Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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25 May 1990. Thought for the Week: "Two clear signs of the centralist virus among the political Greens are the strong emphasis on Population Control and on Feminism. The first shows the ultimate in arrogant centralist power over people; the second should correctly be called Anti-feminism. Both have the opposite effect to that supposedly intended. The first by selectively encouraging the more aggressive strains of fertile and philoprogentive; the second by dragging women out of the decentralised home into the centralised power hierarchy where they are conditioned to acquire the aggressive arts of power seeking. No amount of 'Green' oratory or print can cover these objectives. There is no Centralised World Answer; it lies in 'Small is Beautiful'!"
Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs in Home, U.K. Winter, 1990


Drugs, AIDS and mounting racial friction are sapping the strength of the USA Republic. Developments in the USA provide a graphic example of the way Australia should not go. Recent reports state that AIDS and drug consumption, both closely related, are reaching epidemic levels in some parts of the USA. But even more alarming is the escalation of ethnic violence. Multiculturalism is not enriching American society, as witnessed by two reports, which appeared in last Sunday's papers.

The Sunday Herald carries a report from Margot O'Neill, Washington, which opens with the comment, "The American melting-pot is again in danger of boiling over, with ethnic and political leaders warning that racism is on the rise". Blacks, Asians and Jews are in growing conflict. Conflicts between blacks and Koreans have flared in different parts of New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington DC. An alderman in Wisconsin has created a national furore by declaring he would form a Black Panther militia for "actual fighting, bloodshed and urban guerilla warfare", unless more resources were allocated to help poorer blacks. In the South, there have been a series of racially motivated letter bombs, which killed a white federal judge and a black civil rights lawyer. Riots have erupted in Miami, Florida, after a black youth was shot by an Hispanic policeman. Democrat Senator Paul Johnson says that racist and so-called hate crimes are on the increase. "There's a growing poison in the land, a growing hatred," he says. The American Congress has passed a Hate Crimes Statistics Act, which requires officials to tabulate crimes related to race, religion, or ethnic and sexual orientation. "You can't treat the problem if you don't know where it is," Democrat Senator Paul Johnson says.

Ben Barber reports in The Sunday Age the dramatic changes he found when he returned to his old hometown, Miami. He writes of the flood of whites who have left Miami in their thousands to escape the rising tide of Hispanic influence. The refugees from Castro's Cuba were at first welcomed by the locals, but are now feared and detested as crime and drug trafficking grows. Racial tensions periodically erupt into violence and killings. Australians should learn, while they still can take appropriate action, of the results of multiculturalism in the USA - and in other parts of the world. A national referendum on immigration is an urgent necessity.


Even the most ardent supporters of Zionist Israel are finding it difficult to justify the policies of ex-terrorist Shamir, who pushes ahead with a programme of more Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Struggling with the problem of sustaining its population, Israel is warmly welcoming the flood of new immigrants from the Soviet Union. Arab leaders are reported to be bracing for strong action by the Shamir Government to suppress the uprising (the "intifada") of the Palestinians that started 29 months ago. At least 648 Palestinians have been killed, and thousands wounded by the Israelis since the Palestinian revolt started.

The flood of Russian Jews into Israel is causing growing alarm right throughout the whole of the Moslem world, with evidence of a new unity among all Moslems. Many anticipate that the stage is being set for a new major conflict in the Middle East. At the same time Mr. Isi Leibler and other Zionist leaders are painting a picture of possible anti-Jewish pograms in the Soviet Union if Mikhail Gorbachev should be deposed. One of Gorbachev's first acts when he came to power in the Soviet Union was to turn to the International Zionists and to attempt to meet their requests. Gorbachev understands where real power resides in today's world, and he needs that power on his side if he is to obtain from the West the economic aid he so desperately requires.

Leibler has made the revealing comment that he has advised Jews in Lithuania and elsewhere not to become involved in nationalist movements opposing Moscow. This advice can only tend to confirm the deep-seated feeling of nationalists throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union that Jewish communities are part of an international movement with little local loyalty. It is not surprising therefore that there are reports of a rising tide of "anti-semitism" throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

Based on past experiences, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and swastika daubing must be treated with extreme caution, with the strong possibility of Zionist agents being responsible. The Age of May 16th reports that Israeli police had arrested "a second mentally unbalanced Jewish suspect in connection with the desecration of two Jewish cemeteries. . ." The report says that this Jew had been in touch with another Jew, arrested after 250 headstones had been defaced with anti-Israeli slogans. Isi Leibler claims that if Gorbachev were overthrown, there would be anti-Jewish pogroms. What Leibler does not explain, is why there should be such a widespread concern about Jewish influence throughout Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.


by David Thompson
The huge (and growing) stockpile of wool owned by the Australian Wool Corporation causes acute distress in the Treasury. The AWC has borrowed heavily to buy the wool, thus underwriting a floor price for the Australian wool clip. But as the debts rise (financed by a grower levy or tax) and interest payments mount, the balance of payments blow out causes rising panic. Perhaps the economy is not "on track" after all! The crisis in the industry begs the question of the reason for producing wool. The only genuine purpose of production is consumption. If the wool is unsaleable at the present floor price, why is it not being processed here in Australia? Although Australia produced some of the most advanced processing technology, and leads the world in fine wool production, only a pathetic handful of woollen mills remain in production. This country should have the most vigorous, thriving wool processing industry in the world.

Prior to deregulation of the financial system, control of the value of our currency governed the value of exports. Since the Fabian influenced Treasurer internationalised the economy, we surrendered control over our currency, and economic stability. Once, a carefully considered devaluation of the dollar would have a significant effect on the prices of commodities such as wool; their price dropping considerably. It is clearly wicked that woolgrowers are 'taxed' at a rate of 20% of their returns in order to stabilise the price. It should be noted that prior to the existence of the AWC, the entire wool clip was usually sold in the year in which it was produced. If small stockpiles are to become necessary as a temporary measure, a much smaller levy could achieve this, as it has in the past. In times of national crisis there are alternative financial mechanisms available. If the stockpile is a national problem, as the Minister for Primary Industry believes it to be, then emergency measures are called for. The stockpile could be financed with credits at a vastly lower interest rate. Provision has been made for this.

The Reserve Bank Act of 1959 created a Rural Credits Department of the Bank. Section 57 of the Act stated: "…. the Bank may, through the Rural Credits Department, make advances for the purpose of assisting the marketing of primary produce or the processing or manufacture of primary produce to:
a) authorities formed under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory;
b) cooperative associations of persons engaged in farming, agricultural, horticultural, pastoral, grazing or fishing operations....

Clearly, the Treasury could, under instruction from a sovereign Parliament, make such credits available at heavily concessional interest rates. Ways could even be found to assist mills processing greasy wool, rather than all our wool processing mills being eliminated by exorbitant price structures. Such concessions could solve problems for Australian producers, processors, consumers, and taxpayers. Instead, the AWC is floundering out of its depth in murky international financial waters, thick with loan sharks. All Australians are being fleeced as a result.

In the final analysis, the internationalisation of our economy removes decision making from Australians. Woolgrowers are under intense pressure to surrender control over an industry already heavily centralised and collectivised. The floor price, once an attempt to protect producers from price fluctuations of market forces, is instead being used to manipulate the market by imposing artificially high prices. A retreat from collectivism and centralisation is the first step back to national independence and individual freedom. Are Australian children to go cold this winter because we are mesmerised by figures, which tell us that we cannot afford our own product? Even the sheep upon whose back we once rode have more sense than that!

'FLEECED' by Barbara Treloar
This prophetic little book, by a woolgrower in 1978, was a warning about the consequences for Australia of collectivising and centralising our most important industry has constructive proposals. $4.00 posted.


A member of the famous Cilento family, Dr. Ruth Cilento, is involved in the latest developments concerning the holistic approach to the cancer problem. An exciting and encouraging message at a time when one in every four Australians is affected. League supporters and friends invited to attend a lecture at 49 White Avenue, East Kew, on Sunday, May 27th, at 8 p.m. Chairman, Mr. Horton Davies. Admission free. Collection to defray expenses.

From NEW LIFE (May 17th)

Extract from Canon Lance Shilton's column -"Thinking Things Through". Canon Shilton was formerly Anglican Dean of Sydney: How significant it was that the first open air services since the Communist takeover were held in Lithuania over Easter. "For generations, Christianity has been recognised in these countries. It is still part of their tradition. The atheistic philosophy rammed down the throats of these people has not been digested. The restrictions placed upon the church have not snuffed out their faith, so that now, when circumstances have permitted an open stand for basic human rights, the people have been reinforced by the reality of their faith.
"All Christians would agree with Pope John Paul II's words during his recent visit to Czechoslovakia, when he said that Communism had crumbled like the Tower of Babel, at the same time warning that getting rid of Communism was not enough if it meant simply replacing it with the 'secularism, indifference, hedonistic consumerism, practical materialism and formal atheism' that he said plagued the West. "It has been most encouraging to see how influential Christians have been throughout Eastern Europe in a non violent way. In spite of discrimination and persecution they have held firm to their faith. Perhaps this is the beginning of a spiritual awakening for the whole of Europe.


Debate Gagged from The Australian, May 9th "Recently the ABC Brisbane 7.30 Report held a phone poll with the question, 'Does Australia Need More Immigration?' 83% voted NO, as I did. My reason for this and I believe for the majority of negative voters is not because we do not understand the need for immigration but because successive governments have continually suppressed debate. "I resent very much being branded as a racist, simply because I am proud of my heritage. I believe that if the present architects of this hotchpotch called multiculturalism were a little less ashamed of their own background, Australia could at last be allowed to grow up and maintain its true identity." (Mrs. E. Diete, The Gums, Qld.)
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