Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

18 November 1988. Thought for the Week: "More important than Soviet military use of imported civilian goods is the use of imported technology to produce military goods. Rather than sell machine guns, we are selling the machines with which to fabricate machine guns. History teaches the lesson that statist systems are inherently aggressive. Moreover, statist systems have little ability to push forward the frontiers of technology. Thus, any technology transferred to a statist system will more than likely be used for military or oppressive purposes. The record of at least fifty years provides the evidence that the United States has received back its own technology on the battlefield from both national socialists (Nazis) and international socialists (Soviets). This is the simple, tragic, but ignored lesson of modern history."
Dr. Antony Sutton, in National Suicide (1973)


Eric Butler reports from Canada
"When Albertan schoolteacher, Jim Keegatra, was found guilty, although obviously with some reluctance by the jury, of attempting to promote hatred, Zionist spokesmen were delighted, although a few did express regret that Keegstra had only been fined, not sent to prison. "Defended by the brilliant British Columbian barrister, Mr. Doug Christie, Jim Keegstra appealed his conviction; the Appeal Court upholding the appeal.

"Whilst I always felt that Jim Keegstra was unwise in the manner in which he sought to present his students with an alternative view of history (even though he used some of my own material) -- Jim Keegstra is a Christian gentleman and the promotion of hatred is alien to his nature. "I talked with Jim Keegstra a few days ago and even after an attempt was made to burn down his trailer home while he and his wife were sleeping inside, I detected no sign of hatred.

"Following Jim Keestra' s successful appeal against his conviction, Zionist spokesmen were quoted as saying how disgusted they were, going on to make the ominous comment that they would have 'to take the law into their own hands. "Someone did take the law into his own hands, and in the early hours of one morning, engaged in arson and possibly attempted murder. A study of the Canadian Jewish Press concerning this affair is revealing, as there is not the slightest indication of any sympathy for a family, the lives of which were put at risk by a cowardly act of arson.

"Hate flows from people who charge Christian patriots with being 'hate-mongers'. Three members of the Jewish Defence League who arrogantly pushed their way, uninvited, into The Canadian League of Rights Seminar in Calgary and demanded to know what was going on, by their action thus reflected the intolerance of the Pharisaic philosophy as expressed today by the Zionists. Shortly after the members of the Jewish Defence League were forced to leave, the hotel in which the League Seminar was being held, received a phone call warning that 'something terrible' would happen in fifteen minutes. The Calgary City police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had to be called. "Zionist thuggery will eventually produce a backlash, unfortunately often threatening the rank and file of the Jewish people, themselves victims of a collectivist philosophy which treats them as raw material in a revolutionary programme.

Following the arson attack on the Keegstra family, the local newspaper, The Eckville Examiner, not previously very sympathetic towards Jim Keegstra, concluded an editorial on August 2nd, as follows:
'Mr. Keegstra has had his day in court. It is not his fault that the court system has left somebody feeling let down. It is also not his fault that not everyone agrees with his beliefs. However, it is our fault as a community and district, that the foundations of this country, based upon law and religion, have been ignored in favour of irrational and dangerous behaviour. Let's cease this witch-hunt and let history prove itself as it always has in the past'.

But this civilised advice is rejected by the Zionist hate mongers as they call for more War Crime Trials, the first Canadian victim having already been selected; while down in the Maritimes, in New Brunswick, Zionist thuggery has reached an all time depth with the on going persecution of a young school teacher, Malcolm Ross. A devout Christian, Ross has in recent years authored three books, which have had a wide circulation throughout Canada and the U.S.A. The third of these books was 'Christianity versus Judeo Christianity'. Continuing Zionist pressure, exercised through the media, and, sadly, through sections of the Christian Church, has been employed in an attempt to have Ross sacked from his teaching position.

No evidence has been produced that Ross has brought any of his political or historical views into the classroom. Ross is highly regarded as a teacher by the local School Board and has the overwhelming support of the parents of the children he teaches. His smearers argue that it is the high regard which Ross is held, both as a teacher and a strong family man, which makes him so dangerous. Unlike the Keegstra and Zundel cases, where charger were laid in a court, Ross had never been charged; it being agreed by the Provincial Government - falling over backwards to placate the Zionist Terrorists, that it is hard to frame a charge against Ross which would be successful.

Malcolm Ross is being attacked by a form of diabolical psycho-political warfare. I believe that the Ross case is a chilling example of the shape of things to come, with a dedicated Christian fighting to use his considerable talents to prevent the de-Christianisation of his country, being persecuted by an unholy alliance in which Christian clergy have been co-operating with anti-Christian forces.

"Fighting back, Malcolm Ross has written a book, 'The Spectre of Power' - in which he tells a story of a Christian patriot who, although never charged in a court of law, has been tried, convicted, and condemned by the media under Zionist pressure, and with the cooperation of the Provincial Government. "'The Spectre of Power' is one of the most disturbing books I have ever read, bringing into clear relief the nature of the anti- Christian movement against Western nations. Ross, with great Christian charity, highlights how the Zionist campaign against the Christian West has enlisted the aid of Christian clergy in creating such a deep guilt complex about what Christians have allegedly done to Jews, particularly during World War II, that the time is coming when Calvary could be replaced with Auschwitz.

"As I write, Malcolm Ross now has a School Board ban placed on him so that he cannot even say anything publicly in his own defence. He cannot answer any questions by the media. My understanding is that while the School Board has no fault with Ross as a teacher, it is desperately seeking some way to escape the Zionist inspired pressure, even suggesting that Ross take indefinite leave on full salary. If the Board were to sack Ross, it could be sued. And the battle continues, with Malcolm Ross manning the lonely ramparts in defence of the Christian heritage against what can only be described as the forces of the anti-Christ.

"Mr. Doug Christie has now entered the battle to support Ross in what will be an historic episode in the defence of traditional Christendom. A short note of support, by Australian Christians, would, I am sure, be a spiritual tonic for a man whose family is feeling the full heat of Zionist vengeance and terror. His address is:- Mr. Malcolm Ross, Box 2545, Station "A", Moncton, N.B., CANADA ELC 625."

Editors Note: The League is making arrangements to import a supply of the book "The Spectre of Power" and supporters will be informed as soon as the book is available.


It is time this insidious and secretive organisation be subjected to intensive public scrutiny so that its racist and anti-semitic goals can be revealed." - Tony Levy, Chairman, B'Nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission. The above quote is taken from Mr. Levy's letter to the Editor of The Age (Melbourne), November 12th.

There is nothing new in the letter: it's all been said before. We were unable to contain our amusement, which we wish to share with our actionists, caused by Mr. Levy's words, "Senator Ron Boswell described in a courageous speech in the Senate recently how he had, for a short time, been an unwitting dupe of the League. If the League can succeed in taking in a Senator, then it would not be difficult for it to achieve a high degree of success in hoodwinking less politically sophisticated Australians."
Thanks, Mr. Levy, for a good laugh. We still have not changed our view that senior Zionist gentlemen would not want an "enquiry" into the League of Rights. We know that they are ever balancing their assaults on the League against the publicity, which these assaults attract to the League. This is correct thinking on their part.
A Parliamentary Enquiry, particularly if an open enquiry, would give us a million dollars worth of publicity: even more. However, it is probable that the Government will have far weightier problems on its plate, from now on, than phony "enquiries" into the League of Rights, and parallel organisations.

We note that Mr. Ian Sykes is predicting a collapse of the Japanese economy, with the "dominoes" falling everywhere, thereafter. No, we cannot rule this out. Mr. Sykes predicts that this will occur very shortly - a matter of 2-3 months. We note that Mr. Harry Schultz, No. 1 investment adviser in the West, names the present U.S. Government monetary/fiscal policy as "Operation Cover Up". Mr. Schultz anticipates a sharp contraction in the U.S. economy, and then elsewhere. We know of the highest property market controllers in Australia who anticipate a severe contraction of the Australian property markets in '89. These are more than straws in the wind, we feel. Added to our own understandings of finance economics (which differ from those of Mr. Keating) - yes, the financial prospect before us isn't bright at all. The HawkKeating Government may well be far more concerned to save its own skin than dabble in Mickey Mouse enquiries.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159