Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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27 October 1989. Thought for the Week: "The truth is that for the last 145 years the fire of revolution has smoldered steadily beneath the ancient structure of civilisation, and already at moments has burst out into flame threatening to destroy to its very foundations that social edifice which eighteen centuries have been spent in constructing .... The revolution through which we are now passing is not local but universal, it is not political but social, and its causes must be sought not in popular discontent, but in a deep laid conspiracy that uses the people to their own undoing..."
Mrs. Nesta Webster, in the Foreword to her World Revolution


"The Treasurer, Mr. Keating, left the way open yesterday for the Government to make some promises at the next election, but reaffirmed that it would not engage in a 'shabby auction'." Michelle Grattan, in The Age, October 23rd.

Our own overall impression, after watching Mr. Keating's "performance" on two weekend current affairs T.V. spots, is that we saw a nervous Paul Keating, who knows that Andrew Peacock's new welfare policies are "biting", but whose slightly hesitant responses to, yes, intense questioning by experienced political journalists, were unconvincing. Mr. Keating was "moving around" as the questioners attempted to nail him: he was doing his best to put his Government's policies in the very best light; but not good enough.

It's not good enough for Messrs. Hawke and Keating to attack the Opposition over its "new" welfare policies that they say (HawkKeating), will "rip off the poor to give to the rich". They make this claim because there is to be no means testing on the new Opposition welfare initiatives. BUT, the Hawke Government is already favouring the wealthy via taxation concessions in the last Budget; personal and corporate. Hefty concessions too.

We certainly gained the impression that the Hawke Government will roll out the barrel of goodies IF, by the time of the next Federal election, Mr. Peacock's welfare strategy is continuing to bite, as we expect to be the case. Let us be on record, along with Mr. Keating (he is right on this one) that any proffered policies, so far, put by the Opposition will do nothing to solve Australia's long-term monetary difficulties such as inflation, balance of payments, national debt, etc. They are short-term vote grabbers, and they could well place Messrs. Hawke and Keating on the skids.


"Spencer Ferrier, a prominent Sydney solicitor who works in farmer-to-bank negotiations, said last week that the major banks must accept the lion's share of the blame for the blowout of farm debt in the past decade." The Sun-Herald (Sydney), October 22nd.

Hundreds of farmers have been forced off their land because of debts: yes, we know that, but this is interesting! Mr. Ferrier said that most farm debt difficulties were traceable to the banks' policy several years ago, and the major reason was DEREGULATION. This came about after the Hawke Government gained office in March 1983. Only a few days before that date, Mr. Paul Keating was thundering against the deregulation of Australia's banking system. No foreign banks would get their nasty claws on to Australia's assets. No Sir! But what happened? Mr. Keating was taken up into the High Mountain of International Finance in the U.S.A. (he was there for weeks after the successful election) and came home a convinced (and brainwashed!) advocate of bank deregulation for Australia.

Deregulation will create more urgently needed investment opportunities for overseas capital. Deregulation will make our banking system so much more efficient. This will inevitably be reflected in LOWER INTEREST RATES. These must happen. Remember??? (1983) ....

After 1983 the major banks amalgamated to strengthen themselves in preparation of the "foreign banking invasion" by the foreign megabanks; the Bank of N.S.W. and The Commerical Bank of Australia became WESTPAC. The National Bank and The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney became the National Australia Bank. The A.N.Z. banking group is controlled from London, and the "people's" bank, the Commonwealth Bank, has been under threat of privatisation. If that happens, and we believe that ALL major political parties are in favour of it, then there will not be one bank under the control of, at least, some positive Australia orientated guidelines.

The Reserve Bank? Despite its Charter (high sounding) to act always in the best financial and other interest of Australia, it will take its orders, in a crunch, from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, via Australia treaty obligations with the United Nations. Australia is a signatory to the Charter of the United Nations, meaning that this is a TREATY, and you know what powers the Commonwealth has currently with respect to TREATIES. It can over-ride the States and the Constitution, and the constitution of the Reserve Bank.

What happened in the Australian rural areas after 1983 was a splurge of over-lending by the Australian banks, to forestall the intrusion into these areas by the foreign megabanks. They loaded farmers to the eyeballs with debt, which the farmers naturally accepted, ever hopeful that all would be well. Hence the position which many farmers find themselves in today.

Not only the farmers have done it; our homegrown entrepreneurs have done it also, e.g. Mr. L. Connell of Rothwells, and now Mr. A. Bond of the Bond empire. What about the Television Industry? We are now offered only outdated garbage by way of "entertainment" by one channel in particular because of the ridiculous borrowings by some T.V. high flyers. Mr. Rupert Murdoch, in Australia recently for company meetings, correctly described many of such as "amateurs". Compared to Rupert Murdoch and "Tiny" Rowland of Lonrho (U.K.) they are: not that we have any brief for corporate piranhas; wherever they are the system throws them up, as it works towards its final crisis.


New legislation, which seems to be specifically designed to intimidate critics of the present immigration policy and the multicultural agenda, came into effect in N.S.W. earlier this month. The acting president of the N.S.W. Anti-Discrimination Board, Mr. Steve Mark, said the legislation attempted to "strike a balance between the right of individuals to freedom of expression and the right of individuals to live in a society free of racist vilification".

The new law covers racist statements made in public, racist graffiti, signs and slogans, and the distribution of material promoting racial hatred. "It is now an offence to threaten people or their property on the grounds of race, and the law provides for six months' imprisonment or $1,000 fine for individuals, or $10,000 fine for corporations." The legislation that presently applies only in N.S.W., is also being considered by W.A. and Victoria. It is "complementary to the Hawke Government's multicultural agenda, released on July 26th, and was a recognition of Australia's place in Asia.

In our view, it is simply another turn of the screw by the thought police, whose crazy attempt to provide a perfect environment will result in the destruction of the best human environment possible that of freedom of thought and expression. Readers of the excellent "Heritage" magazine will have been struck by Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs incisive article on the perversion of language, in which he comments: "How could revolutionary racial tension have been flogged up without the inversion of the phrase 'racial discrimination' (the first requirement of racial harmony) into its opposite?"


One by one the myths of the past, which all too often pass for "history" are shattered by little darts of truth. Weekend Australian (14/10/89) reviewed Miles Copland's book, "The Game Player: Confessions of the CIA's Original Political Operative". It included the following from the book:
"It prompted him (General John Magruder) to tell of a meeting which the new intelligence chief, Admiral Sidney Sauers, had just had with President Truman. When Sauers told the President that the new centralised intelligence unit he was organising would ensure there would never be another Pearl Harbour, Truman replied: 'You haven't yet had your Top Secret briefing or you'd know that a bit of code-breaking had told us all about the Pearl Harbour attack in advance. What President Roosevelt needed was intelligence bearing on the question of what he should do about it.' "President Roosevelt got the intelligence, and he decided to let the Pearl Harbour attack happen as a way of arousing an otherwise apathetic populace..."

This is, of course, why the British author and historian, David Irving, so often went to original documents like diaries, etc. It provided uncensored accounts of history in the making, which stood him in good stead for the writing of such classics as ''Hitler's War'' and "Churchill' s War".


A report from Moscow (Rupert Cornwell, Moscow, October 22nd), published in The Age (Melbourne), October 23rd, tells of the "numbing" economic problems of Mr. Gorbachev. It is interesting that the Soviet Bureaucracy (an uncontrollable monster) now admits inflation they admit to 2.4%, it could be higher. The Soviet economic system (along with banking) operates differently to the systems of the Capitalist West, and generally the Soviet inflation rate has been accepted as lower. The report mentions that an independent economist put the true Soviet rate at 8.5%. If this is true, then indeed, the Soviet economy must be falling apart! What can save it? Glasnost, Perestroika, and the WEST. Lenin said that the West would save the Soviets because of the crisis of Capitalism: it will choke to death on its own production..."

From the Bellarine Echo (Vic.), 26/9

"I refer to an article that appeared in your paper of August 29, 1989, concerning a number of families in the Geelong and Ocean Grove areas who have Japanese students staying with them. "My reason for writing is to reply to that article and the question asked by the daughter of the family, Claire. "The question was, and I quote, 'Dad, why does Mr. Ruxton say such awful things about Asian people?' "Claire's father should have explained that Mr. Ruxton does not say awful things about Asian people. "What Mr. Ruxton objects to, and I might add is current R.S.L. national policy, is the influx of Asians coming into this country, particularly from Vietnam, at a rate beyond what the Australian people believe are acceptable limits.
"I was very pleased to hear that Claire had a Japanese friend staying at her home, but Claire should understand that people's characters are not moulded because they can cook nice meals. "Yes, Japanese food cooked properly is very nice indeed, but Claire should be told just what happened not many years ago to her fellow countrymen, at the hands of the Japanese.
"Japan today is the most homogeneous country on earth, and it does not have racial problems. "In fact, the Japanese are so pure of race that Japanese born Korean and Chinese, who are third generation descendants of people brought to Japan as slave labour, pre-war, are still not allowed to vote in that country. "Claire should also be told that no way will the Australian people accept the buying of Australian real estate by Japanese nationals. "In fact, their buying of Australian real estate can be equated to the plundering of the Spanish Main by British pirates, centuries ago.
"There have been moves to build Japanese retirement villages in Australia and if this ever happens, it would be interesting to read the track record of those aged Japanese persons coming to Australia, as there must be hundreds of thousands of them still alive who should have been charged as war criminals after World War II.
"Congratulations to Claire's family for taking aboard a Japanese student and we hope that their stay in this country will not only benefit them, but their own country - Japan." (Bruce C. Ruxton, Victorian State President, Returned Services League)

PLEASE EXPLAIN - From The Australian (17/10)

"Could someone please explain to a simple bushie how a pay rise of 30% to airline pilots is a threat to the economy, but a rise in the order of 100% to senior executives of government enterprises - including airlines - is no problem?" (John Bourne, Biloela, Qld.)


The following letters featured in The Australian, October 19th:

"I write in regard to the recent racial vilification amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Act in N.S.W. Despite claims to the contrary, this is a clear attempt to restrict freedom of speech in the areas of race and multiculturalism. "The legislation gives a protection from criticism to those who identify themselves by race or ethnicity which is not enjoyed by those who identify themselves otherwise. "Statements in the press by Premier Greiner of N.S.W. and members of the Anti-Discrimination Board indicate that the voicing of views on immigration that conflict with present policies will not be tolerated. This is blatant political censorship. "The complete ramifications of the legislation will become more evident with its practical implication. Nevertheless, the fact that such restrictive legislation has been introduced should be a worry to those with a genuine belief in democratic principles. (R. Hughes, Strathfield, N.S.W.)

"Since the Government believes that it is only a minority who discredit our immigration policy, why does every public opinion poll clearly reflect that the vast majority of Australians oppose the current level of Asian immigration? Why is the Government so afraid to respond to the mass pleas concerning a referendum on immigration? "Australia a democracy? Not likely!" (J. McLennan, Normanhurst, N.S.W.)

"As Director of the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic Society, I have been requested to respond to the racist comments appearing in the press. "For example, we are disturbed over the racist statements from Justice Einfeld when he recently said that white Australians believe themselves to be 'elitist'. "We believe that unfounded, unsubstantiated remarks are an affront to 75% of Australians (the majority) who claim Anglo-Keltic ancestry. "Furthermore, the Human Rights & Equal Opportunities Commission does not address racially prejudiced actions and remarks against Anglo- Australians such as that cited. These attacks are on the increase and a part of a well-planned and well-financed attack against the majority of Australians. "Our members are disturbed that such comments will only heighten growing racial tension in Australia, brought about mainly by insane government policies and discriminative laws and legislation. "Such laws and legislation deny the majority their freedom of speech, the natural birthright of us all, which has been bought with a price. "I solicit a response from the Human Rights Commission. Previously it has been their policy to ignore such statements as made by the Anglo- Saxon-Keltic Society." (Reg Watson, Sandy Bay, Tasmania)

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