Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

14 April 1989. Thought for the Week: "Human society is not, perhaps, or at least should not be, like a well regulated machine in which every component part works in close cohesion ... Many sound, even sincere ones are under the impression that tradition is but the memory and pale effigy of a past that can no longer return. Tradition, however, is much more than a simple link with the past. Tradition means progress. Youth guided by the experience of their elders treads its way with a firmer and surer step. Progress without tradition would be stepping blindly into the dark."
Pope Pius XII, January 19th, 1944


We want to talk frankly to readers about subscriptions. On Target is not a commercial venture, but part of a service for those Australians who desire to play an effective role in defending traditional Australia, its values and institutions. Over a quarter of a century On Target has been the spearhead of the League of Rights' activities, providing a weekly service for those who, in the main, might be described as hardcore actionists. Time and time again it has given early warnings of "targets" to be hit, drawing attention to significant developments, while publicising important books, cassette and videotapes, and important functions and activities. In-depth material is provided in the League's monthly Intelligence Survey and The New Times. The high quality magazine Heritage is published quarterly.

Events, long foreshadowed by the League, are sweeping Australia, and the whole world, into rapidly deepening crisis conditions which over the next few years could prove vital to the future of traditional Australia. The situation would have been far worse if some of the major totalitarian threats - "land rights", the Bill of "Rights", the I.D. card and proposed constitutional changes, had not been successfully beaten off. But the struggle for the future "On Target" might be described as a vital part of the League's early warning system, and its influence has far exceeded its relatively small readership, compared with the mass circulations of the big media.

Powered by Truth, "On Target" is like a torch whose light penetrates the mass darkness. The greater the darkness, the more striking that light from even one small candle so long as it can be kept alive. It is essential that "On Target" and its unique service be preserved at all costs. This requires a frank talk to subscribers in the middle of a war for survival. With extremely conservative printing costs and volunteer staff, no organisation in Australia runs at a lower cost. But there is one cost which has outstripped all others, and one over which we have no control - POSTAGE. The inflated costs of the Postal Monopoly have driven many small publications out of business.

Inflation, inherent in orthodox financial policies, fosters Monopoly, as the forces behind inflation well understand. Approximately half the present "On Target" subscription of $25 is absorbed in postal charges. Up until now the League has adopted a lenient approach to "On Target" subscribers in arrears, seeking to continue providing what has in fact been a subsidised service. However, this is no longer possible or desirable as the League "clears the decks" for an increase in its overall activities. We must therefore stress that unless we hear immediately from all those subscribers who are in arrears - some have had several renewal notices, all adding to League costs - they will have to be taken off the "On Target" list immediately.

In future subscribers will be taken off the list if they have not renewed subscriptions by the end of one month following the sending of final reminder notices. Our survey reveals that the League is losing thousands of dollars a year as a result of long delays in renewing subscriptions. This money is required for expanded League activities. Although "On Target" costs only 50 cents a week, we suggest to those who feel they cannot even afford this, that they subscribe, if not already doing so, to the League's monthly "Intelligence Survey", $12 per annum, in that way at least keeping in touch with the League. Subscriptions to "The Intelligence Survey" will also be treated on the same basis as "On Target" subscriptions - those not renewing subscriptions will have to be taken off the list after a month of failing to respond to final renewal notice.

All past subscribers will be kept on a general mailing list so that they can be periodically informed of Conservative Speakers' Club meetings, other League activities, and of new books, cassettes and video tapes. As the battle for Australia develops, there will be a progressive sifting process taking place, including the large number of League contacts built up over the years. But the result of this will be to sharpen the cutting edge of the League. Quality, not quantity, is going to prove decisive in the battle.


Mr. Alan Griffiths, Labor chairman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, last week called for changes in the electoral laws which would force parties or individuals to declare any association with the League of Rights or other "extremist" organisations. A report of the Griffiths statement appeared in the first edition of The Herald, Melbourne, of April 5th, but was not republished in subsequent editions. Mr. Griffiths says he is particularly concerned at the alleged links of candidates in last month's A.C.T. elections to the League of Rights.

Mr. Griffiths' latest salvo against the League of Rights is further evidence of the ongoing campaign of psycho-political war against the Australian people. Last week's Bulletin, dated April 11th, followed up its previous week's eight page article on the "racist threat", with a two page interview of Irene Moss of the Human Rights Commission by a Joanna Mendelssohn, who is not listed among either The Bulletin's staff writers or contributing writers. The article is entitled "PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE ON RACISM", which indicates what the coming investigation into "racism" is all about.

We presume that Joanna Mendelssohn, who went to Sydney University with Irene Moss, is Jewish. Irene Moss is married to a Jewish banker, Alan Moss. With Irene Moss being assisted by prominent Melbourne barrister, Zionist Ron Caston, there is a pattern developing which suggests that Zionist influence is the major force. The Zionist press has praised Mr. Alan Griffiths, who makes it clear that the League of Rights is his major target.

It should be recorded that although Irene Moss is of Chinese background, there is little evidence to suggest that this fact has prevented her from doing reasonably well for herself in Australia. Now a senior public servant, she has, with the aid of Mr. Caston, been given the task of "investigating" her fellow Australians. This is already causing a great deal of unease.


We never cease to be astonished by the fact that there are apparently some people who continue to take Mr. Peter Sawyer's predictions and warnings seriously. Because of the collapse of the Victorian Division of the National Safety Council, Peter Sawyer has been urging people to take their money out of the Victorian State Bank, which appears to have lost over $100 million. No one's deposits are at risk with the Bank, as pointed out by bank spokesmen themselves. Banks do not lend their depositors' money. Every loan is a creation of new money in the form of financial credit, as outlined in a number of textbooks on banking. (see The Money Trick, $6.00 posted, from all League addresses.)

Governor General Bill Hayden has been praised for his honesty in declining to become the Chief Scout of the Scout Association of Australia because, as an atheist, he could not swear loyalty to God. But the Governor General has found it possible to swear allegiance to a Monarchy in which he has said on a number of occasions he does not believe. For the sake of Australia, it is to be hoped that His Excellency matures as he serves in the most distinguished position in the nation.

The "winds of change" sweeping the world are not only causing cracks in the Communist world, but are seriously affecting the Zionist movement. As a preliminary to his meeting with President George Bush, former terrorist leader, Israeli Prime Minister Shamir, invited a large number of prominent Jews from around the world to meet in Israel in a show of unity behind the Israeli Government. A Jerusalem Declaration of Unity was issued at the conclusion of the get together and widely publicised in the Zionist press throughout the world. But what was not published was the number of prominent Jews who declined to attend, making it clear they were far from supporting Israel's policies concerning the Palestinians. Numbered among those present was professional Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, one time Nazi collaborator, and media monopolist and Socialist, Maxwell, from the United Kingdom, shown in one photo sitting with Wiesenthal.
Typical of the attitude of many prominent British Jews was that of Sir Isiah Berlin, who said he was unable to express solidarity with a government whose policies were mistaken and counterproductive". The idea that the modern State of Israel was set up to provide a home for the world's Jews was a piece of romanticism designed to mask long term aims with Israel but a pawn in a global strategy. Even many Israelis are beginning to express opposition to their role in a "grand design".
Essential reading, The Zionist Factor, by Ivor Benson. Price $14.00 posted from all League Bookshops.

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