Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

3 November 1989. Thought for the Week: "When sexual license and perversion are accepted by society, then things have gone too far to be remedied."
Seneca (Letter 39) - "Epistolae Morales"


Eric Butler files his first report from Canada
"The most publicised big news as I flew into Canada on Saturday, October 14th, concerned the collapse of the Wall Street stock market on the Friday before. What would happen on the following Monday? Was the long awaited and much predicted Big Depression about to start? I observed that the Central Bankers would answer this question; my prediction being that such a Depression was not part of the scenario of the Global Manipulators.
"This prediction was confirmed by a report in The Globe & Mail of Tuesday, October 17th, which pointed out that any major collapse had been offset by the 'security blanket provided by the central bankers'.
As after the global market crash of October 1987, they vowed to prop up the world financial system. Analysts said the promise to pump cash into the banking system to offset any liquidity crisis helped deter big time investors from selling their shareholdings to raise funds.

"The real threat to the free society continues in the form of continuous monetary inflation coupled with new ways to raise taxation; the general result being growing pressure to further centralise power. "New Zealanders groaning under the General Service Tax (GST) imposed by former Finance Minister Roger Douglas will be astonished to learn that Mr. Douglas has recently been in Canada telling Canadians what a great success the GST has been in New Zealand.

The Mulroney 'conservative' Government is already moving towards imposing a type of GST in Canada, with mounting opposition from Provincial governments which warn that they stand to lose billions of dollars; that there will be an increase in the inflation rate, with the biggest impact on the smaller Provinces. There will be further pressures towards centralisation with the inevitable disastrous results. Already the centralising impact of the Free Trade Agreement with the USA is being felt, with some sectors of the Canadian economy facing bankruptcy.

"There is a furor in British Columbia with a fisheries union spokesman claiming that the first ruling of a Canadian-USA panel on free trade will cost British Columbia thousands of jobs. "But one piece of encouraging news from Canada should be recorded. When the Trudeau Government first raised the question of the Canadian Constitution, the Canadian League of Rights pioneered a national movement promoting the concept of an effective Federal system, with an elected Senate and equal representation from all Provinces. That idea took root and steadily grew but with strong resistance from Ottawa.

Reacting to popular growing pressure, the Alberta Provincial Government has seized the initiative by conducting an election for an Alberta Senator to fill a Federal Senate vacancy. The Federal Senators are appointed by the Federal Government of the day. The Alberta Government called for nominations and provided facilities for the unofficial election held recently in conjunction with the Municipal Elections. The candidate for the Reform Party, which stands for (Canadian) Western Rights against the Centralist pressure from Ottawa, won an overwhelming victory against five other candidates.

"The big question now is whether the Mulroney Government will accept a Senator overwhelmingly elected by the people of Alberta. If it does, an historic precedent will have been established, with the other Provinces following the lead of Alberta. But if it rejects the man selected by the people of Alberta, it will intensify the mounting Western (Canada) campaign to break the centralist grip of Ottawa. History is being made; a demonstration that new ideas often take time to germinate and grow…."


This is a report from a long time actionist, who lives in an Australian capital city:
"Recently I attended a lecture by a professor of Asian studies on the proposed multi function polis. Although he is concerned at the concept and the secrecy with which it is being planned, he came to a different conclusion from the one I would have expected. "Perhaps this has something to do with his background: he says that he lives in a Japanese world. He has recently translated a Japanese book into English. "Here are some of the points that he made.

On September 29th of this year (1989) a statement on the 'MFP' was released by Senator Button and Mr. Will Bailey of the ANZ Bank. This statement was only available to members of the Secretariat, and it costs $10,000 to become a member. So far, 87 Australian companies and nine universities have paid their $10,000. The Secretariat has palatial offices in Sydney. So far, submissions on the site of the MFP are confidential to the point of being secret and yet the final shape of the plan is supposed to be ready in March, 1990. This suggests that there will be very little input from the public.

"It began with a Japanese proposal in 1987. In an amazing document the bureaucracy of another country drew up plans for the future of Australia, and the Hawke Government leapt at it. "This plan was drawn up by a committee which not long ago drew up a scheme to locate homes for Japanese senior citizens in Australia. This was called the Silver Columbia Plan. When this scheme fell through because of strong opposition in Australia the Committee was evidently not disbanded, but put their talents to work on our behalf. "The first draft was called 'high-tech & high touch', the 'high touch' being leisure industries, with convention centres being a central part. Other ideas are a world university, sports clinic, information industries, with emphasis on transport and communications. Only this year the MFP has gone green and they now want to tell us how to manage our land.

"According to the glossy brochures which are only issued to members, the aims on Japan's part are to contribute to peace, economic development, environmental preservation, and cultural exchange. Australia's aims were not nearly so noble: our Government seemed to be looking for material gains. I have a strange feeling that neither of these aims will be realized.

"This is not a private investment as there is a great deal of government involvement. Taxpayers' money is being used but the public has great difficulty in obtaining any information. "The amount of money involved is something like Ten to Fifteen Billion dollars and would dwarf any existing Japanese investment in Australia.

"This professor (above mentioned) thinks that our politicians and businessmen are not skilled enough to cope with the Japanese, therefore we will have to accept the MFP. He believes that we should be fighting to get more information and to be allowed some say in these plans. "To me it sounds like a Trojan Horse and I believe it should be fiercely opposed."

Our Comment
Of course it should be fiercely opposed, but first we have to tear away the secrecy surrounding this concept to see how much is truth, how much is fiction. We have heard rumours about all this for some time, but have so far been unable to dig up anything definite.


In his excellent article "The Office of Governor General" (Heritage - September 1989) Dr. David Mitchell raises doubts about the legal exercise of the command of the armed services. This responsibility was originally vested in the Governor General as the Queen' s representative. Changes in the letters patent, under which Governor Generals' powers are conferred, raises doubts about who exercises the command of the armed services in reality. For example, the Air Force has been used to break the domestic pilots' dispute with Australian Airlines, Sir Peter Abeles, and Rupert Murdoch of Ansett. Who gave those instructions? The Hon. William George Hayden, or The Hon. Kim Beazley Minister for Defence? This is a critical question, as Dr. Mitchell now points out. If the Government can now use the armed forces to break strikes or other disputes of a commercial nature, could the Prime Minister, or Minister for Defence, use the forces to, say, bring a State like Queensland 'into line' if it refuses to change its electoral system, or refuses to hand over territory to a United Nations World Heritage Commission? Could the forces be used to prevent a State from seceding from the Commonwealth? The Queen's representative was properly given responsibility for command of the forces in order to ensure that they were never used against the people they are designed to defend. This serious matter must be resolved without delay.


Maggie Thatcher has taken on the Big Boys of International Finance. Now senior members of her Party have turned against her, AND, of course, so have the mass media. Maggie's guilt? She has turned her back on full membership (Britain's) of the European Monetary Union, which means the end of Britain's sovereignty as a separate nation. The Global Push is on with a vengeance now: those Lads of International Finance are in a hurry. They can't risk, now, having patriotic objections from Maggie and her ilk. Shove it through whilst the masses are still asleep. C.H. Douglas observed during a speech of his in Belfast in 1936, that for at least 100 years before that time (1836!) there had been only one party, and that was THE FINANCIAL PARTY.


From David Thompson, N.S.W. Director, Australian League of Rights
Those who are aware of the Campaign for Global Change - "One World or None" - will have observed that large amounts of finance have been poured into the campaign. Ostensibly, the campaign has been run by the Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA), which is a non-government aid organisation mainly supported by church aid organisations. However, upon being challenged, some of the church aid groups have denied contributing any funds for the One World or None campaign. Where have the funds come from? The ACFOA campaign is very extensive. It included inviting at least six overseas speakers to tour Australia, an extensive array of brochures, campaign leaflets, books, and glossy resource material. It adds up to big money - especially as the campaign boasts an office in every capital city.

We are now able to confirm the source for at least some of the funds. One of the member organisations of ACFOA writes the following to a well-known conservative clergyman: ''. . . The 'One World Campaign' is financed in its entirety by the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau, and is being conducted by ACFOA…"
The Australian International Development Assistance Bureau is a division of the Department of Foreign Affairs, administered by Senator Gareth Evans. WE completely fund the Foreign Affairs Department! The Department has been very cagey about how much money has been devoted to the campaign. But they have admitted providing some of the finance. The full story is yet to emerge, as we believe that some of the funds have been 'laundered' through universities and other organisations.

As we see it, the 'One World or None' campaign has three direct objectives:
a) This massive propaganda campaign is designed firstly to get Labor re-elected. The dismal economic performance simply confirms the Labor strategists' views that if the election is fought, on the economy, they are history. Much better to fight on the environmental front where enormous emotional energy can be directed (perhaps secondhand) to the ALP advantage. This is assisted by such heavily subverted and politicised groups as the Australian Conservation Foundation.
b) An additional bonus of this campaign is that it leads directly to the erosion of Australian sovereignty, through international treaties, like the Heritage Commission. Senator Evans, a Fabian, is on record with the following: "The task ahead will be to persuade countries in our region that environmental concerns transcend national sovereignty ..."
c) Finally, the Campaign is an ideal vehicle to condition our children to be 'citizens of the global village' rather than loyal Australians.
The ACFOA brochure "You Can Act to Save the World - Become a One World Campaigner" confirms this.

Development Education kits and Teachers Notes (from Teachers for One World) are going into the schools. Clearly, pressing global problems of poverty and debt are being used to frighten children, and suggest that the reasons for this is that the guilty, rich world, has been greedy, and capitalism is oppressing starving coloured children in poor countries. The problems are real, but the solutions are completely disastrous - centralise power still further!

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159