Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

12 April 1990. Thought for the Week: "The perfect surrender and humiliation was undergone by Christ: perfect because he was God, surrender and humiliation because he was man. Now the Christian belief is that if we somehow share the humility and suffering of Christ we shall also share in his conquest of death and find a new life after we have died and in it become perfect, and perfectly happy, creatures. This means something much more than trying to follow his teaching. People often ask: when the next step in evolution - the step to something beyond man will happen. Well, on the Christian view, it has happened already. In Christ a new type of man appeared; and the new kind of life which began in Him is to be put into us."
C.S. Lewis in Broadcast Talks.


We trust that our supporters and friends will be blessed by the spirit of Easter, that time when the Christian reflects on the reality that Death and Life are part of an ongoing eternal process.


Three days after the Federal Elections, The Australian's Tokyo correspondent Peter Wilson was reporting that "Relieved Japanese Government officials and business leaders welcomed" the likely re-election of the Hawke Government. The Japanese were concerned that a victory for a Peacock led Coalition government would mean the scrapping of the Multi-Function-Polis programme. Peter Wilson quotes a Japanese Government official involved in the M.F.P. project as saying that both countries would have to act quickly to improve the public image of the project. "Now is the time to start a proper public awareness campaign not only for financial leaders but also at the grassroots level," the official said.

The pre-election campaign initiated by the League of Rights to expose the far-reaching implications of the M.F.P. has forced the question into the open. It can no longer be masked in secrecy and then presented to the Australian people as a fait accompli in either June or July. A critical battle has been won, but now a life or death struggle must be fought and won, if traditional Australia is to survive. In the coming campaign there will be, as there already is, what may appear as strange alliances. Fabian Socialist Bob Hawke has the support of powerful sections of Big Business, which through the John Elliotts will be seeking to mute any criticism from the Opposition parties.

As on the I.D. card issue, many who are described as Left-wingers are opposing the M.F.P., along with conservatives. In his current strategy address, already delivered at three Victorian country centres, League National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, relates how during the Pacific war against the Japanese, he had long debates with one of his gunners, who thought he was some type of a Socialist. "But," observes Mr. Butler, "we were both in strong agreement that irrespective of our different views concerning post war reconstruction, our first priority was to be united in resisting a threatened Japanese invasion."

Leading opponent of the M.F.P., Japanese born Professor Sugimoto, has been described as a "left wing academic". This fact should not deter conservative Australians from warmly welcoming Professor Sugimoto's vital contribution towards defeating the M.F.P. threat. Almost immediately following the Peter Wilson report from Japan, followed a revealing statement by Japanese Consul General in Brisbane, who was reported in The Courier-Mail of March 31st as saying that Queensland was the favoured site for the planned hi-tech city. Mr. Shigetaka Ishihara said that Queensland was preferred because of its climate and "potential for software technology development".

The Japanese Consul General confirmed our own views that the M.F.P. concept must be seen as part of a much wider programme. He says that the project led by Australia and Japan to seek to develop the Asia-Pacific region as a rival to the European Economic Community and the United States-Canadian Common Market. The powerful Japanese banks, which dominate Japan's policies, are members of the Trilateral Commission, currently headed by David Rockefeller of the U.S.A., which advocates the ultimate integration of the economies of the world on a global scale. Just as West Germany, dominated by the German Trilateral banks, now seeks by re-establishing a United Germany to become the major powerhouse in a European Economic Community reaching out to absorb a "reconstructed" Eastern Europe, so Japan's masters seek to play a similar role in a Pacific Common Market.
Clearly they see the establishment of a base in Australia as a first requirement.

There appears to be an implied threat in Mr. Ishihara's statement that the present economic relationship between Japan and Australia, based mainly on Australia exporting raw materials to Japan, would soon reach a limit as Japan's need for wool and minerals declined. "We must seek a new form of relationship together which the M.F.P. will make concrete." With the Australian economy progressively collapsing, it is no doubt hoped that desperate Australians will eagerly accept a project that appears to offer a means to revitalise the Australian economy. Australians are being asked to sell their souls for a mess of pottage.

The future of Australia now hangs in the balance. Every possible method must be used to circulate as widely as possible the updated 16 page special issue of the March Intelligence Survey.


The chairman of the Victorian Farmers' Federation Wool Committee, Mr. Ewan McMahon, says that the Australian wool industry was facing the worst crisis in two decades. Wool production had expanded by 50 percent over the past six years, stimulated to a great extent by Chinese demand. With China no longer buying as previously Australia has 30 million too many sheep. As we observed at the time of the escalation in wool prices, wool producers would be foolish to expect that this would continue indefinitely. We also pointed out that with rising costs, growers were being forced to expand production in an attempt to remain viable. There can be no genuine stability under financial policies that keep forcing financial costs ever upwards. Two limited objective policies would help alleviate the present crisis: long-term low interest loans for all primary producers, including wool producers, and the Reserve Bank to make credit available to the Wool Corporation at the cost of administration to buy all wool being offered at a lower floor price than currently operating.

One of the major developments throughout Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union, since the loosening of the more brutal aspects of the Communist regimes, has been the emergence of ethnic violence. Three months after the Rumanian revolution long simmering tensions between ethnic Hungarians and Rumanians have exploded into bloody violence resulting in deaths and many injuries. Rumania's provisional government has been appealing for calm, while neighbouring Hungary has asked for United Nations intervention to restore order in the troubled area. As economic conditions worsen throughout the former Communist Empire, ethnic clashes are becoming worse. Australians should carefully take notice before the multicultural ideologues create conditions for ethnic violence in Australia.

Belgian's King Baudouin recently has set an example that should be widely publicised. He stepped down from his constitutional position because his conscience would not let him sign a law legalising abortion. A constitutional crisis was avoided by a Council of Ministers proclaiming that the King was unable to continue reigning, and that the Council would endorse and promulgate the legislation on abortion. A full session of Parliament and the Senate then met to vote on a motion that the king's inability to reign had ceased with the king resuming his constitutional powers. This incident provides a striking example of the value of constitutional Monarchy.

Mr. Bernie Fraser, Governor of the Reserve Bank, has issued a highly significant statement on monetary policy. Mr. Fraser says, "Some further slowing in the economy can be expected to become apparent over the coming months; recent changes in policy have been made with this expectation in mind." Also, "Developments in the economy will be watched closely over the months ahead!! During that period the Reserve does not foresee further adjustments to monetary policy." The Reserve Bank is telling the Australian people that even if the Australian economy continues to collapse into recession conditions, there will be no easing of the monetary policy, which is now destroying thousands of Australian primary and secondary industries. What have the elected representatives of the Australian people to say about this blatantly dictatorial Reserve Bank policy?

There are good reasons for believing that when British Prime Minister Thatcher decided she would not accept the final surrender of British sovereignty by accepting the European Monetary Union, it was decided in the higher echelons of the international power movements, determined to create the World State, that Mrs. Thatcher had to be destroyed. Unfortunately Mrs. Thatcher's domestic economic policies are providing the opportunity to force her from office. If Local Governments are to be financed by taxation, then the principle of the poll tax, which seeks to ensure that not only property owners but everyone contributes to financing government from which they derive benefits, cannot be reasonably argued against. Unfortunately for Mrs. Thatcher, the method of implementing the poll tax has created exactly the type of conditions in which professional revolutionaries can operate. What started out as peaceful anti-poll tax demonstrations were quickly taken over by professional revolutionaries, some being brought in from Ireland. Mrs. Thatcher still has time to rectify the situation, but it is fast running out.

Senator Graham Richardson issued a Press Release on February 15th announcing that Australia and the U.S.S.R. had signed an agreement on Co-operation in the Field of Protection and Enhancement of the Environment. This agreement covers:
* exchange of scientists and students;
* organisation of workshops, and symposia;
* publication of reports;
* exchange of information….

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