Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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29 July 1988. Thought for the Week: "We have stumbled into a Constitutional crisis that is likely to be remembered as one of the most significant political events in our history since the Commonwealth came into being at the beginning of this century. Few people realise that when on September 3 adult Australians will be summoned to vote on four referendum questions designed to alter our Constitution, they will be taking part in little more than a charade of horrendous implications. Let the government come clean, stop this charade and give us back the full strength of the rights we were given on January 1, 1901."
The Weekend Australian, June 11th


An article by Mr. Robert Manne, senior lecturer in politics at the LaTrobe University, in The Herald, Melbourne, of July 18th provides a striking example of how the Australian League of Rights has become a type of litmus test for what is happening in Australian politics. In an orchestrated national campaign, following the Senator Boswell attack in the Senate, critical references to the League have appeared in the print media as well as on radio and television.
Whatever the subject being discussed immigration, the referendums, Citizens' Initiative Referendum and Recall, Second World War trials- the League is brought into the discussion. The League's alleged stance is used in an attempt to damn anyone taking the same stance.
The ABC 7.30 Report attempted to link Professor Geoffrey Blainey with the League of Rights.

Robert Manne is a Jew who has never expressed much enthusiasm for the Zionist point of view. In his Melbourne Herald article he presents an excellent case, so far as it goes, against the holding of Second World War crime trials in Australia. Manne argues that the war crimes legislation will have a harmful effect on Australian Jews. But even worse than that, "Anti-Semitic groups like the League of Rights will gain a more receptive audience than they have had for years. If the first defendant in a Nazi war crimes trial is acquitted - even on technical grounds - the vile lobby which denies the reality of the holocaust, will have a field day." Mr. Manne does not specify which "holocaust" he is talking about, but the inference is that there is only one holocaust, that involving Jews allegedly systematically gassed to death - 6 million of them by the Nazis during the Second World War.

While there is growing controversy concerning the number of Jews who perished during the Second World War, and how they died, there is no argument that one of the most frightful events of the destructive Second World War was the bombing of the defenceless and cultural city of Dresden, packed with refugees fleeing in the face of the advancing Soviet forces, resulting in the loss of life matching that of the losses of the Japanese when the atomic bomb was dropped on two of their cities. There is no "Dresden Day" as there is a "Hiroshima Day."

During one open line radio programme, the commentator said that there were a lot of "paranoid" people worrying about the Fabian Socialist Society. The League of Rights is blamed for creating this paranoia". While it is true that the League of Rights has been promoting the idea of electors controlling their Members of Parliament, and has been advocating the introduction of the Citizens' Initiative Referendum, this concept has been taken up right across Australia by many groups not affiliated with the League of Rights. The truth is that the League has, over many years, created a climate of opinion in which there is now an organic growth of diverse groups who have taken up in their own way, the concepts which the League has been advancing.

We are receiving a wide variety of reports from across Australia, concerning manifestations of the Anti-League campaign. There have been so many of these that we have not been able to cope with an adequate response, and to thank all those writing in. Our main task is to ensure that the League "remains on and continues to bear witness to that Truth which shall make us free". In spite of all the endeavours of its detractors, the League has moved to the forefront of the political stage in Australia. It has become a major issue in Australian politics with the anti-League campaign being a measure of the League's effectiveness.


We have consistently pointed out, with appropriate documentation, that it is the stated intention of a variety of power groups, the most important being the controllers of the International Debt system, to create a centrally planned World State. Broadly speaking, there are two types of people involved in the attempt to centralise power: the Plotters, who consciously advance a strategic programme, and the Planners, who in the main can be relied upon to display a mania for "making people good", and who automatically gravitate to an attitude that every human problem can only be solved by more planning. No totalitarian system can operate without the petty official.

There is no argument that there is an intention to create the "Cashless society". But giving effect to that intention is another thing. In response to those who have, we suggest, become victims of their own fears, and who ask have we not seen the 1986 Report to the Prime Minister on the subject of a cashless society, prepared by the Technological Change Committee of the Australian Science and Technology Council (ASTEC), yes, we have had a copy of the report soon after it was released on May 23, 1986, and are encouraged by the report's admission concerning the extreme difficulties of establishing a cashless society.

Instead of becoming paralysed with fear concerning the threat of all programmes for centralising power, the constructive thing to do is to take every opportunity not to co-operate with such programmes. No one is forced to use a credit card. And if you do not like all those government and bank charges every time you write a cheque, well aim to write fewer cheques and to use more cash. The banking system is legally obliged to provide cash for those requesting it. Yes, it may sometimes be a little more inconvenient. But a widespread insistence upon obtaining and using cash, at least puts a break on the centralisers.


John Demjanjuk, the Ukrainian born American citizen languishing in an Israeli prison awaiting the outcome of his appeal against the verdict of an Israeli court of which the chief justice was a former terrorist, would still be in the USA with his family if the USA Office of Special Investigations had not suppressed a letter from the Communist Polish Ministry of Justice, dated August 31, 1979, in which it was stated that "we do not have any data concerning Ivan (John) Demjanjuk ...." Other vital information was also suppressed by the OSI, which has been run by pro-Zionists. Members of Demjanjuk's family and supporters are currently engaged in legal action concerning the role of the OSI in having Demjanjuk sent to Israel.

Both Victorian "Labor" and the Victorian Liberals are attempting to put the best face on the result of the Ballarat North by-election. Mr. John Cain, the Victorian Premier, claims loudly that the trend against "Labor" in by-elections has been halted. Maybe it has. The recent disunity and disorganisation among the Federal Liberals and Nationals would be sufficient to put anyone off. Jeff Kennett, the Leader of the Victorian Parliamentary Liberal Opposition, is uninspiring, to say the least. Mr. Kennett is making some shaky claims, too.

We viewed Mr. Lionel Bowen, Federal Attorney General, on weekend T .V. speaking on the coming Referenda on the Constitution. We are asked to believe that the "people" have been left to decide; that the politician's have been kept out of the debate. We don't believe this. We believe that the purpose of the Constitutional Commission has been that of a Fabian Socialist propaganda bureaucracy. The "people" didn't ask, didn't want the Referendums on the Constitution; they have been rammed down Australians' throats. The Fabian Socialists wanted the Constitution Commission, with the 4 points (Referendums) to launch a further attack on the political sovereignty of the States and Australians generally ... We do not believe that there is a "strong" support for the Referendums, as claimed by Mr. Bowen. He is not going to announce, via a nationwide T.V. announcement, that he'll lose on September 3rd, as we pray he does.


From The Herald (Melbourne), July 15th: "Mr. Hayden's belief that security concerns will not be a major obstacle for an agreement to give Soviet fishing vessels access to Australian ports shows ignorance. "I suggest he read the former Soviet fishing fleet captain Vladil Lysenko's autobiography, A Crime Against the World, where he says 'The Soviet fishing fleet is effectively controlled by the K.G.B all Soviet merchant and fishing vessels contain intelligence gathering apparatus and their crews are regularly given intelligence work to do; and officers of Soviet Naval Intelligence are attached to the head office of every fishing fleet." Maria Lusby, Murrumbeena (Melbourne suburb.)


John Bennett, President of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, sent this letter to The Australian (published 24/6):
"The long article by Justice Einfeld the President of the Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission (3/6) in reply to criticism by the Australian Civil Liberties Union (1/6 - early editions only) extolled his civil liberties record and denigrated that of the A.C.L.U., but did not clarify whether he proposed, in a personal or any other capacity, to criticise the Israeli Government for detaining more than 1,000 Palestinians without trial. "His reply corrected an impression that his criticism of the Malaysian Government for imprisoning 100 people without trial was made as President of the H.R.E.O.C., but it is not clear why reports of his campaigning for Soviet Jews refer to him as speaking as President of the H.R.E.O.C.
"His claim that the A.C.L.U. has sent abusive letters to the H.R.E.O.C., which have led to its scarce staff resources being used up to no good purpose is incorrect.
"I have been writing civil liberties letters for 22 years as honorary secretary of the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties from 1966 to 1980 and as President of the A.C.L.U. since 1980. These letters have never before been described in the terms used by Justice Einfeld, who seems to have over reacted to my comments in The Australian, (1/6).
"The issues raised by the A.C.L.U. with the H.R.E.O.C. included the proposed Bill of Rights, anti-German and anti-Arab defamation and proposed legislation to imprison people for exercising freedom of speech. Raising these important issues can hardly involve imposing on the H.R.E.O.C. 'no good purpose'.
"The claim in his reply that I have made no secret of my antagonism of Jews, ... that I have accused Jews of conspiring to manufacture the Nazi holocaust is entirely false. I do, however, agree with various Jewish writers that the extent of the Holocaust has been exaggerated and that some Zionist Jews collaborated with Nazis to remove Jews from Europe."


From The Sun Melbourne, 20/7, this letter from Judy Hale, Frankston, Vic.:
"There is only one way to halt child abuse, and that is for this country and state to get off the backs of the working and nonworking families and put a bit of value back into the dollar. When your wage goes nowhere and bills from government instrumentalities come in with regular monotony, the bottom line is that wherever there is pressure and resultant poverty, it is usually the children who are first to have the frustration taken out on them. When a family is secure, bills are paid on time; enough is left over for a short holiday and there is resultant harmony. Child abuse is usually the result of despair, alcoholism, single parenthood, and strain. The child is the weakest member of the family, and so the 'easy' way out to let off steam. Governments have destroyed our families and our children through their policies, and now they are going to patch it up by employing another 400-odd social workers. It would be far cheaper to cut taxes to the low income earner, release the pressure on everyday life, and let the families work out their problems themselves."
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