Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

28 September 1990. Thought for the Week: "Monopolies and cartels are the natural forms of capitalist economy in its higher stage of development. It is impossible for an economy like America's to go back to the pre- monopoly stage. The free enterprise system is the freedom of capital to concentrate and centralise itself. We find in many circles of the capitalist class much keener appreciation of this problem in its practical terms than we find in most of America's traditional liberals at the present moment."
Earl Browder, U.S.A. Communist leader


The Australian media of Tuesday, September 18th, carried the headlines that there had been a "Neo-Nazi Plot to Shoot Hawke" at the time of the 1988 Australia Day celebrations. Even more incredible than the allegations made by Queensland Federal Labor M.P. Keith Wright was a scenario involving Jack van Tongeren's Australian Nationalist Movement, the Australian League of Rights, Veritas Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd., and the One Australia Movement leader, Rev. Cedric Jacobs. During last week this scenario was presented with variations by the media, both print and electronic, with sections of the Sunday press running featured stories. Much of the material has been a re-hash of the type of nonsense peddled by sloppy journalists over the years. There are still the references to the divisions of the League of Rights as "front" organisations, one of these being the long defunct organisation, the Lilac League, originally known as Ladies in Line Against Communism.

While the main target of this campaign of psycho political warfare is the League of Rights, a campaign in which Mr. Keith Wright has played a major role in recent years, what is the main purpose of this campaign? There is little doubt that one objective is to attempt to smear the League at a time when the League is laying the groundwork for a constructive national campaign on the immigration and multicultural issue. A half page advertisement in The Weekend Australian, September 22nd-23rd, draws attention to a "National Immigration Outlook Conference to be held at the Melbourne World Congress Centre, November l4th-l6th. The list of speakers, ranging from people such as Phillip Toyne, of the Australian Conservation Foundation, to Victoria's Socialist Premier, Mrs. Joan Kirner, suggests that this is going to be a high powered affair designed to try to take the heat out of the mounting immigration debate.

A second objective of the current campaign is to take advantage of the West Australian Nationalist affair, which has ended with Jack van Tongeren being sent to prison for 18 years, to create a climate in which the type of legislation passed by the N.S.W. Government on racial discrimination, and now passed last week by the West Australian Parliament, can be enacted at the Federal level. The N.S.W. legislation has been used in an attempt to prevent libertarian John Bennett from distributing his publication "Your Rights". Even with some amendments, the W.A. legislation is more draconian than the N.S.W. legislation.

If it were not so serious, the Wright allegations would have to be rated as comic-opera. But Wright is chairman of the A.S.I.O. parliamentary watchdog committee. His allegations concerning the alleged plot to assassinate the Prime Minister by a black South African have been dismissed by senior Government ministers, the Prime Minister's office and the former head of Mr. Hawke's bodyguards, Detective Superintendent Martindale. Opposition spokesman on legal matters, Mr. Andrew Peacock, has called for Wright's removal from his position, pointing out that his allegations were "extraordinary, unprecedented and downright delinquent". Even Senator Ray described the affair as a media "beat up".

But while Mr. Keith Wright's obsession about the League of Rights is well known, it is impossible to believe that he is not aware how silly it is, for example, to suggest that there are links between League of Rights directors, South African "extremists", and Canadian neo-Nazis, including a convicted Nazi war criminal. The Rev. Cedric Jacobs has been sponsored by the League of Rights to speak on immigration and multiculturalism. But to suggest that Cedric Jacobs has been involved in activities designed to produce terror in the streets, has had connections with Jack van Tongeren and South Africans, is so bizarre that meaningful comment is impossible. Mr. Jacobs points out that he has never even been to South Africa, and easily demolishes the rest of the allegations against him.

But those promoting the current anti-League of Rights campaign are not concerned about easily verifiable facts. Mr. Doron Ur, W.A. Zionist leader, and one of the strongest promoters of the W.A. "anti-racist" legislation, has publicly listed the League of Rights as the major target of this legislation. We shall return to this matter later. In the meantime the campaign to save traditional Australia from the multicultural threat goes on.


We were not numbered among those tearful people, including Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who were so upset because Melbourne was not awarded the Olympic Games. These Games have long since not had much to do with sport, but everything to do with Big Business. We ask the simple question: If hundreds of millions could be found to stage the Games, and to re-develop parts of Melbourne, why cannot the same hundreds of millions be used without the Games?

Mr. Ray Block, of the investment bank Dominguez Barry Samuel Montagu Limited, claims that the "severe economic downturn" in Victoria threatens to drag the rest of Australia into recession. Mr. Block must be joking if he is suggesting that the whole of Australia is not already in a recession that is going to get worse under the Hawke-Keating strategy.

President Corazon Aquino's call for the U.S. to move towards an "orderly" withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Philippines highlights the fact that with the easing of cold war rivalry between the Soviet Union and the U.S.A., regional conflicts, as witnessed by the Middle East, become more likely. The closing of the U.S. base in the Philippines would leave a major vacuum in the Western Pacific. The necessity was never greater for Australia and New Zealand to increase their defence capacity.

Over the past five weeks, violence between the Zulu-speaking Inkatha Freedom Party and the African National Congress has resulted in over 700 deaths. Nelson Mandela is warning that A.N.C. supporters are asking to be armed. During an A.B.C. radio interview last week, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser once again made a fool of himself by arguing that the violence in South Africa was the fault of the whites. South African realities are demonstrating that "power sharing" and the multicultural society cannot work in South Africa. But theorists continue to insist that it can, ignoring the fact that the multiracial society does not work anywhere.

This is the headline in an article in The Age, Melbourne, September 14th. The writer, Professor Allan Fels of the Prices Surveillance Authority, attempts to prove that "Australia is inevitably locked into world prices." The fact is, of course, that under what is termed parity pricing, the Federal Treasurer gains millions of dollars in increased revenue. Australia produces the bulk of its own oil supplies, and with a change in financial policy, could become completely self-sufficient in energy requirements. But the policy makers are determined not to move in this direction.

A spokesman for Hoy and Stoddard Publishing Co. in Canada, commenting on the attempt by the Israeli Government to prevent their publication of a book by former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, says, "This book is explosive stuff. And I'll tell you, some governments' futures depend on it." Booksellers in the United States, where the Ostrovsky book is scheduled for publication in October, say the book makes "horrifying revelations of what really lay behind a half-dozen front page news stories of the past decade". We have for many years been revealing the truth behind many news headlines.

As we have predicted, unless Saddam Hussein can provoke the U.S. and allies to fire the first shot in the Middle East, there will be no major conflict. The Zionists are delighted with a developing situation in which a powerful Western military presence has been established in the Middle East for an indefinite period. With the decline of the Soviet Union as a super power, the U.S.A. is the chosen instrument of an international power movement, which seeks to establish a New World Order. President Bush has spelt it out clearly. He, of course, is reasonably pleased with developments, which tend to direct attention away from the fraudulent practices of his son and the declining American economy. But the Iran factor could yet prove an obstruction to The Big Idea. Under external pressure, Iraq has been forced to turn to Iran, the one country that can ensure that Iraq survives the attempted economic blockade. King Hussein of Jordan correctly warns that in the absence of a peaceful solution, the Middle East crisis could poison the Moslem world against the West for generations.


There has been a ready response to the offer of the two booklets, "World Government Is Anti-Christian", and "Christianity and World Government". In the former, the author, John Mitchell, asserts that World Government could only lead to an Absolute World Tyranny. He writes: "It has always been the case, and it is so now, and always will be that only Christianity can avert this disaster. I have bracketed the two words 'Sovereignty' and 'Loyalty'. There are some people who think that an appeal to people's love of freedom can save us. There are others who think that it is only necessary to appeal to loyalty to the Queen, to love of country, to save us. I am sure that they are not enough. I am sure that only by awakening people's deepest religious sense can disaster be averted. And to do that we must open their eyes to the Christian conception of sovereignty and challenge them to abandon compromise, and stand fast in their loyalty to God….

How are people to be loyal to God?… "It is quite clear that you cannot be loyal to God in the terms given by Christ….and support in any way legislation, whether financial, economic, or social which interferes with freedom of choice and makes masters of people who should be your servants. In other words the whole of the socialistic legislation which interferes with people's rights and property has to be rejected...."

The Rev. Henry Swabey, in the latter abovementioned booklet, writes of the subversion of our Christian heritage and loss of freedom in accord with Marx's manifesto, and the removal of such constitutional safeguards as those once used by the House of Lords itself and by the Sovereign. He then adds: "Against all this we must maintain the Christian conception of individual freedom, rights and responsibility. Freedom means the ability to choose or refuse one thing at a time. We are losing it. Choice is disappearing. In the field of education we are confronted by the formidable 'multi-lateral' school; in that of medicine, in the National Health Service, the doctor is under the control of a central authority and the individual, whose right is to contract out has not been recognised, has to pay National Health contributions, whether he has decided to remain a private patient or not; our bread is denatured and our water may be adulterated. Monopoly, in fact, is the order of the day…The advocates of World Government are active enough. St. Augustine said, 'It is left to Christianity to make real the barrier which philosophy has created in the way of absolutism'…. to limit the power of the State became the perpetual charge of a universal Church.. "It is now physically possible for the individual to have greater opportunities for freedom, but monopoly has encroached - Lord Hewart wrote of the 'new despotism…Disraeli showed that power had receded from Kings to Lords, from Lords to Commons, and then into the hands of almighty financiers…"


(Facts show boys are better at Maths) from Babette Francis, coordinator, Endeavour Forum "Adele Horin reports that feminist educators are gloomy because girls still choose traditional subjects: 'Girls must be offered classroom equality' (The Sunday Age, 16/9). "Feminist educators' lack of success and gloom are occasioned by their lack of logic - they cannot at one and the same time deny sex differences while insisting that education must cater to the special interests, needs and personalities of girls. "Feminist inability to face facts is illustrated by their refusal to accept the results of Camilla Benbow's research on 100,000 students in the U.S.A. (the largest study ever done) which showed that boys consistently scored higher on maths skills than girls, even though their verbal skills were statistically identical.
"When the discrepancy was first publicised in 1971, researchers theorised that girls are not as adept at maths because of the way they were raised, the way they were treated in classrooms and even their toys. However, Benbow said that 'hundreds of girls who had taken the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (S.M.P.Y.) test and another test administered by John Hopkins University, Baltimore, have been involved in follow up studies. These lent credence to the viewpoint that these sex differences may have a biological component."

Our Comment
We have never had any difficulty in acceptance of the evidence that there is a basic difference in mental and emotional attitudes between the sexes. It seems that those who are prepared to deny obvious evidence on the basic differences of the sexes are the academic ideologues who pump their fallacies into generations of school teachers, social workers, etc. These latter, in turn, take it out on the kids; and must, at least sometimes, do more harm than good with their "remedial" programmes...

We refer, supporters, to Alan Barron's little masterpiece, "The Death of Eve" (Price $10.00 posted from League Bookshops). Chapter 2 is headed, "Biology, Sex, and Language", which answers the question of the Humanists, viz. "Is it true that males and females are born the same and it is society which makes a distinction between the performances and expectations of the sexes?" Alan Barron produces overwhelming evidence that males and females have brains that are "wired-differently" - to reject the fallacies of the Humanists and the gay liberationists.


from The Age (Melbourne), 17/9 "Despite his denials, Dr. Blewett's visit represents a major concession to China. The key sanctions of no ministerial contacts and no loans have been abandoned. His visit is the first by a senior Western minister. "So Australia now leads the scramble back to business as usual with China. This has occurred although China's human rights record remains appalling. "China has occupied neighbouring Tibet for 40 years. Recent reports on Tibet by Asia Watch, Amnesty International, and others have alleged the widespread use of torture, judicial and extra judicial executions and detention without trial.

"The Age recently published allegations from a Chinese journalist which, if true, show that things haven't changed since the early 1960s when the International Commission of Jurists considered China guilty of genocide in Tibet. Independent journalists are still banned from Tibet so the truth remains hidden. "To make representations on behalf of 50 or 60 individual prisoners misses the point. It is the whole nation which is imprisoned. "On August 11th, Prime Minister Hawke said, 'Australia will not stand idly by while any member of the international community breaks the rules of civilised conduct'. However, we are providing China with multi-million dollar loans at minimal interest and our ministerial contacts provide precedents for others who wish to follow. "Australia has just sold out to tyranny and forfeited an international reputation as a leading advocate of human rights." (Jonathon Cebon, Melbourne, for the Australia Tibet Council)

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