Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

8 June 1990. Thought for the Week: "The English king had the wisdom to realise that the sword, though powerful to defend, could settle nothing permanently, and that only a conquest of the heart could endure. And though he and his people had suffered terribly from the invaders, he was too magnanimous to seek revenge and too wise to suppose he could expel them altogether.... Underlying all Alfred's work was the depth of his Christian faith. 'Wisdom,' he wrote, 'is of such a kind that no man of this world can conceive her as she really is, but each strives according to the measure of his wit to understand her if he may, for wisdom is of God'... His legacy to his country and the world was his conception of what a Christian on the throne could be. Long after his death he was remembered by Englishmen as 'England's darling'."
Sir Arthur Bryant in Set In a Silver Sea


What had been planned as the last of a series of educational and organisational meetings by League of Rights N.S.W. State Director, Mr. David Thompson, to be addressed by National Director Eric Butler in the nation's capital, Canberra, on Saturday, June 2nd, erupted into a massive anti-League demonstration held in check by a large contingent of Federal Police. The meeting was not publicised, except by an invitation extended to all League contacts in the A.C.T., who were invited to bring any interested friends. It was anticipated that perhaps 20 to 30 people would attend in the Community Centre, Hughes.

The first indication that this meeting had attracted the attention of Zionist leaders came with a request from the A.B.C. to do an interview with Mr. Eric Butler. The source of this request was a rather lurid report, in The Australian Jewish News warning that the "racist", "anti-semitic" League of Rights was about to move into the national capital. This report was obviously supplied to the A.B.C., while it was also mentioned in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The organiser of the meeting, a relatively new League supporter was surprised to find himself the sudden centre of media attention. An attempt was made through the A.C.T. Government to prevent the meeting going ahead, Deputy Chief Minister Collaery warning that action would be taken if the Community Hall was used to foment "racist" hatred. A leaflet, purporting to have the support of 39 local organisations, including the "International Socialist Organisation", "Lesbian and Gay Rights Association", and the "Public Service Union", was circulated around Canberra urging that a demonstration be staged at the League meeting.

The leaflet stated, "We must not permit the League of Rights to spread its racist, anti-Semitic, and fascist message in our City unopposed. We must make it clear that its confused and chauvinistic ideology is not welcome here." The Federal Police contacted David Thompson to warn him of what was threatened, and to advise that uniformed police would be in attendance. An estimated 100 demonstrators turned up to chant, among other slogans, "Asians in, Fascists out". It is probable that a number of people wishing to attend the meeting would have been frightened by the abusive behaviour of the chanting mob at the front door. The media was strongly represented.

There was a roar of abuse when controversial M.L.A. Member Dennis Stevenson arrived. The media attempted to link Stevenson with the League, who pointed out that he was not a member of the League, but was attending as an observer in the same way that he attended other public meetings.

When the meeting eventually got under way, the "freedom loving", "anti-Fascist" mob attempted to drown out the speaker. At one stage it appeared possible that the windows of the hall would collapse under the hammering. Eventually the highly organised mob invaded the hall and brought the attempted address by Eric Butler to a halt. There was an attempt to take over the meeting. With a back up of extra forces, the Federal Police took control of the situation and said that if the demonstrators did not leave the hall they would have to be arrested. League supporters and others followed the lead of Mr. Eric Butler and Mr. David Thompson, and made no attempt to respond in any way to the demonstrators. The police thanked David Thompson for his decorum and that of the audience, ensuring that there was no excuse for violence. Even when Eric Butler was able to continue, the demonstrations outside continued. But eventually the meeting proceeded in an orderly manner.

The last has not been heard about this matter, which is part of a pattern of anti-League activity, as witnessed by the recent distorted A.S.I.O. report. A front-page story in The West Australian of May 22nd carried the headline, RACIST THREAT TO W.A.: ASIO. Federal Labor Member Keith Wright, one of those calling for an "investigation" of the League, and head of the parliamentary committee reviewing the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, is quoted as saying that A.S.I.O. should be provided with increased resources to "monitor" the activities of organisations promoting "racial hatred". Mr. Wright claims that A.S.I.O. had briefed him on the activities of a "Perth-based neo-nazi organisation, pro-apartheid groups with South African links and the League of Rights".

Mr. Wright wants the League of Rights, along with the Logos Foundation, to be monitored by A.S.I.O. "It is vitally important for A.S.I.O. to monitor who is funding these groups, which have access to vast amounts of money to promote their propaganda." We have challenged Keith Wright before, and do so again, to provide one skerrick of evidence to link the League of Rights with any organisations advocating racial or any other type of violence in this country.

Running through all these developments in the role of the organised Zionist machine, which continues to use its widespread influence to smear the League of Rights, the one movement which offers an in-depth constructive programme for re-generating Australia by permitting the people to have a real say concerning their own affairs, including immigration.


The basic realities of the wool situation have been masked by misleading arguments on all sides. The man who actually produces the wool has been left in the dark. We find it rather hypocritical that spokesmen for the Wool Corporation complain about government interference in the wool industry while at the same time they accept a situation that makes the industry subservient to government policy. It is the government that has provided the Corporation with the power to borrow internationally. It would be instructive to learn why the Corporation has to borrow internationally, how the borrowing is arranged and what is the prevailing rate of interest. Has the Corporation ever suggested that its finances might best be provided by the Reserve Bank or some other banking instrumentality inside Australia, for the cost of administration? The true purpose of any production is consumption, and some attention might be given to the question of why Australians do not use more of their own wool, and why it must first be sent overseas and then shipped back again at prices Australian housewives complain is too expensive. Instead of relying passively upon organisations that have consistently failed them, woolgrowers, along with other primary producers, should be asking some searching questions about financial policy and how it is manipulated against them.

In last week's On Target we reported briefly on the outcome of the first Canadian War Crime trial, with the jury only needing 90 minutes to find the unfortunate defendant not guilty. But the outcome of this historic trial has received little mention in Australia. There has been no reference to the fact that the Canadian of Hungarian background was financially ruined by the "trial", which has also had a traumatic effect on him and his family. Nor has there been any reference to the millions of dollars it has cost the Canadian taxpayers. The Zionists still continue to bay for vengeance, as they do in Australia, where similar trials will cost millions of dollars. It is time to halt this programme of Zionist vengeance, which can only have a poisoning effect on society. It is encouraging to note that there is a move in the British House of Lords to prevent the British War Crimes Bill from receiving a second reading in the House of Lords. Conservative backbench Peer Lord Campbell, a former prisoner of war, reflects the traditional British and Christian view when he says that the proposed legislation should be opposed because it "would afford retrospective legislation under which criminal charges could be brought in respect of war crimes committed forty years ago, outside the United Kingdom, by persons who owe no allegiance to the Crown, there being no reasonable assumption of a fair trial and no appropriate punishment on conviction". From across the Tasman in New Zealand, comes the encouraging news that the New Zealand government appears reluctant to accede to Zionist demands that New Zealand stage war-crime trials.

A Zionist apologist writes to one paper stating that he can find no "logic" in the upsurge of "anti-Semitism" in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Instead of trying to brush this subject aside in this manner, surely it is most logical to ask why is there an upsurge of anti-Jewish feeling throughout the crumbling Communist Empire. There must be some explanation for this. Edgar Bronfman, current World Jewish Congress leader, has recently said that there has been "anti-semitism" in Hungary ever since the First World War when the nobles came back to lands that were no longer theirs - "in Budapest they discovered that half the population was Jewish, living well with big homes". Bronfman points out that Communist governments have tried to suppress "anti-Semitism". This is understandable, as they were Jewish dominated. We predict that the "Jewish Question" is going to emerge as a major factor in the unfolding drama in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Already Gorbachev's main opponent, Boris Yeltsin, is being charged with a close association with "anti-Semitic" groups, both in the Soviet Union and in the U.S.A.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159