacks, the Africans, the layabouts, the lazy, the incompetents, freeloading politicians, social service bludgers and stand over trade union officials."


This letter, from Mrs. Jackie Butler, National Chairman, Council for a Free Australia, was published in Queensland Country Life (12/5):

Sir Robert Sparkes' hate campaign is directed not just against the League of Rights but against persons or groups opposed to centralised socialist control, particularly the New World Order. "Put the spotlight on these and you are labelled a front for the League of Rights. "Strange isn't it that the Nationals' boss never clobbers the Fabian Socialists but joins forces with them against the pro-monarchy people. "It is now obvious socialism is not a movement of the down trodden but a vehicle used by some of the super rich to control the world's natural resources, the money system, manufacturing trade, energy and transportation - the ultimate monopoly. "Socialism does not redistribute wealth but concentrates it while buying off the proletariat and the under class with subsidies and welfare grants. (Read Des Griffin's "Fourth Reich of the Rich"). "... I'm not suggesting Sir Robert and his pack of Nationals baying for League of Rights blood are Fabian socialists, but wasn't it the former Premier who advised that if you look like a crow and fly with the crows, you are likely to get shot with the crows.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159