Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

28 April 1989. Thought for the Week: "For myself, I was never so much enticed with the glorious name of a King, or royal authority of a Queen, as delighted that God hath made me this instrument to maintain His truth and glory, and to defend this kingdom from peril, dishonour, tyranny and oppression. There will never Queen sit in my seat with more zeal to my country, care to my subjects, and that will sooner with willingness yield and venture her life for your good and safety than myself."
Queen Elizabeth I (on dissolving Parliament, 1601)


"Tensions between Opposition Leader John Howard and former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser flared yesterday, as Mr. Fraser made a dramatic entry into the Victorian pre-selection row." The Sun (Melbourne), April 24th.

Why did Professor David Kemp, a former adviser to Malcolm Fraser during part of his prime ministership, select the very seat of Goldstein as the mechanism to steer him into Federal politics? According to reports we have read, Professor Kemp is known to be a mild mannered gentleman and not at all the bloody minded "confrontationist". Malcolm Fraser, speaking on this matter on weekend T.V., firmly expressed the view that Professor Kemp should transfer his ambitions (political) to winning another seat. Mr. Fraser did not attack Professor Kemp; on the contrary, he praised his talents. Mr. John Howard is no doubt correct in wishing not to become involved in purely Liberal Party branch machinery (selection of candidates) - but unfortunately the matter has now risen above this: it has become virtually a national issue, throwing into question John Howard's leadership credibility.

It is being argued (and many are listening) that a strong leader would not have allowed this political imbroglio to have arisen. Would Mr. Bob Hawke have allowed a situation like this to get out of hand if it were an A.L.P. matter? In fact, Mr. Hawke stirred the Devil's Brew very nicely with his remarks (to the effect) that Ian Macphee represents all that the Labor Party holds dear. The kiss of death? We take the view that Malcolm Fraser did a rather good job in undermining John Howard's credibility. Should Mr. Fraser have put his oar in at all? We think not. Did Mr. Fraser want to enter the debate? Definitely. He said so. He told his interviewer that he would not have agreed to the interview had he not the desire to offer his contribution. Mr. Macphee? He says he is delighted at the intervention of Mr. Fraser.
Note: not "opinion", "advice", but intervention.

And why did Mr. Fraser "intervene"? Malcolm Fraser is now (certainly in his own view) a "World" statesman. He has overcome petty nationalistic loyalties and narrow political connections, to have developed a "world view" on social and political affairs. He sure wants that Commonwealth Secretariat job as Secretary, and anyone who can help him up a rung of that particular ladder is his buddy. Bob Hawke, who trounced him in March 1983 (Fraser was in tears) is a bonzer bloke.

Does Malcolm Fraser (from his elevated political position) know what is required of Australia from the International Gentlemen? Is it the continuing path of Fabian Socialism; the New World Order, the continuing tribalisation of Australia via indiscriminate immigration, the continuing attempts to erode the freedoms we enjoy from our British heritage now being undermined by overt and covert attempts to impose restrictive social" legislation (Bill of Rights, I.D. Card), this in turn now possible because of the by passing of the spirit of the Australian Constitution via the (ab)use of the External Affairs Power, with subsequent validation from a High Court now made up of mainly political centralists.

Mr. Fraser made an important issue out of the supposed need of a political party to have "different strands of thought". We would like to be convinced that a party with "different strands of thought" is able to formulate firm policies on key matters. We feel sure that Mr. Hawke, Mr. Brian Howe, Mr. John Dawkins, Mr. Stuart West, Senators Graham Richardson, Gareth Evans, and others of the Fabian Socialist ideologues do not have "different strands of thought" on matters, which affect the advance of Fabian policies. They are as one: Fabian Brothers. The whole thing has too many blurred issues; enough to make us suspicious that there is some high level cloak and dagger work going on.


"Burstein, a New York based journalist, predicts a world dominated by Japanese loans that will eventually find itself bankrupt and be forced into land swaps with the Japanese ..." The Australian April 10th.

Daniel Burstein puts up a credible scenario in our view of the way explosive international debts could direct political affairs. The book he has written is YEN! (The Threat of Japan's Financial Empire): he says that the Japanese want the whole of Queensland, and also California, to solve intense overcrowding in the Japanese Islands. His central thesis (Debt for Equity Swaps) will not come as a surprise to regular readers of these pages; we have warned of it several times previously. We acknowledge that it is a credible scenario, but we do not acknowledge that it is an inevitable scenario.

It is a fact that Japan needs Australia (and other of its export markets) more than we need Japan. If Japan sank beneath the waves tomorrow, would we starve in Australia? Would we have food, clothing and shelter, or not? We have everything we need to sustain a good standard of living: the raw materials, the skills. But money? What we are asked to accept is that a few blips on computers, a few lines on faxes, a few exchanges between banks, mean the difference between a good standard of living, and economic desperation!

The Japanese believe (and rightly, we think) that the homogeneity of Japanese society is the foundation of the nation's success. We recall, also, that Tokyo's police chief, in the U.S.A., asserted that Japan's (relatively) low crime rate was attributable to the homogeneity of Japanese society. It is virtually impossible for a foreigner to gain Japanese citizenship. It is impossible for a Westerner to gain Chinese citizenship. It's a one-way street with respect to immigration and Australia: we take Asians, the more the merrier to Senator Ray and his colleagues. Asians don't want Europeans.

Daniel Burstein does not see the "Debt for Equity Swaps" policy gaining effect until the end of the century; something like that. Our view is that the world's finance economic systems are more likely to collapse before that time comes about, with cataclysmic results, before a genuine regeneration and restructuring emerges from the turmoil. We could possibly avoid the above by surrendering our sovereignties and entering a World Slave State.


Britain has said NO to plans for a single European currency and a central bank in the European Community. These proposals were naturally drafted by a committee of central bankers, which also wants limits to national budget deficits. The politicians will be little more than marionettes (which is just about the case, now, anyway). Mr. Nigel Lawson, the British Treasurer, told them that Britain sees the European Community as one of independent, sovereign states. That isn't the way the bankers see it. C.H. Douglas remarked that Finance is inherently centralising: it feeds on itself, nationally and internationally.

As we mentioned last week, the media generally has ignored the Gwydir (N.S.W.) by-election, which the Nationals held with a substantially reduced vote. National Party candidate Anderson is quoted in The Australian of April 17th as saying he "was surprised" at the level of support the two Independents received. While the two Independents may be disappointed that they did not win, what they did demonstrate with 28,000 votes, is that there is growing support for the concept of the Citizens' Initiative Referendum. The major parties are in for more "surprises" at coming elections.

l5 years after the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel, the anti-British attitude of the Zionists continued, resulting in Israeli Mossad agent Aaron Moshel giving top KGB agent, British traitor Kim Philby, the tip off which enabled Philby to flee to the Soviet from Beirut in 1963. It now appears possible that Philby was working for Mossad as well as the KGB.

After six years of civil war, it is reported that Tamil separatists have accepted a peace offer from Sri Lanka following four days of violence in which at least 79 people were killed. Such are the results of the multicultural society, which the multiculturalists seek to impose upon Australia. Multiculturalism is guaranteed to produce friction and ultimately violence. Patriotic organisations like the League of Rights are then blamed for the violence.

The secretary of the A.C.T.U., Mr. Bill Kelty, one of the new breed Trade Union leaders, revealed the clenched fist last week with his threat that if a Coalition government were elected, there would be "inevitable" confrontation with the Trade Unions. It should be pointed out to Bill Kelty that in a genuine democracy, the people elect parliamentarians to represent them and to implement policies on their behalf. The Coalition could, of course, completely neutralise Bill Kelty and his fellow academic bullyboys by implementing financial policies, which would have the enthusiastic support of the majority of Trade Unionists. Failure to implement such policies would prepare the way for conflict with the Trade Unions. A Howard government could prove even more disastrous than the Hawke government.


From The Australian (April 21st): "Both the Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, and the Treasurer, Mr. Keating called on fellow Australians to save, thereby helping the economy. "Considering myself to be a good Australian and willing to help the Australian economy, I answered their call and invested my savings in a bank. "Now I am looking forward to my reward for being a good Australian. The inevitable reward in the form of a hefty tax on interest on these savings. "Some reward." (Stan Slater) Box Hill, Vic. (Melb. suburb)


From The Australian (April 20th): "Isn't it sad that most people seem to assume that more money solves everything? "Henry Winterburn (12/4) says: 'Without the proceeds from new investment and growth of modern competitive facilities we lack the economic powerhouses that generate the money to pay for a better environment. "Nonsense, Mr. Winterburn. Money, or rather the technology it can buy, is the environment's greatest enemy. Consider what money has done for Africa - the famines, the massive environmental degradation, the tanks, the guns. "Did you know that most of the power generated by the Aswan Dam goes to the making of fertilisers in a vain effort to compensate for the lack of Nile silt?
"Go to the midlands of Ireland. Modern agricultural technology, generated by those wonderful 'economic powerhouses', has turned beautiful little trout streams into sterile, and often stinking, drains. Birdlife has been decimated, hedgerows bulldozed to make way for massive combine harvesters, swamps drained, trees destroyed. "The same sad, sorry story is manifest wherever you go. As David Suzuki has told us, what we need for survival is negative growth." (R.J. Robson) Edgecliff, N.S.W.

Our Comment: We feel sure that Mr. Robson would agree that it is not "money", or "technology", themselves, which have ravaged the land, and the sea too, in recent years, and yet again the air we breathe (pollution) - but the madness brought about by the drive of an ever more rapacious industry for markets for mountains of production which is not really needed; shoddy production made to a minimum price level; when cars, household goods, furniture, etc., etc., can be made which will last a lifetime. We speak of "Planned obsolescence". Goods made to wear out quickly to maintain "full employment". It is the POLICY of the world's production systems that is wrong. More than wrong, it is evil. Yes, it all comes back to the fallacious finance economic system under which the Western world, in particular, groans.
Read The Money Trick. Price: $6 posted from all League Bookshops. The world's finance economic, banking systems are directed by PEOPLE (men and women) who will see the world in flames before they yield a shred of the power which control of the above brings.


From The Age (April 21st), over the name of "Paul Drakeford", of Kew, Vic. (Melb. suburb). Mr. Drakeford has a sense of humour, tinged with cynicism: "Tasmania is ablaze with political colour; the greenies v the brownies. "Robin Red Breast Gray is brown, but Bob Battling Brown is green. And, lacking any distinguishing color, the Labor Opposition is grey. But the greenies are painted as red. And the brownies are all in black shirts. "If the greenies get some seats, the brownies will be green with envy, and the greenies will be flushed pink with pride. Gray will be jaundiced yellow and sadly blue. "Tasmanian politics is no longer a black and white affair. On with the motley."
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