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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 October 1990. Thought for the Week: "The retreat of the world from Christian civilisation is going back to an incident in the life of Christ. Metaphysical values must have personal exponents to be effective in this world: the conflict of values finds its expression in the conflict of men. Christ found it necessary to drive the moneychangers from the Temple, and that is precisely the contemporary necessity; it is also the immediate aspect of Social Credit policy... .The ultimate meaning of Social Credit, then, is inseparably connected with the ultimate meaning of the conflict of Good and Evil. It derives from metaphysical Reality, and issues in the effective policies of the world."
Dr. Bryan Monahan in An Introduction to Social Credit


The Australian Jewish News, of September 28th, carried the headline, "NEO-NAZIS LINKED TO LEAGUE OF RIGHTS". The story underneath relates the allegations of Queensland Labor M.P. Keith Wright, which we mentioned in our last issue. Mr. Wright is now calling for an inquiry "at the highest possible level" into the presence of "neo-Nazis groups in Australia". According to The Australian Jewish News Mr. Wright wants the inquiry to include the Australian League of Rights.

The move two years ago for a Federal parliamentary inquiry into the League was dropped when the League's National Director Eric Butler offered to appear before Parliament to answer allegations against the League, and when the Human Rights Commission undertook a special investigation into 'racism" in Australia under the direction of Irene Moss. As yet no report has emerged from this investigation. We notice that Irene Moss is one of the scheduled speakers at the "National Immigration Outlook Conference" on November l4th-l6th, mentioned in last week's On Target.

According to The Australian Jewish News, Keith Wright said outside Parliament "If we can put an end to the financial resources of the League of Rights, Veritas, and the extremist groups, we can end a lot of the racists' hatred, propaganda and what I see as moral atrocities. This can only happen with a full inquiry, the same inquiry I called for before and we almost got". Wright said he hoped to follow up with Jewish leaders action to expose the "right-wing extremist and neo-Nazis". He said that he had met with Jewish leaders in Sydney who said they were working on a booklet. "I had started on preparing material to expose the League of Rights, but because they were doing so much I got off the issue. I don't know how far they have got so I am going to follow this up…"

The Sun, Melbourne, of September 29th, carried a story which quotes Mr. Isi Liebler, well-known Zionist leader, as saying that the Australian Jewish Affairs Institute, of which he is Chairman, was launching a national television and radio programme this week to combat "racism. Leibler says that the advertisements were aimed "to shock". The Sun report says that the campaign has the support of ethnic group leaders and Race Discrimination Commissioner Irene Moss. Clearly the stage is being set for a major campaign directed primarily at the League of Rights. Leibler and others surely do not believe that any advertising campaign is going to have the slightest effect on the attitude of the great majority of the Australian people concerning immigration and multiculturalism.

Supported by Jewish leaders, Keith Wright is determined to show that the League of Rights really does have access to those millions of dollars, which were first mentioned two years ago. The truth is, of course, that the League has only one source of money, from those loyal Australians who put their hands in their own pockets, often sacrificially, in order to sustain a movement, which puts service ahead of groveling for power. Any inquiry into the League would reveal an inspiring story of a movement operating primarily on faith in the best Australian tradition. The best answer League supporters can give Keith Wright and his Zionist friends is to fill as quickly as possible the 1990-91 Basic Fund, set at $73,000.


We are fascinated by what can only be described as a type of international conspiracy to ensure that probably the most significant document of the post Second World War period, the Leuchter Report, does not receive any mention, not even to criticise it. American Fred Leuchter is generally agreed to be one of the U.S.A's. top experts on designing gas chambers for use in American prisons. He is the only authority who has conducted a detailed examination of the alleged gas chambers, which were allegedly used to gas six million Jews during the Second World War.

A number of authorities have dismissed as blatant propaganda the allegations about the gas chambers, but it remained for Leuchter to report that what purported to be gas chambers could never have been used for the alleged purposes. It was the Leuchter Report, which finally convinced a skeptical David Irving the British historian, to come out publicly against the conventional "holocaust" story.
We mention this matter because of a review of Irving's biography of Nazi leader Goering in News Weekly of September 29th, by Brendan Rodway, who writes that Irving is "something of an enigma", and who writes that "while many of his books have been well received and, in fact, highly respected by respected historians.... there is no shortage of people who question his scholarship and, perhaps more importantly, his motives".

Whatever may be said about Irving as an historian, his record suggests that he is a man primarily concerned about the truth. As a recognised master of research, and the discoverer of primary documents, Irving originally said that he could find no documented evidence that Hitler had ordered the mass extermination of the Jewish people. He at one time offered a considerable sum of money if such a document could be produced. Anyone who has read Irving on Hitler would hardly claim that he was in any way pro-Hitler.

In Brendan Rodway's review he mentions that "All but one of his major works - the disappointing Churchill's War - have been released by well-known publishing houses". We are not told why Churchill's War is "disappointing". The truth is that it is the most explosive of Irving's works and that no major publishing house dared to publish a book which shattered a myth and those who had promoted that myth. News Weekly ran a very poor review by Robert Manne, who made the mistake of questioning one of Irving's documents, with Irving pointing out that he always quoted from original sources.

It is legitimate to question the conclusions Irving reaches from his source material, but as far as we are aware no one yet has demonstrated that his source material has been wrong. From our point of view, the most interesting aspect of Brendan Rodway's review is the reference to how Irving has continued his "odyssey from the mainstream" of historians by mentioning how "evidence raised during a 1988 racial vilification trial in Canada" convinced Irving that the gas chambers ''were a technical impossibility..."

Brendan Rodway appears to accept the edict that no reference be made to the fact that Irving made his historic shift on the basis of the Leuchter Report. It is now only a matter of time before the Holocaust Hoax is consigned to the dustbin of history.

The Soviet leaders have now made available the death lists from Auschwitz, having obtained these when the Red Army took over Auschwitz. The total given is 74,000. Professor Arno Mayer, a well-known Jewish scholar, has recently pointed out that half the deaths in Auschwitz were from natural causes. No one disputed that the Jewish people suffered terribly during the Second World War, as did many others. But the story of the "six million" has been deliberately fostered as a form of psycho political warfare against the rank and file of the Jews, and large numbers of badly misled Christians whose guilt complex has been exploited to assist the de-stabilising policies of Zionist Israel. ("Churchill's War", $25.00 posted, from League bookshops. Leuchter Report, $7.00 posted.)


Will the Japanese soon own Australian Airlines and be part owners of Qantas? The Hawke-Keating privatisation programme could easily lead to a further Japanese takeover of Australia. Hard-pressed Australians are unlikely to be able to obtain the thousands of millions required for the buying of large-scale enterprises. Hawke is quoted as having told Labor critics of privatisation that unless accepted, Labor had no hope of winning the next elections.

Economists meeting last week at The Economic Society, at the University of N.S.W., made a remarkable revelation - the high interest rate policy of the Government has been a failure. They even claimed that high interest rates do not cure inflation. Well! People of commonsense have been saying this, and more, ever since the high interest "strategy" was adopted. The first essential for a change of national direction is that the financial system be re-regulated, with the Government dictating financial policy, including interest rates, through the Reserve Bank.

Apart from telling the Japanese, while in Tokyo recently, that he was strongly backing the Multi-Function Polis, Prime Minister Hawke also suggested that it was time for Australia to apologise to Japan, a suggestion that produced a well-deserved blast from R.S.L. Leader Bruce Ruxton.

A correspondent to the Melbourne media has pointed out that during the "oil crisis", when the price of crude oil went to $35 a barrel, the retail price in Australia was 34 cents a litre. Now the retail price is over double that, thanks to a parity pricing formula, which is providing the Government with tens of millions in increased excise revenue. But Prime Minister Hawke bluntly says that he will not grant any tax relief. Higher petrol prices must help to fuel inflation and drive down the standard of living even further. The Hawke-Keating strategy is to screw down the Australian economy even further. But Dr. Hewson offers no alternative. The next Federal Elections should see some more Independents at Canberra, willing to represent the views of the Australian people.


from the Geelong Independent, 14/9/90 "Sir, why was the rug pulled from under Pyramid? If left to trade, it could have turned losses into gains. "Large companies like Volkswagen have reversed an annual loss of several millions into subsequent profit. "Good management can isolate a weak spot, examine a problem and apply a remedy. "The Pyramid Building Society was denied time to revive. Whispers of a 'run' were allowed to roar. "Support with a credit line would have restored confidence. "The Government dithered and rival banks were not obliged to help a venturous competitor able to win large industrial loan contracts.
"Pyramid, a flagship of Geelong and Victoria, stretched one bridge too far. "Its foundations were firm - not shaky, with well appointed offices and courteous staff. "Did the administrator show faith and enterprise by closing down the whole show? "Pyramid, left alone, was no less risky than any bank. No financial institution can survive a run on cash. "Few people realise that cash is less than one tenth of money. Most transactions are by cheque or credit - shuffling of figures in ledger columns. "Credit is created by the stroke of a pen. Rockets to the moon are not funded by spare pocket money nor depositors' cash.
"Sadly, the financial system does not reflect physical facts. "Construction of a house - a physical asset - is born a financial debt. So, more products become deeper debt. "Crazy politicians believe that Australia gets richer by exporting more than is imported. Favourable Balance? "What will happen when everything is exported and nothing imported -a supposed favourable balance of trade?
"Mumbo Jumbo merchants confuse ordinary folks with fiction that 'banks invest deposits and live on the interest of loans'. "Banks would nearly starve that way. Creation of credit is the Golden Key. "No depositor's money is used when a bank lends money. Loan money is created as an interest bearing debt.
"Australia, despite physical wealth and assets, is hopelessly in unrepayable financial debt. Nowhere is any country in credit! "How should Pyramid depositors feel now that Victoria's State Bank has the shakes? "Their locked up deposits will soon be under care of the Commonwealth Bank. "But, with faith, trust and lack of panic it matters little who guards the cash. "A pensioner's financial cushion is safer anywhere except the location by former P.M. Malcolm Fraser - 'Under the bed'. This is a recipe for loss and disaster. "Pyramid depositors with faith can initiate a rare challenge. Help buy back at least one of Pyramid's branch offices." (N.G. McDonald, Adelaide Street, Highton, Vic.)


from The Australian, September 28th "Congratulations to Bruce Courtenay for his brilliant article ('The Pitch', 21/9). I am a teacher and housemaster at the Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane and for many years have been lamenting the move away from academic competition. "It is true that I enjoy the stimulation of teaching a class graded to include only super ability levels, but I obtain even greater satisfaction from the challenge of teaching low ability groups. "What frustrates me is a mixed ability class in which, as Mr. Courtenay so rightly indicates, the upper and lower ability pupils suffer.
"Psychologists argue, very wrongly in my opinion, that in schools where students are streamed the so-called lower ability pupils suffer humiliation 'in the playground'. Even if they do, these periods are relatively short compared with the constant contact in the class time of mixed ability groups when lower ability is continually obvious.
"In practice, ironically, in mixed ability classes the psychological reaction of lower ability pupils is so great that they are usually successfully' in 'persuading' higher ability students not to perform. "Mr. Courtenay is right - we must look to the practicalities of life and to fundamental human behaviour rather than to the way some would like things to be. People are not born equal; they never have been and they never will be.
"As Mr. Courtenay so clearly states, academic brilliance is not essential in most walks of life. However, all students need the best education possible at least in the basics and we as a country need the very best performance possible from the high ability students.
"How can one do anything but harm in designing an education system that misleads pupils into believing that competition is bad, when they will be intimately involved in competition in all walks of their future adult life." (J. Trevor Hyatt, Yeronga, Qld.)


"I have long believed in the U.N. - our greatest hope for world peace, freedom, and hunger, universal human rights ... real progress. "With distress I feel my hopes receding as I read the recently drafted U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is a charter for the breakdown of the family. It transfers authority from the parent to the State. "Family life will always remain the basic building block of human society. Sadly, families can fail and a civilised community must step in and pick up the pieces. But shifting the primary responsibility for caring from volunteers to conscripts has universally proved a miserable and expensive failure." (Philip O'Carroll, North Fitzroy, Vic.)
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