Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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17 March 1989. Thought for the Week: "Gustave Le Bon, whose writings remain the keystone of the arch of modern psychological warfare, discerned that the unconscious action of crowds may be exactly contrary to the character of the individuals composing them. Thus a crowd may be hysterically brutal, whereas the individuals of which it is formed may be actually slow to violence ... His monumental discovery was the fact that it was the unsconscious action of crowds which had substituted for the conscious activity of individuals in determining the political characteristics of the present age."
William B. Ziff : The Gentlemen Talk of Peace


The front page of the Canberra daily, The Canberra Times of March 7th, carries two stories about Mr. Dennis Stevenson, elected at the recent Canberra elections as leader of the Abolish Self Government Coalition. The theme of the articles is to link Dennis Stevenson with the League of Rights because he has given out League literature. The leader of the Residents Rally, Mr. Bernard Collaery states that he is writing to Mr. Justice Marcus Einfeld, of the Human Rights Commission, calling for an immediate investigation into Stevenson's activities.

Collaery states, "We (the Residents Rally) have made inquiries and we determined to our satisfaction that Mr. Stevenson had links at least to the League of Rights." As stated by Dennis Stevenson on the ABC, he is not a member of the Australian League of Rights, never has been a member of the League of Rights, and has never held any official position with the League. But like tens of thousands of other Australians, Stevenson has bought League literature and distributed it. It is the distribution of information, which upsets the totalitarians in our midst, particularly those who resent any criticism of matters relating to Zionism. Criticism of Christianity, or Christian values, is in order, and any objections are to be deplored as an attack on "freedom of speech".

We are not aware what literature Dennis Stevenson has distributed in Canberra, but we do know that a number of subscribers to League journals have distributed League literature. We trust that Canberra will be saturated with the League's special Intelligence Survey, which exposes the Marxist-Zionist source of much of Senator Boswell's railing against the League.

During the Canberra election campaign the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Gareth Evans, warned that some of the groups opposing the establishment of a local government for Canberra, were associated with the League of Rights. The Canberra Times of March 3rd quotes Senator Evans as telling Parliament that "Among the collection of anti-self-government candidates in this election (are) a number of people with in fact quite significant League of Rights connections, which have so far been unacknowledged in the public arena. I do think it would be a tragedy if voters were to inadvertently support such persons in ignorance of their true position - people masquerading under in fact a different guise".

The Canberra Times went on to repeat the usual smears against the League, stating that "The League of Rights' activities are being investigated by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission", and quoted Senator Ron Boswell's allegation that the League was a "racist and neo-Nazi organisation". Not without significance was the appearance in the same issue of The Canberra Times of a three-column article by Senator Boswell, THE MANIPULATION OF GRASSROOTS GROUPS. Senator Boswell would do the Australian public a great service if he would reveal who is preparing his "research" material for him.

The latest material in his name repeats the same mistakes and nonsense contained in his much quoted Senate address. For example, "no one has seen a copy of the League's constitution; there are no elections for office bearers…" But the same Senator Boswell, who allegedly has done such in depth investigation of the League, now even quoting an ABC Monday Conference of 1972, used in his Senate address Andrew Campbell's book on the League, inserting into Hansard Campbell's chart on the structure of the League. In the following pages of Campbell's book the full text of the League's constitution, available to anyone sufficiently interested, is given! Presumably Senator Boswell's adviser either failed to tell him about the League's constitution, which makes provisions for effective control of the League, and its finances, by the members of the League, or the man who charges that the League hides behind a mask of Christianity, is deliberately misleading the Australian people.

As Senator Boswell and his advisers are so strong on the subject of "manipulation", they might care to explain to the Australian people how Senator Boswell has been manipulated. Members of the National Party should be challenged to explain where they stand. There is no doubt that the campaign triggered first by Sir Robert Sparkes, Queensland National Party President, early last year, and then progressively developed through the Senate, the media and the House of Representatives, is going to continue. The most effective answer to this campaign is a massive national distribution of the League's special issue of The Intelligence Survey.


One of the major myths of modern times concerns science, which has been elevated to a type of new God. We mention the matter because of a recent controversy about the alleged contradictions between science and Christianity. Science does not create anything. Science discovers that which already exists. True science is concerned with discovering truth. How those truths are used concerns metaphysics. Modern science, dating from the time of Francis Bacon, developed in the climate of opinion created by Christianity. With its stress on the value of every individual, created in the image of God, and possessing free will, Christianity was a creative force, producing a particular type of culture. The denial of spiritual values by scientists has resulted in the incarnation of metaphysical Materialism.
C.H. Douglas, author of Social Credit, observed that the rules of the Universe transcend human thinking, can only be discovered and, if human satisfaction is to be achieved must be obeyed. The plight of the world today is in part the result of attempting to defy Truth.

No mature observer of world affairs is surprised that secret meetings have been recently held in Britain between officials of the Soviet Union and South Africa. But it is not true that this is the most significant contact between Moscow and Pretoria for 25 years. The most significant contact between South Africa and Moscow has been maintained for a long time through the most influential man in South Africa, Harry Oppenheimer of the vast Anglo-American complex. The DeBeers diamond monopoly, a part of the Oppenheimer Empire, has an agreement concerning the selling of Soviet produced diamonds. There has been close co-operation between Oppenheimer and the Soviet in other areas, including gold and titanium. Oppenheimer and his associates have always enjoyed free access to the Soviet. Oppenheimer is an internationalist, supports the concept of a New International Economic Order, and favours the creation of a multicultural state in South Africa. The developing political contacts between the Soviet Union and South Africa are another manifestation of the rapidly changing state of the world. Informed South Africans are aware that they are threatened, more by the new emerging internationalism than by sanctions of any kind.

Objective political observers believe that the Victorian Liberal Party has already lost the coming Greensborough by-election by selecting the wife of Federal Liberal Shadow Minister, Mr. Neil Brown, as its candidate. At least one excellent male Liberal candidate was available, but rejected in keeping with the Liberal Party determination to try to match what is termed the "progressive image" of the Labor Party. In view of what has happened in Victoria under the Cain administration, and the calling of an early State election before the breaking of the financial scandal which destroyed John Cain's deputy Fordham, the Liberals should have been able easily to achieve the six percent swing necessary to defeat Labor, leaving Cain and his Fabians with a most precarious hold on government. Should they fail, the Liberals will again be forced to look at their leadership.

If the Federal Opposition is serious about its proposal that the States should have their own income tax revenues, they must be prepared to state boldly that they propose to take positive steps to make a genuine Federal system work. The Fraser government talked about a "new Federalism", with legislation, which permitted the States to raise their own income tax. But in the absence of any evidence by the Fraser government that it was going to drastically reduce its own taxation impositions, the States naturally declined to make use of the legislation, correctly perceiving that electors would have reacted strongly against what they perceived to be double taxing. The Liberals are now faced with a problem of what to do as Treasurer Keating proposes to abolish the Fraser legislation.

John Howard has made it clear that his strict adherence to financial orthodoxy precludes him from taking a stand against what has come to be known as "the second Japanese invasion". Mr. Howard rejected last week any suggestion that there should be any curbing of Japanese investment in Australia. Mr. Howard made the absurd statement that Australia was "not productive enough" and must have foreign investments. He said, "If we would stop all foreign investment the price we would be paying would be an enormous reduction in our living standards." The reality is that the rest of the world could disappear tomorrow and 16 million Australians would be left with vast resources and productive capacity sufficient to provide all the requirements for civilised living.


House of Representatives, October 12th, Appropriation Bill (1), Mr. A. Downer (Lib.-Mayo, S.A.):
"The Government's policy is basically that it does not support the principle of home ownership. That is why it is unconcerned about its main instrument of economic policy being interest rates, which is making it so hard for so many people to purchase their own homes. That is why the Government has reduced the first homeowners' scheme so dramatically - by 42% in the last three years. By 1991 it will be reduced by 75%, according to the Government's own forward projections. That makes it all the more difficult for new first homeowners to put down a basic deposit and, in addition, to meet mortgage repayments on their first homes. In my view, the Government is ideologically committed to the whole concept of public housing. Although on this side of the Committee we recognise the importance of public housing, and we are not for one minute saying there is no role for public housing in our society to help those in particular need, we do not think it is the only solution. In contrast, that clearly is the Government's view.
"It is interesting to reflect on what the Report of the Henderson Commission of Inquiry into Poverty said in relation to public housing. The point Henderson made was that there are a considerable number of people in public housing, which is designed to help low income, economically disadvantaged people, who are well off and who do not need that sort of support. By way of illustration to support the Henderson Report, honourable members may be aware that one of the people who has been a beneficiary of public housing is a member of this place, Senator Devlin. Senator Devlin is a very lucky man. He has his own senatorial parliamentary salary. In addition, his wife works for him on his electoral staff. So they have a family income, excluding electoral allowances, in the vicinity of $80,000 a year, which is not bad. I think honourable members would agree. Senator Devlin is in a Tasmanian government house for which he pays $74 a week rent. For a family on $80,00 a year to be taking up that kind of urgently needed public accommodation, as Senator Devlin is doing, I submit is completely wrong…"


This Editorial appeared in The Wimmera Mail-Times, March 8th: "The investigation by a federal parliamentary committee into the League of Rights is a costly farce, aimed at impressing and influencing gullible people who lack the intellect or inclination to think for themselves. "We have no affiliation with the League of Rights. But we respect its right to exist and to voice an opinion so that responsible people may make their own balanced judgment.
"Many Australians, including parliamentarians, are hostile to the League, but a reasoned, coherent, explanation of their hostility is yet to surface. "The dreadful irony is that parliamentarians show little or no concern about the people who disrupt industry, indulge in hate campaigns against wealth, privilege, and achievement, and who espouse radical policies which undermine the family. "They have little of substance to say about militant homosexuals, loony cult adherents who defy authority, and shadowy organisations of the extreme Left which consistently give voice to policies against the values of most Australians, yet are heard consistently without recrimination.
"If the League of Rights is to be investigated, a similar inquiry should be directed against the many extreme Left groups whose motives are questionable. If there is any sense of perspective, commonsense and sanity among parliamentarians, they will be consistent in their reaction to extremism in all its forms.
"Many honest and decent citizens support the League of Rights because of the ineffectiveness of both major political parties in coping with the pressing issues of society, and their indifference or antagonism to traditional values which enjoy widespread community support. "It is wrong to set up a parliamentary committee to investigate the private funding of a so-called extreme right wing establishment, while federal and state funding of the extreme Left remains unchallenged.
"Any Government investigation should look at the reasons why sincere, concerned people are seeking expression in organisations such as the League of Rights. "Vigorous and hysterical assertions against the League, the abuse, cant phrases and character assassination, are all used too often as a substitute for sound argument. They are far from convincing."

Our Comment
Dare we say, yet again, that there is more moral health in the rural areas of our Nation than in the great multicultural ant-heaps (our major cities) - already in a state of social decay.


From The Sun (Melbourne), Feb.28th: "Mr. Cain's (Victorian Labor Premier) concern for the vice regal post, either state or federal, is surely newfound. "He said that M.P's. who snubbed Mr. Hayden's swearing in ceremony were petulant and small minded. "This criticism doesn't sit too easily with the treatment meted out to Sir Brian Murray during his term as Governor of Victoria. "Mr. Cain's attitude to Sir Brian and Lady Murray was rude, bitter, petulant, insulting and disgraceful. "I clearly recall on an Anzac Day prior to the commencement of the Anzac March, I was talking to Mr. Cain when I noticed the vice regal car approaching. "I said at the time: 'Here's the Governor, John.' Mr. Cain replied: 'Yes, I can see him.' "Mr. Cain ignored Sir Brian completely and as the March commenced, the Governor turned to me and said: 'There you are, he hasn't even got the decency to say good morning to me.' "There are other instances of Mr. Cain's outrageous treatment of the Murrays, who were two of the most distinguished holders of the office. "John Cain has to live with himself over the treatment he gave the Murrays. He tried to trivialise the very office he's now trying to defend, I hope His Excellency, Dr. Davis McCaughey, is taking notice." (Bruce Ruxton, State Pres. (Vic.), The Returned Services League, Melb.)


writes to the Editor of the journal, Woman's Day: "In an interview featured in Woman's Day (Feb.28th, '89) the Aboriginal activist, Gary Foley, is quoted as saying, Ultimately the answer to this problem (aboriginal deaths in custody) is to allow Aborigines to have certain areas of land in which to develop independent communities.' "Is this not the very policy that the South African Government is continually vilified for?"
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