Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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23 June 1989. Thought for the Week: "Insanity is the condition where the mind has lost touch with reality. Contemporary insanity, now very widespread, is largely the result of the brainwashing, which goes under the name of 'education', but because it is so common, is not recognised for what it is. Belief in socialism is completely pathological, because socialism is contrary to human nature and behaviour, and requiring, by definition, the subordination of individuality, has to be enforced by the few on the many."
Dr. B.W. Monahan, in The Moving Storm (1969)


"The Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, is expected to come under intense pressure to rule out a half Senate election that would effectively give Labor another six months in government." - The Australian, June 19th

And what a dilemma it is. Most readers, no doubt, have read what the political analysts have had to say: Hawke has to decide whether to go early or late (to the people). We don't intend to repeat it all here. Politicians are not immune to making bad decisions, to misreading the public mood. Malcolm Fraser made a bad mistake when he decided to go to the people in March 1983. Sir William McMahon (then Mr. McMahon) looked stunned when defeat from the Whitlam forces (after Liberal National rule for some 23 years) was evident. That was December 1972.

Also, despite the arrogant assurances of Paul Keating, the Federal Treasurer, it cannot be asserted with confidence that the Government's economic policies are working: we very much doubt it. So does the Government's Minister for Finance, Senator Walsh; he says that the picture won't become clear for some 3-4 months from now. We suspect that the picture may be most unpleasant to look at 3-4 months from now, thus causing Mr. Hawke further worries concerning his (electoral) dilemma.

Senator Graham Richardson, who is regarded as the Government's strategy guru, says 'no early election'. But Mr. Hawke is a punter (he loves the Turf) - and people who know punters realise that they are unpredictable: they can fly in the face of "expert" advice, and sometimes the punt comes off! Not always, of course, but sometimes. So it would appear that no one can say right now just when the next Federal elections will be declared, not even Mr. Hawke. Our own educated guess is that the longer he leaves it, the worse for Labor. We are sure there would be more than a few Liberals and Nationals who would prefer the election set as late as constitutionally possible so that Hawke will cop the flak from an anticipated recession. Many economists predict this, so we'll see.


We viewed an interview of the French Socialist Prime Minister on weekend telly, and were impressed with his intellect. Monsieur Rocard is as sharp as a tack, and was quite frank in his statements. France is against mining in the Antarctic, so Rocard got off to a good start with Mr. Hawke. France regards European Economic Union as a foregone conclusion, Mrs. Thatcher is fighting desperately to keep Britain out of European political entanglements, but her position is hopeless (so says Rocard).

As a fellow Socialist, Mr. Hawke would view with favour the European political union, as a precursor to World Government, of course. The Fabians, and the Socialist international strive for World Government. We well recall watching the late Mr. Clement Attlee (late 40s) giving a speech in Britain in which he said that, 'our eventual aim is World Government'. The "our" refers to Fabian Socialism.

Newer readers may have to be informed that Clement Attlee was Labour Prime Minister of Britain after the end of World War Two. Attlee was a Fabian Socialist, of course. The Attlee Government was a Socialist Government. Mr. (let's drop the Monsieur) Rocard also says, with which Mr. Hawke would agree, that Australia's role is one of prominence in the Pacific Basin region of the globe. There is no role for Australia in Europe: he made that clear. Australia is not a European nation (quite obvious) - and the same goes for New Zealand, no doubt. So any Australian/New Zealand politicians and/or businessmen who are casting longing looks at the European market had best look elsewhere.

But readers should be made aware that there is a grassroots revolt growing within Britain against those policies which are dragging Britain down from her once place of pre-eminence in world affairs. Her submergence into Europe is one, and the threatened breakdown of social cohesiveness through massive coloured immigration, is another. Now, there is talk of an invasion of half a million Hong Kong Chinese between now and 1997. Will this be the catalyst to set off a grassroots rebellion within Britain?


"Fears about the Ozone Layer and the greenhouse effect had led to an orgy of environmental overkill, the N.S.W. Deputy Premier, Mr. Murray, said yesterday." - The Australian June 19th.

What people at large are being told is that all the hype about these environmental monsters is based on the researches of a small group of scientists, and that the "research" is still in its infancy. We certainly are in agreement with his assertion that there must be balance in the environmental debate; otherwise commercial, industrial, progress will be threatened. Yes, we suspect that this may well be the intention of the big time wheelers and dealers behind the scenes. Furthermore, we do agree with Mr. Murray when he says that Labor's "knee jerk" reaction to an avalanche of media exposure was based not on a desire to save the planet, but out of fear that green candidates would hurt Labor's support base.

It is interesting that the N.S.W. Deputy Premier has had the courage to stand up against the gales of "green wind" that are now raging. This should mean that this is the position of the Government of N.S.W. It is even more interesting, as the coming "exposure" of these environmental hoaxes will be sure to erode the political position of the various green movements. Mr. Robin Gray, in Tasmania, could find in the immediate future, for example, that his electoral position could be unexpectedly strengthened. Senator Richardson could find, to his chagrin, that he is riding the wrong horse: a green one!

All sorts of unexpected political developments could accrue from an exposure of the "green fantasy". It's all starting to come unstuck: e.g. "The N.S.W. Department of Public Works, which had monitored sea levels in N.S.W. for more than 100 years, found over the past 40 years that sea levels had risen by only 0.5 millimetre (a tenth of an inch) a year." (The Australian, June 19th.)

We urge all Melbourne and environs supporters NOT to miss the address to be given to the Melbourne Conservative Speakers' Club, in Melbourne, on Monday, July 3rd. Full details in the On Target Bulletin this issue, viz. "Ozone Layer-Greenhouse Effect! Who Controls This Universe?"


"The small '1' Liberals would be crushed and a very right-wing ideology would dominate the Liberal Party if the coalition lost the next election, the prominent Wet, Mr. Ian Macphee, said yesterday." The Age (Melbourne), June 19th.

First of all, we don't accept this scenario as guaranteed: things could be quite different, politically. For example, there could well be the "Greenhouse After-Effect", as the League's campaign to expose this hoax gathers momentum. "Green" could become a nasty word, politically. What colour should our pollies be then? They can't be Red, after "order" has been restored (by the tanks) in Beijing. Maybe they'll have to revert to "true blue".

We viewed Mr. Macphee being interviewed on weekend telly, and it seems to us that he could, genuinely, believe his own propaganda. These pollies and others who become slaves to an ideology (Fabian socialism: secular humanism: Feminism, etc.), ideologies, which are fallacious, can have their judgment distorted. Not surprisingly, his statement that the organisational wing of the Liberal Party supported him, and that he lost support at the branch level, confirms the view we have put in these pages recently, i.e. that there is a grassroots revolt growing in this nation; against the various policies, which have brought disintegration to our Australian society.

Mr. Ian Macphee represents to a great number of ordinary Australians the "soft morality" which has helped to bring the above about. He identifies with such "soft" policies. We don't believe his "line" that the older people in the branches "have not kept abreast with modern Australia", at all. We take the view that an increasing number of Australians, of all ages, have identified the policies, which have brought about the "modern Australia" of Ian Macphee, and have rejected them.

Macphee is the one who is out of touch. He is also out of touch on his beloved Feminism. As more and more Australians see the idiocies of policies which try to turn women into men, all in the name of "Equal Opportunity"/"Affirmative Action", etc., they reject these also. The mood of Australia is changing, and it isn't turning towards Fabian Socialism. Socialism is a flop: only the brainwashed ideologues cling to it now.


It appears that all politicians are tarred with the same brush when it comes to staying in power/getting into power. Mr. Bob Hawke is chewing over the matter of a half Senate election later this year. For technical reasons, this would extend the life of the House of Representatives some six months. The expense? Something like $40 million, for the two elections (half Senate/House of Reps.). Mr. Hawke has the matter still open and under consideration: a little matter of a few million dollars doesn't stop the pollies when they are picking the most opportune time for an election.

Even Senator Janine Haines, of the Australian Democrats, says that the half Senate move makes political sense; Mr. Hawke would have more "flexibility" in the timing of the Big One (Reps.). "There is no legitimate argument against it," says Senator Janine Haines. Oh, well what about those extra millions in cost for the half Senate, AND the inconvenience to electors in having to go twice to the polls in 18 months? We suppose the answer is "So What!"


"Paul J. Mann" of Blackwood, S.A., had this letter published in The Australian (June 14th):
"I wonder if I might direct this letter to the Treasurer via The Australian? "Dear Mr. Keating: I'm worried about the economic situation and I don't seem to get much benefit for all the tax I've paid over the years, so I wonder if you might be able to help me out with something.
"Some of my tax money goes to public transport, but I don't use it because it's dirty, dangerous and unreliable. So I pay extra for private transport.
"Some of my tax money goes to pay for the police, but I've been robbed three times and my house broken into twice in the past six years and nobody ever got caught. To tell you the truth, I don't really think the police looked very hard. And now I pay more money in insurance premiums.
"Some of my tax money goes to hospitals, but the hospital system in South Australia is a mess. So I pay extra for private health insurance.
"Some of my tax money goes to schools, but there are a lot of problems in the State schools and some teachers and Education Department officials have strange ideas about what constitutes a proper education. So I pay for my kids to go to a private school.

"I know that means I must be rich. But I don't feel rich - and like a lot of other parents whose kids go to private schools, it means I have to work at more than one job. "That means I pay more tax. And when I try to save some of the money that's left over from income tax and paying all these bills, I pay tax on the interest on that. And if I have anything left over to put into a superannuation plan, I have to pay tax on that, too. "That's a lot of tax over the years, Mr. Keating.

"Now I read in the paper that our national debt has cracked $100 billion which means, statistically, every family in Australia owes $18,300. "Mind you, it'll be a bit hard if you actually want any of it this year, because the Tax Office just hit me for $2,000 in provisional tax in case I don't have enough money left over to pay them next year. "I've looked at ways to find the extra money, but neither my wife nor I can work any harder or longer than we are already. So, I've started looking at what we can sell. "Well, we've got this antique clock you might be interested in. I know it's old because we haven't been able to buy a new one for a long time. lt's probably not French Empire or Louis The Whatever, but it's a good clock - it was a wedding anniversary present to my parents. "Tell me, Mr. Keating: what do you think is a fair price?"


In The Australian (June 15th), "Gregory J. Smith" of Toorak Gardens, S.A., writes:
"The television program "World in Crisis" reviewed the Greenhouse effect and presented opinion, represented as fact, that large portions of low lying areas of the world would be inundated by rising sea levels within 30 years. "This is scare mongering at its worst! The casual acceptance by the media of unproved concepts such as the greenhouse effect deeply concerns me. "I am a geologist of many years' experience. One of the keys to understanding the history of the earth is an understanding of the changes to climate that have occurred through geologic time. "Modern man appeared during the last Ice Age, which ended only 10,000 years ago when sea levels were up to 100 metres lower than today. Compare this with the one metre change predicted by the greenhouse effect.
"A mini ice age in Europe ended 400 years ago and since that time the world has been warming. "It is difficult to ascribe climatic changes of this magnitude to the burning of fossil fuels or deforestation."

"Charles J. Connelly", of Gold Coast, Qld., writes in the same issue as above:
"ASSERTION 1: The world is warming up. Response: Verifiable evidence suggests that despite some localised temperature increases in large urban areas, there has been a slight reduction in overall mean temperatures over almost the entire North American continent.
ASSERTION 2: Mankind is the greenhouse gases culprit. Response: Termites decompose 90% of their food into carbon dioxide, estimated to produce 50 billion tonnes a year. This is 10 times the volume produced by the burning of fossil fuels to generate power, to drive automobiles and run factories..."

TASSIE: "Dear me! Look what's happened down in Tassie. The greens swore blind they would not align with Labor, and they have; they promised they wouldn't initiate a motion of no confidence, and now they will. The surprising aspect is how quickly their principles have been corrupted." (Colin Cox), Byford, W.A.


Again, Don Cameron, Liberal Member for Moreton (Qld), and Senator Shirley Walters, Senator (Lib.) for Tasmania, show that they are well on the job with respect to the outrageous (Fascist) Australian Bureau of Statistics' "Household Expenditure Survey". This letter appeared in The Australian (15/6) with an important point deleted, and also in The Herald (Melbourne), 15/6, no deletion:

"At least 200 households have refused to be part of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (A.B.S.) 1988-89 Household Expenditure Survey. This, despite concerted A.B.S. pressure in the form of visits, phone calls, follow up letters and some verbal threats of fines. "The Statistician has now told the Commonwealth Ombudsman and the Minister responsible (this is Paul Keating ... O.T.) that 'no person has been directed to participate, and that I anticipate that no notices of direction will be issued in the remainder of the Survey'. Thus, we believe, conceding that the survey lacks compulsory status.
"Many households have completed this highly intrusive and burdensome survey, believing they would be fined $100 per day if they refused. Few, if any, have had their rights, set in place by Parliament, properly explained. "It is lawful to say 'no' until a formal direction to participate within 14 days is issued, and there is a right to refuse A.B.S. entry into one's home. A free and democratic society cannot condone this concealment of rights. (Our emphasis. This sentence underlined was deleted by The Australian ... O.T.)
"The Ombudsman has recommended an overhaul of the laws governing the A.B.S. Until this happens, all Australians must be made aware of their rights in relation to the 1,600 surveys conducted annually by an A.B.S. that appears to have gone survey crazy."

Our Comment: Of course the A.B.S. is survey crazy. It is in the position of building itself a great "empire" by slapping on surveys for this, that, and the other. Just imagine the types the A.B.S. attracts as its "field officers", who cause women to ring us up, distraught and in tears. Many must have a sadistic streak - who love to cause suffering to others.

Action: Encourage Don Cameron and Senator Shirley Walters to keep up the pressure against the A.B.S. They have taken on this monster back them up. The A.B.S. must be stripped, bare, of its compulsory powers; and we don't give a brass farthing if this makes matters more difficult for the A.B.S. The freedom and sovereignty of the individual is more important than any benefit ten thousand of their wretched surveys might confer on Australia. The coming Federal election will be "no holds barred". Tell all the Lib. and Nat. leaders that you back the Cameron-Walters thrust against the A.B.S. to the hilt. Tell them that the Ombudsman (Commonwealth) is right; an overhaul of the laws governing the A.B.S. is long overdue and no compulsory powers. Keating is the Minister in charge of the A.B.S. Even he in all his arrogance might come out of his coma if he received 500 letters slamming his precious Bureau of Statistics.

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