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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

30 June 1989. Thought for the Week: "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gate is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor - he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims; and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation - he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city - he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared."
Cicero, the famous Roman philosopher and statesman, 42 BC


While Prime Minister Hawke was attempting to strike an optimistic note during his visit to the United Kingdom, proclaiming that living standards might rise next year, Treasurer Paul Keating was bluntly telling Australians that Australians had to continue to accept the medicine he was administering for some time to come. Banking spokesmen agreed and told the hard-pressed Australians that interest rates would go even higher.

The inflation rate continues to move upwards. As the high interest rates start to take their deadly toll, the building industry enters a major slump with cries of anguish from both the industry and would be homeowners. But it was Paul Keating who said that the economy was "over heating". Presumably the undermining of the building industry is just what the Treasurer desires. If his policy of "restraint" is carried far enough, rising unemployment will be inevitable.

Houses are, of course, built with timber, concrete, bricks and iron. No one has suggested that there is any shortage of these and other building materials. But the use of them must fit into a programme designed to make financial orthodoxy appear to be working. A financial system is deemed to be much more important than realities. Truly St. Paul warned, "The love of money (an abstraction) was the root of all evil".

As we predicted at the time of his announced tax cuts, these were in essence the handing back to taxpayers of some of what Paul Keating has taken off them, and that these, along with wage increases, would soon be wiped out by continuing inflation and rising charges. N.S.W. Liberal Premier Nick Greiner has graphically demonstrated that bankruptcy of the Liberal Party generally with the imposition of a wide range of savage increases in government charges. There is no evidence that a Peacock Federal Government would do any better than the Hawke Government.

What is being attempted by Keating and his "advisers" is the steady application of a programme designed to drive down the standard of living for the great majority of Australians without provoking an open revolt. In the meantime the high interest rates, blatantly immoral (although Church leaders do not appear to have noticed this) are encouraging the Japanese investors to take over more and more Australian real estate at prices, which they regard as a bargain. As, of course, they are.

Symptomatic of the rot, which now permeates the major political parties, was the use of dancing girls at the Federal Liberal Party Conference in Sydney. The dancing girls were the idea of Party President John Elliott, one of the "paper shufflers" who has acquired a massive fortune, not by building new and constructive enterprises, but by using his access to credit power to prey upon existing organisations. The John Elliotts have done extremely well under the Hawke Government and confidently anticipate that under Andrew Peacock and the representatives of the "New Right", they will continue centralising power.

The future looks bleak, but only when measured in terms of financial orthodoxy. However, if measured in terms of reality, of the vast natural resources of Australia, then Australians can be optimistic. Paradoxical though it may appear, the plight of the world is the great hope for the world; it demonstrates that man is violating absolutes. A lie is the opposite of truth. The whole finance economic system is based upon a lie, one manifestation of this being an increase in debt. The reality is that Australia's real credit, its productive capacity, was never greater. All that is required is that that productive capacity be placed at the service of the individual.
If the present politicians and their "experts" are not capable of devising a financial bookkeeping system, which makes that possible, they should be dismissed at the earliest opportunity.


We have consistently warned that financial orthodoxy was the Achilles Heel of the conservative movement. Consider the plight of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose electoral stocks soared when she touched the soul of the British people when she ordered military action against the Argentine to defend the independence of the British people living in the Falklands, and has demonstrated that she is not prepared to be bullied by a Union Monopoly. But Margaret Thatcher's public support is starting to wane, this coinciding with her dramatic announcement that she was not prepared to make a final act of betraying British sovereignty by accepting a common European currency and a European Economic Community Central Bank. Margaret Thatcher made the telling point that if these proposals were accepted, the British House of Commons might as well be closed down. Howls of rage swept through the ranks of the internationalists. Press reports said that the bankers and the multi-nationals were turning against the Thatcher Government, now confronted with mounting finance economic problems, one of the most serious of these being rising inflation, it is not surprising that public polls show that electoral support for the Thatcher Government is seriously declining. There are growing divisions within Tory party ranks, with the internationalists becoming increasingly critical of what they see as Margaret Thatcher's increasingly anti-Common Market stance. If Margaret Thatcher could tackle the Credit Monopoly with the same courage she displayed on the Falklands issue, she could deal a massive blow to the conspiracy of the internationalists everywhere. A few lines of encouragement to Margaret Thatcher could prove helpful at this critical time.

Friendly critics sometimes take us to task for our repeated views concerning the far-reaching dangerous implications of the continued promotion of "the holocaust" by the Zionist propaganda machine. But a realistic defence of Christianity becomes increasingly difficult as Zionist propaganda blatantly aims to develop a guilt complex among all Christians concerning only one holocaust, that of the alleged systematic murder of six million Jews during World War II, most of them by gassing. The Australian Jewish News of June 16th carries the alarming report that Victorian teachers are being briefed by the Jewish Holocaust Centre on how to teach "Holocaust history" in Victorian schools.

If Senator Robert Ray, Federal Minister for Immigration, thinks that, with John Howard out of the way, a "bi-partisan" immigration policy is now the order of the day he may well have to think again. The reason? HONG KONG! John Howard did touch a "dangerous" live wire when, last year, he just "touched" the issue of Asian immigration into Australia. That was enough for the national (and international) political power brokers: John Howard had shown that he was not "reliable", and his fate was virtually sealed, then. Andrew Peacock has demonstrated that he is far more acceptable to those International Gentlemen who discreetly oversee senior political appointments in important areas of the Globe; and Australia is very important, indeed, to what the World's power brokers have in store for the Pacific Basin.
There is no place for restricted immigration policies in their plans. But perhaps Hong Kong could change all that. The British Foreign Secretary, Sir Geoffrey Howe, is to go immediately to Hong Kong to give a guarantee to the 3¼ millions of Hong Kong Chinese who qualify for British passports, and who could be victims of "disorders" (one guess what that means) after the hand over of control of Hong Kong to China in 1997. Some quarter of a million Hong Kong Chinese could wish to emigrate, in a hurry, to Australia. Suppose, just suppose, that the severe recession, predicted by many economists, obtained in Australia at that time. How would any Australian government then sit on the immigration question? If and when this does come about, Australians might remember some of the politicians responsible for the destruction of Australia's traditional immigration policy (homogeneous population): two of the foremost names are those of Malcolm Fraser and Ian Macphee.


New Life, weekly Christian journal, published in Melbourne, carries this letter (issue of June 22nd) from the Rev. Rodney Rivers, of Toowoomba, Qld.:
"I would like to comment on the letter of 20/4/89: 'Confess, Repent, Then Forget', by David Michie, Kalgoorlie. "There are hundreds of Aborigines who have forgiven, like my mum, grandparents and relatives who in the 1930s and 1940s went through hell just to survive. How disappointing it is for Mr. Michie to say, and I quote, 'We need white Australians who can say to Aboriginal Australians: 'I fear you because I don't understand you. I fear you that you want to get back at me for the past and my fear is a barrier between you and me that I want to break down'. "Fear I must say is a product of the dogs of hell and we Christian Aborigines of Australia are not in the business of using it. I feel very sorry for people like Mr. Michie who do not understand Christian Aborigines. You see Jesus Christ has already broken down the dividing walls of racism, resentment and hatred from us. It's only people with unforgiving spirits and detrimental attitudes who are trying to rebuild the ancient walls of bitterness.
"Sure we cannot condone what happened in the past but neither can we condemn the innocent whites of today for events they had no part in. And I don't think giving tracts of land to Aborigines is going to solve the problem either. It will only make things worse. "Satan has people either looking to the future for an escape from the ills of today's society or he's got people looking back to the past as an escape from society whilst the present Australian nation sinks deeper and deeper into the abyss of moral and spiritual decline.
"People may call my style of writing whatever they like. I am only carrying out my God given responsibility as salt and light in a nation that desperately needs it. What Mr. Michie said about confess, repent and forget has already taken place years ago amongst hundreds of Christian Aborigines. What we are doing today is walking in the reality and the spirit of forgiveness by the Holy Spirit who has set us free from past bondages."

NEW LIFE, published weekly. Postal address: P.O. Box 267, BLACKBURN, Vic., 3130. Phone: (03) 877 4833. Subscription: $30.00 yearly/ $15.50 six months. Editor: Bob Thomas.


Industrial chemist, "L. Parnaby", of Blackburn South (Melbourne suburb) raises these points in his published letter in The Sun (Melbourne), June 22nd:
"It's been said that there aren't many sceptical scientists when it comes to the greenhouse effect. "I don't think many would care to comment on the theory. "Records show temperature and water levels haven't risen yet. "Carbon dioxide levels taken near Hawaii, an area of active volcanoes, and the Antarctic, devoid of vegetation, may well give higher base levels. "Figures of 1,000 parts per million were not unknown on some mountains around 1900, at a time of low pollution. "High levels of carbon dioxide are not a danger. "It is the interpretation of the effect which stems from a century old theory which thought it kept the earth warm. "The mass of the oceans absorbing infra-red direct and acting as a giant heat sink was the last theory. "Absorbing gases are free to return heat to the cold upper atmosphere by convection. There is no wall like a glasshouse. "If anything a heat cycle would increase in speed rather than give a temperature rise. "Increasing levels may not necessarily have an effect. "A 10km-thick barrier may well be a complete natural barrier already to a weak source of infra-red from light waves. "There are many questions that should be asked before accepting a theory of this magnitude."


"Joan Williams" of Mt. Waverley (Vic.) has this to say in her published letter in The Age (Melbourne), June 14th: "Another emotional outburst from Mr. Hawke, this time in the very worst of taste. "At this time we all felt horror and deep sadness at what is happening in China and feel deep sympathy for those suffering and involved. "Shame on Mr. Hawke for his sensational and graphic description of the injuries and deaths of Chinese people at the hands of the military. "Did he have no thought for the feelings of the people in your audience and those watching the memorial service on television whose kinfolk are being shockingly ill-treated? "How can the leader of a nation behave in such a cruel way and then abandon himself to tears. This is becoming a repeating pattern and we are ashamed of him. "Mr. Hawke should indulge in his lamentations privately in future; they benefit nobody but himself..."
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