Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

8 December 1989. Thought for the Week: "Yet science and technology have become ends in themselves, and increasingly the very idea of progress becomes identified with the now self-sustaining and largely meaningless expansion of a technology which has subordinated science to its own indefinite ends, and displaced spiritual values in favour of economic indices. The end of Man is no longer ultimate union with God, but the part he plays in the expansion of the gross national product. All this is simply a reversion to a new but complex and highly dangerous barbarism."
Dr. B.W. Monahan, in The Moving Storm (1969)


"Labor yesterday won power in Queensland for the first time in 32 years after a massive swing against the ruling National Party. The Premier elect, Mr. Wayne Goss, described the crushing victory as 'the beginning of a new era'." - The Sunday Age (Melbourne), December 3rd

The severity of the rejection of the Queensland National Party appears to have taken most observers by surprise. There is general agreement that the Queensland electorate at large is disgusted with the corruption of certain of the Nationals, and won't forgive for a long time. Russ Hinze has observed that Labor could well be in power in Queensland well into the 21st Century. There were other minor factors: the gerrymander, the unpopularity of Sir Robert Sparkes, etc. We agree with Michelle Grattan, of The Age (Melbourne), who writes that, "Unlike the South Australian poll, the Queensland result was not a product of federal factors. But it will probably have some modest federal implications…. "These have to do with morale and organisation. A weakened State National Party organisation, internal bickering within the Queensland National and Liberals, are all likely to mean that the conservative machines in Queensland are in poor shape to fight the rapidly approaching federal campaign."

Quite so. But again, federal issues will determine the voting patterns by Queenslanders in the federal election next year: and the vote could well swing away from Federal Labor then. For instance, the Multi Function Polis could be brought out of the hat by "Magician Bob." The M.F.P. office-bearers in Australia are all talking about the March revelation. We can't be certain just what the general and overall effect of the M.F.P. revelation will be, but we don't think it will win the HawKeating Machine any number votes!

Don't let's forget the economy: that will be Number One, definitely, at the federal election in 1990, and we can't see how interest rates will be lowered before then. Even if they were, it would take many months for the "housing machine" to speed up after having been "braked" for a couple of years. Yes, we, ourselves, were surprised at the swing: we mentioned in the last issue that a coalition of the Queensland Libs. and Nats. was just as much a possibility as a Goss victory. But even Wayne Goss, himself, was surprised at the polling booth last Saturday (December 2nd). He observed that the result of the Queensland State election could hinge on "a handful of votes in a handful of seats".

Whilst it is always a bit "dicey" to make electoral predictions (there are always the unknowns, and particularly so in Queensland), we will make two predictions with respect to the Goss Labor Government:
1) There will be no toleration of any moves to implement the Citizens' Initiated Referendum and Recall, and
2) There will be no toleration of moves to re-establish the Upper House in Queensland.

We remind supporters that the "C.I.R." plank in the Labor Party platform was removed in 1963 on the motion of a certain Donald Dunstan. Yes, the same gentleman later to become Labor Premier of South Australia. With respect to the Queensland Upper House (the Legislative Council), this was abolished in the year 1922, and the main reason was the influence of Marxist propaganda injected into Queensland politics at that time, by a gentleman, "Jock" Garden, after his stint in Moscow, learning Communist political subversion. "Jock" Garden was a prominent union official/politician and the record of those little known times is recorded in a book, "Up the Garden Path", by H.M. Ellis (probably a collector's item now). We remind supporters that the Queensland Legislative Council voted itself out of office in 1922, but there was a price to be paid (by the taxpayers, who else?). The price was the payment of the SALARIES FOR LIFE of those Legislative Councillors of 1922.


by David Thompson
The inhabitants of the smallest State, Tasmania, are painfully aware of the threat of foreign treaties to State independence. Since the High Court prevented the building of the Franklin Dam in 1983, as a result of the UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and National Heritage (otherwise known as the World Heritage Treaty) Section 51 ('external powers') of the Constitution has been used to impose the terms of a number of treaties on reluctant States. But the programme has just begun.

We understand that the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child has been released for nations to sign, and that the Hawke Government, as well as the Opposition, is committed to signing. This will mean, among other things, that parents will lose legal custody of their children - it will be assumed by the State, and parents permitted to care for their children unless the State bureaucrats decide they are 'unfit' to do so. Christians would not be permitted to 'impose' their religious views or standards upon their children - that is discriminatory!


The Weekend Australian (2/12/89) carried a large advertisement soliciting support for an Aboriginal Treaty by 1990, inserted by some of Australia's leading left wing 'intelligentsia'. The Fabians have been preparing such a treaty since 1978. Money is also being solicited to take part in negotiating a Universal Declaration of Indigenous Rights at the U.N. - yet another treaty to be imposed upon reluctant Australians. Many of the usual names appear on the list of sponsors: Phillip Adams, Dr. Bob Brown, Peter Carey, Professor Manning Clark, Dr. H.C. Coombs, Tom Kenneally, Susan Ryan, Hugh Stretton, Senator Jo Valentine, Patrick White, and Judith Wright. We were also surprised to find Sir Mark Oliphant listed. Dr. Coombs moved from the environmental movement in 1978 (he was the director of the Australian Conservation Foundation when it was undergoing radical changes) into the land rights industry. His Fabian sympathies served both movements well.


Hawke has committed Australia to involvement in the negotiation of a U.N. treaty on the environment - with particular reference to 'greenhouse gases' and endangered species. This is now taking place. Once this treaty is in place, as Tasmanians are becoming aware, a Federal Government will claim the power to direct States on environmental issues, which are presently State's powers. There is no evidence to suggest that the Opposition would retreat from this. Indeed, Senator Puplic has indicated that he would favour increased Commonwealth powers. A grassroots revolt against the adoption of further foreign treaties could well begin in Tasmania, where the lash of the U.N. has already been felt.


"Unilateral action should not be taken by the Federal Government to combat the greenhouse effect, a report by the Treasury has warned." - The Weekend Australian, December 2nd-3rd

We are so suspicious that our noses are twitching! We smell a set up. How about this? "The Treasury report... argues that any measures taken to restrict energy use or to raise energy costs in Australia may be counter-productive to the economy unless they are part of a coordinated global action plan". We do not consider that we came down in the last shower, so we feel justified in "smelling a rat", and that "rat" is the intention by the world's movers and shakers, that the coming "World" Environment Question is to be coordinated on a Global Scale, with a whole new Global Environmental Bureaucracy to oversee it.

It has probably already been well planned... Why? Well, the TREASURY has warned the COMMONWEALTH not to take independent action on environmental issues (Greenhouse), as these are to be coordinated GLOBALLY. There is more. The Treasury report (if it comes from the Treasury, then this means that the World Money Power is behind it: sure as eggs!) also argues for full participation of Australia in Global Environmental plans, and for the development of an international convention on climatic change, by 1992. David Thompson has made reference to this in his article in this issue of On Target.

But there is still more: "…. it would be desirable to concentrate initially on measures involving the removal of existing distortions in the economy that contribute to greenhouse gases while hindering economic growth and those that do not risk Australian producers being displaced from markets by foreign competitors..." If we may penetrate the bureaucratese we interpret this to mean, in English, that some industries in Australia may well be "adjusted" according to the opinions of environmental bureaucrats (shut right down/ordered to install alternative manufacturing processes, etc., etc.), and also those industries whose functions would not be replaced by imports from foreign lands, could suffer a similar fate.

The mind boggles at the powers, which these Super Greenies would have over Australian industry: it could be done via the Fabian Fiddle, the External Affairs/High Court Validation "weapon". If supporters feel that the "Green" madness has gone far enough, then we advise them "you ain't seen nothin' yet!". Spaceport: The greenies are already upset that a spaceport to be built on Cape York has the Hawkeating approval. "Hold your horses," say the greenies. Other greenies want the Government to phase down our rate of immigration: too many people do too much damage to the environment. But, they care about the "racist" implications inherent in the banning of people.


From The Australian, December 4th: "Phillip Adams (25/11) and Will Rogers were both wrong because it is not that Communism is a good idea that doesn't work. It doesn't work because it is a bad idea. The Russian revolution was never a watershed of history - just bloodshed. Only Western intellectuals could credit this flawed ideology for so long despite all evidence, whereas the common people had more common sense. "It is a remarkable intelligence that can rationalise the firing squads of Ekaterinburg in 1918, Moscow in 1936, Katyn in 1940, Budapest in 1956, and Kabul in 1980 as anything but evil - the ultimate 'She'll be right'... But Adams may console himself because his embarrassment for supporting Communism is far exceeded by the anguish of its victims (to say nothing of the embarrassment of the firing squads)."
(John Sanders, White Gum Valley, W.A.)

Our Comment
Mr. Sanders refers above to the murder of the Russian Royal Family (Ekaterinburg), the Stalin "purges" of the Communist Party (Moscow 1936), the murder of some forty thousand Polish Officers (Katyn), the Hungarian uprising (Budapest), and the invasion of Afghanistan (Kabul). Christians understand that there is a Moral Law, running through God's Universe, and that to breach it means inevitable misfortune in one way or another. We do not think that theologians understand this matter in any sort of detail, but know that the Law exists, and that Christians should "work with it". Of course, Communism doesn't work because it is a bad idea. C.H. Douglas, as a practising Christian, expressed this Christian Mystery in these words: viz. WHAT'S MORAL WORKS.

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