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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

10 November 1989. Thought for the Week: "The word of truth is always an explosive force, but coming at the right moment, its consequences are incalculable. As for the power behind the world media, the great octopus whose financial tentacles encompass the world, neither should this cause us to despair. We should not see the octopus as an entirely autonomous and self-generated evil. In part it is the product of its time. The machinery by which it operates was created by an age, which demanded the mobility of enormous capital. In itself the mechanism is neutral, although at present it is under the control of anti-Christian forces."
W.D. Chalmers, in The Conspiracy of Truth (1978)


this report the second from Eric Butler, lecturing in Canada
"Canada continues to provide evidence of the problems of multicultural societies. The French Canadians of Quebec continue to insist on having the right to suppress the rights of the English-speaking minority (in Quebec), whilst those who manipulate them seek to impose bi-lingualism across the rest of Canada. The result is a growing backlash among English-speaking Canadians, with a relatively new grassroots movement with the objective of defending the rights of the English-speaking majority.

Whilst in Canada last year I was invited to address meetings in Ontario arranged by the pro-English movement. My outline of the Swiss concept of electors having the power to veto unpopular government policies being warmly received. Since then, support for the Swiss concept has swept across Ontario and is now rapidly developing in Western Canada.

"The more objective English-speaking Canadians have no objection to the French Canadians desiring to preserve their language, culture, and identity, but urge that English speaking Canadians should seek to defend and preserve their heritage. Unless there is a decentralisation of power under a genuine Federation in which both French and English speaking Canadians control their own affairs, the present Confederation is doomed to growing friction and disintegration.
The process of disintegration is being increased by the growing number of non-European ethnic groups all demanding that their cultures also be respected, even when this results in friction, as witnessed by the loud protest against the proposal that Sikh recruits for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police be allowed to wear turbans and ceremonial daggers.
Several Albertan M.P's. at Ottawa have submitted petitions signed by tens of thousands of Western Canadians opposed to the proposed dress change.

"Liberal-Socialists argue that the failure to implement the change violates human rights legislation prohibiting religious discrimination. Turbans and daggers are items sacred to the Sikh religion. As usual, Zionist spokesmen are prominent in the pro-multicultural movement, with one telling Canadians that they must 'open their minds and accept the changing face of Canadian society'. "Prime Minister Mulroney says that his Government proposes to change that face even further by welcoming even more Asians, whether they are from Hong Kong, or elsewhere.

Those Canadians opposing this policy, one that must inevitably result in more internal friction, are of course described as 'racists' and 'hatemongers'. "Even some 'Human Rights' spokesmen concede that financing of multiculturalism has not solved the problem of 'racism'. Their own answer is still more totalitarian measures against those who dare to criticise what obviously is a programme fragmenting Canada. Australia should take heed, whilst there is still time..."


from David Thompson
"The patron saints of the new pantheism and its high priests are formidable media performers for mere ministers, business firms or workers to take on", said the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, Mr. John Kerin. He was speaking at a Sydney conference on Australian Industry and the Environment last week, reported by The Australian (2/11/89).

To the horror of the rest of the Hawke Ministry, John Kerin has taken on the green high priests, and given them a drubbing they richly deserve. Kerin is expressing a feeling of strong irritation in the electorate that has no means of expressing itself. It is an irritation with born again green politicians, pandering to ever growing demands of professional environmentalists. Kerin has hit a raw nerve. John Kerin believes that the environmental movement has a middle class city bias, and that the result is that the most politically popular, rather than the most environmentally important, issues were given priority.

"We need more public awareness to gain additional funding for treatment of salinated lands, but it is difficult to get good pictures of people hugging salt crystals," he said. Mr. Kerin has effectively rebuked the cant and hypocrisy, and while he did not say so, his real target was obviously Senator Richardson, the Minister for the Environment. Pointing out that it is easy to blame farmers for land degradation problems, Kerin said, "It is not helpful to be told that we have to 'Decide what lands can be farmed and stop people farming outside them'." These were comments made by Senator Richardson, predicting that farmers would have to be forced off marginal land.

Why was John Kerin not sacked for such a damaging political attack on his own colleagues; not one attack, but two in the space of a fortnight? Is it because a very jittery Labor Party backbench is starting to feel the electoral heat over the green hypocrisy? Is it because the backlash over the grossly perverse Coronation Hill decision a few weeks ago? Do the backbenchers believe that Hawke and Richardson have gone too green, that their naked servility to the green cause is becoming politically damaging? Clearly this is so.

The courageous Graeme Campbell, representing Australia's biggest electorate, Kalgoorlie in W.A., has hit the nail on the head: "I think the environmental movement is out of control. The issue is no longer about the environment; it is about power. Senator Richardson has no concern for the environment, he's a power junkie." The A.L.P. backbencher said that the Kakadu decision to stop B.H.P. developing the environmentally approved Coronation Hill mine was the last straw. "The Government's decision was absolutely outrageous," he said. "If the Conservation Foundation and the Wilderness Society wanted to do something constructive, they'd have endorsed Coronation Hill and demanded that the Government use some of the royalties to combat the cane toad."
When allegedly threatened with expulsion from the party if such sentiments struck Eastern States' media, Campbell said: "Frankly I don't give a stuff any more. I'm just sick to the back teeth of all this hypocrisy and nonsense."

A report was published in Sydney. The excuse that Hawke gave when Coronation Hill was postponed was that the interests of the local Jawoyn Aboriginal people had to be studied. However, Andy Andrews and 92 other Jawoyn people can get no answer to their correspondence with Mr. Hawke. "I have let Mr. Hawke know what myself and other Jawoyn think of mining at Coronation Hill, but no answer. Attached is a list of Jawoyn who want the mine to go ahead, also a letter to the Prime Minister..."

The Weekend Australia (4/11) published the letter that Hawke won't answer. It is a powerful denunciation of the Hawke excuse to stop mining.
"I am asked every day by my people why and who is stopping the mine at Coronation Hill to go ahead. On behalf of the not so radical majority of Jawoyns, we ask that the mine go ahead as promised before by your government."

Obviously, a few wheels are falling off the green political bandwagon. Even the servile media is being forced to acknowledge the backlash when men of some integrity, like John Kerin, Graeme Campbell and Andy Andrews decide they have had enough, and can no longer tolerate the humbug while real environmental decisions are simply not being addressed.

Our job is to keep up the pressure on the green ideologues; keep exposing their movement as a power movement rather than a nature conservation movement; keep warning a generation of young Australians (and their parents) that they are being used as green Fabian cannon fodder for the drive toward centralisation of power.


In last weeks issue of On Target (November 3rd) we outlined this new Australia/Japanese concept, the "multi function polis". We suggested that the major banks would be likely to be involved as members of the M.F.P. Secretariat ($10,000 membership) with ownership of a copy of the detailed prospectus (being kept highly secret!). Our thanks to an Adelaide actionist for a clipping from The Advertiser (Adelaide) 24/10. It is interesting with respect to the comment above. We quote only the relevant words:
"Australians would become 'white servants for Asian tourists' if they continued to reject Asian investment, one of Australia's top bankers warned yesterday". "Outspoken A.N.Z. deputy chairman and group executive director Mr. Will Bailey said Australians would destroy their own economy if they persisted with their 'misguided backlash' against Asian investment". However, Mr. Bailey is not a greenie: he warns of lower living standards if the greenies lock up billions of dollars of gold, uranium, woodchips, etc. We must have more immigration, says Mr. Bailey. According to the Professor of Asian Studies we quoted, Mr. Will Bailey AND Senator John Button issued a statement on the Multi Function Polis to members only on September 29th last.
One source we have seen claims that Mr. Will Bailey of the A.N.Z. Bank is a very senior member of the M.F.P. Secretariat.


From David Thompson
The "On Target" of 20th October included a report on a brochure produced by the Social Responsibilities Section of the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church - "Logos & The League - Are They Conservatives?" We advise that to order a copy of this kit, write direct to the Uniting Church, G.P.O. Box 674, Brisbane, 4001. However, please note: We recommend this with the following reservations:
1) This is not a scholarly study, but a mish-mash of collected material, most of which has no author acknowledged.
2) Most of the material is at least 10 years old - very dated. The "study kit" includes the following: - An introductory letter, explaining that the Church was concerned about opposition to the 1988 Constitutional Referendum question concerning freedom of religion, and the developing immigration debate. (The Uniting Church supports multiculturalism.) - A 17-page introductory personal reflection by a Neville Buch. This includes a strong support of the U.N., quoting from Keith Suter's book "Reshaping the Global Agenda". It also includes the most incredible defence of the proposed Bill of Rights and U.N. Covenants, claiming they would not affect national sovereignty! And an analysis of "Reconstructionism" as applied to Logos. - A 24-page 'analysis' of the League.

No author is named, material is not new. Slanted, dated and inaccurate, repeating common mistakes. Relies heavily on works such as Andrew Campbell's "Study in Political Extremism" and K.D. Gott's "Voices of Hate". - A poor photocopy of part of a 1978 League brochure; a vote on the Grassby/MacKellar immigration policy, intended to show that the League is racist. - A copy of Senator Boswell's attack on the League in the Senate in April 1988. It was subsequently established, in an interview with Chas Pinwill, Queensland State Director of the League, that Boswell was unable to substantiate a single allegation made in that attack. Indeed, Boswell did not even write his Senate material, and did none of the research for it.

A 5-page study of Logos Foundation; no author. Again, slanted and dated. - A reproduction of an open letter from Howard Carter, on Logos and the Covenant Evangelical Churches; warning about the attack on the family, the flag and Christianity. It reflects well upon Logos! - A copy of the brochure - "Logos & the League"... The kit appears to be typical of the kind of ideological work that the Uniting Church produces. This is the church that refuses to provide a Parish (and therefore a livelihood) for the Rev. Cedric Jacobs - an outstanding Aboriginal Australian who happens to oppose the Uniting Church ideology on Land Rights, multiculturalism and a number of other issues. Apparently there is no room for Christians like Cedric Jacobs in the Uniting Church - they are embarrassing! And it is the Uniting Church that took part in the One World or None Week, organised by Australian Catholic Relief, and the Australian Council of Churches, using the 'One World or None' propaganda on the environment and the Third World.

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