Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

14 October 1988. Thought for the Week: "Christianity, Democracy, and Social Credit have at least three things in common; they are all said to have failed, none of them is in the nature of a Plan, and every effort of some of the most powerfully organised forces in the world is directed to the end, not only that they never be accepted, but that as few persons as possible shall even understand their nature."
C.H. Douglas, in Whose Service is Perfect Freedom


"Oxley certainly demonstrates to the conservatives that victory is achievable. But it still probably will not be achieved until the conservatives start firing at leadership level." Michelle Grattan, in The Age (Melb,) October 10th.

We do not always find ourselves in agreement with Michelle Grattan, of The Age, but we do so on this occasion. The superstars of the political commentary "industry" will cackle and cluck for weeks to come over the Oxley by-election result; however, the loud and clear messages are that the rot is now quite deep in the HawkKeating "Labor" party; it probably is on the way out - and the main reason for this is that its Fabian socialist leadership is out of touch with the grassroots political thinking of the electorate.

The Australian League of Rights is now openly being blamed for misleading and misinforming the Australian electorates: Australians cannot think for themselves, apparently. But Mr. Hawke, himself, said recently, and has said on many previous occasions, that the Australian voter is a shrewd person, "no mug", and is eminently able to disentangle electoral issues from one another. We agree; that is why Australian voters forcibly rejected the Fabians' long prepared confidence trick, the 4 Referendums to centralise power in Canberra. A $46 Million Brainwashing Machine, given the name "Constitutional Commission", stacked with Fabians, was not able to gull the Australian electorate.

In our opinion the claimed reaction to Mr. Bill Hayden's latest overseas jaunt (at our expense, of course) is not the full story. We think that even some traditional Labor voters do not agree with Mr. Hayden being handed the Governor General's Office at all! There is no doubt in our mind that the purpose of the above exercise was, principally, to degrade the Office of Governor General; to make it a political toy. At the same time, those involved in this deception have degraded themselves. We note that the primary vote of the National Party has continued to decline, as we have predicted in these pages. That vote fell 3.3%.

Mr. Hawke is now painting a wonderful pie shaped picture in the sky. Those tax cuts to come next year will lift everybody's standard of living to glory: we should thank the HawkKeating Junta for having had the political courage, the MORALITY, the MORALITY (Brother Hawke is ever carping on morality) - to take the hard decisions to make the Treasure Chest to come a certainty. The political climate just around that corner will be quite different folks ...We remain unconvinced. Our "hunch" is that the world's economic climate will remain troubled after the American Presidential Elections this coming November, and that we would not be the least surprised to witness a significant contraction in the economy of the U.S.A., with "fall-out" in Australia, and elsewhere.


"Australia's first legislation for the ordination of women priests was passed overwhelmingly by the Melbourne Anglican synod at the weekend." - The Age (Melbourne), October 10th.

We can safely predict that the ordination of women priests in the Anglican Church will continue to raise many objections within that Church. An eventual schism within the Church is not out of the question. Readers would have been interested in an article, which appeared in The Age (Melbourne) on October 4th last, which we may possibly be able to republish in our monthly journal of current affairs and political opinion, viz. Intelligence Survey (annual subscription, $10.00).

That particular article was titled: "The Bad Word on Women Priests", by Michael Barnard. Mr. Barnard quotes an English critic of "M.O.W." (Movement for the Ordination of Women):
This is no reformist movement.... it is revolutionary ... its ultimate aim is a doctrinal reconstruction of Christianity." Mr. Barnard draws attention to the feminist theologians who have influenced, and are influencing the M.O.W., and quotes from the published works of feminist theologians, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Rosemary Radford Reuther, and the Reverend Carter Heyward. The latter, Dr. Heyward, "irregularly" ordained in 1974, writes in "Our Passion for Justice" (Pilgrim Press) that, "our gayness (lesbianism if we are women) may be, in some sense, a creative response to the presumptuousness of religious and social teachings about the correctness, normality of holiness of what men 'should' do and of what women 'should' do… it may be true also that gay men and lesbians can be potent visionaries and prophets in the area not only of genital morality, but moreover of the whole arena of human relationships and morality in general.
And so it goes on. The actual ordination of women priests is the "bottom line" after that comes all the feminist theology, which we have no hesitation in dismissing and rejecting as sinful claptrap.


In response to an incredible new attack on the League of Rights in the Federal parliament, with a call for an all party inquiry into the League, National Director Eric Butler has written to Mrs. Joan Childs, Speaker in the House of Representatives, stating that he is prepared to appear before parliament to answer new allegations. Mr. Butler points out that the charges are so absurd that they can only reflect on the status of parliament itself.

Calling for an investigation on September 29th. Mr. Keith Wright, Queensland Labor Member, said that the League of Rights was running a propaganda system, which would have been the envy of Hitler. Mr. Wright makes startling allegations concerning massive financial backing for the League. This is news for an organisation, which always has the greatest difficulty in financing its educational and other activities. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the latest attack on the League is that a senior Member of the National Party, Mr. Ralph Hunt seconded Mr. Wright's proposal. The latest attack clearly follows on from that launched by Senator Boswell in the Senate.

The League has incurred the wrath of powerful forces, which are now openly moving towards attempting to destroy it. The best answer League supporters can give at this time is to back to the full the League's Basic 1988 Fund of $60,000. The League is going to require maximum financial support as the on going battle for Australia moves towards a new intensity. We will continue to report on developments.


The year was 1961; the place - the Victorian City of Ballarat. The occasion was the opening of a new Nurses' Home at the large Catholic Church Hospital of St. John's. At a celebratory dinner to mark the occasion (November 20th) distinguished Guest Speaker was His Excellency, Archbishop Maximilian de Furstenberg, the Apostolic Delegate to Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania. The February (1962) issue of Light, a Ballarat Diocesan journal reported highlights of the Archbishops address, from which we quote:
"Australia, he said, seemed to have a truly great destiny as a leader in the Asian nations. He had been in Japan for some ten and a half years and he knew that that nation, like nearly all-Asian countries, was looking to Australia for help, inspiration and leadership. (We remind readers that the year was 1961). "If he could speak on the delicate question of the White Australia Policy (abandoned by the Liberal Holt Government in 1966! ... O.T.) he would say that Australians were wise to retain it. He knew from observation that it was not regarded in Asian countries as a colour bar nor did it give offence. On the contrary, Australia was often cited as an example of tolerance and sympathetic understanding. It had won many Asian friendships by its sponsoring of numerous students at Australian schools and universities. This was a policy to be fostered and developed; but he felt that abandoning at this time the traditional White Australia policy would bring many troubles inside and outside the country..."
. We leave it to our readers and supporters to judge whether or not Archbishop de Furstenberg was right.


From the pen of young West Australian League representative, John Lane, fresh from touring N.S.W. and Victoria with Mr. Patrick Walsh, comes this report:
"For anyone not familiar with Pat Walsh, he is a former undercover agent for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, successfully infiltrating and destroying much of the Communist Party structure in Canada at that time. He was a military policeman in the Canadian Army during W.W.II; worked with the resistance in France (he is French speaking), and landed in Normandy on "D" Day. He has lived and worked in many different lands, and served in the merchant navy. Pat Walsh is now Research Director for the Canadian League of Rights, and a correspondent for a number of different journals.
A most entertaining and authoritative man, Pat Walsh has stunned audiences with revelations concerning legal and illegal immigration into Canada; the role of the K.G.B. and Mossad in so-called anti-Semitism; the fact that an Israeli colonel was brought to Canada to mastermind the activities of the Sikh terrorists who blew up an Air India plane, killing over 200 people. He has also revealed the farcical nature of the coming "war crimes" trials in Canada, Australia, and possibly the U.K. Mr. Walsh claims the trials are a cover up for the activities of today's terrorists, who continue to do what the Nazis ceased doing 40 years ago.


"R. James" of Dapto, N.S.W. waxes poetical in The Australian, October 6th:
"Us poor Pommy aliens don't need to worry anymore. I've just found the second verse of Advance Australia Fair in the Australian Almanac, 1988.

"When gallant Cook from Albion sailed, To trace wide oceans o'er,
True British courage bore him on, Till he landed on our shore,
Then he raised Old England's flag, The standard of the brave,
'With all her faults, we love her still, Britannia rules the wave'.
In joyful strains then let us sing 'Advance Australia Fair."'

"Now just how did that get past the republicans who chose the anthem?"


An oriental gentleman, Mr. Chung Luen Ho, of Wanchai, Hong Kong, gives our taxation structure a Large Serve (with which we agree) in The Age (Melb.), October 10th:
"As a visitor from Hong Kong, I had great pleasure in spending four days in your very pleasant city. I have had a business in Hong Kong since 1964 and due to the approaching 1997 I have looked around New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, and Australia with the view of re-establishing myself and my business in one of those countries. "In The Age (3/10) I was astonished to read the remarks of your Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, that Asian migrants do not want to come here because of Australia's racial attitudes and the publicity given to remarks made by your Opposition Leader, Mr. Howard. Very little has been noticed in Hong Kong about this matter.
"What concerns business migrants in Hong Kong most is the following:
1) Your very high personal income tax, starting at a relatively low figure of income, 49 percent.
2) Your capital gains tax, which we find very detrimental.
3) A fringe benefit tax that taxes normal business expenses, thereby crippling normal business methods and attitudes.

"Since you are the only country actively pushing for business migrants, with the last two of those taxes and for people used to 17½% maximum income tax, my advice to all business migrants is to look to the other countries; I will certainly give Australia the thumbs down. "I liked what I saw here, also the climate and size of the country."

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