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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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26 August 1988. Thought for the Week: ".... liberty and dictatorship are incompatible. On the other hand we must not assume that a separation of powers in itself is the foundation of liberty - that tyranny cannot exist where the legislature is supreme and a representative government has a majority in both Houses of Parliament."
Dr. W. Ivor Jennings in The Law and the Constitution


The front page headline in The Herald, Melbourne of August 18th reads:
Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is a man who, no matter how much he may deny it, believes in apartheid separate development. During the British retreat from colonialism in the Far East, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was one of those of Chinese background who made it clear to the British that a predominantly Chinese population in Singapore was not happy to be part of a Malaysian Federation in which the indigenous Malays were the dominant influence. Singapore demanded, and was granted, complete independence.

It has maintained a basically homogenous people, even though minority groups are tolerated. On the other hand, the Malaysian Federation has been in a constant state of tension as the Malays strive to maintain their dominant position in a multiracial society, with constant conflict between the Malays and the East Indians and the Chinese. By operating an authoritarian regime which has to date maintained a relatively high degree of law and order, Lee Kuan Yew has managed to attract sufficient international investors to operate a free trade island State with relative success. But in terms of real economics, Singapore is unable to sustain itself. The bulk of its food has to be imported, much of it from Australia.

Australia could survive easily if Singapore disappeared beneath the sea. But if Australia disappeared, Singapore would have serious problems. But in spite of the economic realities, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew lectures Australia on its immigration policy, claiming that so far from taking less Asian migrants, Australia should take more, claiming that Australia cannot obtain Anglo-Saxon, Northern European or even Southern European migrants. This, of course, is not true. Large numbers of British people are willing and eager to migrate to Australia, one reason being the desire to get away from the growing problems of multiracial Britain. Every obstacle has been put in the way of potential European migrants from all parts of the world, including Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Making its contribution to the campaign to discredit John Howard's proposed change of immigration policy, Rupert Murdoch's Melbourne evening paper, The Herald reports that a "special survey" throughout Asia reveals that prominent Asian businessmen warn that any change in Australia's present immigration policy could harm Australia economically. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew warns that unless Australia links up with the developing economic dynamos of Japan and Korea, it could become "the poor relation" of Asia. A business leader in Hong Kong is quoted as saying that "Australia can't survive as an independent nation on the southern tip of the fastest growing economic region in the world if it is going to have immigration barriers."

It's time for Australians to recall with proper pride that during the Pacific War, Australia made a magnificent contribution to defeating Japanese military aggression without any investments from Hong Kong or anywhere else. Relatively freed from the financial restrictions of the Great Depression years, Australians not only fed themselves but also made a major contribution to the feeding of the American Pacific forces. Secondary industries expanded to make a vital contribution to Australia's military needs. In spite of the enormous diversion of resources to the war effort, the general standard of living in Australia actually increased compared with the Great Depression years.

The constant claim that Australia must have foreign investments to finance its development is a manifestation of the Black Magic known as Sane Finance. All the Asian "dynamos" could sink beneath the seas tomorrow, and Australia would be left with the economic capacity to provide everything required, including motor cars, for a highly civilised standard of living. There is no reason why Australia should not engage in genuine trade, an exchange of true surpluses for the benefit of all, with its Asian neighbours. But this does not mean that Australia should sacrifice its future as a Western, Christian nation.

It is a manifestation of gross materialism to claim that Australia is a part of Asia. A people live in time more than they live in terms of geography. The roots, which sustain traditional Australia, are in Western Europe, particularly Great Britain, where the very spiritual foundations of Australia were evolved under the long influence of Christianity. If those roots are cut, as the anti-Australian subversives hope, then the real Australia must wither and die. Proper respect for other races and their cultures is impossible unless one has a highly developed sense of pride in ones own race and culture. Before critically commenting on Australia's immigration policies, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew might consider why Asian nations refuse to entertain the idea of European immigrants, and why one group of Asians, the Indians, appear to be universally disliked by other Asians.


"Bill Hayden set out yesterday to prove that he will be your ordinary, everyday Governor General." - The Sun (Melbourne) August 19th.

We daresay that many people could brace themselves to the shock of seeing their Governor General without his Top Hat, or even without his Rolls Royce; maybe those things are not really essential in this day and age. But his thrust at the late Lord Casey (former Governor General) did not fill us with confidence for the things that are to come. Mr. Hayden stated that Lord Casey "wielded enormous power" by writing letters to ministers. So? But this follows: "I would have thought that Casey should have told those who came to see him to shuffle off, and the Ministers who received the letters should have told the Governor General to shuffle off and stick to his own patch". This, no doubt, will be the Hayden style.

We do not think it is necessary for us to comment on the above; supporters know that the Governor General is the Queen's representative and can't be told to "shuffle off". The Queen's representative at Yarralumla; the holder of a most dignified Office, would not tell his visitors, either - to "shuffle off". We can go along with the convention that the Governor General acts on the advice of his Government; yes, in normal circumstances. (except where there is a political crisis). We can well recall that Gough Whitlam, in 1975, was insisting that the Governor General MUST act on the advice of his Ministers. Rubbish! Rubbish! Sir John Kerr put paid to that one. Gough Whitlam didn't get another go. The Constitutional Commission is canvassing the removal of the Governor General's "reserve powers", and that is a Fabian dream. Away with the Senate too. A "Yes" vote to the 4-year-term Referendum will be the beginning of the end for the Senate.


If Democrat Dukakis wins the American Presidential contest, there is every possibility that American pressure against South Africa will be increased. Pressed by Jesse Jackson, the radical black leader, as to whether he would use "military force" against South Africa, Dukakis left the door open with the comment, well, I've laid out that policy, Jesse, and, yes, one aspect of a tough anti-terrorist policy is the use of military force against terrorist base camps. But there are many ways to attack terrorism, and one way to do it is to get tough with South Africa. Jackson is insisting that the Democrats brand South Africa as "a terrorist State."

Relatively little publicity has been given to the scandal of Zionist Werner Nachmann who embezzled $21 million of reparation funds for Jews. The West German media has "played down" the affair, while to date the West German Government has with held comment despite the defrauding of the West German taxpayers. A Bonn based diplomat is quoted as saying that "You will never get a wild reaction here to Jews and reparation settlements because that would give the impression of reawakening anti-Semitism." Such is the power of Zionism.

While Australians are being told that they should not support John Howard because this would jeopardise Australia's trading relations with Asian countries, the Victorian Legislative Council Member for Gippsland has called on Victorian consumers to boycott imported Asian cement. Mr. Murphy says that "dumped" Asian cement would cause loss of employment in Geelong and the LaTrobe Valley. Mr. Murphy is a former ALP member who resigned from the party last year and sits as an Independent. The undermining of the Australian cement industry is another example of the "restructuring" of Australian industry to fit the Australian economy into the New International Economic Order.

The Wimmera Mail-Times, published from Horsham (Vic.) is an excellent regional newspaper. Its issue on August 17th has an Editorial, titled - "Sniping in the Ranks"; the "sniper being Mr. Malcolm Fraser, former Prime Minister of Australia, and now an "eminent person" with Big Ambitions, still. We would like to give you the whole Editorial, but we can't; so how about this?
"Mr. Fraser is breaking every unwritten principle and canon of the parliamentary code by emerging from forced retirement - he was thrashed, after all, by Hawke's Labor Party in 1983 - to frustrate and ridicule Mr. Howard on his new no nonsense approach to Asian immigration The Editorialist comments that Fraser should "stop" skulking around on the shadowy fringe of politics... Unfortunately for the Liberals, Mr. Fraser has developed a curious penchant for publicity on a grand scale, a forerunner perhaps to a momentous announcement yet to come, or so he hopes. That's it!
Electoral comment authorised by E.D. Butler, 145 Russell St., Melbourne.

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