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Edmund Burke
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On Target

15 September 1989. Thought for the Week: "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light."
Romans 13:11,12


The South African election results confirm the view of those observers who have long contended that the inevitable result of the progressive compromising policies of the Nationalist Party, a reaction to intense pressure by the international power groups, must be an increasing polarisation of South African politics. The ruling Nationalist Party lost heavily at the elections, with the liberal Democrats, who favour universal voting, increasing their numbers from 20 to 33 seats, while the Conservative Party increased their parliamentary strength from 22 to 39 seats. This gave the Conservatives over 31 percent of the vote, while the Democrats gained only 20 percent.

As the increasing polarisation takes place, it is certain that the Conservatives will continue to gain greater support from the ranks of the National Party than will the Democrats. The media continues to refer to "The far right Conservative Party, which supports strict segregation and opposes all political concessions to blacks". So far from opposing political concessions to the blacks, the Conservative Party supports the principle of blacks governing themselves in separate nations.

While alarmed by what one commentator has described as South Africa's "lurch to the left", many South Africans are reluctantly still supporting the National Party, hoping that it can make the concessions demanded by the international enemies of South Africa without plunging South Africa into the same disasters which are a feature of "liberated" African States.

Moscow and the American State Department have been applying a type of pincer movement to South Africa, with the State Department urging the National Party to increase the rate of "reforms", stressing that this in turn will enable the more "moderate" Gorbachev of the Soviet to curb the Marxist dominated African National Congress and to pressure the Cubans out of Angola. Dr. Francisco Nogueira, the distinguished former Foreign Minister of Portugal, warned in 1966 that "Our adversaries know that if they make the slightest breach in any of our principles, we would at once be at their mercy; we should then be fighting on our critics' ground, not on our own; we should be abandoning the logic of our position to submit to the enemy's logic; without our enemy having accepted anything of our aims we should have accepted everything others want to thrust on us. There can be no partial compliance, no possible stop halfway down the slope."

The South African National Party started to retreat from its founding principles when John Vorster succumbed to the pressure of Dr. Henry Kissinger and in essence blackmailed the Rhodesian government of Ian Smith into starting its surrender. Following the collapse of the two Portuguese territories of Angola and Mozambique, and the takeover by Marxist governments, Rhodesia's only remaining lifeline was South Africa. The South Africans have learned that by sacrificing Rhodesia they moved themselves to the position where they became the next major target of the internationalists.

While growing internal violence inside South Africa is being publicised by the international media, moves of far greater significance are taking place, with every possibility that the reforms" of the National Party will end in agreements with the Soviet Union. The first steps in this direction have already been taken, with every encouragement by Harry Oppenheimer of Anglo-American. As these moves become more open, the South Africans will be forced to decide where they should draw the line. Defections from the National to the Conservative Party will continue. A decisive drama is rapidly unfolding in South Africa.


Mr. Eric Butler filed the following report at the conclusion of his tour of New Zealand
New Zealanders once used to claim, with some degree of truth, that race relations between the Maori people and the Europeans were a model for the rest of the world. But such a claim can no longer be made. An increasing number of New Zealanders, both of European and Maori background, are openly expressing their fears about the future. While there is a rising tide of violence in New Zealand, similar to that afflicting most Western societies, Maori gang warfare has created a situation, which, unless checked, can only lead to a South African type situation. This view was expressed last year by a Maori Member of Parliament, Mr. Winston Peters, who said that "A Maori minority was making romantic, fairytale demands for things that had not been historical for decades", warning that if their claims were accepted, "We would be rapidly in a black African situation, with all the nepotism and corruption those situations involve."

New Zealand clearly has more than its share of liberal pseudo moralists when the subject of South Africa and "apartheid" is mentioned. But these ideologues see nothing contradictory or hypocritical about condemning "apartheid" and the lack of "majority rule" in South Africa while in New Zealand there are Maori only electorates and a growing campaign to impose Maori culture in a nation in which the overwhelming majority are non-Maori.

There is a programme designed to make Maori culture a core subject in the New Zealand educational system. There are some weird types of educational "experts" in the New Zealand education system, a classic examine being the recently appointed Education Ministry Chief Executive, Dr. Mavis O'Rourke, who says that "Education should concentrate on people rather than subject material". Dr. O'Rourke says that New Zealand needs a population "educated" in dealing with issues such as race conflict, nuclear war survival and personal problems.
People who have received a firm grounding in basic education have a much better chance of coming to realistic conclusions about subjects like race relations, and less likelihood of requiring some social welfare guru to solve their personal problems.

I have had the opportunity of meeting some of the well balanced young New Zealanders who are products of the flourishing home schooling network and Christian schools. A Professor Jack Todd, President of The Royal Society in Dunedin, recently drew attention to the type of liberal madness being promoted in New Zealand, referring specifically to a proposed syllabus in which Maori students are to learn science "in the context of their own heritage, experiences, values, beliefs, customs and language". Science has to do with the discovery of universal truths. Young New Zealanders, Maori or non-Maori, will not be helped by attempting to revive a culture in which cannibalism, immorality, a ruthless caste system, brutality, and widespread slavery were the dominant features.

In a recently-published book, The New Maori Myth, Michael L. Drake, himself a part Maori, of Wycliffe Christian School, exposes the myths about Maori culture and how the Maori people were only liberated from the frightful results of that culture when they embraced Christianity, pointing out the disastrous results for all New Zealanders if the old culture continues to be revived. The growing problem of gangs of violent young part Maoris is a reflection of the old Maori culture, which leads inevitably to more violence.

The reaction to Michael Drake's scholarly work is revealing: He has been charged with "racism" by the New Zealand Race Relations outfit, the one, which attempted to prevent the New Zealand League of Rights selling certain books like The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century. It is admitted that Mr. Drake is not being charged with publicising any untruths, but that the truths he has publicised are offensive to some people! Two thousand years ago a Crucifixion took place because Christ insisted that the truth is essential to make people free. I understand that Michael Drake is prepared to go to prison rather than knuckle down to the New Zealand Race Relations Board.


Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher continues to display commonsense in some matters. She has vetoed plans for the proposed spending of $1.5 million on a national sex survey, stating that the project would invade the privacy of the 20,000 people to be investigated. The intention was to ask people to fill in a confidential questionnaire describing their first sexual experience, the frequency of recent sexual activity, whether it was homosexual or heterosexual, within or outside marriage, and what type of activity was engaged in. Infuriated by the Thatcher decision, those who had planned the project seriously claimed "The data is urgently needed for prediction and prevention of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS)". Margaret Thatcher should be congratulated for vetoing another of those Empire-building schemes so loved by members of the social welfare industry.

Racial discrimination continues to be practised by the Hawke Government. Aboriginal Affairs Minister Hand has placed part of Australia, the Katharine George National Park, under the control of an Aboriginal Land Trust, claiming that this Trust represented the "traditional owners". This affair is as phony as the handing over of Ayres Rock to another group of alleged "traditional owner", exposed by Peter B. English in Storm Over Uluru ($15 posted from League Bookshops). The Trust handed control of Katharine Gorge is leasing it back to the Northern Territory Government for $100,000 a year.

The overwhelming majority of Australians are not even aware that an explosive piece of legislation, designed to set up the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), is now before the Senate. The Rev. Cedric Jacobs has been exposing the far-reaching implications of legislation, which threatens all Australians, including those of Aboriginal background. Along with other Australians of Aboriginal background, like Pastor Bob Brown, the Rev. Cedric Jacobs warns that if implemented the legislation will result in the establishment of "a nation within a nation."

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