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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

20 July 1990. Thought for the Week: "No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."
Matthew 6:24


It is no secret that Treasurer Paul Keating wants to achieve two major objectives: the "re-structuring" of the Australian economy at an even faster rate, which means thousands of more bankruptcies and human suffering; and to become Prime Minister as soon as Prime Minister Hawke can be persuaded not to better the record of the late Menzies and resign. Sections of Big Business and Big Finance, who look towards becoming even bigger under the "restructuring" programme, are indicating that they would prefer Paul Keating to become Prime Minister as soon as possible. Mr. Keating is doing his best, even displaying a belated enthusiasm for Australian Rules Football, as witnessed by his use of a V.I.P. plane, loaded with a retinue of journalists, to attend the Collingwood-Carlton match in Melbourne last weekend.

Paul Keating's major problem is that Prime Minister Hawke has come to love his position, even though the anti-Hawke rumbles inside the Labor Party are growing. But whenever he goes, Mr. Bob Hawke has another of his "visions" for Australia: an updated Federal system. One headline refers to a "Ten Year Plan". As yet there has been little concrete concerning this plan, but already the propagandists are working to try to convince Australians that the present Federal system, while having served their forefathers, is now obsolescent as they are faced with a completely different world, which requires a changed Constitution for the next century.
Mr. Hawke has let it be known that he wants to bequeath to Australia his "grand design". He is now working on it.
We predict that the essence of the Hawke vision will be the further centralisation of power camouflaged with typical Hawke rhetoric.

Keating does not disagree with Hawke philosophically, but clearly places greater stress on economics to change the structure of society. But for the immediate future he needs Bob Hawke as Bob Hawke needs him. However, what both fail to understand is that if the Keating financial policies are persevered with, the Labor Government is doomed irrespective of who is leading it. In the meantime further enormous damage will be done to the Australian economy and the social order, with an Opposition led by men who basically agree with what Keating is doing. A change of politicians would be unlikely to see a change of policy.

A major feature of the Keating "re-structuring" programme, allegedly designed to deal with the massive foreign debt problem and inflation, is the imposition of high interest rates in order, to use the economic jargon of the financial witchdoctors, to "cool" an "overheated" economy. Treasurer Keating has constantly claimed that interest rates can only come down when "excessive demand" has been curbed and inflation reduced. In simple English, the Keating objective is to eliminate wide sectors of the Australian economy. To achieve this he must impose semi-depression conditions - protesting all the time, of course, that any pain he is inflicting is for the long-term benefit of the nation.

Whilst boasting of all the new jobs created during the terms of the Hawke Government, the double standards are revealed by the contradictory claim by Paul Keating that the latest employment figures reveal that in spite of the pain being inflicted upon the desperate rural community, home owners, and small businessmen, there has been such a continuing growth in employment that high interest rates must be maintained. Keating is saying that the growth in employment must be slowed down with presumably growing unemployment being evidence that the Keating strategy is working. The evidence suggests that much of the continued growth in employment is in government bureaucracy and sectors of Big Business.

Supported by some of the spokesmen for Big Business and Big Finance, and a chorus of support from the certified economists, the news about unemployment figures has been greeted by Keating with the claim that it was still too early to reduce destructive interest rates. More destruction is necessary. So far from high interest rates being a result of "market forces" they are an instrument of deliberate war being waged against traditional Australia. We are sure that Paul Keating is correct when he continues to claim that his strategy is "on track", a track leading to a completely different type of nation to what Australia was once.

Irrespective of whether Bob Hawke or Paul Keating is Prime Minister, they must be held responsible for the creeping revolution steadily engulfing Australia. "The evil that men do lives after them", wrote Shakespeare. The Hawke-Keating Government has been an evil Government and should be replaced at the earliest possible opportunity with a parliament in which genuine representatives of the Australian people are seated.


No sooner had a Canadian jury found Imre Finta, the first Canadian citizen tried for alleged war crime trials, not guilty of any of the charges made against him, than a howl of complaints from Zionists arose, about the jury being wrong. These complaints come from the people who insist that all they want is justice. But it is clear that it is vengeance, not justice, they seek to foster. They insist upon being both prosecutor, but also judge and jury, a reflection of the "Chosen Race" philosophy.

At the end of an eight-month old trial in Toronto, the former Hungarian police officer, who had been broken financially and physically even before the actual trial started, made the charitable comment that the Court's verdict had "been good for Canada and the Jewish Cause." Finta also said, "I love the Jewish people". This love was not reciprocated by the Zionists who insisted that Finta must be guilty in spite of what the Court said. Zionist power manifested itself with the dramatic announcement by the Crown Prosecutor that he was going to appeal Finta's acquittal, which means a second trial of an old, sick man of 77, which will cost the Canadian taxpayers more money. Already millions have been spent.

Australians should take careful note of the shape of things to come. As yet the High Court has not ruled on the validity of the War Crimes Legislation, which former Finance Minister Peter Walsh estimates could cost $1 billion if every suspect is prosecuted. 73-year-old South Australian Ivan Timopeyevich Polyrekhovich is the first to be charged under the Australian War Crimes Legislation. All decent Australians, particularly those who describe themselves as Christians, should continue to protest against a policy, which is contrary to the Common Law, which has been the very foundation of the Australian judicial system.

Following the heavy defeat of the British Government's War Crimes Legislation in the House of Lords, with a number of prominent British Jews being critics of the Legislation, the Thatcher Government appears to have lost any enthusiasm it may have had for the Legislation, while the New Zealand Labor Government is, as yet, declining to introduce any type of War Crimes Legislation. It would be instructive to hear from Dr. Hewson, leader of the Federal Liberal Party, and Tim Fischer, leader of the National Party, on the subject. Or are they afraid of offending Mr. Isi Leibler and the Zionist pressure machine.


Mr. Nicholas Ridley, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Minister for Trade and Industry, has resigned as a result of the furor created by his criticism of a German dominated Common Market. But the maverick British Conservative politician, a longstanding personal friend of Margaret Thatcher, has delivered a massive broadside against internationalism which is one of the greatest historic significance. Whatever she says publicly, it can be taken for granted that Margaret Thatcher privately endorsed Ridley's sentiments, as witnessed by her obvious reluctance to have Ridley resign. A centralised Germany, controlled by the big German banks, which are powerful members of the sinister Trilateral Commission, is a threat to the best long-term interests of the German people, who are being increasingly used as a type of economic cannon fodder in the drive to create the World State. Ridley's comments have not only been widely applauded throughout the United Kingdom, but also throughout Europe. Coming events are going to confirm the Ridley warnings.

One of the silliest and most misleading statements yet made during the Pyramid Building Society affair, was that perhaps Malcolm Fraser was right before the 1983 Federal Elections when he suggested that if Mr. Bob Hawke won, people might have to take their money out of the banks and put it under their beds. Those who took that advice would have lost approximately 50 percent of the dollars put under the bed, as a result of inflation. Inflation continues to be the most deadly enemy of economic and social stability.

David Barnett, who contributes "Money Matters" to The Bulletin, wrote on July 17th, that "The amount of bad debts the banks are having to write off is at the point where bad debts are the fastest growing lines in their profit and loss statements". In 1980 the three major banks wrote off $86 millions in bad debts. In 1982 bad debts written off had increased to $248 million, with an increase to $916 in 1987. It is anticipated that bad debts will reach $1.5 billion for this year and $1.6 billion next year. As the banks are in the fortunate position where they have a licence to create money as debt in the form of credit, they can of course write off billions of dollars without losing anything. (The Money Trick is essential reading for those who want to free themselves of the black magic surrounding "sound finance". $7 posted from all League Bookshops.

from The Herald (Melbourne), July 13th
"I am disturbed at the inclusion in school libraries of certain books that a local principal informs me are recommended by what he calls 'leaders in the field of education'. "One such book recently brought home by one of my children was an attempt, he says, to create 'an invaluable and attractive collection of chants and rhymes designed for children to read themselves. "When I protested at the inclusion of material that is certainly crude, vulgar, and sexually suggestive, he suggested that no other teacher, parent or child had complained before about its inclusion in the school library. "He suggests that children ought to be free to choose what they ought to read. "But to think that young minds are mature enough to discern what is good and acceptable from the crude and damaging is pure fantasy. "It's time the so-called leaders in education were pulled into line by the general public rather than the reverse. "Education today seems to be aimed at changing children's thinking and attitudes, questioning the values taught at home and turning out mindless robots who go along with the 'consensus' no matter what the issue. I call upon parents to get involved in choosing the curricula and refuse to be bamboozled by the double talk of educators." (Cohn Nunn, Glenroy, Vic.)

from The Age (Melbourne), July 14th
"The Age (12/7) tells us of the closing down of yet another business. This time the Nicholas/Aspro factory. "Everyone should read Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' and they would understand what is happening. Socialism will kill this 'Lucky Country'. "Why should a man go without to save his money, start a factory with a huge loan, worry himself sick, work all night, never take a holiday because he cannot afford one, just to develop a nice business, only to have to pay, pay, pay - four weeks' holiday pay plus loading, WorkCare, sick pay, payroll tax, long service leave, fringe benefits tax, sales tax, land tax and any other tax that the socialists think they can get out of the so-called business man. "They think it is wrong for a man to make a profit. Why else bother? Who else will employ other people? The Government cannot take us all on as public, servants. Some have to be in the private sector to pay the taxes to keep the rest. "Without incentive (to make a profit) nobody will bother. The business people, one after another, will just close their doors. The latest socialist ploy, the terribly unfair land tax, may be the last straw." (Patricia Gregory-Sinn, Toorak, Vic.)

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