Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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3 August 1990. Thought for the Week: "The fact is the House of Representatives is for most of its time a ritualised charade. The executive totally dominates, while members of Parliament amuse themselves by being allowed to contribute to an endless flowing river of words dutifully recorded at great expense."
Independent Federal M.P., Ted Mack


The Jewish Board of Deputies in N.S.W. has taken advantage of the State's anti-vilification laws, passed by the Greiner Government, to take action against Mr. John Bennett's annual publication, Your Rights. John Bennett is President of the Australian Liberties Union, and the action against him indicates that sections of the Jewish community do not like him constantly raising what they regard as objectionable questions, such as "How factual is the generally accepted view of millions of Jews being gassed during the Second World War".
Bennett does not dispute that large numbers of Jews, along with other peoples, perished during the Second World. War, and there were frightful atrocities. But he argues, as of course do many others, that there has been an enormous propaganda campaign that serves Zionist Israel's foreign policy.

Has he a right to raise these and similar questions, such as the high level of Asian immigration to Australia, without being described as a "racist"? Clearly the Jewish Board of Deputies in N.S.W. does not believe he has that right. The action against John Bennett could open a new chapter in Australian history, eventually leading to the Canadian situation where a wide range of books have been prohibited.

As yet similar legislation, although more severe, to the N.S.W. legislation has been held up in Western Australia by the action of the Legislative Council in referring the legislation to a review committee. The W.A. Liberal Party generally agrees with the purpose of the legislation, which means that in the absence of strong public opposition to the legislation, it could eventually become law. Local Zionist spokesmen make it clear that if passed, the way would be cleared for an attack on the League of Rights, described as Australia's leading "racist" organisation.

It is beyond dispute that the views expressed by the League on the immigration issue are endorsed by the overwhelming majority of the Australian people. R.S.L. leader Bruce Ruxton is constantly smeared as being a "racist" even though he would be one of the most popular public figures in Australia. In Victoria the State Attorney General, Mr. Jim Kennan, has established a committee to advise on whether Victoria should pass legislation similar to that of N.S.W. and now proposed in Western Australia. From what Mr. Kennan has said, he is not particularly enthusiastic about legislative action, stating that he prefers to "educate" people on the subject of "racism". Perhaps the Victorian Labor Government feels that it has enough problems to contend with without attempting to introduce legislation, which would certainly create public concern about how many further powers should Big Brother be given.

As with the War Crimes legislation, Zionist leaders are doing the Jewish community a great disservice by insisting that Zionist claims are beyond dispute. It is quite legitimate for anyone to cast doubt on the authenticity of Christianity, to portray Christ in a manner most offensive to Christians, but to doubt the extent of the "Holocaust" is described as "obscene". Australians have recently had inflicted on them the film claiming to depict the life of leading "Nazi hunter" Simon Weisenthal. As demonstrated by a number of Jewish writers, Weisenthal must be one of the greatest charlatans of the post Second World War period.

The John Bennett case raises far-reaching questions concerning the direction in which Australia is being moved by powerful forces. The "racist" issue is dominating politics right around the world, as witnessed by a report that a European Community committee has made a number of recommendations to combat what it calls "rising racism and anti-Semitism". One spokesman said that the Spectre of racism should be one of the major items on the European agenda. Legislative action is proposed.

The reality is that the multicultural god has failed everywhere. It is failing in Australia, and the failure will grow worse as attempts are made to impose it upon an unwilling Australian people. If Australians are to lose the right to discuss such issues, and to draw attention to those which support policies they believe are detrimental to the future of a free Australia, then they are moving further towards the totalitarian State.


Treasurer Paul Keating, supported by Prime Minister Hawke, has again expressed satisfaction with the Government's financial strategy, which Keating insists is still "on track". We have constantly expressed the view that Australia is not threatened with the type of immediate major collapse, which was imposed on the whole world in the thirties, but by a steady pressure designed to lower the general standard of living without producing a national revolt. High interest rates have been the chosen weapon for achieving this objective.

From one end of Australia to the other the results can be seen. Business failures multiply by the day. (We are not talking about the few high flying financial speculators who have been brought back to earth.) Some areas are worse hit than others, as witnessed, for example, the depressed state of the Victorian Provincial City of Shepparton. Symptomatic of the shape of things still to come, were the "funeral marches" staged in Bairnsdale and Portland, Victoria, last week. But in spite of what is happening, a period of "painful restructuring" according to the Government "experts", Treasurer Keating feels that still more pain is required.

Last week, following the release of the June balance-of-payment figures, and a suggestion by Mr. Will Bailey of the A.N.Z. Bank that the time had come to lower interest rates over the next few months, Mr. Keating resisted any suggestion of lowering interest rates. Although the rate of bankruptcies soared 36 percent for this year's June quarter compared with last year, the Hawke-Keating strategy clearly envisages still greater economic casualties.

Now Mr. Keating has suddenly discovered that in spite of his steady squeeze on the economy, the inflation problem still remains. Under present financial policies it is as certain as the sunrise that inflation, a form of hidden taxation, will continue. A break with debt finance is the first essential for dealing with this insidious problem.

Taxation becomes progressively more onerous and destructive, and every business organisation knows that high taxation, along with high interest rates, are financial costs, which must be recovered through higher prices. Irrespective of what is the official term for a depression, the Australian economy is now in a badly depressed state. And the situation is going to get worse, which is what the Hawke-Keating strategy is all about.

One effect of this increasing depression is that it helps to condition the Australian people into accepting the alleged necessity for massive Japanese investment to help sustain the economy. There is a long-term purpose behind what is being done to Australia: to fit it into a type of Pacific Common market. The Multi Function Polis is a major feature of an unfolding strategy.

While there is plenty of financial and economic illiteracy around, it is not simply a question of the blind leading the blind, but of an emerging long-term strategy. That strategy must be exposed and opposed at every point where it affects the community. Opposition to the present immigration policy, the Multi Function Polis and Japanese investment must be a top priority.


The world is not becoming more peaceful and stable as a result of what is happening in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, as witnessed by Malaysia's expressed fear of Japan again becoming a major military power in South East Asia. Asian leaders are concerned about the future of the Pacific region as the U.S.A. progressively reduces its military presence. Under orthodox finance, Japan must continue to thrust outward to sustain its internal economy.

Those fortunate enough to have $10,000 in cash and wishing to deposit it at a bank will now find that the bank will have many questions. This is the result of the Federal Government's Cash Transactions Reports Act. Under this Act, all cash dealers, including bank, building societies and credit union employees, must report any transactions in excess of $10,000. Such employees are expected to note what are regarded as any suspicious circumstances. Having placed the present Act in place, which started to operate from July 1st, it will be easy to reduce the amount, which must be reported. Move over, George Orwell!

Observers of long-term developments have for some time been drawing attention to the rising tide of Islamic fervor as the decline of Christian faith saps the very foundations of the West. Aggressive Islamic fundamentalism is an issue which not only the West, but the Soviet Union has to face. There are now an estimated 60 million Muslims living in the Soviet Union. Already the large Muslim minority in the United Kingdom is making demands concerning the right to be a State within a State.

As anticipated, the South African Government has been brought face to face with the reality of the Communist influence inside the African National Congress. While Marxist Mandela has been attempting to "play down" the Communist influence, the South African police have claimed a Communist A.N.C. plot to overthrow the Government through armed insurrection exists. Police charge that hard line guerillas took advantage of the talks between the Government and the A.N.C. to infiltrate into the country. The only hope for the South African Government is to cease retreating any further.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159