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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia
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On Target

21 October 1988. Thought for the Week: "…It is represented as drudgery for a woman to look after her own children; but an honoured career for her to be paid to look after another woman's children, provided it be outside the home in crèches or nursery schools or kindergarten. Housework, it is averred, deadens mind and soul by its monotony, but being paid to type matter, that has small or no interest to the woman, the live long day, or to perform some near mechanical repetitious task in a factory or workshop is declared to emancipate a female. Any paid work outside the home is, in the eyes of the 'anti-woman feminist', preferable to the labour performed for love of home and husband and children or even of fellow men."
Mrs. Dorah Watts, in Chattels of the Modern World


"A Federal parliamentary inquiry is to investigate the activities of the conservative organisation, the League of Rights." - The Sun (Melbourne) October 17th.

Well, we've apparently now made the Big Time. A Labor backbencher, Mr. Alan Griffiths, has assured his colleagues that, "For too long, the organisation has been dismissed by practising politicians as if you like - a ratbag organisation..." We are no longer a ratbag organisation. That's something. But we are not to be banned: we are to be discredited, and our channels of enormous cash flows revealed in the hope of stopping such "flows" of course. That's the way the orthodox mind thinks. But the League is not an orthodox organisation as the politicians may discover. But, they can't discover what doesn't exist.

It is true that if the League were to pay normal salaries and service charges, yes, the expenses incurred by it would be very heavy, indeed. The politicians may discover that the League of Rights operates, and has always operated, on voluntary labour, and services provided voluntarily. (cars, telephones, accommodation, etc. etc.) The publicity from such a projected inquiry would be worth, certainly, a million dollars and bring us hundreds of new supporters. Over forty years, each attack on the League of Rights has brought with it a new batch of supporters, many of whom have become our best actionists. With respect to the "sinister" side of the League of Rights, ask the politicians to define these, specifically. "Mr. Politician, please be specific. Define, in detail, your objections." Again, with respect to "lack of respect" for politicians in general; respect has to be earned. Politicians should know that there is very little respect for them in the general community; so what's new?!

As reported in the last issue of On Target, the National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, wrote to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Joan Child offering to appear before the Parliament to answer any allegations. Mrs. Child extended us the courtesy of a prompt reply, which was inconclusive. Well may supporters ask what is behind the new, sudden attack. There are many factors, we believe. The decline of political parties is worrying the pollies, who sense that their careers could be somehow endangered. Rightly no doubt. Many politicians are most concerned, we believe, at the prospect of the Citizens' Initiated Referendum and Voters' Veto (the Swiss system of government) - which certainly does reduce the powers of political parties, and gives the individual a much louder voice in government. Many politicians in the non-Labor parties are actually in favour of the above. It is an idea whose time has come! We support it.

The Howard initiative on Immigration really touched a high-powered cable. We have no need to go into those "conspiracy" theories. Anyone with commonsense can observe that the homogeneity of the Australian population is under attack. The key point is WHY it is under attack. We knew that the Howard Immigration Offensive would be torpedoed by his Left/liberal (small "1") wimps who should not be in a non-Labor party at all. John Howard knows that the great majority of the Australian electorate is opposed to Asian immigration: the Liberal Party research apparatus convinced him of that. We could have told them so years ago. The forces of the Left are terrified that the Immigration "Debate" could get away from them. It could, too. They are right. The League of Rights could supply the political clout to make this happen. So smash the League of Rights.

Another high-powered cable was touched with the League's "exposure" of the now, incontrovertible evidence of the nexus between World Heritage listings and International Finance. We do believe that, at least part, of the mounting attack on the League of Rights is, in fact, the response of International Finance, using the orthodox political apparatus as a catspaw. Yes, a majority of politicians would be unknowing of the really sinister forces at work behind the scenes. But not all. Not all!


Mr. Michael Darby, who stood as an Independent in the recent Oxley by-election, feels aggrieved that he has been linked with the League of Rights. Responding to a smear article by well known journalist Laurie Oakes, in The Bulletin of September 20th Michael Darby wrote to The Bulletin correctly pointing out that he had never been a member of the League of Rights, making it clear that he had little time for the League. Michael Darby has been critical of the League over a number of years. But in spite of this, Labor Member Keith Wright in his recent call in Federal Parliament for the League of Rights to be investigated, listed Michael Darby as a high profile representative of the League. There is not one iota of truth in this allegation. As far as we are aware, Michael Darby has never even subscribed to any League publication.


The Federal Government's scheme for an upgraded tax-file number now appears in serious jeopardy." - Michelle Grattan, in The Age (Melb.), October 17th.

We must further irritate the "Labor" forces in Canberra by rubbing our hands in satisfaction. We are very pleased that the HawkKeating Junta is to have difficulties with its Totalitarian Tax-File Number. And so should be all loyal Australians who wish to retain their endangered freedoms. The Liberals, again no doubt, have done their homework and researched this issue to discover that most Australians object, strongly, to ANY legislation, which will filch further freedoms away from them. The Fabian mob may be overlooking the "educational" effect, in the broad community, of the people's struggle against the Bill of Rights, and the I.D. Card. Australians are waking up. They are becoming alert.

The very last political catalyst now wanted by them is the League of Rights to ferment the latent anti-totalitarian brew in Australian politics. Yes, the League of Rights is now a political catalyst. Our long expertise (we are "ratbags" no longer, remember!) can set all manner of freedom defending issues abubble. We notice, very often, the "line", that - "Given the immense amount of personal data collected about people by public and private agencies these days, this is a very limited extension in the good cause of having everyone pay their proper tax" (from Michelle Grattan's article). Is there something wrong with this? Yes there is: to Christians. The end does not justify the means! The matter of the morality, or otherwise) of taxation, levels of taxation, can be debated. The invasion of privacy via the new technology is still an attack on the sovereignty of the individual. ("The Sabbath was Made For Man, Not Man For the Sabbath.")

Organisations (political and otherwise) must serve the interests of the individual. Individuals are not born to serve the interest of man-made organisations (The State, etc.) This is tyranny. Private data banks are bad enough: the individual still does have some choice whether or not to avail himself/herself of the services of the private agencies. Public (government) agencies can collect data on the individual compulsorily, and that data can be abused for political purposes.

It is much worse. Under Common Law, the individual still has some redress against private agencies. Let us all be careful of this murky thinking. We are at a loss to know what is wrong with "tax minimisation schemes". We know that it has been an accepted tenet, at least in the not distant past, that individuals and organisations were entitled to pay the minimum taxation. Now Mr. Trevor Boucher, Taxation Commissioner, is "on the attack" against tax minimisation! Are we to "MAXIMISE" our tax rate. "Please, Mr. Boucher, tax us some more. We want to pay more tax." The whole thing is getting absurd. And we don't like the nasty spirit of totalitarianism, which is creeping into the Australian Taxation Office.


"Many of Yugoslavia's communist elite face the end of their careers today in the biggest political upheaval this bewildered Balkan federation has had in the post war years." - The Australian, October 17th.

Yugoslavia is a federation of six states and two provinces. It was formed and given constitutional status at the end of World War I, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire disintegrated. All the races of the Federation have their own individual languages, dialects, customs, histories. Some bloody. Old hatreds simmer beneath the surface. The Serbians (the dominant race) will tell one of the massacre of thousands of their compatriots at the end of World War II by the Titoist communist forces. There have been other atrocities.

Now that the inflation rate in Yugoslavia is something like an unbelievable 200%, the social tensions are beginning to break up social order - hence the violent street demonstrations. It is reality, which is breaking through: these individual peoples want to be left alone to work out their own destinies. They are resisting their enforced incorporation into a federation with other peoples for whom they have little respect. Already the Slovenians are berating the primitiveness of the Montenegrans. This is a natural process to us; one which will eventually sweep the world one day; but well down the track.

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