Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

23 March 1990. Thought for the Week: "Which party the people vote for at election time makes very little difference to the course of events. The polling booth has become merely a device to legalise a policy already decided upon by a small group of men... If the word democracy has any real meaning then a democratic country must mean a country in which the people can control the actions of their government; but it has come to mean a country in which the government has obtained power by collecting a majority vote. Do you notice the distinction? A government, once elected, proceeds to penalise every minority, and it does so because it claims to represent the majority. The fact that it has had no mandate from the people to do what it has done doesn't seem to matter very much; the government calls itself democratic - and the 'popular' writers acquiesce in this view."
James Guthrie, B.Sc., in Our Sham Democracy


Late last week the election campaign suddenly came alive. In response to a request from the West Australian National Party, Victorian Senator Julian McGauran faxed a statement, which was a reasonably accurate description of the Multi-Function Polis proposal. Obviously speaking with the backing of National Party Leader Charles Blunt, Senator McGauran said that the National Party was opposed to the proposal, that there was a growing groundswell of opposition, and that the issue could prove a "sleeper" in the election campaign. Shortly afterwards, an obviously desperate Liberal leader Andrew Peacock, with all the polls indicating that Labor was heading for electoral victory, decided that he should awaken the "sleeper".

The Weekend Australian of March l7th-l8th carried the front-page headline, LIBS TO BURY FUTURISTIC CITY. Mr. Peacock said, "The proposal for the creation of a multi-function-polis (M.F.P.) would not go ahead under a Coalition government." Andrew Peacock sought to protect himself against any charge of "racism" by saying, "Our policy on immigration is well understood. We reject the notion of any development, which would establish an enclave. This would be socially divisive and risk a backlash against foreign investment and immigration."

The Australian referred to Mr. Peacock's "surprise" statement, which "taps community concern". That concern has grown as a result of the long term educational work of the League of Rights and has intensified with recent hard hitting statements by Returned Servicemen leaders Bruce Ruxton and Brigadier Garland, who have challenged the Opposition parties to make a definite statement on the M.F.P.

Striking evidence of growing community concern was reflected at a meeting in the South Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday of last week, when a packed audience of 1,000 heard Professor Yoshio Sugimoto, an Australian citizen of Japanese background, criticise the M.F.P. concept. Needless to say, Labor Party leaders are hitting back strongly against the Coalition's belated effort to make the M.F.P. an election issue, while media reports state that the Big Business organisations backing the M.F.P. are seeking to "explain" to Andrew Peacock that he has been misinformed. One of the business heavyweights involved in the M.F.P. project is Liberal Party President John Elliott.

As we go to press it is not clear how Peacock will react to the pressure being applied. Whether or not the awakening of the M.F.P. "sleeper" will change the electoral scene seriously before tomorrow, March 24th remains to be seen. Our own view is that the Opposition had either failed to do its homework on the M.F.P. and is ignorant, or that at least some Opposition Members knew about it, but were afraid to raise it earlier in the campaign. Irrespective of what happens now, the treacherous M.F.P. has been forced into the open and the stage has been set for an ongoing battle after the elections.


Australian taxpayers are going to find war crime "trials" most expensive. Unless the High Court overturns the Federal Government's War Crimes legislation, a magistrate, and Crown and defence lawyers will fly to the Ukraine later this year to take evidence about an alleged war criminal. More evidence may later be taken in Israel. Mr. Ivan Polyukhovic, an elderly pensioner, has been excused from making the trip to the Ukraine. Ultimately there could be a widespread community revulsion against prosecutions, which serve only the interests of the Zionist Mafia.

Mr. Ian McLachlan, former National Farmers' President, and now a Liberal Party "star", may have what is called charisma. And he was a useful cricketer. But his understanding of fundamental economics is woeful. Mr. McLachlan is a devotee of the dogma that increased production is the main answer to Australia's problems. He does not state what production required by Australian consumers, is in short supply. But he says that if wages were decreased by 50 percent, as a result of wage de-regulation, and productivity went up 100 percent, "you'd have a fantastic result". The "fantastic" result would be an escalation of debt. In a prophetic article, "The Delusion of Super Production", written in 1918, C.H. Douglas predicted that attempts to solve economic problems by simply increasing production, must under present financial rules lead to greater export drives in an attempt to "capture" markets. The end result must be greater international friction eventually leading to more military conflicts. Mr. McLachlan does not appear to have learned much from history.

Mr. Andrew Peacock has charged that Treasurer Paul Keating has been attempting to bully the Reserve Bank over interest rates. Mr. Peacock claims that Keating is threatening the "independence" and "integrity" of the Reserve Bank. As the elected representatives of the Australian people, it is the duty and responsibility of Federal politicians to formulate financial policy, including interest rates, and to direct the Reserve Bank accordingly. If the government is not directing the Reserve Bank, this means that this institution is a law unto itself.

The admission by Zimbabwe that between 10 and 15 percent of Zimbabwe's population have AIDS will come as no surprise to authorities on the African scene. AIDS is sweeping through Central Africa and millions will die. AIDS continues to spread worldwide, with drug users and homosexuals being the main victims. The homosexual lobby continues to play down the link between homosexuals and AIDS, which scientists now claim is reaching epidemic proportions on a worldwide scale.

We have asserted several times in these pages over the past few weeks that the breathtaking political changes now sweeping Eastern Europe could not possibly occur without the blessing of International Finance. We are indebted to a Toowoomba actionist for sending us a valuable clipping from The Chronicle (23/2), concerning this very matter. We read that the President of the World Bank, Mr. Barber Conable, announced that the Bank will release in excess of $(Aust.) 6.61 Billion into Eastern Europe over the next three years to support "economic reforms". Some $(Aust.) 475.65 Million has been released for Poland in support of free market economics after decades of Communism. Don't forget that "American" loans to Poland, big ones, were made during the days of Communist power in Poland. In fact, "America" has been bailing Poland out of its hopeless economic mess for several years. Mr. Conable told the Polish National Bank President, and Polish Finance Minister, that, "You can count on the World Bank in the tough times ahead, not just in the first euphoric moments of change".. International Finance can't speak more plainly than that!

Professor Geoffrey Blainey predicts a record voter abstention in the March 24th Federal election. Disillusionment - the main reason. The Professor said he would vote in the election for any candidate who showed he was genuinely interested in the welfare of Australian society. We pose the question here: is a politician who supports the Multi-Function Polis genuinely interested in Australian society? Perhaps some of them are so mesmerised with phony "economic" arguments in support of the M.F.P. that they believe the dangerous drivel they utter, themselves. The forces of Evil are in the ascendant, just as C.H. Douglas predicted 70 years ago.

from The Mail-Times (Horsham, Vic.), March 7th
"Your correspondent, Philip Lienert, Mail-Times, February 28th, chides Mr. Peter Fisher over the latter's apparent failure to realise 'that decentralisation is a hallmark of Christian philosophy'. I suggest that Mr. Lienert is misinformed. "On the one hand, the Bible does not present any preferred model for the structure of civil government. While it hints that there will be a time at the end of time when there will be a single centralised realm under God, the Bible is more concerned about advocating justice in society rather than advocating any particular system.
"On the other hand, Christian thinkers have, over the last 2,000 years, proposed a wide variety of systems of civil government from tight church controlled and centralised forms of government to highly decentralised laissez-faire systems. There is no consensus on whether centralised or decentralised government is more aligned to Christian values and beliefs. "Decentralisation a 'hallmark' of Christian philosophy? Certainly not." (Warren Bartlett, Pynsent Street, Horsham, Vic.)

Mr. Edward Rock, of The Christian Alternative Movement, replied to Mr. Bartlett through the Editor of The Mail-Times. At the time of writing we do not know if Mr. Rock's letter has been published Mr. Rock wrote:
"Having read the correspondence to 'M-T' from both Philip Lienert and Warren Bartlett I am intrigued by Mr. Bartlett's analysis of centralised and decentralised power, especially his conclusion that scripture does not justify the decentralisation of power. Mr. Barlett must read a different Bible to mine. "Certainly Christ is the centre of all power, as He rightly claimed. Matthew 28:18 .. But that power is exercised through freedom of choice, freewill, the essence of decentralised power. If every individual enjoyed that power under Christ there would never be any threat of centralised power under man.
"Satan tried to involve Christ in the deception of centralised power as scripture clearly reveals. 'Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them: and saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me' ... Matthew 4:8,9.
"In this act of deception Satan: (1) Tried to destroy Christ's own freewill and enslave him in exchange for centralised power; and (2) sought to use Christ's power to destroy decentralised power in every nation and every individual so that all would come under one complete centralised power under Satan's domain.
"Believe it or not there are Christian Churches trying to do the same thing today, using idealistic fronts like the United Nations and the World Council of Churches for their purpose. Always they find themselves on the same side, and often on the same platform as the Marxists against whose centralised power the people of Eastern Europe and elsewhere are now revolting.
Just as there occurred 2,000 years ago, there is a great light coming out of the East for all those with eyes to see and ears to hear. "Mr. Bartlett should go back to scripture and read it with new eyes. He may be blinded by that Light."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159