Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

3 February 1989. Thought for the Week: "Education has become miseducation, despite all self-promotional talk about the 'development of personality', 'socialisation', 'preparation for life', etc. Too many schools are failing in teaching their students the most important aspect of personality: self-discipline, the conquest of oneself, which Socrates declared to be the hardest battle humans ever enter …. Secular schools fail because great characters grow only out of strong and inspiring religious convictions; all other ideas are superficial to this enterprise..."
Dr. R.M. Jurjevich, in The Contemporary Faces of Satan


The recent call by Mr. Dawkins, Federal Minister for Education, for more standardisation of syllabuses in Australian schools, government and non-government, is only to be expected. Indeed, we are mildly surprised we have not heard it before this. The excuses are pretty lame, viz a few students may have suffered by having been forced, by circumstances, to transfer from one school to another, perhaps interstate, to find the school syllabus at the "new" school "different".

Compulsory "free" education has obtained in Australia for something like one hundred years, and students have always been transferring from one school to another, even interstate. It's happening all the time. We personally know many, many, students who have attended many, many schools; yes, not only interstate, but overseas, and they do alright. We charge that the reasoning is phony.
The real reason? Standardisation of brainwashing for our kids. In line with the Fabian Socialist ideology behind it, viz, all children to be "programmed" according to the tenets of Fabian Socialism and Secular Humanism, as far as is possible.

We do believe that the levels of real education in Australia are declining; grammar, spelling, numeracy, ignorance of Australia's political processes (a frightening percentage of Australians don't now that there is an Australian Constitution). In spite of this the recent Constitutional Referendums were soundly defeated - so we must suppose that this is a testimony to the commonsense of Australians, that Mr. Hawke comments on from time to time. But the joke is on him: Australians wouldn't wear his Bill of Rights, or his Australia Card.

Our definite view is that differences in educational approach by individual schools should be encouraged. Some school syllabuses will be BETTER than others. Some teaching methods will be BETTER than others. Some State school syllabuses and teaching methods will be better, overall, than those of other States. These develop slowly and organically over decades. Now Fabian Brother Dawkins wants to sweep all this away and impose the dead hand of Socialist centralisation, aided and abetted, of course, by the Communists and Socialists in the various education departments around Australia. They are providing dogs for Communist fleas: huge, centralised, bureaucratic hosts for Communist/Socialist parasites.

We know that State education departments are encouraging early retirement for older teachers who are "infected" with values and opinions of an earlier generation, like loyalty, patriotism, family solidarity, and many, many, other virtues, which built up this nation. They must go. How? Retire off all these "old codgers (anachronisms) and bring in the young men and women, suitably imbued with Secular Humanism/ Socialism in the universities and teachers' colleges. It's going on now.

New Liberty
According to Mr. John Dawkins all Australians are now standing on the threshold of a "new liberty". He could have fooled us. Our view is that our civil liberties have never been more under threat. We have been very fortunate, so far, to have escaped the Bill of Rights, and the Australia Card, but we know that the Socialist centralisers will come again, when they can. They are 'coming' at us again, via Education (above). If one front closes, open up another.

It is quite interesting that John Dawkins should compare, draw a parallel, between Bicentennial Australia with the French Revolution…. "between what we can achieve and the objectives of liberty, equality, and fraternity espoused in 1789". Some readers may choose to study the real history of the French Revolution, and so disentangle themselves from many of the myths, which have been spun around that history-shaker. The French Revolution by Nesta Webster, that great historian of the subversive and the occult, will do just this. Mrs. Webster thoroughly documents all her works, so much so that the World Brainwashing Mills have "painted her out of the picture". This book (above) from all League bookshops - $20.00 posted.

Perhaps these political ideologues do actually believe the nonsense they utter. It can only be a type of madness (fallacious ideology), which bedevils man into belief, that black is white, that evil is good. But Truth is the great disciplinarian: the crazed political ideologues will be swept away by their own errors, and unfortunately, many well meaning people will be swept away with them.


"The abolition of State governments and the creation of a single central government combined with more powerful local government was suggested by the outgoing Governor General, Sir Ninian Stephen, yesterday." Sir Ninian, by these statements, only further reveals his centralist views, which were evident in his judgment, when sitting as a judge on Australia's High Court, on the "Koowarta" case against the States, which validated the Racial Discrimination Act. This led on to other centralist "social legislation" such as Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Bill of Rights: high sounding stuff which is inherently evil, offering spurious "rights" and "liberties" but in reality eroding the rights and liberties which Australians have traditionally enjoyed.

Sir Ninian, addressing the National Press Club, described his role as ornamental. This does disappoint us, we see it as central to the Australian Constitution as the role of the House of Representatives and the Senate: a division of political power three ways, conforming to the Trinitarian nature of Reality accepted by the Christian Church; rather traditional Christianity. It would be a brave man to boldly state just what some Christian Churches believe in these days.

Great play is now being made of the role of the Governor General as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. C.H. Douglas has observed that the Monarch, as representing the soul of the nation, the enshrinement of what is best in the nation, is naturally, the nation's protector, and as such is Commander-in-Chief of its Armed Forces. This has ever been accepted, up till now. Who have been the "traditional" critics of the Monarchy, and its attackers. The Socialists/Communists. They well know that the Monarchy is a strongly cohesive force, binding the nation together.

Sir Ninian forcibly espouses the multicultural society: we take the opposing view, viz. the multicultural society is divisive, leading to what Professor Geoffrey Blainey calls the "tribalisation of Australia". It must. Language also binds a nation together. Where there are two or more languages in one nation, there is division. Examples: Belgium (French and Flemish), and Canada (English and French). Sir Ninian, also, has regrettably "paved the way" by way of attacks - upon Australia's traditional values which have brought the nation into being - for the next Governor General, Fabian Socialist, Secular Humanist, Mr. Bill Hayden. Will he now "carry on" the example being set by Sir Ninian Stephen, who retires in a matter of days? It won't be long before we find out.


(From Canadian On Target, Jan.16, 1989): Ron Gostick, National Director of the Canadian League of Rights, writes:
"85% Support Bilingual Signs - Gallup… The Toronto Star, Jan.12, published the results of a Gallup Poll taken Jan.4-7 re the public sign language controversy in Quebec. Said the Star: 'Eighty-five per cent of all Canadians - and 61% of Quebecers - believe bilingual commercial signs should be permitted in Quebec, according to (the Gallup Poll). "To the question, 'Do you believe commercial signs should be permitted in Quebec?' 96% of Canadians whose mother tongue is English said Yes, and 3% No. To the same question, 61% of Canadians whose mother tongue is French replied Yes and 38% No. "The meaning I take from this is that 38% of Quebecers who want no English in public are more vocal, militant, and revolutionary than the 61% majority. And, to avoid 'trouble', Premier Bourassa's regime is submitting to the demands of the minority.

However, it should be noted that the same poll indicated that an overwhelming majority of Canadians whose mother tongue is French, feel that the preservation of their culture is more important than the preservation of freedom of speech for English speaking Quebecers. In other words, there is a much stronger 'family' or 'group' feeling (nationalism) among Canadians whose mother tongue is French, than among English speaking Canadians who, the poll might imply, place more importance on freedom of speech. However, the apathy and unconcern for the freedom of speech issue displayed by the English speaking public during the Keegstra and Zundel 'free speech' trials of this decade create some doubt as to just how many English speaking Canadians care a whit about the preservation of either their cultural heritage or freedom of speech. Perhaps we'd better sort this question out before being too harsh in any criticism of our French speaking fellow Canadians."


From L.R. Smith, Chief General Manager, National Australia Bank, Melbourne, as published in The Australian, Jan. 30th:
"Since the National Australia Bank highlighted the savings/investment crisis (Quarterly Summary, December) I would like to correct any misconception that may result from the comments of the spokesman from the Treasurer on this matter in The Australian (25/1) "We have been advocating tax justice - not tax concessions. When the spokesman says Treasury will not exempt from tax the interest on savings, this is not addressing the issue that we raised as central to this debate. We have never urged a tax holiday for interest income. "Our point is that an absurd situation has been allowed to develop through distortion to the tax system created by inflation. "Due to this distortion, the Treasury is gathering a windfall tax harvest; so there is a disincentive to save; so the main source of investment cash is drying up; so we have a crisis in savings. "The main reason for high interest rates is that they are needed to restore losses in the value of savings due to a high level of inflation. So real interest earnings today are what remains after provision for inflation. "But Government Policy does not acknowledge this reality. Acting as though inflation does not exist, it taxes the entire interest income. "All we say is that the Government should correct for inflation and confine tax to 'real' interest earnings. We are not asking for tax concessions to stimulate savings, but for the removal of a disincentive to savings."


From The Chronicle (Toowoomba), Nov.l7th, 1988:
"As one of the few private individuals who made a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs - feasibility of a national identification system (including upgraded T.F.N. - tax file number). I received my copy of the Report, eight columns (95mm thick) last Friday (4.11.88). I'm still reading it 9.11.88! "Even before my receipt of the report, the Taxation Laws Amendment (T.F.N.) Bill, 1988, was before Federal Parliament, and a deal was being worked out between the A.L.P. and Liberals to bring in the T.F.N.
"I am an ordinary Australian citizen, with reasonable education, and no political interests other than a deep concern for where the country is heading. I was horrified at what I read in that report. My personal conclusion in that no sane Australian would consent to the T.F.N. on the basis of what was revealed to the Senate Committee. Readers are at liberty to phone me or examine my copy of the report.
"Although the Committee's recommendations, No.15 states, 'In overseeing the protection of privacy, the privacy watchdogs have jurisdiction to monitor the detection of breaches of privacy principles and the general deterrent value of the penalties for such breaches', it simply cannot work. Who watches the watchdogs?
"We have been betrayed, fellow Australians. The T.F.N. is the 'Clayton's Australia Card. "Now is the time to march and say 'No' . We have tolerated enough. We are under attack. Aussies won't take any more, will we?" (D.R. Gott, 15 Marcia Street, Toowoomba (076) 38 1078)

From Hansard

The Senate, September 29th, 1988 - Senator N. Crichton- Browne (Lib.-W.A.):
".... I accept that the Soviets are trying to destabilise our relations with Japan, they are trying to uncouple our relations with America and New Zealand, and they are trying to destabilise our relations in the South Pacific. If Senator Schacht says that that is not right he should put his hand up so that we can all see him. "There is not a hand to be seen, is there? I do not think the Foreign Minister had been to Indonesia since Suharto took power in the 1960s. The Soviets are seeking to exert greater influence, not only for economic reasons out also for defence reasons. In their case it cannot be argued that the two are necessarily coupled; of course they are not. During his visit to Australia Shevardnadze is reported to have said that the Soviets were seeking to gain political influence through their fisheries agreements. They were hoping this would lead to normal commercial, cultural and sporting contacts.
"It is a significant strategic advantage for the Soviets to be able to conclude fishing agreements. That comes about - I hope that even the Democrats would accept this - because the Soviet fishing fleet is simply an extension of the Soviet naval effort. The Soviet presence in the Asian Pacific region is not limited in its efforts to developing commercial fishing agreements in the South Pacific. For instance, in return for essential Soviet support since 1979, Vietnam has allowed the build up in Cam Ranh Bay of the biggest naval base, I think, outside the Soviet Union. I am having argument with my colleague as to whether Aden in South Yemen is larger. Whatever, it is a very large presence. This allows the Soviet Union to exert both a political and military influence in the region. Because of Australia's position within the Asian Pacific Basin there is no doubt that we ought to have a major role to play in maintaining the stability and security in the region…"

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