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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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19 February 1987. Thought for the Week: "A great physician of the mind might venture the diagnosis that the major sickness of the modern soul comes from the virus of the phrase: 'Everyone has the right to his own opinion'. Everyone does not have the 'right' to his opinion, but only the responsibility to see that his opinion is right."
The late E. Merrill Root, American poet


Mr. Hugh Morgan, chairman of Western Mining Corporation, should be warmly congratulated for his recent address at Alice Springs, in which he courageously warned that a "guilt industry" had been developed in Australia with a "neurotic obsession, which has moved from the bizarre and ludicrous to a stage where it now poses a very real threat to the national interest."

As documented by former top Communist Geoff McDonald in his Red Over Black ($8.OO posted) there has been a long term Communist strategy to create a guilt complex concerning the Aborigines. The Bi-Centennial year has already seen the growing orchestration of a campaign in which a number of writers and intellectuals have been given every form of assistance to spread the guilt poison. It is a national disgrace that the ABC should provide the expatriate Australian John Pilger with prime time to distort history as part of his contribution to the "guilt industry". The fact that the ABC has had to state before the screening of Pilger is series, The Last Dream, that Pilger's views are not necessarily those of the ABC, indicates that the ABC itself is aware that some of Pilger's allegations are outrageously false.

Fabian Prime Minister Hawke, the new type Labor leader who boasts of his friendships with some of the representatives of Big Business, men who have flourished as a result of the type of financial policies furthered by the Hawke Government, set the tone for the development of a national guilt complex with his Australia Day address in which he said that "we must acknowledge the errors, even the crimes of the "past." This suggests a national campaign of self-flagellation, the creation of a mood of self-hate. It was this type of campaign, master minded by the Soviet strategists, and carried forward by the Fabian intellectuals like George Bernard Shaw, which created a national guilt feeling among the British people concerning their colonial achievements, undermining the national will to the point where British governments prematurely retreated from their colonial responsibilities. The Soviet Empire expanded as the British Empire contracted.

The Bi-Centennial celebrations are not primarily concerned with the raising of the Union Jack on January 26th, 1788, but with two hundred years of achievements, achievements which have, in the main, also benefited those Australians of Aboriginal background. It is a perversion of history to claim that there was ever such a thing as a "sovereign nation" of Aboriginal people. There were a number of completely different tribes, some of the most primitive people in the world. Outstanding Australians of Aboriginal background, men like the Rev. Cedric Jacobs, M.B.E., author of the most inspiring book, Healing a Divided Nation ($6.00 posted) have dealt realistically with what has happened, expressing their gratitude that it was the British who came. Of course the conditions in the early penal settlements were harsh compared with today. But the penal settlements offered thousands of men, and women, who had been sentenced under the harsh British laws of the period the opportunity to make something better of their lives in what was a tough environment. But there was the challenge of great natural wealth.

Australia was pioneered by real men mostly of British stock, who displayed tremendous resourcefulness and initiative. While the culture was predominantly masculine, women were safer and treated with far more respect than they are today. It is the positive achievements of 200 years, which young Australians should be told about during this Bi-Centennial year. Mistakes were made. Some individuals were evil and committed sins against God and their fellow man. But today's generation is not responsible for the misdeeds of their forebears. The suggestion that they are collectively is a denial of natural justice.

The fostering of the concept of collective retrospective guilt is an attempt to undermine the very soul of Australia. Tragically, large numbers of Christian Church leaders are also engaged in the fostering of the "guilt industry". Australia was truly the Lucky Country. But it is important to recall that the young nation grew to maturity under the protection of the British Navy. The Second World War dramatically changed the situation and the old British world started to be broken up. Responsible Australians know that without some type of an alliance with bigger powers like the United States, it is meaningless to talk about Australia's sovereignty. Any talk of military defence is a sick joke.

The purveyors of guilt contribute to the further moral disarmament of the nation. Not only is the campaign for some type of a separate Aborigine nation fostered; now a handful of Torres Strait Islanders join in the cry f or "independence". The future of traditional Australia is now at stake and the first essential for survival is a lifting of the national spirit by sweeping aside the "guilt industry", by expressing proper pride in the achievements of the past, and by stressing that these achievements should be used as a means of pointing the way forward, with the first essential being the restoration to the Australian people of control over their own affairs.


Well known Jewish journalist, Sam Lipski, writing in last week's Australian Jewish News, reveals an aspect of Mick Young's political career which traditional Labor supporters would perhaps find surprising. According to Lipski, Young has been a key linkman between those influential Jewish businessmen and lawyers who have been supporting the Hawke Government. Young will be missed, comments Lipski.

Medical authorities are pointing out that many bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. More than 50 percent of the bacteria, which cause gonorrhea, are now resistant to penicillin and this venereal disease is now on the increase throughout the world. Professor Tania Sorrel, head of the infectious diseases unit at Sydney's Westmead Hospital, says that a major problem with antibiotics is the general view that they are harmless. "No drug is absolutely free of side effects. And some people do have a particular problem with antibiotics", she says. This is why traditional medical philosophy has been to treat people as individuals. Dosing people like cattle with fluoride through the public water supply is a manifestation of the philosophy of collectivism.

A Soviet official at Canberra, Mr. Yuri Belobrov, says that the Soviet would prefer that "war criminals" living in Australia should be tried in the countries where they committed their crimes. But not even the Hawke Government would dare to consider extraditing Australians citizens to the Soviet Union. It is now reported that the number of suspected Nazi war criminals in Australia has increased to 650. Even if only a small number of this total are brought to trial, the stage will have been set for the intensification of Soviet psycho-political warfare against Australia. The outrageous policy of staging trials in Australia concerning alleged Second World War crimes, should be strongly rejected.

Victorian Fabian Premier John Cain makes the silly statement that the coming by-election for the safe Liberal seat of Kew, Melbourne, should be treated as a referendum on his gun control legislation. Cain is attempting to drive a wedge between urban and country people in Victoria. Unfortunately he is assisted by the wishy washy attitude of the Victorian Liberals under Geoff Kennett. Mr. John Cain should note carefully what happens to his fellow Fabian Barry Unsworth, when he faces the electors of the whole of N.S.W. Gun controls will be a major issue.


From "Geoff Barnard (Greensborough, Melb., Suburb) The Sun (Melbourne), February 15th:
"When we have recognised community spokesmen such as Andrew Theophanous, M.P., Professor Blainey, Mr. Bruce Ruxton, and Mr. Charles Perkins and others, making divergent statements on the issue of immigration, it is obvious this subject is of considerable interest to Australians and that no single individual or political party can possibly claim to speak for us all, or for that matter a majority. "It is an issue that cuts across party lines and one that will determine the whole future of this nation. "It should be the subject of national debate and determination.
"Politicians, ever in fear of offending the voters who could cost them narrowly held seats, walk, as Sir Joh would say, astride the barbed wire fence, mouthing platitudes and generalities but frightened to make a positive stand on the issue.
"The use of the referendum has in our history been only to try to further federal powers. With our present focus on the bicentennial celebration we have an ideal opportunity to enhance our claim to democracy by introducing a citizen-inspired referendum as part of the governing process. "It is too easy for politicians to avoid facing contentious issues at both state and federal levels, so we should have more citizen participation than we are allowed. "We have the habit of electing to government one of the two major party groupings and so leaving unresolved social issues that are 'too hot to handle' because of vocal minorities that carry far too much weight."
We notice that a Victorian Liberal Party politician, Mr. Mark Birrell has a letter published in the same issue of the Sun. Predictably, he's all for 4-year terms of parliament, and urges Australians to support this referendum when it is put. Politicians from ALL PARTIES close ranks, and are as one, when the issue to be decided benefits politicians, generally. How about the vote for salary rises for politicians? Brother, does THAT sweep through the House! Longer terms before having to face "the enemy" (their electors). It is no use for politicians to rave on about the number of countries that have 4-year terms, and how we must bring ourselves into line etc. etc. Britain has 5-year terms, America has 4-year terms: Are they better governed than Australia. No. Keep the politicians on their toes. Not only the retention of the 3-year term (federally) but also the right of recall, at any time, by their electorate if they are not performing (Swiss system): that's what we would like to see. The five Australian States (Queensland excepted) have 4-year terms (they were able to vote on the issue). The 3- year term of office for Federal politicians is incorporated in the Australian Constitution, and that cannot be altered by the vote of the Commonwealth. It must go to the referendum; a majority of Australian voters in a majority of States.


Why Arizona? Because the State of Arizona, under its Constitution, has the "Electors' Veto" written into it. Governor Evan Mecham (Arizona) is accused of fiddling the books, and of suppressing investigation into a death threat. He faces a recall election shortly.
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