Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

25 November 1988. Thought for the Week: ".... It must be repeated that the money power uses liberal sentiment to disguise its real purposes. The call for post war independence of the English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Belgian colonies was designed to replace stability with unrest, harmony with hatred, progress with anarchy, and security with terror. Once the quality of life deteriorates, a country is ripe for the taking. A Black state is more easily controlled from outside than a white. The cries of liberty, human rights, democracy, one man one vote, majority rule freedom, racial prejudice et al, are merely a smoke screen behind which the take over of mineral rights and political power are made in secret. The current agitation over South West Africa (Namibia) has allegedly been occasioned by the discovery of vast deposits of uranium oxide that the bankers naturally wish to control…"
Dr. Michael Hurry, in Who Hold the Balance? (1983)


Eric Butler reports from Canada
I have just listened to a remarkable tape of a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio programme; 'Media File', which was broadcast prior to the second Zundel trail, which started early last year. The central theme of the programme was how to deny Zundel the massive publicity he had obtained during the first trial. The truth is that Zundel's brilliant barrister, Mr. Doug Christie, was able to expose the nonsense concerning the alleged systematic gassing of 6 million Jews, most of these allegedly in Poland during the Second World War. "What some of the witnesses for the defence had to say was highly newsworthy. Although the jury, under direction from the presiding judge, found Zundel guilty of circulating false news, millions of people heard for the first time that there were good reasons for at least doubting the story about the Six Million.

The producers of the C. B.C. programme, mentioned above, blatantly recommended that the media handle the second Zundel trial in such a way that there was a minimum of publicity. It was suggested that one of the big mistakes during the first trial was that the judge had not made a judicial ruling at the beginning that the mass gassing of millions of Jews was a fact. "The presiding judge at the second trial did, in fact, make such a ruling, whilst most of the media did adopt a strategy of giving most of the trial the silent treatment. The result was that the most devastating evidence against the gas chambers story was effectively boycotted by the media in what must be one of the most outrageous examples of media censorship in history.

"First hand examinations of the alleged gas chambers by a number of people confirmed what commonsense indicated; that it was impossible for what passed as gas chambers to have been used for mass gassing. But the issue was resolved beyond all argument by a scientific report prepared by probably the greatest expert in the U.S.A. on the subject of building gas chambers for the purpose of capital punishment. "Fred Leuchter is a consultant who specialises in the design and fabrication of execution hardware in U.S. prisons. Before accepting the assignment to go to Poland to make an assessment of the much-publicised 'killing chambers', Leuchter had made it clear that he accepted the general view of the mass extermination of Jews.

"But the Leuchter report, based on a thorough examination of the alleged gas chambers, demonstrated that no such gassings could have taken place. The scientific evidence is all there. It was this evidence which forced British historian, David Irving, who previously had not been prepared to go beyond saying that he knew of no documentary evidence supporting the view that Hitler has ordered the mass liquidation of Jews, to come out publicly at the second Zundel trial and say that the mass gassings could never have taken place. This is probably the most historic document of modern times. It can be said that the Leuchter Report has put an end to all argument about the alleged mass gassing of Jews. But this historic document is ignored by the media…"


Mr. Griffiths is Chairman of The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. His electorate is Maribyrnong, Vic., which covers mainly the Western suburbs of Melbourne
"Dear Mr. Griffiths: Mr. Eric Butler, National Director of the Australian League of Rights, who is at present overseas, has requested I write to you as the Chairman of the all party committee to investigate the, League, saying that Mr. Butler is desirous of appearing before your committee at the earliest opportunity to make a statement and to answer any questions members wish to ask.
"Mr. Butler now has had the opportunity to examine comments by politicians and feels that many of the allegations about the League are so incredibly absurd that they can only further reduce the already low perception of politicians, generally, by the public. Mr. Butler stresses that his offer to appear before your committee is subject only to the condition that the inquiry takes place in public. I would appreciate a reply to this letter at your earliest convenience. A copy of this letter is being released to the media.
Yours faithfully, ROBERT NIXON, Assistant National Director AUSTRALIAN LEAGUE OF RIGHTS.


"The Opposition human rights policy was attacked yesterday by the Chairman of the Human Rights & Equal Opportunities Commission." - The Sun (Melbourne), November 21st.

Justice Marcus Einfeld thinks that the H.R.E.O.C. is a terrific setup. Of course he does: he heads it. We don't think so; it is a menace as long as its there. Why? It is the governmental instrument to enforce all the Mickey Mouse legislation, which has come, and is coming on top of Australians via the United Nations Declarations and Conventions, Racial Discrimination/Status of Women/Affirmative Action/Heritage all this stuff has come from the United Nations, and legalised on top of the States via Australian High Court validation soon to be even more politicised with a Fabian Socialist Government appointment of a judge to replace the retiring Sir Ronald Wilson, who voted for the States on the Koowarta (Racial Discrimination) and Franklin Dam (World Heritage listings) rulings.

We cannot agree with Mr. Justice Einfeld that the H.R.E.O.C. is a "unique, independent, body." Its role is to implement United Nations "social" legislation, most of which, we assert, is freedom eroding. It is imposed, forcibly, on the States by a legal trick. There are United Nations Conventions down the track to curb what is termed "religious discrimination" (one religion is as good as another!): missionary work could be "unlawful". Again, "Rights of the Child" (children to be "freed" from oppressive parental control, etc.). All this is Satanic stuff; its obvious purpose to fragment our social structures in preparation for their remaking into a One World Straight jacket State. The H.R.E.O.C. will be needed by the Enemy (the real Enemy) to force this poison down our necks.


The Opposition Leader, Mr. Howard, has tried to take the heat out of his hard line immigration stance, claiming it is neither anti-Asian nor a vote grabbing ploy." - The Sun (Melbourne), November 21.

We viewed John Howard's "performance" on immigration on weekend T.V. His interviewer was pressing him hard, and John Howard was skating all over the rink. His interviewer was palpably not impressed; neither were we. We warned at the time of Mr. Howard's "One Australia" launch a couple of months back, that his "immigration offensive" would only work if he could silence/eject his liberal wimps. Otherwise, we insisted, they would torpedo him. They did', so, he's NOT a leader; A leader would have had their heads off. If John Howard ever becomes Prime Minister it will be accidental, or by default. ....A true, conservative, Opposition leader could have silenced his interviewers, as they pressed home their advantage, as they smelled blood, by announcing a national referendum on Asian Immigration on the return of his Party to government. ....The Liberal wimps are against it, ideologically. We recall that Mr. Macphee, when Minister of Immigration in the Fraser Government, stated, "it is my job to change public opinion. Is it, indeed? He may yet learn. The Citizens Initiated Referenda are just what these types of politicians need.


This good letter published in The Age (Melbourne), November 16th over the name of "Edward Havard", of Beaumaris (Melbourne suburb):
"The current clamor for war crimes trials in Australia could have ramifications well beyond those foreseen by the most vocal protagonists or politicians pandering for factional kudos. "The first and obvious objection was that crimes committed nearly half a century ago by non-Australians against other non-Australians outside Australia were and should remain outside the jurisdiction of Australian courts. "This argument was side tracked by introducing the case of alleged atrocities committed by Australian servicemen in the Pacific. The list of defendants should then logically be enlarged to include those of us privileged to fly and fight against the Nazis in Europe. Ironically, this helped pave the way for the liberation of many of the concentration camp survivors, for whom the vociferous advocates of a vengeful 'Crystal Night' in reverse, would create unwanted schisms in Australian society.
"It is now being argued that the problem would be solved by giving immunity to Australian service personnel 'acting under orders', a defence specifically discredited in the war crimes trials at Nuremberg. Ignoring the un-Australian concept of exempting particular groups from legal liability as being contrary to our ideas of fair play, there arises another problem. This concerns the criminal participation by some concentration camp inmates in assisting in the selection of their fellow prisoners for torture and extermination. Are they, too, to be granted exemption from prosecution? It is far better to recognise that Australia is a new country, a different country, in which outdated philosophical concepts, such as an eye for an eye, have no place. We have enough troubles of our own without importing other people's."


This letter, from Senator D. Hamer, Liberal senator for Victoria was published in The Age (Melbourne), 17th November, 1988:
"The ignorance of Government ministers about their own War Crimes legislation is astonishing. First the Minister for Justice (Senator Tate) thought that the War Crimes Act of 1945 (which the present bill amends) applied to Australian servicemen and he eventually had to apologise for misleading the Senate when it was pointed out to him that the 1945 act did no such thing. "Now we have Attorney General Bowen saying that the Senate committee did not make any recommendation on Australian servicemen (The Age, 14/11). But the Government prevented the Senate committee from considering this matter when I moved a motion to permit it to do so.
"At the same time we have a spokesman for Mr. Bowen saying murder is murder'. Quite so, but Australian courts cannot try murders committed in foreign countries. This is what is so extraordinary about the present bill. It retrospectively gives Australian courts power to try offences committed in foreign countries against non-Australians. "Even more controversially, it introduces a new offence of deporting someone to a death camp, which was unheard of in Australian law of the relevant period.
"It is not by chance this new campaign to try war criminals has arisen, after a period of nearly 30 years when everyone thought the issue was dead. It is, in my opinion, all to do with the bad press Israel has been getting over Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories. Supporters of Israel are anxious to counter act this by reminding everyone of the horrors suffered by the Jews in World War II. "This is entirely understandable and reasonable from their point of view, but we must consider very carefully what benefits the new war crimes bill will achieve for us, and what harm it will do to the fabric of society, before we permit ourselves to become pawns in an international propaganda campaign."
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159