Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

25 August 1989. Thought for the Week: "It is 'education' which has enabled the monstrous imposition of socialism, and at his investiture as Rector of Edinburgh University, Mr. Malcolm Muggeridge said of education that it 'had become a sort of mumbo jumbo or cure all for the ills of a godless and decomposing society… Whether it was juvenile delinquency, high school pregnancies, or drug addiction among Brownies, he said, the solution is always the same more education'. A few sane and cultivated men and women do call the process (education) into question; but the majority of leaders, many of them unrecognised paranoiacs, bent on imposing uniformity and technology on the masses, are accelerating the process which can only end in our destruction - as planned."
Dr. B.W. Monahan, in The Moving Storm (1969)


"The long-term mission to repair the planet is probably the most worthy project humanity has embarked on and is long overdue. "But this objective is in danger of being hijacked by cunning politicians pedaling (sic!) apocalyptic forecasts for short-term gains. - Les Hollings, in The Sunday Herald (Melbourne), August 20th.

We agree with Mr. Hollings when he claims, "The environment is the biggest issue after the economy. To the scientists' horror, their scenarios for a greenhouse effect have been turned into a firm forecast." We learn (we knew already) that the Bureau of Meteorology is making known extracts from "The Climate Issue" which clearly has it that it is not, at this stage, possible to predict climate changes over Australia: there is just insufficient evidence.

Statements like the above, by scientists of unquestioned repute and integrity, are not getting through to the people at large. Why? Can the mass media be accused of some type of collusion with the hysterical greenies and "cunning" politicians. It appears so.

Mr. Hollings quotes Robert White, President of the U.S. Nation Academy of Engineering, who warned at the 1989 meeting of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, "... We are confronted with an inverted pyramid of knowledge. A huge and growing mass of proposals for policy action is balanced on a handful of real facts." In spite of this "the cunning politicians" see in the Green Hoax an excuse to get away with a mass of restrictive legislation: the political centralists (including very definitely the Fabians) are already talking about "referendums" to roll the States. They don't SAY that in ugly words, but that is what they mean.

Mr. Hollings points out some of the likely developments, which could accrue from an unsound "apocalyptic view". A phasing out of coal exports: coal can cause acid rain. The cleanest power is hydroelectric, and that comes from DAMS (are you listening, Tasmanians?). More nuclear power plants?.. We urge readers to arm themselves with a copy of Green Hoax by David Thompson. It is a well-prepared analysis of the present scare Greenhouse Effect and Ozone Layer debate.

To drive our point home we supply a partial list of headings of chapters in progressive order:
1) The Greenhouse Effect.
2) Where did it all Start?
3) An Uncritical Media Quotes Hansen.
4) Greenhouse Fraud.
5) Scientists Interviewed.
6) No Conclusive Evidence.
7) "Ozone Hole" 30 Years Old.
8) Disclaimers Never Make It to the Press.
9) Why are the "Ozone Holes" Natural?
10) C.S.I.R.O. Evidence On U.V. Radiation.
11) The "Rising Sea Levels".
12) The Australian Media.
13) Panic and Hysteria.
14) THE POLITICS OF "GREENHOAX": The Fabian Programme/A Fabian Victory! Fabians Go "Green".
15) Attack on Private Property.
16) Erosion of Sovereignty.
17) More United Nations Conventions.
18) The Subversion of the "Green" Movement.
19) Enter the A.L.P.
20) The Bankers Move In.
21) Global Television Extravaganza.
22) Under the Whip of Debt … These headings (above) should give supporters a pretty good idea of the contents and thrust of GREEN HOAX. The orders are now flooding in, but we can meet them, although there may be a delay of a few days in dispatching orders as we exhaust one batch from the printers and have a brief delay before the next batch arrives. Price: $6.00 posted. SIX COPIES FOR $25.00 POSTED. Order from League Bookshops.


"Yes, it was a good Budget. But it's the rotten economy Mr. Keating must be judged on…" - David Potts, in The Financial Australian, August 17th.

Mr. Potts and many other writers on the economy, do think that we are to have that new "Buzz Phrase" - "A hard landing", even a "crash landing"… meaning, of course, a recession; even depression. Mr. Potts and others of his persuasion fear a wages blowout around the corner. No fall in inflation is likely; not with a wages blowout. Mr. Hawke must be in an awful quandary with respect to the date of the next Federal elections. He and Mr. Keating think that the economy will be "on course" (Mr. Keating's pet phrase) next year; the Budget has hosed down the irritable pensioners and the underprivileged - fairly plain sailing ahead.

The so-called Opposition is just terrible: Andrew Peacock flies off at a tangent with a half-baked scheme of tax protected interest earnings. Pie-In-The-Sky stuff. Mr. Hewson, the Shadow Treasurer, isn't saying anything. We just don't know what "wash" Australia could face from overseas financial developments. The Japanese economy is fragile, in our view; and one can only begin to understand the commercial and industrial contraction in Australia if Tokyo called its (financial) Legions home. Not even Mr. Keating could prevent this from happening.

No, we can't see any improvement in the Australian economy in the short, or even the intermediate, terms. We expect the gradual squeeze on taxpayers to continue along with the drive by International Finance to drive the various nations into a Global Economy. Can things go wrong? Sure they can. There is no hope of ultimate freedom and sovereignty for the individual unless ''things do go wrong for the powers of International Finance…
"No solution to our (finance-economic, social) ills is possible which does not transgress the tenets of orthodox finance" .. C.H. Douglas.


The world's master forgers are at work. There are big bucks for those who can copy (expertly) official papers, records, etc., and especially for those who wish to enter Australia, albeit illegally. One of the most audacious forgeries was a recently uncovered Australia Card - for a Canadian. Readers will recall that the League and other freedom loving bodies were largely responsible for the defeat of the heinous Australia Card. No matter, the copiers were and are at work. The Sunday Herald (Melbourne), August 20th, reports there are approximately 80,000 illegals in Australia. Most forged papers are produced in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines. This is "Camp of the Saints" stuff, forecast by Frenchman Jean Raspail in 1973. Copies of "Camp of the Saints" still available: $10.00 posted.

Mr. Ian McLachlan is talking tough, and he isn't in the Federal Parliament yet. He addressed that most conservative H.R. Nicholls Society (we wonder if they are really as conservative as they think?) most recently where he called for legislation to break union monopolies, dismissing any warnings of industrial chaos. Mr. McLachlan is the endorsed candidate for the Liberal seat of Barker (S.A.). What politicians say in Opposition (or out of Parliament) and what they DO in office are often unrelated. We'll see how Mr. McLachlan performs when in Parliament. His stint as head of National Farmers' Federation didn't impress us.

We refer to our "Thought for the Week" (education) … The Australian Council for Adult Literacy's recent survey revealed that 11% of Australians over 15 could not identify the expiry date on the driver's licence. Some 38% of Australians could not calculate the change they should receive from a $5.00 note for a meal from a menu (less than $5.00). How about this one? The pollies will be thrilled! There were some 875,000 invalid votes cast last election (federal) and the Australian Electoral Commission estimates that as many as of these could be as a result of voter inability to understand written instructions. Good on compulsory voting! Only Australia and Belgium in the Western world persist with this silly compulsory practice. We would certainly expect that the percentage of informal votes is small in other countries (we have no figures). Our view is that compulsion forces an irresponsible vote, and the sooner it is abolished in Australia, the better.

The Sunday Sun, August 20th, quotes the Office of Multicultural Affairs which claims that Australians will be 20% Asian in 40 years from now. Senator Ray (Minister for Immigration) poo-hooes the notion: he says something like 14%. We notice that the "Office of Multicultural Affairs" admits that the Anglo-Celtic percentage of the Australian population is expected to drop from 75% (they hate admitting that it is this high!) to 60% in the same 40 years. Professor Charles Price, of the Immigration Research Centre in Canberra, argues that the Anglo-Celts (and that would be most of us) must be "sold" multiculturalism: we must feel that we "belong" to it. How? By fragmenting us! How? We must be separated into pockets. We must no longer "feel" Anglo-Celt, but Welsh, Scots, Irish, English.. Maybe traditional dislikes and hatreds can yet again be ignited and fanned. "Remember Culloden", will say the Scots to the English. "How about Waterford", will say the English to the Irish. If we are fragmented and fighting among ourselves, then perhaps we won't be so averse to the Pakistanis and Tamils. We wouldn't bet on it, Professor.

New identification for Australians... In The Sun (Melbourne), August 19th "Police want help to identify a man hit by a car … 25-30 years old, 162 centimeters tall, and CAUCASIAN." That says it all. We need to identify the RACE of Australians now.


From The Age (Melbourne), 14/8: "Figures in the National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia and the gist of the editorial, A Fair Go for Multiculturalism (28/7), imply that ethnic diversity in Australia is such that radical political and social changes are called for. The Prime Minister has even suggested legislation to underpin such changes. "The interpretation of demographic statistics by proponents of multiculturalism is, however, often spurious. Are we being conditioned to believe that Anglo-Celtic Australians have somehow become a minority?
"The 1986 Census shows that 74.6% of Australians are of Anglo-Celtic ancestry, yet the National Agenda says 'less than half the population is of pure Anglo-Celtic origin'. Census statistics are rejected by the multicultural lobby, with arguments about 'purity', as opposed to self perceptions in a way that conjures up notions of 'racial purity'. "The National Agenda claims 'about one quarter of Australians have no Anglo-Celtic background', but ignores the obvious corollary, that about 75% do! "That '370,000 Australians are unable to speak English' is certainly a problem worthy of solution, but we are not a national Tower of Babel. This is only 2.27% of the population. "Why these inverted deductions that imply fundamental demographic changes.
"The wooing of the 'ethnic vote' is a disincentive to acknowledge the true situation. One could be forgiven for believing that the 'ethnic vote' may be elevated to an electoral elite and that distorted demographic figures may be used to justify this to the largely unconsulted majority. "With this in mind, one cannot but be suspicious of the unstated ramifications of the 'legislative option' contained in the National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia." (Raymond Watson, North Melbourne)
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159