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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

16 June 1989. Thought for the Week: "There is no sounder military maxim than that if you can find out with certainty what your enemy doesn't want you to do, it is worth taking big risks to do it. Our enemy is now primarily, even if directed from Wall Street, within our gates, and it is clear for anyone to see that he is determined to raise prices - he calls it 'controlled inflation', so as to tax you without calling it taxation, and to tax you by taxation, as well. The object of this is to transfer increasing buying power from the silly sheep he is shearing, to the inner clique which is playing world politics…"
C.H. Douglas (1946)


"The Chinese Government yesterday launched a chilling psychological campaign to flush out students and dissidents responsible for the pro-democracy rally in Beijing that ended in a massacre of 1,400 freedom fighters... - The Australian, June 12th

So it's back to the "traditional" Communist terror now as the people's protest has been crushed by military might. How many millions of ordinary men and women, boys and girls, have had their lives snuffed out by the forward march of Communist terror, will never be known. We expect "things" to be fairly quiet from China for a time, whilst the State terror machine "restores order". We do not need to elaborate to our readers!

As we predicted in the last issue of On Target the Chinese in Hong Kong are "feeling" the terror in Beijing, and we are satisfied, by listening to China "old-hands", people who should know, that some 10% of the Hong Kong Chinese will want to emigrate, and quickly. Many of such Chinese people would know full well that the Party apparatus in Beijing would very much like to bring them under police control for one reason or another; e.g. genuine anti-Communist activity, potential to lead an uprising against the State, vast amounts of money, property - which would almost certainly be confiscated, etc., etc.

Australia could expect to be under some sort of pressure to take say - 200,000 of these Chinese people. Equal or larger numbers will endeavour to emigrate to the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. Many will want to go to Britain; another headache for Mrs. Thatcher. This could be a headache for even Mr. Hawke as these Hong Kong Chinese want to get out now, right now.

But whoever is sitting on the Treasury benches in Canberra in the next few short years will "cop the flack" on the immigration question; and the main reason is likely to be the state of the Australian economy. Whereas, as we explained in a recent issue of On Target, we believe the Money Power is trying to avoid anything like a depression, the fact remains that our economy won't be any better, and will probably become slowly worse. Our point is that these conditions are not conducive to large-scale immigration, and should the situation become out of hand, with the onset of a severe recession, then immigration becomes dynamite for the government of the day.

Prime Minister Hawke has warned (as if we didn't know) that the events in China have thrown Sino-Australian trade into doubt. Mr. Hawke set great store by his "cultivation" of China: he was bending over backwards to woo the China leadership. No one out here (or maybe elsewhere) knows exactly what is going on in China at this very moment (apart from the terror). It can be said that the policy of setting great store by trade policies with totalitarian governments, with their evolving leadership struggles and bloodbaths, has proved to be a foolish one.


"The blinkered, blimpish, local cabal that cut short the illustrious political career of Ian Macphee on Saturday may be feeling smug and self-satisfied this morning. As they see it through their blue-tinted spectacles, they have rid the Liberal Party of its most prominent small '1' liberal, a man of unsound views, non-conformist tendencies and disconcerting assertiveness. Editorial, The Age (Melbourne), June 12th

So laments the "Spencer Street Soviet", as The Age is referred to by the trade in Victoria. We do not share the opinion of The Age with respect to Ian Macphee, and we do not lament his departure from Australian political life. We consider Ken Aldred, who won the Deakin pre-selection, to be a far better candidate. We assert what no voices in the mass media will assert, that Ian Macphee was rejected at the grassroots by his selectors. He didn't fall foul of the Liberal Party leadership: Peacock was all for him, and the Liberal Party President, John Elliott, attempted to keep Macphee in the Party. Even Malcolm Fraser put in a plug for him, perhaps thinking himself, really, to be an Eminent Person whose opinion would carry all before it. Rather would the reverse be the case. Malcolm Fraser carries less and less weight in the Liberal Party.

Michelle Grattan of The Age says his (Macphee's) replacement on the Shadow Ministry by Senator Robert Hill is a "good one". We say it is a bad one: Robert Hill is of the same ilk as Ian Macphee. No doubt Andrew Peacock thinks he is giving the small 'ls' in the Party and in the broad electorate another Macphee "voice" - thus stemming any loss of support. If the grassroots rejected Macphee, the grassroots will reject Robert Hill. We do not feel that the Liberal leadership realises what is going on at the grassroots of Australian electoral life, and we are not going to expend our energies to educate them. The Fabian mob has a better notion of activities at the grassroots.


This comment from Ron Gostick, National Director of the Canadian League of Rights, as given in Canadian On Target, May 22nd:
".... Party politics does not tend to unite the electorate, but to divide it into contending and often divisive factions. Its main thrust is to centralise power into the hands of the 'leader', and those who control and manipulate the central Party machinery. By its very nature, this drive for power seems to require central control of party propaganda, image-making and 'public relations' (mind conditioning) - so necessary to win elections - which becomes the essence of the party game, reducing any party to little more than a machine to gain and retain power to control people and the public purse.
"The Reform Party, for instance, ran a number of candidates in last fall's federal election on a platform which implied major reform of our present 'open door' immigration policy which is swamping our country with a tidal wave of Third World refugees and immigrants. But when grassroots R.P. members in North Vancouver overwhelmingly chose as their reform candidate Doug Collins, a journalist of renowned courage and integrity who long has been battling for changes in our immigration policy along the lines implied by the R.P. platform, what happened? R.P. leader, Preston Manning, refused to sign Collins' nomination papers because he was too controversial and outspoken. His constituents wants him as their rep, but the 'leader', not the local constituents, evidently had the final say as to whom the North Vancouver electors may choose to represent them. Incidentally, one of the promises in R.P. literature is to give more say and power to constituents in the selection and control of their public representatives!
"No, the solution to our political problem does not involve the creation of more party power machines. Rather, it involves the acceptance of personal responsibility to the electors to take the action necessary to regain control over their public representatives and governments, regardless of party labels. And the reform measures taken by Switzerland a century ago when faced by some of the problems wracking our country today, and the excellent results they achieved through constitutional reform giving electorates a real say in policymaking and control over their governments through measures known as Initiative Referendum and Recall, offer some constructive guidelines for Canadians today.
"There are countless thousands of fine, dedicated Canadians disillusioned today but looking for answers. They're in the Reform Party, the Christian Heritage Party, indeed in all parties. Now they must devise a strategy for uniting their efforts along the lines that have so successfully regenerated the constitutional and political system in Switzerland. "We'll have more to say on this question in coming months..."
(End of Ron Gostick's comments.)


The HawkKeating Government is feeling the hot blast of protest from the electorate over the savage 17% interest rates. In spite of the fact that Brother Keating has insisted that taxation exemption on savings account interest is "not on", Mr. Hawke is wobbling: his Government is now "considering" the issue. What marvelous things politicians can achieve when they feel the heat of the electoral blowtorch! We well recall that Brother Keating, a matter of days before, the March 1983 election, which propelled him into the Treasurership, insisted that deregulation of the banking system, was not a goer. After some three weeks on the High Mountain in Washington and New York, etc., he came back to Australia a New Boy. Guess what? Deregulation of the banking system in Australia was just what Australia needed. No country is now an island, you know. And marvelous benefits would accrue to Australians because of the competition, which the overseas banks will force on Australia's banking scene. Well, what about the present 17% interest rates? Well, sorry about that, but better that than the plunge of the dollar, a severe recession, et. al.

We read (The Age, June 12th) that the Kremlin chieftains are considering the elimination of a third of the Soviet Government ministries, and that the remainder decentralise power among the nation's 15 republics. No doubt this is what Mr. Gorbachev wants: he knows he must streamline the Soviet's hideous bureaucracy before he can begin to bring some efficiency into the system. It might alleviate ethnic unrest, also.


From the Editorial of New Life (June 8th). New Life is a weekly Christian newspaper, published in Melbourne.
"The blood in Tiananmen Square is hardly dry as these words are being written. When will we ever learn what is the true nature of Godless, inhuman communism? "Words are inadequate to express our revulsion at the depth of wickedness displayed by the communist regime in China in the last few days. Their actions are beyond cowardice, beyond inhumanity, beyond tyranny.

They raise a number of questions in our minds:
* will the nations now treat China in the same way as they treat South Africa, or is there something special about a communist regime, which merits nothing more than a brief show of hollow rhetoric?
* for that matter, will the World Council of Churches treat China in the same way as it treats South Africa?
* will Hong Kong still be handed over to the communist regime to await whatever fate befalls it?
* can Taiwan continue to be left out in the cold?
* what will happen to the Christians of China, given that since AD64 Christians have usually been the first whipping posts for a government in trouble?

"If there is anything good to come out of this tragic event it might just be the realisation that cosmetic change is meaningless. The reality of communism never changes, and its Godlessness is matched only by its inhumanity. .."


One of the many new newspapers mushrooming up all over Australia. The Bunyip Bulletin is published out of Lithgow, N.S.W. (street address is 176 Main Street, Lithgow, N.S.W., 2790). Postal address: P.O. Box 395, Lithgow, N.S.W., 2790. Telephone: (063) 52366/ 52 3682. Mr. W.J. Baylebridge is the Editor. - Some of the articles are really excellent. One of the excellent articles is from the pen of Doug Jensen, the author of "A Conspiracy Called Conservation". We quote from his article in The Bunyip Bulletin (June, 1989), viz. "The Enemy Within":
"The Illusion of Wilderness
I seriously question the concept of 'wilderness', untouched by man, which has been so disastrously adopted in Australia from the United States of America. It is a false concept, a fantasy of make believe by people who have been reared in the urban environment, cut off from their own history and heritage, and who lost their roots in the soil of the country and who, somehow, imagine that they can find their soul in wilderness.
"The dream of wilderness which exalts native animals above the family of man has been built in to an obscene cult of ANIMISM - for people to find their soul in natural things, instead of humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God and understanding the correct relationship between man and his Creator.
"One has only to examine the wastelands created in most national parks - all in the name of preserving our priceless heritage to gather a picture of the extent of the destruction being perpetrated; witness the various T.V. channels any day or night of the week and see some animal or other being eulogised and man vilified and God denied.

Synonymous With Communism
Conservation which insists on the confiscation of privately owned lands into national parks is synonymous with communism. And governments - socialist and so-called non-socialist alike - are funding this idiotic nonsense with hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars of taxpayers' money; fashioning laws to use national parks, buffer zones, planning restrictions, conservation, etc., as a big stick to belt the Australian people into submission and subvert our nation to the goal of democratic socialism, and, ultimately, to the international dictatorship of communism. "The Australian Labor Party makes no bones about this objective, laying down that: '…. environment policies should reinforce Labor's commitment to democratic socialism'.

The Fabian Socialist Harold Laski (of the same school as the A.L.P. socialists) has stated that: 'British Socialists and Russian Communists are merely following two distinct roads to the same objective…' "It is repugnant to free men and women - who at great personal sacrifice, endured the perils and dangers of war to preserve our freedom and liberty - to now find that our deadliest enemy is right here, at home, in Australia, posing under the name of conservation..."

Subscription rates for The Bunyip Bulletin are 6 months/$15.00 -1 year/$25.00. Other new newspapers which come to our desk are The Citizen, and the Indi Forum. There are others.


From Farmer & Stockowner, S.A., May 31st: "The Australian Conservation Foundation supports the 'hard line' of the Department of Agriculture and the government against the farmers of the West Coast where the government refuses to provide traditional drought relief, which has proven to be the most effective measure yet devised to protect the soil, at the same time as the government protects its revenue against adverse seasonal factors.
"I hope Mrs. Gillen, Campaign Officer for the Australian Conservation Foundation, took the normal democratic processes of being assured that her grassroots membership support her stance, before she embarked down this precarious course. "No doubt the A.C.F. would have done a complete analysis of every West Coast farmer so that they can state categorically which of the '200 farmers' has to go. "A professional and high profile group such as A.C.F. would have done all the environmental, economic and social research to enable them to explain to each farmer who was the most incompetent and therefore had to go; so that those at A.C.F. could sleep at night. "I am sure they will advise each one of us where we have sinned against the A.C.F. and Department of Agriculture's criteria so that we can leave our homes, our livelihoods, our communities and our way of life happy in the full understanding that we have done our little bit for the greater glory of the 'State of the Environment' and the A.C.F. and the government.
"This process of removing West Coast farmers is fully endorsed by the A.C.F. at the same time as it ignores the fact that the Department of Agriculture has advised and supervised the farmers of S.A. for at least the past 50 years; at the same time as A.C.F. ignores the actual tax burden that is on the land and completely ignores the fact that the 1980s are drier than the 1940s and yet the land is in the best condition ever.
"Mrs. Gillen acknowledges that she is 'physically' removed from our rural environment and yet she has chosen to declare herself an instant expert completely at liberty to send me off my land and out of my home of four generations, without a care in the world.
"Rural S.A. be warned! "Our homes are no longer our own. "They are the property of the Mrs. Gillens of A.C.F., the Department of Agriculture and the politicians. "Their need to satisfy their warm inner glow, self righteous egos is the final boot to the groin."
(Barry Wakelin - Kimba, S.A.)
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